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Calming the storm [plot:LeeAnn]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Calming the storm [plot:LeeAnn] Empty on Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:28 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz ran through the cliffs around astera. His hunt had led him here. His Griffin flew over head and performed a small aerial turn. The wind mages eyes narrowed a the direction the Griffin flew from and charged forward. The cliffs were Rocky and provided natural cover.

Peeking around a large rock he saw three members of his clan. They walked slowly down the path searching for a place to make camp. Kaz snuck behind the rocks until he was near the rear of their line. Wind picked up around his heels and he dashed out. His hand grasped the clansman's back and yanked him away to the other side of the cliffs. A small scream left his lips for one note before his song was silenced.

"Hell!" One of the remaining members whirled around. Wide-eyed and hunched over, he stared at the cliffs. The second one stood behind him getting his hands ready to cast a spell.

"Come..." The first one began to speak but was stopped as a flurry of wind and dirt kicked up around them. Kaz darted out from the rocks and sent the second clansmen tumbling to he cliff wall with a burst of wind. The following wind blade smashed him against it and all air left his body.

Only one remained. Their spells clashes but Kaz's overpower him. He walked towards the man with an expressionless far and summoned a torrent of wind upon him. Slashing his body until there was no more movement.The wind clan will find no solace. You took them from me and then you hurt her. He still fight the same anger towards them that he did when they first appeared and harmed LeeAnn.

He disposed of them down the cliff side as a merchant stood frozen on the path. Kaz made eye contact with him as he stopped the last body to the depths. Without a word he leaped into the cliffs above and ran off. His Griffin flying over head.

The merchant rushed to town and began telling stories about a man who could control the wind that hunted the cliffs with a Griffin. Over the next few days Kaz continued his hunt for the clan and stopped any bandits that attacked civilians. Only he showed no mercy, leaving nothing behind.

Days later he sat in the cave that became his home. A small fire in the back. On the fire was the remains of a fresh kill, cooking in the heat. There was a comfort in the fire, one that reminded him of something he once had.

He sat with his hair untamed and down his back. The uniform he wore now was a far cry from how easy going his gi made him appear. He only thought about the hunt and getting stronger. He had to stop them now. Not just for his own revenge but because they hurt LeeAnn. He had to make sure she was safe. He hadn't seen what happened to her that day. Part of him feared they took her life. Everyday that passed those feelings became duller as the spirit of the tiger stripped away what made him human.

If any would enter the cold breeze of wind coming from the cave. Inside to the left was the Griffin. It's gaze would be as cold as the wind that blew. To the right would be the almost real figure of a spiritual tiger sitting next to Kaz. The wind mage's back half facing the entrance. The Griffin was on guard and would alert if anyone entered.

#2Lee Nakamura 

Calming the storm [plot:LeeAnn] Empty on Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:09 am

Lee Nakamura
In town, LeeAnn walked with Zalor, her grpyhon. She wore her red cloak printed with the Nakamura symbol on it. It had a wolf printed with a lightning bolt to prove she was apart of the family. It was a lot fancier than how I am describing, but it was a coat of arms given to them by the king himself a long time ago. She held this cloak with pride. Zalor perked his head up smelling something. Her mixed match eyes looked at a frantic man who looked like he saw a ghost. His face was pale and eyes bugged out with terror. She and Zalor could sense something was off about him. "A gryphon just like that one over there! He was big and huge"Spoke the man. LeeAnn's interest was perked. She made her way over to the merchant telling others the tall tale. Her power was of course clear that she was capable of most things.

The small man seemed lost for words, . "You don't believe me? What" he clambered at the other citizens of Astera. They all laughed at him, making a fool of himself. LeeAnn, on the other hand, looked down at the small merchant. "You have caught my attention. What is this you speak of" she asked. The man went on explaining about a muderous man with wind magic that killed a few of his friends. His story matched the description of Kazimir. She asked him to go into detail to confirm her theory. It was clear. It was him! A wave of relief soared over whole being. A small smile lied on her lips for a few moments seeing that her search was finally coming close. The man point her in the right direction. "I will pay you if you bring that man to justice! He's a monster" he asked, holding out a huge wade of jewel. LeeAnn turned him down. "No, I will not doing this for you. I am doing this to find someone. Just...stay out of trouble okay?" she said. She came across scary and confident.

LeeAnn got on Zalor's back. The ride there felt long and difficult. Her attention was focused on wheer to land. She pointed to a good spot where there were not trees. It was the perfect place to land! "Land smoothly this time please" she ordered. Zalor did as she had asked. He landed carefully on the ground. Immedately, she hopped off and studied the surrounding area for scents or clues of Kazimir's presence. Her nose lead he to carcasses lying about of bandit. It caught her off guard, making her freeze for a moment. "Did Kazimir do this?" she whispered. LeeAnn took the oppotunity to at least get a good meal from these humans, they were already dead. She gotten a few organs and a few good pounds. Putting it into a bad and into her pack for later. She was careful to hide the rotting smell, which worked. LeeAnn climbed up the trees, Zalor stayed put like she ordered. Quietly, she hopped from tree to tree quickly. The landing of her feet were quietly and graceful. It wasn't until then she arrived at a cave. A familar gryphon stood guard, sharp to his surroundings. A light emerged from the cave to be fire.

