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Faye Morgan

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#1Faye Morgan 

Faye Morgan Empty Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:21 pm

Faye Morgan


Name: Faye Morgan
Age: 18 (June 15th X769)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual – Polyromantic
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli
Class:  Huntress
Profession: Performer – Spd, Con
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Mode: Normal
Tattoo: Right Hand, Perwinkle
Face: Hadou Nejire – My Hero Academia


Height: 5’8” / 173cm
Weight: 132lbs/60Kg
Hair: Periwinkle
Eyes: Azure

A pretty young woman in good shape, Faye Morgan has a fair complexion as well as long, light coloured hair and large eyes that can give her a sense of almost neotenic appeal to her features, which on the whole can be considered somewhat charming. A little above average height and her build athletic but showing the emerging curves of womanhood, the skin of this young enchantress is toward the lighter end of spectrum naturally though often carries a hearty colour thanks to her outdoor-loving lifestyle, though is somewhat limited in her tanning capacity to eternally leave her a little pale compared to the average Fiorian but not unattractively so.

The face of this fair femme somewhat on the rounded side without looking too chubby, as mentioned Faye possesses large eyes with prominent and long lashes that only add to her girlish good looks. Her irises a stronger and clearer blue than the tone of her hair, they are a rich tone of blue and usually full of brightness, making the gaze of this girl look like it is filled with sparkling sapphires. Upbeat and optimistic in her character, she usually wears a smile and often has a rosy set of cheeks which only further emphasizes that mildly childish quality to the face of Miss Morgan, giving her a look of youthful zeal.

The physique of this breezy beauty certainly presenting a far greater amount of ‘maturity’ than her face might imply, on contrast to the youthful and slightly ‘baby faced’ mug that she possesses, Faye’s frame is quite well developed. Seeming to have inherited some of her mother’s curves, she has a reasonably large bust and flaring hips that add to her pleasing hourglass figure, however her athletic dancer’s body also has sculpted her shape to have other sorts of charms. Possessing a flat and trim tum with noticeable tone, though this teen has developed many areas of her body with that shapely hint of musculature, this is never more present than in her svelte but shapely legs.

Lingering just a little bit on the untidy side in terms of how she chooses to style her locks, the colour of which seems to be somewhere between cyan and lavender, which gives it an odd quality that makes it look to be a different shade between the two depending on how the light catches it. The hair of Miss Morgan wavy toward the tips and quite voluminous, it has a fluffy and slightly feathered quality to it that makes it look best when she leaves it down, though the girl will sometimes tie her hair up if she needs to focus without it whipping around or if she doesn’t want it to be too messy.

The style of fashion that the fair femme flaunts somewhat whimsical, on the whole Faye seems to prefer a feminine emphasis in the clothing that she chooses, favouring dresses and skirts whenever the weather is up to it and occasionally when it is not. Rather self-confident in her looks, perhaps a little above what the average eighteen year old is, that healthy sense of esteem that this sapphire sylph possesses helps her to highlight her best features and encourages her to be daring when she chooses.

Never afraid to wear something that hugs her body should she be in the mood, generally when she wants to brag visually about her physique the girl tends to highlight her bust and legs, since she considers these her best features. Certainly demonstrating some accuracy with her estimation, she can boast a distracting level of cleavage or simply flaunt a voluptuous degree of volume depending on the style with which she chooses to highlight her bust, as well as catch the eyes and envy of the people around her as she wears a nice flaring dress to really get her ‘pins’ on display.

The healthy self-esteem that Faye possesses only aided by her easy-going nature, despite her chic choices she is daunted by few garments, and sometimes loves nothing more than to dress in a silly fashion. A fan of costumes, perhaps because of her history as a dancer, she will wear items that others might find awkward or childish with glee, loving to play a proverbial game of dress up and sometimes gets a little too ‘into’ her characters when she does so.

Especially fond of apparel with animal themes when she gets in this mood, whilst Miss Morgan favours bunny ears and even the saucy costumes built around this theme in certain venues, she is also a happy kitten or chicklet as well. Not to say she has any real problem with other ‘niche’ markets really, if one was thinking they wouldn’t find her prancing around dressed as a maid or cheerleader simply for her own amusement then such expectation would be harshly denied.

The final note on Faye’s choice of wardrobe on the matter of jewellery, unlike many girls she prefers more ‘earthy’ and simple items over precious metals and jewels, seeming to prefer the feel of beads, cloth and wood over more dazzling items. This not absolute, of course and Miss Morgan happy to slip into something a little more ‘conventional’ to set off an outfit if she needs to, she simply prefers a humbler approach to trinkets when she dresses for casual events.

