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Light in the Night [Quest/Leon]

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#1Leon Nakamura-Sutherland 

Light in the Night [Quest/Leon] Empty on Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:32 pm

Leon Nakamura-Sutherland
Leon was told to take a few jobs by LeeAnn while he await a good time to wait for his que. It was a good way to build up his name and fame amongst the country for Fiore. A turn of a new leaf. He taken a job that took place during the night. It was whatever to him, a job was a job. It paid and he got a little something done. Even if he was considered 'wealthy' from a society standards, he really was not one to think those sorts of things. He had a taste of what it was like to be poor and have nothing but the clothes on your backs. He was the bread winner for his little sister despite living in a rich family. His father refused to feed them regardless of the laws. If only...

Leon had to meet up with his client, Lt. Marin. If Leon remembered, he had to not say anything about the Nakamura family. He had to state his biological last name. Leon hated this a lot, but followed her orders to prove to her he was serious. "Oi, you must be Leon? Pleased to meet ya" spoke the client. He held out his hand for a formal greeting. The fire mage complied and nodded his head. "Same to you! What is it I need to do" he spoke, in a more serious tone. He wanted to show he was not all about playing fun and games, whatever the job maybe. Lt. Marin saw that completely, his posture grew more serious and straighter. Leon always looked confident in his approach to everything and every situation or at least he tried.

"I need a younger, more stronger person to help me sorta out our beacons. We had them commissed and I just need someone to help me sort things out. Make sure our new system is ready to go and keep those pesky creatures out of Era" she spoke. Behind his words, Leon could tell his passion to ensure the citizen's safety was full hearted. Leon gave a nod. This shouldn't be too hard. He gave a nod with his right hand on his chin, thinking.

"Could you please give me more details on such matters such as what are we going to be doing. Any heavy lifting or measuring? Just so I have a better idea what is were going to doing" he asked. Lt. Marin gave the full details. They were going to setup all the beacons one by one and test them out. Easy enough. Leon agreed to his terms and method of payment. He followed the Rune Knight to their location. It was outside of Era away from the main gate. Lt. Marin pointed to the exact spot where one of the beacons stood. It was not lit at all and with him being a fire mage. This should not be a problem at all. Fire does come in handy in any situation.


#2Leon Nakamura-Sutherland 

Light in the Night [Quest/Leon] Empty on Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:27 pm

Leon Nakamura-Sutherland
Lighting up the beacons was a simple task that he, himself, could accomplish. Leon would walk his way over to find the each of the beacons. It would not be too difficult to do so. He had to travel near the edge of each of hte woods. That would not be too hard to do. It took a while to get to the edge of town where the woods met with civilization. There was a stream of beacons that he could clearly see from the main gate that the Knight had told him about. His fire magic was going to come in handy for such a task. He had to also give some feed back about how much each of the beacons should be far apart. Whether they were too close or not.

The first beacon was tall and very sturdy. He studied it for quite sometime before looking at the second to compare the differences. He looked back and forth for a while to make sure they were too close or too far. He thought they were a little too close, but the distance was not enough to fuss over. He climbed the beacon which took a lot out of him. Reaching the top, he could oversee the whole area around him. There below he could see all of Era. The Nakamura manor was easy to tell which one it was with all the property surrounding it. What a sight! Leon lit up his hand and lit the first beacon. He climbed down and did the same thing to the second one. He thought about how his little sister was doing back in Hargeon. LeeAnn told them they had to prove themselves worthy of their trust. He could tell the reason why with surrounding the whole situation. The fire mage could tell LeeAnn was conflicted with this. She was trying to keep his family happy and her family happy which was no easy task. He lit the second beacon with other things on his mind. LeeAnn was going through a lot. His step-father was kind towards him and welcoming unlike his other step-siblings, whome were cold. They were angry at him and his mother for replacing their real mother. Astrid was the most harsh out of all of them. She would ridicule his little sister causing him to protect her, which would lead to other fight. It was hard to watch a lot of the time. He grew angry thinking about it.

He lit all the beacons and compared their distances. A few of them were either a tad far apart or too close, but not by much. He found Lt. Marin, whom was ready, to hear his progress and completion. The fire mage walked up to him and explain his thoughts. The tasks were completed like he had asked. The beacons could be more closely looked at but will do for the watch. Lt. Marin founded the information to be helpful and gave the mage his reward.


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