The kitsune sniffed the air, she smelled Kazimir. She adjusted her angle and saw him. He was...different. He was more savage and unforgiving. Cold. That's what she got from his apperance and the mutalated bodies. They were almost uncongizeable. LeeAnn knew he probably would reconize her due to her body completely changing other than her mixed match eyes, one thing that didn't change. She had to think of a plan. After a while, she thought of one. Getting into the mind of an animal, she thought of fire. Fire freaks all animals out and would drive the gryphon away. LeeAnn casted a few spells the area around them to trap all of them to the cave. Slowly, flames emerged starting small as they slowly began get taller and taller forming a natural wall.

She leaped from the tree and heard screeches and roars. A serious smile formed. A will-o-wisp formed next to Lee seeing it was a red fox as another formed to be a wolf. LeeAnn heard calls from Kazimir. The wind he would cast trying to put out the flames would not hinder it. A path formed as Lee entered with two spirits by her side. She would see the tiger growling. The wolf and fox remained still and calm. LeeAnn hide her fox ears and tails.

"Finally, I found you" she replied.

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir bit into the small meal he had prepared and tossed a piece of it to his griffin. The beasts stood and growled instead of the typical quiet meal they ate. Kaz knew that tempo from his Griffin well. A warning call for potential danger. The Griffin jumped up and stood partially behind the wing mage. It's body low and wings open and aimed backward, ready to shoot forward. The temperature in the cave Ross as flames covered the exit.

The wind picked up to meet the fire but it didn't push it away. It was magical fire and routine wind magic wouldn't penetrate it. With a sigh he slowly placed the food on the ground and case a spell behind him. A wall of whirling wind sprang to life and pushed back the fire, keeping it at the entrance of the cave. His tempest magic able to hold its own. He knew it was a fire mage that came for him.

He extended his magic to feel the person enter into the cave. The fire parted and the visitor would be met with a wall of wind that rivaled or even surpassed it, preventing entrance from anything short of powerful magic. Kaz sat quietly still unmoving as surprise may have set in on the Intruders face.

"Your heat does not scare me. You are not of the wind clan so I have no business with you. I've only hunted the wicked. If you are an ally to the bandits... then leave." the Griffin and tiger beside Kaz calmed down as Kaz spoke to the Intruder. The violence of the wind causing the wolf and fox to hesitate and step back with a growl. There was no emotion Kaz's voice and nothing but a cold stare from the tiger. It was as if fear didn't exist nor doubt. If he didn't feel the presence leave, Kaz would stand up waiting to hear their reaction. A strong barrier of wind between them. He was acting as an animal from someone coming into his layer. Taking the fire as a form of aggression.
The wind barrier was a whirlwind that was actually an attack but he used it to keep the intruder at bay. It's destructive force amplified by the tempest magic. He was calm but the wind acted as his warning growl.

He still did turn around, thinking it was someone random that came for him. A possible attacker given the attempted cage of fire instead of an introduction. He finally glanced over his shoulder and caught a brief glimpse of the orange haired person. His eyes narrowed, taking in it all but not lowering his attack. Was there something familiar in the person that he saw.

#4Lee Nakamura 

Calming the storm [plot:LeeAnn] Empty on Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:32 am

Lee Nakamura
Nothing hurt more than to see the person she had come to love act in such a way. The fox and wolf spirit were a little hesitant, but stood their ground. LeeAnn could feel her heart break at the sight of what he had become. A cold, heartless monster. Luck was never on her side, but for once she wished it was. The kitsune scoffed at such as a remark. LeeAnn knew she was much more powerful than he was, but her lack of spells would disprove that otherwise. Quickly, the flames disappeared showing she was not interested into fighting. Her mix matched eyes stared at him with serious intent and hurt.

"I do not ally myself with such people. I am allies with no one, not even the Rune Knights. I am only here to put the animal you have become back into their place" she hissed. The spirits sat down, showing their were not impressed with the hostile intent. LeeAnn pulled out Sting, her sword, and stabbed it into the ground. She thought back to the good times they spent together and how much she really cared for him. The first person in ages to gain her full trust. Tears filled her eyes as she glared at him. "Is this how you're going to treat someone who would lay down her life for you?You left me to die, Kaz. A care for you a lot, but you have turned into someone I despise. YOU FUCKING LEFT ME TO DIE" she cried, hurt. LeeAnn reveal the kitsune ears. LeeAnn slashed through the wind and stared at him with pain.

