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Rhea Orochi

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#1Rhea Orochi 

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Rhea Orochi


Name: Rhea Orochi

Age: 21 Years Old

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Spellhowler

Profession: Stage Actress - CON + INT

Race: Half-Gorgon

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: On upper left thigh, teal green

Kiyohime - Fate/Grand Order


Height: 5'2"

Weight: 90 lbs

Hair: Mint Green

Eyes: Golden Yellow with orange hues

Overall: Rhea has long mint green hair with bangs that feather her forehead. Her eyes are golden yellow with orange hues and are snake-like in appearance. Two-pronged white ivory-white horns protruding the sides of her head. Her skin is fair with a well-proportioned figure and a well-endowed bust. Rhea has a supernatural beauty that far surpasses most humans. As for her attire, the half-gorgon typically wears traditional Joyan fashion such as kimonos pair with knee and or thigh-high tabi socks and geta sandals. However, that's not all she wears. She also wears Fiorian fashion such as skirts and blouses, sundresses, etc.

Extra: ---


Personality: Rhea is a confident and cunning young woman. She doesn’t come to trust others easily but she is quite sociable when it suits her needs. Rhea will never do anything out of the goodness of her heart. If there’s some merit, profit or benefit to be gained by helping another person, she will gladly lend a hand. Rhea, for the most part, comes off as being level-headed and vivacious, however, given her nature as a half gorgon, in reality, she’s rather emotionally unstable. She can be very happy one minute and in an instant be enraged depending on what is going on with and/or around her. Despite emotional instability, she is a woman of logic and great intellect. On top of that, she’s prideful and confident. Rhea wouldn’t do anything that would tarnish her pride.

While Rhea could easily have any man she desired and play around with multiple partners, she prefers to find true love rather than just fool around with sub-par men. She has very pure and at the same time twisted outlook on love. If she were to find her “one true love” she would want them to look at only her, love only her, pay attention to ONLY her. Anyone else who would dare to get close to that person would be forfeiting their lives. Rhea is has a very sadistic nature, any “rivals” she would happily kidnap and torture them slowly until they bled out or begged for her to take their lives. Even unrelated people. It's a good stress-reliever for her, as Rhea puts it herself.

Rhea hates the cold, she would never intentionally go someplace where the weather is less than warm. She hates cold beverages and food. This is due to her being a cold-blooded creature. Rhea won’t even eat ice cream. When it comes to the one she loves, she will never defy or speak out against them or their wishes in their presence. Even if they found out what she did to those close to him and asked her to stop, she would respect that, if only to his face. Rhea would never wish to upset her special person and in this sense is quite submissive.

Rhea is not the type of woman to stick to being all by herself, despite her trust issues, she wishes for companionship and does enjoy the company of other women who she feels like she may be able to become friends with over a long amount of time. When Rhea can open up and trust someone, she is loyal to that person but if they were to ever betray the trust she placed in them, she would make them wish they were dead. Rhea does not think any of the other races are beneath nor above her. In that way, she is rather humble. However, she cannot stand those who think too highly of themselves or that their race is better than another. She will gladly put those types of people in their place without the slightest hesitation.

Rhea can be manipulative when it suits her needs. She’ll use just about anyone for anything to achieve her goals. When it comes to facing an enemy in battle, Rhea is merciless. She would never let an enemy live. She’ll cut down anyone who threatens her or those she cares about with single shred of hesitation or remorse.  


  • Snakes
    Being half-gorgon, Rhea has a fondness for snakes.
  • Warm Weather
    Being a cold-blooded creature, Rhea loves warm weather.
  • Torture
    Having a sadistic streak, she loves to torture people in a multitude of different ways.
  • Humans
    She finds them to be fascinating and enjoys studying them.


  • Cold Weather
    Rhea hates cold weather due to being cold-blooded, she would never willingly travel to someplace cold.
  • Blind Optimists
    People who are blindly optimistic and refuse to accept reality annoy the hell out of her.
  • Dirt/Filth
    Rhea is a bit of a clean freak, she can't stand it when she smells or is even slightly dirty. She'll take a shower immediately.
  • Idiots
    Due to her high intelligence, Rhea cannot stand idiots, they're a hassel to deal with.


  • Finding True Love
    Almost nothing motivates a young romantic who lacked love in her life more than finding her soul mate.
  • Revenge
    After almost being burned to death by her own mother, Rhea seeks to become powerful enough to kill Casandra for revenge.


