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Mad Shopping [Q: Zane]

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Mad Shopping [Q: Zane] Empty on Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:55 am


Kaiser was doing some things that she had never done in her life before. There was a first time for everything, and today’s ‘first time’ thing was taking a request with someone else. Usually the girl would just take requests on her own, because she had never trusted anyone enough to work with them. But with Zane, even if he did manage to mess up, she had a way of making sure he would never do that in the future, and that was to just remove him. The good news was that at least she allowed him to mess up once.

They were already walking to the lab where they were supposed to meet their client who was...a scientist? “Isn’t that him?” she asked Zane, spotting a man who fit the description on the request paper perfectly. The guy was standing right in front of what looked like the lab they were supposed to be at.

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Zane was a bit pressured going on a quest with Kaiser. After all, not only was he never exactly the master when it came to women, but he also didn't know Kaiser that well either. They were acquaintances sure, but for all he knew he could do something wrong here and she'd ditch him. So he tried to put his best effort into making a good impression on this first job.

Zane nodded, approaching the man who handed him a list. "Get these and come back." Holding the list in his hands, Zane tried to speak to the man, before noticing he had practically completely ignore the two's existence and was trying to shake them by reading a newspaper held over his face. Assuming this man wasn't really one who would give them much besides the simplest of directions, Zane looked at the list.

Turning to Kaiser, Zane analysed the instructions.  "Looks like we should save getting the dog for last, I'd imagine he'd be a handful. Let's go to the construction store first. It says Vernon street, which I think is just to the right then down the block to the left." He noted. His notion to explore places seemed to come in handy, as Zane's experience had left him with a good recollection of the streets in Era. "Well, let's go, I'll lead the way." Smiling and trying to show a positive mood to his partner, he wondered if it mattered as he went off.



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As they got near, the man confirmed Kaiser’s assumption by giving Zane a list of things he wanted them to buy and gave pretty straightforward instructions. He didn’t even bother listening to whatever they had to say or ask about the job. “Oh yeah, I don’t really like dogs too so I think you should handle that one, too,” she said with a frown. “I’m more of a cat person.” This had really nothing to do with the request, but she said it anyway.

Zane seemed to have a very systematic way of handling requests because while he analyzed the quest and kind of prioritized their tasks, Kaiser just simply stared at him and once he was done, she just shrugged and said, “Hey, you seem to know the way around here. Go on, lead the way.” Then she shoved her hands into the pockets of her pants and started following Zane.

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Cat person, huh? Zane always felt neutral when it came to that debate. Guiding Kaiser down the street, the two arrived in the hardware store. Guessing this was it, Zane asked for the package their client had given them. It was a big box, heavy. Zane assumed some sort of material was in it, most likely iron or bronze or something. Putting it into his hands, Zane had to adjust himself to the wait first. It was really heavy... while Zane didn't want to make any sexist assumptions, he figured he would probably be best to carry it. Chivalry, or something like that. "Let's head back and deliver this one first, I think it would get in the way of the rest..." he noted, heading out of the store with the big box in his arms.



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There were a couple of street vendors along the way to the hardware store. Kaiser had to suppress the urge to stop and buy some ice cream or something. The job was pretty easy and not even going to take much time, so she was really inclined towards spoiling herself, at least before she having to carry stuff. However, she decided against that because she did not want to disrupt the mission. Working with a partner for a simple quest like this was new to her, which had a side effect of making her lose some focus on the job.

Zane knew the way to the hardware store like he knew how to breathe. Kaiser was quite impressed, but then again if she was to take someone around the places she had lived in Bosco or Joya, she could probably remember them by heart as well. Zane not only knew how to get to the store, but also how to get what he wanted—when he wanted it, and Kaiser was automatically impressed as he proved so by going over to ask about the package for their client. When they got it, Kaiser noticed how heavy it was. She knew it after seeing Zane lift the package.

“You’re right. That is too heavy,” she confirmed with Zane and followed him to return to the client. She offered to carry the box and take turns doing it. She believed she was as strong as Zane, if not stronger. It was proven that she was stronger when she took the boxes from him. They didn’t make her exert as much as Zane seemed to have been.