"Someone else had to pick up your fucking mess. I have search high and low for you. Worried sick. This is how you treat someone who cares more than her own life for you" she said. LeeAnn grabbed him by the throat and threw him against hte wall. She was beyond done with his antics. "What would she say about this? What would your ex-fiance say about this?! You are not the Kazimir I know...If you did love me...you wouldn't of left me to die" she cried.

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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The flames died down and he calmed the winds. As soon as he did the kitsune slashed through what remained of them. Her passion charging forward at him. The Griffin catching her sent and staying out of the way, still for now seeing her as an ally. Kaz still searched his memories to find who this person was but all of them were clouded. All he remember was combat and the wild.

There was pain in her eyes but it didn't not resonate with him. He only saw weakness in it and a potential threat as she approached. I've left no mess other than good for the wild,he responded just as cold as he talked about the bodies he left from bandits and the wind clan. She stood before him reaching for his clothes. His hand came up naturally. So many times had he done this it became routine. An enemy closing the distance. Leaving that slight opening. Not expecting a close range blast, but Kaz had fought too many melee warriors who'd done the same. Wind whirled in his hand and the magic circle appeared. It was a move he used to kill.

But the magic faded. The tiger spirit jerked its head towards him. A flash of a memory returned to him. One of a fiery mage stomping towards him. Holding him. His hand dropped and he let himself be slammed against the wall. 'LeeAnn' he thought. Could it be her. There was a flickered of humanity in his eyes again.

He was pressed against the wall and heard all the words she said, "LeeAnn" he replied weakly. He wanted to say so many things to her. To explain what happened and to ask his own questions now about who stood there full of pain an anger. Before he spoke she brought up his ex-fiancee. It snapped him back to an emotionless state. His hand gentle grabbing her chin and slowly squeezing tighter.The wind clan were the gentle ones in combat. She would say, kill, seek revenge, destroy. he built up a dangerous amount of wind against her face. One by one his fingers lessened their grip. His hand tensed and struggling between gripping and pulling away until it left her cheek.

Lee...you have to leave. I can't control it. Its to powerful,tears filled his own eyes as he choked out the words. The tiger spirit merging into his own soul.I have to protect you. he muttered as he pushed her away from him. The hardest thing he had ever done. His eyes pleading to be with her but wanting to protect her from himself.

#6Lee Nakamura 

Calming the storm [plot:LeeAnn] Empty on Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:38 am

Lee Nakamura
She left out a laugh then licked her lips. Hungry for a battle, but she honestly did not want to go there. She knew all too well it was going to be fuel by her anger. "At least those bodies left me with a good meal" she smiled.

LeeAnn was not going to run away. That was the cowardly way out. She stared at him beyond pissed to the point of no returning. This tiger spirit or whatever it maybe the one that was changing him. Deep down, she knew he was in there. It was just trying to tempt it to bring it out. Leeann saw a flicker to hope, seeing the real Kazimir for a moment. Her eyes softened a little seeing the person she actually knew. The kitsune only gave a nod in response to him whispering her name. As quickly as it came, that moment left leaving her with a pesky tiger spirit. "No. I admire your spirit tiger, but there is one thing the Nakamura family knows that you don't. That's when to not quit. We are wolves! We stick together. You can't scare me that easily. Besides, aren't cats afraid of dogs" she smiled. She left Kazimir go.

It was apparent that this was not going to be a physical fight like she had originally thought. What caught her off guard was Kazimir crying? Lee realized just how serious this whole situation was. "Kaz, I'll be fine. I am capable. It's you that should be protecting you from yourself" she added. LeeAnn was confused on what to do. Now that she was in a situation that was fueled by head-on fighting it was difficult for her to think outside of the box. She looked at Kaz, helplessly trying to hold himself back the best he can. LeeAnn's ears folded down. She looked at the two spirits as they formed into will-o-wisps. Both danced around her. "What the hell do I do now? I can't do anything...what the hell will talking do" she thought. The fox spirit shown itself disagreeing with her thoughts. It shook his head and sat on a tree branch.

"Wait...didn't dad say that sometimes fighting does not have to be physical. Sometimes it's with one's self" she remembered. LeeAnn had to figure out how to channel that energy to let Kazimir know that he has to be the one fighting. "Kazimir...you are so much stronger than this. You saved me from the Church of Illumin, helped me overcome a fear, and proved that I can trust people again. Now, you have to save yourself. I believe in you" she said. In the back of her mind, she hated how sappy she sounded, but it was the only thing hse could think of right at that moment.

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#7Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
She backed away from him . The spirit raging forth in his soul. It was ready to feed on battle to make the final consumption  of Kaz's soul. But she spoke instead. Not fleeing like kazimir asked and not being goaded into an attack like the spirit called for.

