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A Tragedy Strike [Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

A Tragedy Strike [Solo] Empty on Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:13 am

Lee Nakamura
She lied on the bed, doodling a sketch of a lion and fox, playing. Another doodle lied on a page with a sleepy fox and a gentle lion. She was passing by the time while Manzo was out doing a few things. LeeAnn had begun to loose faith in finding Kazimir. It had been 3 days since the incident and nothing had shown up on her doorstep so far. The scratching sounds of hte pencil making marks on the page creating something whole and new. Her eyes traced over what she was drawing, mind set on what she was going to create. Her goal was to fill this sketchbook she bought at a cute little vendor booth the other day. Perhaps, picking up on an old love for art might make things seem better.

She was resting her body from the injuries sustained from that instantinous fight from before. Zalor was soaring the skies trying to find Kazimir. Hopefully, he hadn't disappeared into thin air like her brother. Oh, how she missed her brother. Hikaru ran through her mind. Now that he was gone, who was going to be head of the family now? She only assumed it would still be her father until Hikaru returned. A feeling bubbled up inside of her to think it might be given to her. To not get her hopes up, she shook her head and got up from her bed. She walked to the fridge and grabbed a half empty bottle of ale, the cheap stuff. She opened it and pour herself a glass. LeeAnn took a sip then set the glass down.

A small sigh escaped the kitsune's lips pondering on a few thoughts. Usually, she heard from her family. She wondered if they knew where she was. Leeann had not spoken to them since they were kicked out of the Rune Knights. There was not a word spoken about the whole issue with being banned from the Rune Knights for no reason. There was no media announcement about it nor people talking about it. It was kept a private matter, which she was a little surprised. Perhaps giving it more time will let the dust settle. Usually, a family as famous as the Nakamura family would surely make it to the headlines right away for something as big as being banned from the Rune Knights. She sat down on Manzo's couch thinking to herself.

"I have a bad feeling someting bad is going to happen" she said, outloud. Not even five minutes, there was a knock at the window. She looked over to see a messanger bird deliverying something. "Manzo's got mail?" thought the young woman.

She got up from her seat and opened the door to let the small bird it. It flew up a little to give her the letter. Gently, she took it and saw the red wax seal. Her eyes tilted a little. "I thought hte letter I sent them yesterday wouldn't get to them for another two days. That's...fast delivery service then" she wondered. It amazed her a little to see how fast a messenger carrier can fly nowadays. Zalor was a griffin and the one thing he was good at was speed. Who knew? Perhaps, he did deliver it like she had asked. It was from her Uncle though, not her father. LeeAnn took a deep breath and opened the envelope, breaking the Nakamura wax seal.

She read the letter:

Letter to LeeAnn:
Dear LeeAnn,

I write to you with grim news. A dark cloud has spread upon us for a while now. I know this family has been through a lot lately, but I bare even more grimmer news. The past few months we all though your Aunt Pasily was on a mission for the Blue Pegasus. We had not recieved word about what she is doing or her mission. I have tried the past few months to get some sort of answer from the mages, but I gotten nothing. It has only been six months since your Aunt has taken off. She was doing private work for Belldonna and couldn't tell anyone.

Belldonna had not recieved word about her status since she first started. All I know it was very risky. Though, Master Belldonna had finally gotten something from one of his guild members that she was killed. She was infiltrating a Rune Knight to see what was going on behind hte scenes and trying to figure out something top secret. Someone had found out her cover and killed her instead of turning her in. I am sorry to bring you the news so late.

Ontop of that, I do want to say that your father is promoting you to head of the family under certain conditions due to your brother being gone for the time being. You will have to announce for your Aunt's funeral and make a speech when you get home. I am not going to rush things, but I wanted you to know since you are apart of this family. I got your letter from your gryphon. Take your time, LeeAnn. You're going through a lot. So I am.

I may not be the best uncle, but I do know I am here for you. In the meantime, I am also getting married again to a wondeful woman whom I know you will love. Please, understand. I love you so much!

Simon Nakamura

LeeAnn stood still. The air around her grew thick with humidity. How? What? She was hit in the head with a bag of bricks all in one letter. What in the world did she just read? She read it over and over until she could recite it from memory. The young Nakamura tensed her muscles in her hands. The letter crickled as she threw it to the ground nad stomped outside. A loud, deep throated scream escaped her lips as she cussed and raged. She set one of Manzo's house plants on fire as hse fell to knees. Mixed with rage and confusion, she fell into a defeated state. This was too much to take in for her. How? She could of not?!

LeeAnn remained there til' Manzo would get home. She would stay curled up in a fetal position with the letter lying a bit crickled on the coffee table for him to read. A fellow Rune Knight killed her Aunt? Her Uncle is already getting married? She's now head of the family? So much hit her at ounce it made her head spin over and over again.

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#2Lee Nakamura 

A Tragedy Strike [Solo] Empty on Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:49 pm

Lee Nakamura
She lied still on the floor. The messanger bird flew off to deliver more messages. The flutters of the bird were heard in the distance and fadded away. The whole room was quiet. Her mind was numb to the sounds around her, only her breaths remain the only source of noise. It was about three to four hours later that she decided to move. Her eyes crustedly opened and looking around the dark apartment. It was already night and Manzo was probably in bed by now or still out. Slowly, she sat herself up and got on her feet once again.

She felt a little wobbly, but not too much that she couldn't handle. The mage sluggishly made her way to Manzo's fridge and grabbed the bottle of wine she bought for herself. Her claw dug into the cork and popped it out making a release sound of pent up air. She threw the cork into the recycling and started to drink from the bottle. LeeAnn gulped it down like she had never seen it before in her life. Despair and anger were pent up inside of her. She plopped herself on the couch and looked at the celing. Thoughts of not being there to protect her or trying to prevent something like this from happening. Only if she knew about it. Perhaps, she could of done something or Hikaru. Like her Uncle had said in the letter, no one in the family knew that she was on a mission. Belldonna had sent her on it and knew the dangers, but never expected this to happen directly. The guildmaster was so very sorry for their loss and was going to attend to her funeral. Leeann didn't want to think about it, but it roamed in her thoughts even more. Her ears flattened.

She took another drink of the wine, hoping to get drunk. Though, the wine had no effect on her brain whatsoever. There was no possibility of getting drunk ever. She wanted something to numb her mind for her. A thought came into her mind. Pills. LeeAnn went to the cabinet and searched around for something to end this pain, but of course, Manzo probably hid them all. Fuck! She was too tired and sad to shop around for something like that. She lied back down and covered her head with Kazimir's scarf. The scent of him made her feel better and safe. Things will get better. Things will get better is what she would hope for, but it gets worse before it gets better.

The young kitsune opened her eyes with tears forming. She was glad Manzo was not here to see her cry. That was one thing she hated was to have people see her cry. To her, it was a sign of weakness and vulnerability. The words and insults from when she was training to become a page were still ringing inside of her head. LeeAnn lied there not thinking of anything to say or do. She just lied there, numb.

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