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Serenity Leviathan

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Name: Serenity Leviathan

Age: May 14th, X678

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother:  Stellan

Class: Sorcerer

Profession: Stage Actress-int,con

Race: Vampire

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Upper right thigh, blood red

Face: Ereshkigal - Fate Series


Height: 5'6"

Weight: 121 lbs

Hair: Strawberry Blond

Eyes: Crimson Red

Serenity has fair, almost translucent skin. Her hair is golden blond and reaches to her waist. Her eyes are a deep crimson red and look as if they glow in the moonlight. Her figure is slender but well-proportioned. Her legs are rather long despite her average height.

Due to her pale complexion, Serenity prefers to wear bright and deep colors to off-set her extremely fair skin tone. Serenity typically wears hues of red, pink, black and yellow for the most part. She also rarely wears short sleeves or tank tops. Given her profession, Serenity will often wear outfits that give off an air of elegance such as blouses pair with skirts along with stockings. Of course, this is mostly when it concerns her work and professional image. On her days off, her usual outfits are a bit more casual and comfortable.

Extra: ---


Serenity to most who don't know her would say she's a sweet and friendly girl with a gentle disposition. While they aren't technically wrong, this is only one side to Serenity's persona. The side she shows to most strangers, especially those belonging to legal guilds and those who are allied with the magic council or the rune knights. One of the words used to describe the fallen angel best would be "two-faced". While to the majority of the public she's seen as a sweet and friendly young lady with good manners. To her allies, friends and loved ones. Serenity is a cunning, sly, and temperamental woman with a pension for chaos and thirst for blood. Even for a vampire, her violent and twisted tendencies tend to be way more than normal. While Serenity is a ruthless killer, she finds it boring for prey to do die fast. She enjoys taking her time and making her victims scream and suffer.

However, like any other "young" girl her age, she dreams of true love but has much more twisted ideas concerning it. If she were to fall in love with a boy, she'd want him to only look at her, talk to only her, be close with only her. If he were to have anyone else that he was close to on an emotional level, whether it be male or female, she would need to remove them from the picture immediately, even if it means also removing them from this world. While she dreams of love, she has difficulties being honest with her feelings towards the person who is her object of affection. She will act coldly towards them and become verbally or even physically abusive if they compliment her in any way. Despite this, she will sometimes show a softer side.

Serenity's default personality is her sweet and friendly side but along with that, she's bubbly and energetic. While some of the other sides of her tend to come through, it is very minor and never gives her away as a dark mage. She will have her moments of shyness and mischief. Serenity enjoys reading and nature. She respects those who are intelligent and loathes idiots.

As a fighter, Serenity is ruthless. She will brutally cut down any enemy that stands in her way without hesitation. When she is acting as a leader, Serenity will command and lead those placed under her with unwavering determination. She is a "do-or-die" type of leader only not in a typical way. If you don't defeat the enemy and manage to come back alive, she will kill you herself. She does not need those who show any weakness in a fight.


  • Blood
    Serenity loves the color of blood and the sensation of it on her skin.
  • Books
    She loves reading books, especially ones with more dark themes. She finds it to be a great way to kill one's boredom
  • Mind Games
    Serenity enjoys playing mind games with just about everyone, including her guildmates. She finds it entertaining to watch them being led around by the nose and watch people suffer from realizing they were tricked.
  • Music
    As a professional singer, it's obvious that Serenity enjoys music. She enjoys most genres with few she doesn't like.
  • Limelight
    As a stage actress, Serenity loves basking in the limelight. She adores the attention she receives when in a leading role.
  • Torture
    Serenity being the ruthless killer she is, doesn't find any pleasure in killing her victims quickly, she would rather slowly torture them and make them wish they were dead.