He doubled over with his arms wrapping around his own chest. The wind was swirling around him clockwise and the counter. He staggered forward, his hand opening like a tigers claw aimed at LeeAnn. It abruptly curled in back to his body. Flashbacks of LeeAnn came in fuzzy but they were there. Thoughts of battle and death fought against it. His eyes fluctuated  between a cold stare and a loving gaze. Then he heard her words feeling like they were spoken from miles away. He heard...kind words from her. Words without violence or hid behind bravado. She was there t help him as she always had been.

He stilled his mind and was taken to a vast field. One where he stood before the spirit of the tiger. There's was a fierce battle of will. Each seeking sovereign control until Kaz was pinned to the ground. He looked into the tigers eyes and said, I understand now.

As Kaz fought for control, LeeAnn could feel a strong divine presence. An Angel appeared atop The cave. A large sword on his back and wings of fire. He watched the conflict with his chin tilted into the air. "You've done well little kitsune to save my servant," he said with a smirk and ascended higher into the sky and disappeared as Abruptly as he arrived. "He is closer now."

Kaz shook his head. Grasping the ground he breathed heavily and looked up at LeeAnn. Without warning he hugged her. His hand making its way to her fox ears. Thank you. I thought they had you. I was coming back and thought they kidnapped you...or killed you. I...I was lost and just hunted them. I was lost inside and the spirit knew my desire to get revenge. she could feel a tear hit the back of her shoulder as he held her closer than he had before, not knowing if she could care for him after the trail of murder he left behind.

I'm sorry LeeAnn. And...I do love you.

#8Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn felt a huge wave of relief wash over her. What she sai had worked. Being sappy and all was not really her thing but it was enough to save his ass. Out of no where, she saw an angel. Leeann's mouth dropped looking like a gapping fish with wide eyes. To her belief the angel refered to her as 'little kitsune' which she did not enjoy at all, but she rather not saying anything to prevent any issues. The only response that came from here was a slow nod from the head. Anything else she was just frozen still, shitting herself. AS quickly as he came, he switftly vanished.

Her attention now went to Kazimir, whom was breathing heavily. She was glad he was able to beat the tiger spirit that was about to consume him. She watched him get up from the ground. The kitsune was happy to finally have him back. Out of now where, he hugged her, thanking her for saving him. She really did not know how to react. She awkwardly hugged him and patted his back. It as a lot to take in for her. So much happened within a few minutes for her to really process what the hell was going on. The kitsune looked at him as she looking into her eyes. They were glittering with tears and he wore a smile.

Then came...the ears. She was put into a trance just by him holding them for a small second. LeeAnn smiled. "I had to return the favor. Besides, who's going to deal with my antics and I got a few free meals from the dead bodies I found" she smiled in reply. LeeAnn gave a small chuckle.

She froze.

LeeAnn heard him say those three words "I love you" or something related to that. She looked at him surprised that he would say something like that, but she gave a wide smile. "I have been waiting for you to say something like that you airhead" she laughed. She gave him a tackle hug and clung to him. Tey both fell to the ground as she lied ontop of him. LeeAnn for the first time started crying and laughing at hte same time. She felt...happy. "I love you, too. Nothing will ever change that" she smiled.

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#9Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He didn't notice the angel leave. He only felt the small amount of warmth from the scar he bore. His attention focused on LeeAnn though. The thought of the angel never entered his mind. He found comfort in her smile and tilted his head at her mention of eating the bandits. He had thought she didn't eat human but things change and Kaz has become someone that took lives. He wasn't about to let any of that impact the moment they had.

as long as you can put up with me, he replied with a laugh. There still something heavy in it from what he had just come out of. He recognized her from her magic. Her wisps and her mix matched eyes. She still had the same energy and her voice was the same. But there was so much about her that was different. Her body and her hair were something more than a casual change. There was more to it. In some ways she was completely different.

She tackled him to the ground and lied over top of him. Saying she loved him put a smile on his face and his eyes dilated looking into hers. it took me a long time...hot head, he wanted to ask her what she had gone through. What happened to her body and what caused the change. And even how she had gotten here. But none of those questions mattered more to him than what he really wanted to do.

He looked into her eyes full of happiness that he hadn't seen from her in so long. His hands hugged her back and one moved through her hair. He pulled her closer and kissed her. Only once and he leaned away, waiting to see how she would react to it, but he didn't want it to end. He had waited a long time to do that. He was still dealing with old feelings but she saved him. She loves him and he did her. He was finally ready to move forward like she had been ready too.

#10Lee Nakamura 

Calming the storm [plot:LeeAnn] Empty on Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:25 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn gave a small smile. Glad that he was himself again. The kitsune had changed a lot since they last saw each other. She was more filled out in the hips and chest as her mark was gone. Manzo had explain that her true form was not fully shown just yet due to the spell that was put on her to seal her true self. She did not know why exactly that spell was put on her, but right now she didn't care. They both lied on the ground staring into each other eyes. LeeAnn could see his thoughts processing about something whether it was how much she had changed or the way she came here. LeeAnn could only keep smiling because he was back.

