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Carry On

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Carry On Empty Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:29 pm


"Unfortunately, none of you have been of any assistance. Salvation shall be granted to the devout today. Be pleased to die at the hands of the Seraphim. And of course, eternal damnation to the non-believers," Sandrael said as he swung his sword downwards towards the small settlement near Oak. Along with him, near a hundred other Seraphim did the same. The power of the blast would be large enough to wipe out the border walls of Oak along with it, but Sandrael did not care. Oak would understand that he was serious when he would approach them next after the destruction of this settlement. Raphael told him that those not standing with the Seraphim were standing against them.

Name: Smite x100
Rank: A x100
Mana Cost: 500 [per user]
Requirements: Seraphim Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 50 Meters x100
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user, along with others, slams down their hand or weapon towards a target. A beam of light strikes down from the skies.

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