Extra: Is known to wrap her long hair around her neck like a scarf if she needs to, and sometimes styles small bunches into corkscrew-shaped ‘bunny ears’ for fun.



Presenting an upbeat and whimsical first impression to most, Faye is a friendly and outgoing girl who can be charming and a little eccentric at her best, though airheaded and childish at her worst. Well-mannered and kind in her approach, this genial girl is quite gregarious in her attitude and can be rather chatty as well, tending to strike up conversations with strangers as she sees fit and often the first person to speak when meeting a new person. Rather good at putting other people at ease really, on the whole Miss Morgan is buoyant and bubbly in how she conveys herself, though sometimes she can become somewhat excitable especially when she is in a good mood.

The topics that she might choose to present raising a few eyebrows perhaps depending on the company she is with, because Faye can be something of a daydreamer and also rather impulsive with what she does or says, unfortunately the girl can have a habit of blurting out whatever is in her mind at the time. Showing a tendency to drift off mentally when she isn’t occupied and also holding a habit of obsessing about things that people would overlook, she can display degrees of eccentricity and air headedness that some might find interesting. A frank and honest girl who has never really learned to ‘filter’ her thoughts, while she rarely means to offend or upset others with what she says sometimes the sapphire sylph can struggle to read the room, especially when she has allowed herself to become distracted by some flippant fantasy or tempting thought.

This dreamy and jolly nature something that tends to set her apart from other girls, whilst she is socially engaging Faye makes little effort to conceal the more fantastical qualities about herself, wearing her eccentricities like a heart on her sleeve for all to see. This perhaps a reflection of the fact that she was raised by one Eleven Mother in Viserra, this harmonious and spiritual influence has made this quirky girl somewhat superstitious and also very open minded, rarely judging other people on account of her own unusual background. After all, it isn’t every day one sees someone who was born to and brought up by a mixed race Elven couple.

Usually speaking and acting upon her mind without question, for the most part Miss Morgan tends to talk and behave in a somewhat simple manner, presenting the image of an ingénue to some. Eager with her emotions even if she is quite a breezy and sometimes flaky character, if this fair femme likes or dislikes something she is keen to make that fact known, and this is especially true in matters of the heart. Born to an amorous Minstreli mother in Elise who from a young age encouraged her to follow her feelings for others without fear of hurt or rejection, if Faye likes a person she is pretty up front about it and rather affectionate, often publicly displaying her fondness with little concern for the ramifications. Happy to embrace another person to comfort them or even share a few innocent kisses, sometimes she lets her love of romance and tenderness get the better of her and can be rather flippant with confining notions such as exclusivity and restriction.

This frank fashion with which she treats the world and others something that Faye seems to expect in return, her dreamy and genuine nature can tend to make her seem somewhat naïve, and even gullible at times. Perhaps showing herself to be a bit too much of a ‘small town gal’ when confronted by more calculating people, her honest and trusting nature can sometimes mean that Miss Morgan is somewhat easy to take advantage of, but despite the occasional knock that she had taken because of this she shows little signs of developing a more cynical outlook. The sort of person who is likely to say something along the lines of “Just because the world is cold and cruel doesn’t mean that we need to be”, she can be rather idealistic but the simple kindness that the sapphire sylph shows may perhaps only make her more affable to some.

A kind and compassionate soul who is usually moved by her pity for the plight of others, part of the naiveté that Faye demonstrates comes perhaps from her sense of mercy and forgiveness she shows toward others. Capable of combating foes but the type of person who would battle the beat a person rather than kill them, Miss Morgan is on the whole peaceful and somewhat pacifistic, preferring a diplomatic approach than anything. Mama Elise teaching the Sapphire Sylph that there are times when one needs to stand up for what they believe in, however, that does not make her cowardly or lacking in conviction and she can fight with the best of them when push comes to shove.