"I know it did. I was the one who had to wait" she teased the Knight. LeeAnn could only smiled as she sat on top of his chest. Slowly, she felt his gentle hands wrapping her up in an embrace again. He sat up to do this of course. LeeAnn gave a gentle smile and hugged him back. Tears weld up in her eyes as she embraced him. The young kitsune only felt his hands move upward to her face and through her hair. She could only just follow his lead. It caught her off guard yet again. They locked lips causing her ears to spring upward quickly, the fur on her tails stood up. Shivers went down her spine. It was the first time she ever felt cold. A fire mage...feeling cold. Shall I need to go on?

LeeAnn looked at Kazimir. The wide-eyed deer in the headlights look right at him. LeeAnn felt so many emotions from sadness to relief to love. IT was like being hit by a train and speechlessly not saying anything. The young Nakamura could only remain silent. Slowly, she felt herself crying. The tears rolled down her face as her face started snuffled. LeeAnn threw her arms around him and just started to bawl. It was tears of relief. She felt founded again. She had not felt this way since she was first rescued by Hans all those years ago. LeeAnn just started to cry. After several minutes, hse wiped her eyes and stared at Kazimir. "For the first time in years, I feel safe. I feel founded and happy...I cannot put my feelings into words, but its all good. I...love you Kazimir. I always will" she smiled.

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#11Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
She had sat on his chest with the same playfullness she always had. it was an exuberance she showed when they firat met and they had fallen of the horse together. He felt her tails stiffen as the the fur stood on end and he rubbed his hand across them. She shivered in his arms from the surprise but he just held he closer to him. The passion in her kiss taking him away. It had taken him so long but he finally came to express himself to her. To open his heart to the fire mage that warmed his.

She suddenly began to cry. All her emotions rushing out like a wild fire. Kaz simply have a warm smile as she hugged him with teary eyes. He knew they were filled with joy. The same as he felt as he laid there with her. He could think of no better place to be. Her tears continued to fall and Kaz held her until she was finished and even after. Not wanting to let her go. He felt a comfort he had not known since the days he was with his ex-,fiancee. Not realizing how much he wanted this till it was upon him now.

His hand ran through her hair and caressed her eyes as she spoke to him. it feels good to hear and see you happy again. I love you LeeAnn. I'm afraid you're stuck with me now,he added with a bit of a playful smirk. It felt so easy now. Such a natural thing to jut be himself around her. To unwind that tightly bound emotions he harbored. He moved his hands to her shoulders and then to her arms.

you've changed a lot too in a short time. How did all this happen? he asked about her current condition. His hand now moving to touch her cheek where the infection once was. A look of sadness on his face now. I should have been there,he gave a small sigh regretting that he missed something that was so important and life changing for LeeAnn. It made him wonder about the all the monumental changes they had gone through without the other. Her physical change and him joining the Inquisition. Her pushing back the infection on her body and him becoming a nephilim. He wouldn't miss anymore.

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#12Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The sweet release of boxed up and store away thoughts and emotions. It was all pouring out onto Kazimir's Gi, what was left of it. His shoulder was soaked with her tears. It felt like all of her past pain was now bubbling up years later and now coming flooding out. All of this was new to the kitsune. She was not used to just letting out everything in this way. Over the course of the years, she was used to not telling a soul, not even her own family. Her burdens were hers to deal with, no one else. Hans was the first person to teach her that. Even though he tried to kill her and almost succeeded, he taught her to open up to those around her. She managed to tell Hikaru everything that happened.

Now that has carried over to this moment. After a while, LeeAnn grew silent in response to his comment. A small smile came upon her lips as she just gazed into his eyes. Heres were red and swollen from crying, but she wiped the tears. "I am willing to deal with that as long as you can deal with me" she smiled. LeeAnn gave him a small hug and felt more at ease.

He asked how she changed so much, but an expression of sadness he wore. LeeAnn gave a smile. "No, its good. A man named Manzo saved my life. He's a Blue Pegasus mage and told me about my real family history, this is actually what I really look like. My true form was being seal by a spell. Its good" she smiled. Even if she was not used to this new form, she did like that she didn't have that mark on her. Her self-esteem was still fairly low, but she felt more confident than before with it gone.

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#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
And just like the day they had met, they tumbled atop each other smiling. he held her while she cried into his shoulder and when she was done, he rose his hand to help wipe away some of the tears from her cheek. He didn't care how soaked his uniform was now. "I wouldn't have it any other way," he replied, hugging her back. He saw so many sides of her. Pain, fear, and anger. It has been a long time since he saw joy on her face.

