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Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE]

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Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-07-15, 2:36 pm

With a spring in her step, Akasuki wandered the streets of the town of Era, excited by all of the new sights to see, the great things that she could yet discover!... Or at least, that'd be the case, if it weren't for her general lack of knowledge anyways. Of course, she had knowledge, but, if everything you know comes from books, how are you supposed to know what to do, where to go, what to visit, what to see?

The answer that Akasuki came to was to read more books. After hours of walking aimlessly, she finally discovered a brand new thing: a "Lib-Rare-Yee", a supposed paradise full of books! Perhaps there, she could find the information she needed. So, with the gusto still in her step, Akasuki stepped forth into the library, silken dress flowing behind her as she paid no mind to the others around or how much she stood out, pondering where to find a book on locations or perhaps a "book on how to stop being a recluse for dummies". Either or.


Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-07-16, 3:27 pm

Books on curses existed in libraries, but they were always somewhat obscure and not so easy to find. Zane had been looking for over 10 minutes before he could find one hidden in a pile, and started reading it intently as he walked over towards an area of the library with more breathing room. He had to find a way to set this curse put on him in the opposite direction. He could tell it was already affecting him more than usual lately, and as such he needed to hurry it up. For a while Zane had simply done nothing except for wandering around and putting it off for later, but clearly he needed to show some haste and focus on getting this problem done with before it got any worse.

Looking at his book more than he was looking at the path in front of him, it wasn't long until he bumped into a girl, dropping his book and most likely either pushing the woman over accidentally or at least breaking her posture. Looking to the blue haired girl, Zane was quick to apologize. "Ah, I'm sorry!" he said, looking down in concern to the woman and offering his hand should she be in a position where she would need it. The book could probably wait, so Zane focused on making sure the lady he just rudely ran over was alright. "You're not hurt, are you? I should've watched where I was going."


Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-07-16, 3:58 pm

Being light footed was evidently both a gift and a curse. A gift in the sense that, by walking light footed, one could enjoy the simple things in life such as moving faster than those with firm, heavy steps, and the feeling of freedom. A curse in the sense that by being walked into, the lithe individual walking lightly gets sent flying. Thus was the case of Akasuki, as she quickly tumbled to the floor, instinctively curling up into a ball in order to avoid knocking into any of the book shelves.

As she was offered a hand up, Akasuki tilted her head for a moment in confusion, dazed by the sudden shift in verticality before nodding her head, smiling as she took the hand, and speaking in a hushed tone. "I'm fine! I'm fine! Although, you may want to both be a biiiiiit more careful, you know? Especially in a library!" She declared, winking slightly, before dusting her dress off. "The lady you knocked into is Akasuki by the way. Do you have a name, or, should I just refer to you as knocks or something?" she asked, being sure to keep her voice as quiet as she could to prevent causing any problems. This was a library after all, and she had heard tales of the strictness of librarians.


Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-07-16, 8:58 pm

Noticing that perhaps his voice was a bit loud after hearing the woman's, Zane decided to keep in mind to tone his down in the future. It had been a while since he was in a library, actually. Helping her up, Zane chuckled nervously a little bit at her suggestion. He was indeed being very careless there, he was most likely just so absorbed in his research that he forgot about everything else. "I guess I'm clumsier than I thought." Bending over and picking up the book that he had dropped, Zane placed it in his hand and then his hand by his side, deciding to speak with the woman a little bit, figuring it might end up clearing his senses a little bit.

"Well, I can't say 'Knocks' isn't the best name in the world, so maybe Zane will do, Akasuki." Looking the woman up and down quickly, he noticed that her hair color was similar to Sofia, a girl he had met not too long ago. The resemblance wasn't strong enough for him to consider a relation, though. "To be honest, I'd been researching something..." he sighed, realizing that ever since the incident a few days ago he had been way too serious and uptight. "But I think doing it so hastily is only adding to my stress level, ya know? Maybe it's best I not read this book until later in the day. What about you, anything you're looking for around here?"


Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-07-18, 2:28 pm

As he introduced himself as Zane, Akasuki returned the introduction with a formal curtsy, grinning. The light appreciation of the humour of the nickname 'knocks' was certainly a welcome sight. So, as she stood up from her curtsy, Akasuki decided to listen to the rest of what he had to say. She had to admit, hearing him say that he was researching something was fascinating indeed, and the curiosity wasn't hidden from her face at that, before quickly shaking her head to get the thought out of her head; no point pursuing it. Then, as the question of what she was looking for was finally posed, Akasuki had to stifle a giggle as she paid awareness to where they were, before just giving an emphatic shrug.