  • Being Alone
    After so many years traveling around the world without anyone beside her to share in her trials and tribulations, Rhea doesn't wish to be alone anymore. She fears she may never find anyone to care for her.
  • Fire
    After almost being burned to death by her own mother, Rhea has a great fear of fire as it reminds her of her past trauma.
  • Death
    Having a near death experience when she was younger, Rhea fears dying more than anything else.



Magic Name: Poseidon's Curse

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description:
Unlike water that has been blessed and allows for healing, like holy water or sacred water, Poseidon's Curse was a kind of magic passed down for generations among Gorgons and their half-breed offspring. When a gorgon trespassed in the temple that worshipped the god of water in Seven over 100 years ago, that gorgon angered the god when she tried to steal the tributes left by his worshippers, he cursed that Gorgon and her descendants to have only cursed water magic.

Like any other water magic, Poseidon's Curse can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. However, thanks to it being cursed, it is also capable of de-buffing enemies. Rhea can change her body's make up into 100% water for evading magical attacks, create whirlpools to trap and drown her enemies and even walk on water.

  • Superior: Debuff
  • Normal: Supplementary, Offensive
  • Inferior: Defensive, Healing


History: Rhea’s mother was a Gorgon who lived in the jungles outside the Cities of Seven. Unlike other gorgon’s she wasn’t all that evil in nature and preferred to live in peace, not disrupting the lives of the human citizens. Her name was Casandra and she was very beautiful. One day, a man by the name Ryuga Orochi, a traveler from the nation of Joya, was on his way to the capital of Seven by trekking through the jungles where he met Casandra, however, unlike most humans who met her, Ryuga did not fear her. Instead, he was mesmerized by Casandra’s inhuman beauty. Despite the difference in their races, they fell in love. As a result of their union, came their half-gorgon daughter who they named Rhea Orochi. She had a more human-like appearance than her mother.

Her hair was mint green but she had two ivory horns on the sides of her head, her eyes were golden yellow but snake-like in appearance. From an early age, Rhea was found to be very intelligent. Even at age ten, she was smarter than most human children her age. However, unlike her good-natured parents, Rhea had a rather twisted personality. Almost any humans who wandered into their territory, she’d approach them with a sweet smile and with no noticeable bad intentions to gain their trust until they let their guards down and would incapacitate them. This way she could drag them off and torture them to kill her boredom.

Given that Rhea inherited her mother’s beauty, she grew to be quite the vivacious charmer in her teens. Since she had a more human appearance, she could easily enter the cities of Seven when her father went into them for business. She used a hooded cape of sorts to hide her horn from sight, this allowed Rhea to keep a low profile but also avoid causing issues for her father. Even with the hooded cape, her looks alone attracted many men to her, who would court her. Rhea became delighted and would often play with the ones who struck her fancy.

This only caused further worry from her parents. She was not only intelligent and beautiful, but she also had an affinity for magic. Given her ancestry, Rhea could only learn Poseiden’s Curse, a form of cursed water magic, which her mother, Casandra taught to her. Rhea was a fast learner and very talented, some could even call her a genius. Rhea was content with her life, there wasn’t much else she wanted, however, the peaceful life she had enjoyed up till now wouldn’t last much longer.

When Rhea was 17 years old, she overheard an argument her parents had about what to do with her. Given her sadistic nature in which she enjoyed torturing and killing humans, her flirtatiousness in the cities and her talent for magic. Casandra thought of Rhea as a threat while Ryuga refused to accept that. Casandra wished to eliminate Rhea before she could cause any more chaos or harm while Ryuga was wholly against it. This hurt Rhea deeply, she felt herself seething with rage. Her parents were completely unaware that Rhea had overheard them and had to think about how to proceed from here on out.

Rhea fell asleep the next night only to be awoken by the smell of smoke, while she slept, her mother had thrown her into a pit deep in the jungle and set it ablaze, she was trying to burn her daughter to death without Ryuga’s knowledge. Terrified of the death that awaited her, she mustered up all the mana in her body to put all the flames out and propel herself out of the pit. Rhea couldn’t believe her mother had tried to kill her. Rhea knew she wasn't strong enough to go against Casandra and so, she decided to leave Seven. For the next year, she trekked through Joya to the nation of Fiore. By the time Rhea was almost 19, she started working as a stage actress in plays and even musicals. It turned out she had a talent for acting and singing on top of magic. So while working as a stage actress she also did mage work on the side whenever she didn’t have a performance. However, this did not change her sadistic and dark nature. Rhea continued to find more victims to torture and kill.

Reference: ---

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