"He knew about your real family? And what you really look like huh?"
It was a surprise to him and only served to show just how much had changed and he had missed. But she seemed the same person to him. She said it was okay and Kaz smiled back. How does it feel? Being the real you? He looked at her more and realized that she had more full hips and was more well endowed at her chest. A passing glance, and one that had Kaz avert his eyes at first. It was swift and he expected himself to feel embarrassed. His his squinted at his own surprise. He turned to face her again, his expression of his feelings melted away any feelings of awkwardness and the lingering merger of the tiger's spirit calmed his soul now.

You were beautiful and amazing before just as you are niw., LeeAnn... Just like a Wildfire he didn't talk about the church or what caused her change or the revenge that he still needed to accomplish. She had calmed the storm raging within him. Had come back into his life like a Wildfire. Free, dynamic and dangerous. The rest of the world faded until there was only her in clarity. A smile that took his heart like a flame consumes the air around it. His hand headed against her back as the other found her hand.

Once more he pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Only stopping when she was ready.

#14Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn knew it was about time she had to let those feelings go. It felt like a wave of relief flushed out of her system. LeeAnn lied ontop of him and laughed a bit. "I would agree" she smiled. She kissed his nose and smiled widely.

The stuff about Manzo were brought up. It hit her, he didn't know. Know that she was kicked out of the Knights and her whole family past was a lie put on by the Rune Knights. Something her grandmother, Aunt, and mother were trying to say all along. LeeAnn's ears folded a little thinking. "Sit down for a second. This is going to get grim" she spoke. LeeAnn sat on against the tree and looked up at the treetops. "This is not about my blood family. Its about the Nakamura family. He knows about the true history of the Nakamura family. We we're actually apart of Blue Pegasus and help found it. He said the Rune Knights somehow coaxed us into it. What I am about to tell you is all truth. The..Rune Knights are not what they seem. They kicked out the whole Nakamura family for not reason. Their excuse was "We dont need you anymore"" she spoke. A lough growl and sigh mix escaped her lips. She couldn't bring herself to think about this, but had to.

It was hard to accept for her, but Kazimir could tell there was more to the story than she was leading on. "My Aunt Paisley was undercover for the Blue Pegasus. She was murdered by a fellow Rune Knight who knew about her cover" she said. LeeAnn had the most serious face she could give. She stood up and started to pace. Thinking of hwere to start. A lot had to be told to him. "Now, I am made head of my family since Hikaru cannot carry on the job. Everything lies on me now. I have to figure out who killed my aunt, tortured my mother and I, and make sure no one else of my family is murdered" she ranted. LeeAnn stopped herself before she spiraled out of control with her talking.

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#15Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He gave a playful smirk as she kiss his nose and he looked up at her. The tone changed a bit as she asked him to sit up. Something that was going to be difficult with her atop him. before he joked about it she moved over to lean against the tree and he joined her. Even the cliffs seemed more pleasant and the thoughts of him murdering those people faded to the back of his mind.

"What is it?"It was always this way with them. Something great and then something dark. They always came at each other with a mixed bag of things. Love with a side of dark life twists and turns.But for once...it was the Nakamura's The ones at her side through her youth. "Blue Pegasus. So the knights convinced them to join the rune knight division and then kicked them out? That's a big revelation,"he leaned against the tree with his arm crossed trying to take it all in. Suddenly he felt how painful this must be for her and simply put his hand a top hers without a word and ready to listen again.

"I've suspected ill intent in the knights for sometime now. After everything that I was told from Akira and Hatsu as well as uncovering some of them in a terrible crime ring." he squeezed her hand gently as she said her aunt was murdered by them.

"Was this recent that your aunt was undercover? Murdered by a Rune knight. A strong accusation but I can see it. It will be hard to track down the person responsible and the may be well protected."

his eyes followed her as she paced. The sun beaming down through the gaps in the leaves around her. Kaz sat still taking in all that she said and all that weighed on her shoulders now. "What happened to Hikaru?That's a long list, but once you find out who killed your aunt or tortured you, one will lead to the other. And I will be by your side for all of it."

he stood up next to her, "head of your family is a lot of responsibility but you can handle it. I'll support you all the way. As for myself..." he paused for a moment knowing that she had shared a lot with him and he needed to do the same for her. "The man who came to kill me was a grunt. Sent by the head of the wind clan. They won't stop and its finally time for me to do something about it. I have the blessings of the tiger spirit that they want. I have to go back...and destroy them once and for all."

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was comforted by his words a little. There was a dark side to the knight that she never realized. She had always blindly trust them as so did her family. LeeAnn knew there was more to this whole situation than she realized. The young kitsune buried her face into her hands. She was lost for words of what to do. There was a huge amount of pressure on her excluding the amount she put on herself. LeeAnn just laid her head against the tree and slid downward.

