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Turning Point

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Turning Point Empty Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:48 pm


Every single thing was chaotic at this point. Even simple interactions. While many tried to pretend that it would all be alright, they were aware of what was happening. Orchidia fell, and so did Astera, thus any belief that another city would not fall would not be credible. Nagi simply wanted to try to move through Magnolia to reach Alav Andarhia and continue his research there, but it was obvious that he would not have the opportunity to pursue his ambitions unless Earthland was secured first. Somehow he wondered whether Ishtar was safe. It was a dumb question, he immediately realized. Ishtar was the strongest person that he knew. Though, with the current conditions, even Ishtar could have a tough time. Perhaps it would have been a smarter move to support her and aid Dante currently. While Nagi was highly intelligent, he was not necessarily logical in the eyes of many. What Nagi considered logical could be considered as illogical to many others. As the southern gates of Magnolia opened to allow many to pass through it, Nagi began to hesitate. While he kept on walking towards the gate, he pondered upon his actions. His crest was gone, so something had happened. As Nagi bit upon his tongue, he decided that even without the Phantom crest he wanted to find out what was going on right now. He quickly turned around and changed his objectives immediately while doing so. He had to find out Ishtar's location once more.

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