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Seeing that Kaiser was able to lift the box much easier, Zane was impressed and changed his point of view on the situation. Based off of what had happened so far, it seemed like for the most part Kaiser was the brawn while Zane was the brains. Maybe this team up could work after all? After resting it down near the client's requested drop off location, Zane looked at the list himself. "Whipped cream, cooking oil and candles. I used to be a chef, so I pretty much know where to get all of these." Zane said, signaling for Kaiser to follow him. Going down the nearby street the two arrived in front of a grocery store. Across the street was a thrift store of sorts. "I'm gonna go pick up the oil and whipped cream, can you run across the street? I don't think a grocery store would sell candles, but I have no doubt that a thrift store would." Zane tossed her a coin that would cover the jewel cost. "For the most part it seems like any old wax candle would do, so it shouldn't take too long. Meet me back outside here, okay?" Zane asked, entering the store to grab the items. Considering his history as a chef he was able to find them in record breaking time.



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After having the box delivered, the two headed out again to fulfill their second task. The client wanted them to bring back a pretty questionable combination of items. Most of them could be bought at any grocery store so she was not bothered. Zane explained how he had been a chef before so he knew where to get most of the items, but he was not sure they would sell candles and so asked her to run across the street to get the candles. ‘Oh wow,’ she thought to herself. Now she was doing what Zane asked her to?! This was absurd.

However, for the sake of the task, and convincing herself that it was all part of co-operating in a job together, Kaiser gave him a slight smile and said, “S-sure,” like she was having an inner conflict whether to do this or not. As Zane went into the grocery store, she went into the thrift store right across the street, and found the candles quickly. Since Zane said they would meet back out here, she waited for him outside the grocery store, holding her little bag of candles.

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"Thanks Kaiser, we saved a little bit of time with that." Zane said with a smile on his face as the two made their way back to the dropoff point. "Alright, the good news is that next time is the last time we have to go back and forth." Looking at the list, Zane noted that the man wanted a perfectly white dog, but didn't know what store it was at. Zane sighed. "So uh, looks like this guy wants a certain dog, but he doesn't know what pet store it's at. I guess we'll have to count on luck here."

Making their way to the first pet store, Zane quickly approached the woman at the counter, explaning about their client and his want for the perfectly white dog. Perhaps through sheer luck, the woman behind the counter explained that they had the dog just in the other room. Before heading into the room to get the dog, Zane turned to Kaiser "I think he wants some food and a collar too, can you grab it? I uh, might have my hands full." he noted, going into the other room.

Coming out with an energetic white puppy in his hands, it licked Zane's face as he laughed a little. The thing was really excited. Making his way out of the store with Kaiser, Zane delivered the puppy at the drop off spot. "Here's your final delivery, sir." The man looked at the dog, taking some jewels out of his pocket. Simply grunting, the man nodded his head towards the money on the table, perhaps implying the two should just get outta there.

Zane sighed a bit, nothing how the man had a seemingly unchanged atttitude from before. Admittedly, Zane had hoped the man would have some sort of change of heart and thank the two, but it seemed

Despite the fact that they worked hard going back and forth through town to get this guy's things, he didn't seem too friendly about it. Walking away from the location, Zane noted to Kaiser. "Yeesh, that guy should get whatever stick he has up his ass outta there." Putting his hands behind his back, the sunset soon arrived. "Well, I'm gonna look around town a bit more. You coming along, or will I see you tomorrow?" Zane asked, now heading wherever the rest of the day would take him.




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After they made their second drop off, they were out again to finish the final task which was to get a completely white puppy. Kaiser had never been to pet stores in Era, so she had no clue where to go, not that she was stupidly going to stand there and not find out. But yet again, Zane seemed to want to be the mastermind of this mission and led the way to a pet shop. To be honest, Kaiser was starting to not enjoy taking a job with someone else because she didn’t normally listen to what others said to her. Maybe she just needed to get used to it, or assert her dominance next time.

But since they were almost done with this pretty easy job—which was probably why it was D-ranked—Kaiser did not mind. It seemed they were both very lucky that day because they found the dog at the first pet shop they visited. Zane again told her to grab some food and a collar. Blinking and nodding, she went out of the pet store to get those things. I might have my hands full,” she said in a mocking tone once she was outside, mimicking Zane. Rolling her eyes, she quickly bought the food and collar and returned to the pet shop. The dog was adorable, but since Kaiser wasn’t a dog person, she just stared at it while it stared at her the whole way back to the drop off point. After getting their reward, Zane asked if she wanted to hang out with him or go back to the hotel.

“I’ll...see you later. Enjoy your evening,” she said. She had had enough of Zane for the day and needed some time to cool off. That normally happened after she experiences new things, like going on a mission with someone else.

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