Kazimir told her that he could confirm the Rune Knight's actions. Leeann was just stressed. The death of her aunt, a second mother to her, was now dead and she had to do funeral arrangements. All responsiblities lied on her for everything. LeeAnn knew her mother could help a lot with it. Her father on the other hand was silent. That only meant that he was beyond pissed and she knew better than to ask him for help. The Nakamura family was strong, but right now their achilles heel was hit. The family.

"My whole family is shattered. We are one unit and that's our greatest weakness and greatest strength. My father is silent which is bad. My mother is hte only person helping me with everything. Kazimir..you don't realize how much pressure I am under. More than I ever have been. MY grandmother is hounding me to get married and take responsibility for the whole family. My father is just mad at this whole situation. My Uncle ran off and got married straight away right after his wife died. My cousins are broken. I am the only person besides my mother who has their head screwed on straight. Does that say something? The person who is the most mentally ill is the most sane one? That does not make and fucking sense" she ranted.

LeeAnn got up and paced again. She chewed on her lip in nerves. To calm her mind, she pulled a chew toy out of her backpack and started bite it. The sound comforted her as she just casually had it in her mouth. The more stressed she was the faster she chewed on the dog toy. It was a weird habit she picked upon. "I'm sorry. This news is just...I cant process it. I think I need to travel with Manzo for a while to sort my mind out. My brain is beyond fried. Honestly, I think I am more canine than human at times" she spoke. She bit the squeaker toy a few times before she stopped. "Honestly, I want to thank you for everything. It's not easy for me to ask for help...or to accept it, but...I can't do this alone" she spoke.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I'm sure your father is processing things in his own way too," at least he hoped that the old man was. He still had not met her family and things seemed like this was a rocky time to do it. LeeAnn was ravaged by the weight of responsibility on her shoulders now. He waited and let her rant, getting it out of her system. All this pent up anger and frustration, not to mention the confusion of it all.

He kicked the tree suddenly and knocked loose a flurry of leaves around them and stood among it with her. They fluttered past them darted this way and that. Some carried by the wind and others seemed to fight against it. "Dozens of leaves will fall, but you can't catch them all. You have to choose which is the one you really want and put all your effort into it. Maybe you can grab some after but you have to start somewhere," he said as he slowly grabbed one leaf and placed it in her palm. He tried to be strong for her but was still tired from what he had gone through.

"There are a lot of voices around you right now. But yours is the only one that matters. Don't be so worried. Pick your path and ignore the others until the time is right," he put a hand through her hair and rubbed her ears, remembering it was the way she had calmed down in the past.

He simply smiled at the chew toy. A new development indeed. "It's a lot to take in. I know."He wasn't sure what she meant by travel with Manzo. He was appreciative of all the man had done for her, but did she mean she didn't intend on traveling with him. Would he not be apart of her life in that way after everything that had happened today?

"You were always a bit wild, he grinned back at her. "You don't need to thank me for helping you. Of course I would, and never feel that you can't ask me for help. that's what we're with each other for. you shouldn't have to do it alone. What's your next step?"

She was under a lot of stress but didn't mention his own bout. or if she would be there for him. He couldn't ask her to do something like that with everything that was happening in her life now. There was just no way. He looked away for a moment to hide his own confusion about their future or the thought of facing down his clan without her. Once his mind was still again he looked back.

"You have a lot to deal with. Most of the wind clan is already dealt with from my attacks here. It will be a simple matter to finish them off." Given her state right now there was no way he could pile the things he was going through on top of it.

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Lee Nakamura
He didn't understand the pressure she was under. LeeAnn was the type to not ask for help. Manzo just invited himself in and wished to stay. There was no way of pushing him out. LeeAnn could care less what Kazimir could think. The kitsune listened to what he had to say. How could Hikaru deal with all of this? He was always so calm every time she saw him as so was her father, except now. The family was shattered with the news and LeeAnn was the most hurt. She needed to get away from friends and family. Only Manzo would accompany her. He never talked much nor did much with her. It was like he wasn't even there. Kazimir made a notion about leaves and how they fall. She didn't have time for his.

She but her lip to keep from lashing out. Honestly, she didn't want to yell at Kazimir. He was going through his own hardships. Tehre were things much more important on her hands than a relationship. The family was falling apart, Manzo was helping her on her feet again, and most of all, trying to find out who killed her aunt. Manzo had connections, powerful ones. She could use one of them to help find some inside information on top of that he was a future guildmate. After he was finished, she took a long and heavy sigh.

