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Deveaux Family Info [WIP]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Deveaux Family Info [WIP] Empty Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:55 pm

Lee Nakamura

Deveaux Family

General Information

Family Tree: http://www.familyecho.com/?p=OLDLK&c=hkj2bv980n&f=762567790187980999

The Deveaux Family resides famous in Minsteril for their aid in the countries navy forces. They hold at the highest regards in leadership of the nation's army. They are also well-known in Fiore as well for their fine trade in Minstrese foods and exotic dishes. A famous leadership within the Rune Knights as well. They are known for some of hte best water mages around. The family specializes in ice and water magics, some go as far as mercury magic.

In the past, they have strong ties with the Church of illumin. Many of the members are strong believers in this branch of religion. Some even go as far as to become a Holy Knight. Deveaux family care about two things: Status and power.


A lot of the family can be noticed with how silver or white their hair is. There are many variations of these different shades. While some may have this pure trait, they tended to have different hair colors much like Leon Nakamura-Sutherland. They family likes to be particular to whom they betrothed to keep the up most traits in line. They care about lineage and have the best pedigree. In the past, some of the members were results of incest just to keep these traits and strong ties to magic in lined.

Arranged marriage is something they still stand for nowadays. In many parts of the country its been obsilete, they still go about old traditions. They still do methods that are hundreds of years old. Many members still use ancient magics that were long forgotten until now.



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