  • Dancing: A skilled performance artist, Faye’s go with the flow nature and good sense of rhythm makes her an eager and very capable dancer, allowing her to exploit her skills for work when she needs to.
  • Heights: Faye’s magic perhaps reflecting her love of the sky and air, she will often seek out tall spots in order to enjoy the view or simply the chance to feel the wind and the air on her body, showing no fear of altitude no matter how high she climbs.
  • Festivity: Always the sort who loves an opportunity to have a little fun and celebration, Faye loves parties and holidays, often getting rather overexcited by them and acting a little childish as she indulges in her love of them.
  • Apparel: Quite fond of clothing, Faye often spends her allowances on pretty clothes that catches her eye and can something of a shopaholic at times, sometimes being a little too happy to shell out a wedge of jewels on a cute item she likes.
  • Affection: A big time hugger and sometimes somewhat amorous, though what she claims is her ‘Minstreli side’ Faye is very outgoing in her passions and will hug and even kiss people she is fond of, though currently does not let herself get bogged down in silly notions of monogamy which can sometimes land her in trouble.
  • Cosplay: Perhaps influenced by her model lifestyle, Faye feels very little embarrassment regardless of what she wears and her love of festivity makes her very at home in ‘themed’ clothing, leading to her joyously sporting items others might feel self-conscious in and even prompting her to childishly play the role of the costumes she wears.
  • Nature: At home in the great outdoors, Faye feels more at peace in the wilderness than the suburbs, often remarking that the air feels better near trees and plant life and generally she just enjoys natural wonders no matter what they may be.
  • Bunnies: Cotton tails and long ears two of the features of Faye’s favourite type of animal, she loves rabbits and even hares to an extent, finding them adorable and even going so far as to blissfully sport rabbit ears for fun when she’s bored.


  • Coffee: Bitter and disgusting to her childish sense of taste, whole Faye will drink tea with sugar she hates coffee with a passion, even finding the smell rather ‘gross’.
  • Smoke: Disliking any form of smoke, be it from a fire or cigarette, Faye finds such things to be very stifling and stinky, and will either avoid them or use her windy skills to blow such things away.
  • Confinement: Hating to feel ‘tied down’, Faye becomes rather restless and anxious if she is kept in enclosed and stuffy places, feeling like she is cooped up and needs to ‘spread her wings’ so to speak.
  • Pretention: Humble despite her daydreaming nature, while Faye would not only tolerate but also encourage friends who had lofty ambitions and goals, she dislikes people who put on airs and graces, preferring people to be honest than act sophisticated and snooty.
  • Fire: None too fond of flames and not just because they usually create smoke which she dislikes, Faye sees fire as the ‘great destroyer’ and feels a degree of discomfort around any source of flame that might grow out of control, especially the magic of mages used recklessly.
  • Malice: Disliking cruelty of any kind, especially in regard to animals and innocents, Faye would generally stand up against people who employed nasty tactics and bullied and abused other people, showing her rarely seen temper in this regard.
  • Cussing: A well-mannered girl, whilst she might use a few light curses Faye dislikes people who use profanity and finds it rather off-putting in her company, often requesting folk to mind their language if they use it in excess.
  • Underground: Feeling like she is cooped up whenever she can’t feel the flow of air on her skin, this is especially pronounced when Faye finds herself in a subterranean environment, making her more anxious and restless and desperate to get back above ground.


  • Fun: An impulsive girl who likes to smile and laugh, as one might expect of a girl of her age Faye is largely guided by her sense of enjoyment and amusement, along with a sprinkling of curiosity, leading to her being somewhat whimsical in her manner.
  • Fairness: Disgruntled greatly by situations that she deems unjust, Faye has a strong sense of morality and the courage to speak out against things she disagrees with, finding herself unable to ‘sit still’ when she sees something that she disagrees with.
  • Discovery: A girl with plenty of curiosity and an adventurous side, Faye enjoys seeking out new horizons and embarking on escapades that excite and enlighten her, or simply just finding a nice new vista to enjoy.
  • Improvement: Wanting to live up to her mage mother, Faye wants to better her skills in magic and all other sorts of things so that she can emulate the skill and prowess of the woman, using Elise Morgan as her benchmark for success.


  • Loss: Losing her mother when she was a little girl, Faye dreads the idea of losing people close to her or even other people going through the same thing that she did, often showing a more serious side when people are in danger.
  • Dentists: Creepy guys that do horrible things to your mouth, Faye has hated the Dentist since she was a little girl and avoids them like the plague, feeling very ill at ease at giving someone she feels no intimacy toward free reign over such a region and using folk remedies and such to keep her teeth in good condition.


Magic Name: Zephyr

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: Developing her magical skills in the realm of wind and air movement, Faye has polished them up to create a variety of moves and effects by exploiting the qualities of wind to create offensive and defensive moves, as well as more generalized applications to boost her inherent physical capability or aid simple functions like moving around or traversing challenging environments.