There was a long pause before she said anything. She lied against the tree, staring at the forest in the distance. She did some breathing therepy to calm herself down and clear her mind. Once her mind was clear enough for her to think. She got up and stood with her back to Kazimir. "You don't quite understand the severity of my situation and there is no way you really could understand. The only step for me to take is to go alone. Manzo is helping me get into Blue Pegasus and there I can figure things out. There is nothing you can help me with unfortunately other than support" she replied. She felt bad for pushing him away but she didn't need any extra hands. The more people that got invovled, the worse she felt the issue would be,

"Right now, I need to figure out what my next move is. The only logical one is focus on myself, away from friends and family, which includes you. Manzo is not one to pry into my life. He does his own thing. I need to think things through before I make any big choices. I think its best if we dont date for now. I can't take on all of this and handle a relationship when I myself am now broken and unhealthy. I want to fix my
own problems before helping other people"
she said.

LeeAnn was unsure of her feelings, wether or not she felt ready to date. She loved Kazimir a lot, but she knew it would be best to delay it a bit further. The whole purpose of this trip was to make sure he wasn't dead. LeeAnn wanted to go on her own path for now and focus on her. "I am unsure of my feelings and everything. My judgement is clouded with stress and I could snap at anytime. I don't want you in this whole crossfire. You don't deserve my wrath or to be hurt in the process. I hope you understand. I don't know how long this may take, but I will keep i touch. I just need to self discovery journey" she spoke.

She looked at him with a sad, but stressed look. She really didn't want to do this, but she knew she had to. It was the right thing to do. Time would heal all wounds and eventually when time was right she would come back to him. "This is farewell for now, Kazimir. I love you" she spoke. She turned into a wolf and nodded before taking off to her griffen.


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Kazimir Seiryu
When she stood with her back to him after she had been biting her lip he knew something was wrong. She couldn't even face him. her words shattered something inside him. Something he had not felt for a long time or perhaps something he didn't know he had that could be broken. His hands shook for a second and then made fists. His bones popped from the tightness of his clinch. Did she really think that..

He stood up to face her back while she spoke. His anger steaming from the phrase 'nothing he could do.' The wind rushed to life slicing threw all the remaining leaves around them. "Alright then LeeAnn," he had not used her full  name in some time. He felt the warmth of the scar the angel had given him and wrath pouring into who he was, merging with him like the roar of the tiger. "You don't want sweetness then I won't give. How dare you say I don't understand. I understand pain all too well. You've hurt. That's true. but you don't understand. Have you even listened to the things I said to you. I have to kill my family. My child hood friends. Everyone I've known before this life, my brothers and sisters, because if I don't they'll kill me and come for you. I held my fiancee as she bleed to death. Dying from the man I looked at as my father! So don't tell me I don't understand!" he had to stop, the wind had picked up even more and with a few breaths he calmed it along with himself. Only a colder stare hidden behind his eyes.

His anger and confusion still welling up and swirling within him, "Why would you...why would say you've been waiting for me  to say that. Jumping on me, accepting my kiss. Saying you feel safe and found and happy. To return my affection only to pull it out from under me the next second."The force in his words turned to something more like sadness now. Forcing them out. But something was causing both of them to slowly fade away more. The same way he had locked away his heart after loosing his fiancee.

He remembered back to a time not so long ago. A time when they laid together and she whispered to him, of how she loved him. Her words raced through his mind

'Finally trust someone fully'      'We're in this together'
What did all of it mean. Was she that much of a different person along with her body. Had she  changed that much that all those things were different now. He had been by her side in dark times, why was now different. Or were those words lies. Could he trust her.

"You are right LeeAnn. You have changed. You're not the same Kitsune that swung from the tree branch,"
he spoke as he tightened the headband around his head. His eyes becoming more steeled. A mixture of the Kaz she had known...and the one she had seen in the cave.

"You said I left you for dead. But that's not true. You weren't there. All this time you have been here. In Astera...did you even think to come look for me where you had seen me last? To return and ask down there? What good was it to look for me in a place you had no idea I'd be at," It was a question he had wondered before but chose not to ask. part of him not wanting to know the answer, and just wanting to enjoy what they had. But the tides of Kaz's kind and nurturing side, his optimism and kindness...was changing.

He looked away thinking for a moment about the nature of things, "A relationship. If it the bonds that hold a relationship bend and snap in the times of need and stress...How strong is it anyway?" he asked mostly to himself but said it still loud enough for her to hear. "We are still like volcanoes Lee...bottling up until it all pours forth."There was a quiet in his voice now, like a calm that danced around a storm.

"Being in the crossfire is what I signed up for. We agreed on that once. In it together. And I don't fear your wrath Lee, it is a part of who you are. I saw it on the mountain when we freed the griffons. But if time is what you want...take it. But you don't want me to get hurt, what are scars on my body when the woman I love walks out of my life,"
he said but it was nothing aggressive or hateful in his tone.

She finally turned to face him, the sad look in her eye tugging at the strings of his heart. "farewell," he replied but couldn't bring himself to say 'I love you'

He turned as she did and called for his griffin. It flew out of the cave and he leaped upon its back and took off. His heart torn and it may not have seemed it but she still filled his heart.


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