"No idea. I'm just getting used to being out in the big, wide old world, so, I thought that a library would be a good place to start, so that I can, well, read up on where to go, and what to do, you know?" She declared, before deciding she couldn't just ignore her curiosity, leaning forwards towards Zane. "Sooooooo, whatcha researching?"


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The girl was actually very energetic and friendly, something Zane perhaps needed lately. Usually he might find something like that overbearing in large doses, but having been so stressed out as of late he could use all the positive energy he could get. Thinking on what she said, Zane pretty much regarded it as that she came here to browse, which wasn't something Zane did too often but could realize the benefit of. Sometimes the only way to find new things was to just look for nothing in particular for a while. Leaning his head back just a tiny bit out of instinct when the girl leaned in on him, Zane moved his eyes to the side a bit. He couldn't tell her about his own curse, so he decided to make an excuse as he turned his eyes once more to face Akasuki.

"Well, it's a book on curses. I was interested in perhaps working to help people reverse them, so I decided to study up a bit." this wasn't entirely a lie at the end of it all. Zane essentially was speaking of reversing the curse on himself. He just stated it in an extremely roundabout way. Standing up straight once again, perhaps getting used to the girl's habits of leaning in on him, he spoke again. "Though, I could use a bit of a break. How about I help you with finding something to read?"


Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-07-23, 10:13 am

As the Zane stranger person guy talked about how it was a book on curses, and his intention, Akasuki just grinned and nodded her head, listening intently to his brief explanation. There wasn't a lot to listen to, but, she was interested in hearing of such an altruistic exploit. So much so that, at the mere mention of helping others, Akasuki let out a quiet "ooooo", before covering her mouth with her hands, remembering that they were within a library.

Then, at his offer, Akasuki's eyes lit up, the crazy singer nodding her head with a grin as she waited for him to finish before speaking. "Oooo, yes please! Ah, sorry, need to be quieter... But, um, yes please. Any real books on like, things to do, places to go, stuff like that would be wonderful."


Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-08-06, 12:22 am

Zane couldn't help but chuckle quietly. The girl seemed to have the same problem as him when it came to the library. Somehow, it became even harder when you knew that you needed to keep your voice down. This was why Zane started to make most of his library visits fairly short as of late. If it wasn't for how hard it was to find this book, well, he'd most likely have gone somewhere where he didn't have to whisper with every word that came out of his mouth.

The girl wanted travel books, eh? Zane had been around Fiore so much that he himself could be considered a travel book at this point, but still. He said he'd help her find a book, and so he would. "I think there's a tourism category near the back. I'm assuming you just want stuff for around Era and everything, right?" he asked, signaling her to follow him with his hands as he moved forwards. Zane wasn't sure why anyone would bother looking for stuff to do in Era... maybe she was new in town? New in Fiore, even?


Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-08-19, 4:09 pm

Listening to the Zaney Zane's words, Akasuki nodded, smiling and following after him as he explained that there was tourism stuff near the back. As he led on however, she quickly got distracted, and promptly lost. Before the wayward wizard to be could even consider it, she had been gone, in a different direction all together, and not even in the library building anymore. Without any further words heard, the wizard disappeared, eventually leaving the town. Eventually. Yet when was she last seen?

What was her name again?

Every now and again, in the fields, maybe someone could hear light singing, with a voice gentle as a slow wave in a puddle. Or was it in the woods? At the city, in the night? No, that couldn't possibly be. Which district? That district? Where was that music coming from?

Through the red lights, through the woodlands. Through the forests, along the lakes. Maybe she was seen. Maybe she wasn't. Were tales told? Were they not?

Regardless of what people thought, Akasuki had disappeared. And the last words that anyone could for sure attribute to her? Well, they were words that something would be wonderful. Perhaps, she had found wonder.



Quiet! This is a library! [PRIVATE] Empty on 2019-08-28, 9:58 pm

Zane looked away for only a moment and the girl was gone. Seriously, there was nobody there. He assumed she had probably ran off somewhere. Still though, Zane had to admit that he was a little bummed to do so: only he was allowed to run out of social situations for completely random reasons. This got awkward when Zane realized that he would probably have to think about what he would have to do for the rest of the day. Well, he did suppose he got that book. No harm in going back to reading it for now...

Still though, when you think about it, despite only being 13% of the population (source pending) vampires committed most of the violent crime in Fiore. This was actually not true in the slightest, but Zane liked to believe it to be true. As he read the book while leaving the building he thought about that, but before long he noticed it was useless. Everyone in life dies eventually. But the only thing that was useful was getting the new Third Pounder from FioreDonalds, now with one hundred percent real beef. Zane decided to just tuck the book in his pocket and go and get some grub. If he was lucky maybe they would give him a toy with his order.


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