Born in Fiore to a Minstreli Mage and the elvenwoman that she fell in love with, perhaps one of the most notable pieces of Miss Morgan’s history actually occurs before she was even born, as it has to do with the circumstances to which a Swashbuckling Foreigner and Peace Minded Wood Elf happened to fall in love. The names of these two being Elise Morgan and Viserra, in reflection it seems that neither woman was really looking for love what with the former noted for her amorousness and the latter discouraged from falling for ‘short lived’ mortals, but the arrow of cupid can be a fickle and fantastic thing.

Elise moving to Fiore in her early twenties, this passionate girl with a talent for magic and battle quickly fell in with the crowd of Blue Pegasus, likely due to her good looks and passion for all things amorous. A potent force to be reckoned with, she earned renown for her abilities but also some infamy for her affairs, being rather impulsive with her affection and even causing a stir as she would overlook gender and marital devotion in order to purse what caught her eye.

Viserra far more down to earth, as an ‘ageless’ elf she was more humble and in touch with nature, curious about the excitable humans but warned away by her peers due to their ‘fleeting’ time in the world and also because of the common disregard for natural process that humans tended to show. Still rather friendly with humans in the many years that she had been alive though never drawing into an intimate connection with them because of these reservations, the elf woman would visit human nearby settlements for trade and at times even festivals and enjoyment, being one of the more humanity friendly members of the forest village in which she lived.

The meeting between these two actually because of Viserra’s love of festivity and human curiosity, she happened to visit a fete in Marigold that by chance Elise was attending, and also happened to catch the eye of the amorous woman. Holding a love of dance much like her daughter’s, the elf girl turned heads and raised brows as she sparkled with grace and energy at the event, but none more so than her future wife’s. The Minstreli Mage certainly appreciating the effortless beauty and metaphorical magic that she showed, Miss Morgan was captivated and invited the elf to dance with her, the two of them creating even more of a stir together than they had apart.

Perhaps fate having moved in a different direction should what had happened next occurred differently, despite her energy and enthusiasm the elven woman showed, her reservations and experience allowed her to deny the advances the Elise made on her. This something that Miss Morgan did not expect, given how skilled she had become at getting what she wanted by this point, the craving for what she couldn’t have gave her a practical obsession with Viserra that did not seem to go away, but would take some time to be answered.

The romance between the two only blossoming after the two had become friends, after some time of having Elise try to court her, even going as far as to visit the woody village in which her kind lived with beautiful flowers and dazzling jewels in hand to try and earn her affection, they were brought closer together by a request from the elf. Long having wanted to tour the land in which she lived but even one as experienced as Viserra lacking the courage to leave her clan behind to do so, perhaps with some encouragement from the Minstreli Minx the girl from the forest decided to act upon this desire, with a potent human mage as her guide and protector.

The trip that they took together enough to nudge the pair into a relationship, as Elise and Viserra moved around the country and found wonders and even some hardship, they grew closer together. Miss Morgan’s feelings given the time to grow beyond the flippant fondness she felt for others into something more lasting and real, while Viserra steadily began to cherish the courageous woman who always acted on her thoughts and feelings, with them becoming lovers and eventually getting married.

This steady, blossoming love enduring for quite a while, a number of years in fact, Viserra married and then left her forest home to move to Marigold together with the woman who stole her heart. This seeming like the perfect place for the pair to start their family not only because it was close to both the guild Elise worked at and also the woodland that her wife sprang from but mostly because it was where they had first met, Elise gave birth to a girl who they would both treasure for the rest of their lives.

Faye Morgan born into a loving household in a relatively quiet town, while others might have gossiped about the couple and her unusual parentage, she was quite a happy girl. Viserra proving the more matriarchal archetype of her pair of mothers and also spending a lot more time with her daughter given how Elise was the major breadwinner, the daughter grew perhaps a little bit closer to her Elven mama, though that was not to say she was particularly distant from either parent.

A curious girl with a talent for magic and a fondness for cute animals, while she lacked the feisty fire of her Minstreli Matriarch she more than made up for it with her bubbly and energetic personality as well as her imagination. Loving story time and no one having better or more interesting tales than an elf, she would listen eagerly to the fables that Viserra knew, and then go and try and find some of her own. An adventurous girl who didn’t seem daunted by many things that other children might have been, Faye would explore the wilderness to find pixies and woodland spirits like those mentioned in yarns that her mother would weave.

