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Nakamura Family Info and History [Updated]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Nakamura Family Info and History [Updated] Empty on Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:36 pm

Lee Nakamura

Nakamura Family

General Information

Family Tree: http://www.familyecho.com/?p=OLDLK&c=hkj2bv980n&f=762567790187980999

The Nakamura family is a important and rare name within Fiore. They are a proud and humble bunch that take pride in their form of trade and profits. Gaining their fortune through trade of artwork as merchants within the first few generations. As time went on they became wealthy enough to stop doing that type of trade. Now they make a majority of their money off of investments and do some trading. They have a rich history with Fiore and it's magic.

The Nakamura family resides within the city of Hargeon, where their trades previous were held. Most of the family has scattered, but a lot of them have stay around the area of Hargeon. It's not a common name, but a powerful one. Most would shake at their boots into hearing the name. For generations, every member of the family was a mage and powerful. They are known to be one of the most talented mages in all of the country. All or most of the family members are aligned with the lightning element. The youngest child of Nicolas Nakamura, LeeAnn, is the only acceptation to this rule since she is adopted. Though has full right to the Nakamura name.

Aligned with Good

Much of the family stands for justice and the greater good for their country. All of them would live for the law and follow it as if it was the holy bible. A lot of the family resides within the Rune Knights, but some of them are in guilds such as Blue Pegasus or Fairy Tail. They are a hard working family that works their way up the ranks. You will notice a lot of famous titles in the past history of the Nakamura family. A lot were Captains and even one a kingsguard. Which is rare, they do not take failure as an option and continue to drive forward to become stronger.

They are a hardy yet accepting bunch of different races and people. As long you don't break the law or threaten the family, you are on their good terms. Although, they are extremely protective of their family since a few incidents within their past history. Outsiders came up with the nicknames of "The Nakamura Pack" since they act much like a band of wolves. They are loyal and trusting to each other and never giving up on one another. It in itself is their greatest quality yet their biggest downfall.

Enemies with Religion

Many, many times the family does not see eye-to-eye with the Church of Illumin. They will not go out of their way to do any harm, but ONLY involves a family member or a job. Thanks to past history, the Nakamura family has come close ties to loosing a lot of their members due to an attack that happened several years ago. This happened back in the day when a few innocents were capture and held against their will for being a different race.

The head of the family at the time, Haru Nakamura, sought to protect all of his family. A few family members, whom were Rune Knights, were sent on a job to save those innocent people. The reason behind why they were kidnapped is because they were lycans and vampires. Of course, society deems all of these races to be bad, but Haru and the family saw to protect them as they did no wrong. The most they did was theft from shops and small local businesses. The church had kidnapped the a few Nakamuras and other Rune Knights since they gotten in their way of 'making them commit to their sins'. In the process, Haru heard about this and went down there himself to try to free them. Haru was able to free the lycans and dark elves, but not his own family. The church refused to comply with his demands. Right in front of his eyes, two of the three kidnapped family members were killed right in front of his eyes. Only able to save one of his family members.

Ever since then, the family has always hated the Church of Illumin. It was a mutual hate until Nicolas Nakamura's wife and adopted daughter were kidnapped by the Church for revenge arresting one of their higher ups. It was a small band of people were rebelled against the Church's rules. Since then, the Nakamura family has had more reasons to dislike the church

#2Lee Nakamura 

Nakamura Family Info and History [Updated] Empty on Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:17 pm

Lee Nakamura

" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://data.whicdn.com/images/293995063/original.gif"/>

Nakamura Family


Family Tree: http://www.familyecho.com/?p=OLDLK&c=hkj2bv980n&f=762567790187980999

The Nakamura family has resided in Fiore for generations since the founding of the country. Their roots lay very deep within the country and much of the family is well-known through the form of trade when their first established their forms of trade. The specifics they trades were famous art pieces, jewelry, expensive foods and many lascivious things many nobles would buy from them. Over time, the family's wealth grew in size as so did their member's magic power.

The family in size is small compared to some of the bigger houses in Fiore. The last name "Nakamura" is rare and not flown around like some last names such as "Smith" or "Brown". Some of its members were adopt with the last name for special reasons such as marriage or close friends. This is rare (except marriage) for the last name to be given, but when it is, it's a huge celebration considering the amount of value it has.

Blue Pegasus

Originally, the family resided in Blue Pegasus since the creation of it. Infact, the member, Asahi Nakamura, help founded the creation of Blue Pegasus as one of its first members. He helped established where the guildhall should be and some of its famous statues that still stand today around the guildhall. The family is still pretty well-known for that within the guild. Outside of that, the factor stands they were famous for being Rune Knights.

Generations later, the Nakamura family was bought out by the Rune Knights. The Rune Knights pursuaded them enough to have most of the Nakamura family join their ranks. This tore the family in two. The stigma of Blue Pegasus was never talked about until things settled down. Nowadays, the Nakamura family does not care. The Rune Knights recruited the Nakamura family for superior bloodlines. Dark secrets were held from the family as to the true reason why, but that would eventually come out within time.

Erased History


#3Lee Nakamura 

Nakamura Family Info and History [Updated] Empty on Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:31 pm

Lee Nakamura

Nakamura Family

Monster Hunters by Trade

For generations, the Nakamura family were also known for being skilled monster hunters. It was an art they have developed and passed on to each generation with honor. The specialized in knowledge of dangerous and legendary creatures that are only told to be folklore such as the Bunyip or Wendigo. Back in the day, the famous Matthew Nakamura recorded every creature he ever encountered. He kept it in a journal with all the information one needed to know about. How to take them down, their habitats, food preferences, and many more. This book was the secret to the Nakamura family's success in Monster Hunting.

The journal became an airloom that was passed down to every new head of the family. Though, it became lost in between Noshi and Nicolas Nakamura. Recently, LeeAnn found it in the attic of her family home in Era. She had picked up on the old job her grandfather was well known for before his disappearance.

Noshi the Wendigo

The last of the old generation, Noshi was the previous head of the family before passing it down to his son, Nicolas, after his disapperance. Noshi had original plans to pass it to his granddaughter, LeeAnn. He was previously aligned with the Rune Knights as a Captain for years. When LeeAnn was only 8, Noshi disappeared from her life, never to be seen again. The Magic Council had pronouced him to be MIA. Although, Noshi's wife, proclaims the Magic Council knows something they dont.

The Rune Knights tested on Noshi as a sacrifical lamb for their experiment. They used him and many others as test subjects for their syrum to enhance their Knights to become super soliders. What Noshi had picked up on was the council was using a mix of Ghoul and Wendigo DNA, which is a bad recipe for disaster. After years of testing, he grew to turn into a Wendigo now feasting on human remains. He roams the forests around Era and now takes on the role of guiding LeeAnn on the right path a the new head of the family.

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