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Enhancement System

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Enhancement System


  • The user can upgrade magics and customize them to suit their style.

  • In order to explain the system, we will refer to two types of magics: Common and Limited. Common Magics are magics that are not from the shop and do not have any Enhancements of their own. These are the magics you start with via the character application. Limited Magics are magics from the shop.

  • Enhancement slots are unlocked when the user reaches a base Intelligence of 61, 251, 501, and 1001.

  • On character creation, characters receive a free Enhancement slot and a free Enhancement which cost 1 million or below.

  • Upon reaching B-rank with a common magic, the user unlocks another free Enhancement slot which may freely be filled with an Enhancement that costs 1 million jewels or less.

  • Should the user purchase a Limited magic they will lose access to their free Enhancements slots gained upon Character Creation and reaching B-Rank.

  • If a user returns to using a common magic, they regain access to their 2 free Enhancement slots (if applicable). The free Enhancements are not retroactive.

  • Enhancements can be removed via the purchase of an Enhancement Purger in order to open up the slot again. This does not result into a refund of the purchased Enhancement.

  • Enhancements will carry over if you purchase a Limited magic. If they cannot carry over, you need to purge those Enhancements before you purchase a Limited magic.

  • If you are required to purge the Enhancement from character creation to purchase a Limited magic, you will be allowed to purge it for free.

  • Enhancements will be listed in the profile of the user to make it visible for other users, and of course, make it more organized for the user.

  • Modifiers from Enhancements do not stack onto magic, transformation or class modifiers.

  • The user cannot purchase the same Enhancement again to apply it on their magic, nor can they purchase Enhancements with similar modifiers as their respective magic or class for the same spell type.

  • The user receives a 5% discount on the price of Enhancements per tier of Intelligence they have reached e.g. the fourth tier of Intelligence grants the user a 20% discount on the purchase of an Enhancement.


  • Users may change their magics name upon the purchase of an Enhancement where appropriate, users with Limited magic however will have the prefix of Enhanced added to their magic

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