Practicing magic and favouring the element of the wind due to her fondness for breezes and blusters and also how it would help her in her exploration as well, despite the fact that Elise was a noted mage in one of the big guilds of Fiore, it was actually her Elven mother who tutored her in magic and more than that really. Shown how to easily control her mana and craft it into spells with the help of the wisdom and experience of the elves, in addition to this she benefited from other forms of knowledge that the mystical folk of the forest possessed. Taught which plants and berries in the wild did what and how she could mix them together to make tonics and salves the help the body by Viserra, Faye learned a little potion brewing in her childhood that she can still rely upon to this day.

Not every day of her young life filled with fun and learning, however, despite her friendly and outgoing nature Miss Morgan didn’t get along with all of her peers. Teased and even bullied by some for her abstract viewpoints and others for coming from an ‘odd house’ with two mothers, nasty children would question why she didn’t have a dad like everyone else which made her sad to think she was missing out, for a time at least. Elise certainly showing her that she did not need one when she proved herself more of a ‘man’ than anyone else in her neighbourhood by challenging and besting the fathers of the kids who picked on her, all too quickly the rotten little devils learned to leave Faye alone, since their dads didn’t want the pain and humiliation of her mother’s payback.

Learning to be a bit more assertive from the more iron willed Elise, though her Minstreli mother was happy to fight for the honour and happiness of her daughter, she also took to making sure she could take care of herself when she wasn’t around. Teaching her more than a few little ‘skills’ she could use to deal with bullies if they became a problem for her, though Faye was kind of a softie at heart, she did enjoy the time she spent with the mage mama she was so proud of and sought to impress her.

Never the sort to go out and start a fight but happy when she got a nice hair pat after she had given a particularly mean boy a black eye and received praise rather than scolding from her proud parent, it was during this time that the fair femme learned to firm and stand up for what she believed in, being told by Elise that no matter what as long as she did her best then she would be proud of her. This perhaps helping to solidify the strong but humble sense of self-esteem that she retains to this day, in many ways the pride which her Minstreli Mama treated her with is something that continues to guide and protect her, encouraging Faye to be her quirky self to this day.

Readily embracing what defined her from a young age and happy to bring home her first ‘girlfriend’ at the age of six years old, though the relationship did not last because Faye quickly found herself fancying a boy who drew such pretty pictures in class more, she was able to learn easily that what made her different was never a bad thing really. The partnership of Elise and Viserra unconventional but envied by many in town for how they made it ‘work’, their daughter lost most of her compulsions to conceal her vulnerabilities or judge others because of it.

Not exactly becoming a show off but at the same time rarely concealing her interests either, Faye began to take classes in dance in town and quickly showed she could flourish in them, especially when she was aided in her studies by Viserra. Soon proving herself to be one of the best students in the troop and doing performances at the Marigold Theatre, she even took part in a Hargeon Parade of her mother’s guild, introducing the young girl to the members there. Most of whom found this cute little dancer to be rather endearing and adorable.

The young contentment that Faye enjoyed breaking when she was eight years old, despite the fact that Elise had gone into Semi-retirement in regard to guild work in order to spend more time with her daughter by this point, a problematic mission pulled her back in. Dangers threatening Fiore and looming over the happiness she had with her family, the Minstreli mage went on a risky mission to keep the forces of evil at bay and while the team she was with was successful, it sadly cost the feisty woman her life.

This casting a dark shadow over the household as one would expect, it took both time for both the remaining members to cope with their loss. Viserra putting a brave face on things for the sake of her daughter but clearly heartbroken to have lost the love of her live so cruelly, Faye herself simply couldn’t understand why her mother wasn’t coming home again. Elise going off on plenty of missions before this and coming back fine, her daughter assumed she would return from this one before long, and when she didn’t would try and find her.

Setting off from her home and heading all the way to Hargeon by herself, Miss Morgan was luckily detained by her remorse filled guild members when she went there to enquire where her mother had ended up, and only after some thorough explaining from Viserra would she begin to accept that her feisty mama was gone. This, in its way seeming to steer the girl toward joining the guild in adulthood, perhaps because of their feelings of regret and responsibility members of Blue Pegasus began to become more involved in the life of the girl and her mother after the death.

Familiar with some because of the parade, while it didn’t really ‘replace’ Elise, the folk there would pop around when they were in the area to offer support to the family and gifts as well. Young Faye gaining a steady admiration for not only eh generosity they showed but the grace and beauty they would carry themselves with, as she began to grow older she made her mind up about following in the footsteps of her Minstreli mother and joining the guild. Viserra understandably worried about this given how her wife had met her end, after realizing that her daughter wanted to emulate and honour her mother by being a similar ‘hero’, she gradually caved to the will of the girl as she grew older.

Studying her magic more seriously because of her ambition, and perhaps also to distract herself from the loss, Faye began to hone her talents with the help of Mama Viserra and tips from friends in Blue Pegasus. Certainly far from a master of magic by any definition of the term but amassing enough skill to gain a little fame in her small home town, she made the other children marvel as she performed spells to let her glide around the ground and bounce between rooftops or summon squalls out of nothing, but the attention that this popularity drew was not always good.

Not everyone in the world happy to accept a young and odd girl who excelled at magic, Faye found herself the victim of jealousy from rivals in Magnolia who also wished to gain her modest level of renown, and in this case caught the ire attention of a lad by the name of Lance. The boy a few years older than her and a devotee of fire magic, but perhaps not having as much inherent talent or the benefit of a wise Elven teacher, he resented the fact that the quirky girl got more attention and praise from the people of the town than he did.

Overlooking the fact that she did not particularly care for the popularity she had received, in order to prove himself superior Lance would challenge Faye to battles of magic at every opportunity he could, practically harassing her whenever there weren’t watchful adult eyes present to prevent him getting out of hand. Miss Morgan refusing his attempts of course because she did not feel she needed to prove herself or possess that same desperate ego in regard to spellcasting, even this seemed to irritate the lad and eventually he opted to do something desperate to prove he was the better mage.

Happening upon Faye when she was in the woods one day alongside his friends and demanding that she battled him, when the peace minded girl refused he decided to goad her, sending fire spells her way in order to draw out her magic defensively. Not wanting to rise to this plain provocation, but the hot spells starting to singe her surroundings, in an effort to cool him and his magic off the sapphire haired Sylph sent a twisting current of air his way to overcome him but the results were disastrous.

Lance replying with his own torrent of flame and the two forces clashing then erupting to propel the dangerous lick of fire all around their surroundings, together they inadvertently set of a wildfire and were left stranded whilst the fool’s friends scattered in fear. The arrogant boy failing to really do much to control the potential devastation his flames caused around them, Faye perhaps did indeed showing in the moment that she was indeed the superior mage when she used her magic to rescue both herself and her foe with her own spells, leaving him to run away as she tried to extinguish the fire before it did too much damage but couldn’t pull it off.

Instead nearly becoming overwhelmed by the heat and smoke and left gasping as the woods around her burned, Miss Morgan had a close call as the blaze around her grew stronger and stronger, tearing through a sizeable chunk of the woods and grassland before being quelled by Viserra and other local mages successfully. The truth of the matter quickly coming out and Lance being disavowed by his teacher for such recklessness, while Faye was absolved of blame given the circumstances and her attempts to fight the fire, she still held a personal feeling of responsibility and also a dislike of smoke and fire which lingers to this day. However, not every story as she grew older was an unfortunate one.

Practicing her dancing still despite her focus on magical affairs and even going as far as to weave a little bit of her windy skills into her performances at times, Faye became a regular participant in the festivals of Marigold and Hargeon, even being given a spot on the prestigious Blue Pegasus performing troupe to help to enhance their peerless image even further. Even managing to catch the eye of a few talent scouts by the time she was into her teenage years, with her mother at her side offering endless support and cheers from the crowd Miss Morgan even got to go on her own little ‘tour’ of the country as a performer as she visited places like Magnolia, Orchidia and even the capital of Crocus to take part in shows and displays.

These memories certainly sweet ones but not the ones from these times that she remembers most fondly, while Faye was always outgoing with her emotions and affections throughout her life, as she blossomed into womanhood she really took this quality up to eleven. Seeming to blend together the passionate and somewhat careless approach of Elise with Viserra’s sincerity and warmth, more than a little of Miss Morgan’s time was whiled away growing close and intimate with the people that she liked, losing her virginity at fifteen and really embracing her sexual identity after that point to the point that some would gossip about her promiscuousness. Not that it bothered her really.

Also beginning to take on some active work as a mage around the same time, after getting her guild mark Faye would perform little chores and minor work as a part-time Blue Pegasus member, and as she began to show promise as an asset would assist more experienced mages with their jobs as well. This really helping to boost her confidence in herself and her skills, especially after the setback she suffered in the forest fire, Miss Morgn blossomed all the more and by this point in time has opted to pursue the guild life full time. Ready to see the world and be the master of her own destiny as it were, the sapphire sylph has attained the permission of the guild master to go out and take on tasks under her own initiative as a member of their establishment, beginning to take her first steps toward creating her own legend as part of the group…

Reference: Zane ~ <3

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