  • Idiots
    If there's one thing that Serenity can't stand, it's idiots. If they can't show some reasonable level of intelligence, they might as well go off themselves as far as she's concerned.
  • Weaklings
    Those who show weakness, especially in the face of war or just combat in general are pitiful and don't deserve to live.
  • Religion
    Being of the undead, Serenity despises religion, this includes the Holy Knights, the churches and the God Illumin. She would love to destroy it all.
  • Humans
    Serenity hates humans, they are nothing more than playthings and food to her. She will allow anyone who proves to be useful to live. If a human angers her, she will torture them mercilessly if given the chance.


  • Finding True Love
    Serenity dreams of love and living "happily ever after" so finding her one true love is something that motivates her greatly.
  • Renown
    It should be a given that she seeks fame and fortune as an accomplished singer and stage actress. She dreams of spreading her name far and wide. The more fame she gains, the better.


  • Becoming Weak
    Serenity fears to become weak. She hates any kind of weakness and would rather die than become that way.
  • Bug/Insects
    While she can't explain it too well, she is scared of any kind of bug or insect. They can cause her to freeze in fear or run away screaming.



Magic Name: Crimson Eternity

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description:
Crimson Eternity is ancestral blood magic passed down through the Leviathan Clan for Centuries. As the child of her Sire who adopted into the Leviathan Clan, her Sire taught Serenity this magic. Crimson Eternity allows the caster to manipulate their blood in their body, to shape and solidify it into constructs(limited to the amount of blood the caster has in their body). If they get the blood spilled on the ground from their body by being cut, they can manipulate that spilled blood to take an enemy by surprise.


Serenity was born to an average mage family in Fiore. Her father was Fiorian and was traveling through the nation of Stella when he met Serenity's mother. The two fell in love, returned to Fiore, eventually got married and had Serenity. Her father was a member of one of the local mage guilds, while her mother ran a small tea shop in town. They led a very peaceful life, nothing too terrible happened to them. However, as Serenity got older, she had some rather disturbing tendencies that were of great concern to her parents.

In school, while most of her schoolmates thought Serenity to be a sweet and pure maiden, in truth, she had quite the sadistic streak that very few students ever saw. Rumors spread around that she liked to torture female and male students alike in the storage shed behind the school. However, in the eyes of the public, with her sweet and gentle demeanor, no one could bring themselves to believe such rumors.

That was until a year later when a student ended up dead. Her corpse was discovered in the forest near the school, it was one of the first students to come forth and spread the rumors. Her body was covered in cuts, the look of fear frozen on her face, chilled all who were present to find her corpse to the bone.

After the incident, Serenity's parents decided to withdraw her from school and keep her at home. However, there showed no signs of change within their daughter. Around the time Serenity was 18, stories of a vampire showing up in Fiore was spreading around. This intrigued Serenity. She wondered if she would get the chance to meet this rumored vampire.

Only a few short weeks later, Serenity would get her to wish. It showed up in her town, in the dead of night, looking, searching for someone to turn.  This vampire was known as the head of the Leviathan family, an influential and prominent family in Fiore. Lucy Leviathan. No one knew it was a clan of Vampires. Lucy infiltrated Serenity's home. She didn't make so much as a peep but, Serenity's father being a rather competent mage, could sense a malevolent presence enter their home.

He confronted Lucy, the commotion woke his wife and Serenity herself. They both went to see what all the noise was all about and witnessed Lucy rip a hole through his chest. Devastated, Serenity's mother fainted. However, Serenity herself was simply in awe. She had wanted to meet the vampire and now, here she was face to face with them. The vampire soon was standing face to face with the awestruck Serenity.

Serenity asked Lucy to take her with her. Lucy couldn't help but laugh at the young girl's strange request. Lucy decided to humor her and explained to Serenity what that would mean. However, that is exactly what she wanted. Being amused and already wanting to turn someone, she took Serenity and drained her of all her blood, while leaving a single drop of her own inside Serenity. Now, all there was to wait. In only a few short hours, Serenity awoke with an intense thirst. Her once golden eyes were now a crimson red, she looked over at her still unconscious mother and lunged at her. Draining her birth mother of all her blood, until she was a shriveled up corpse.

Serenity felt as if she'd been reborn. Now with her thirst quenched, she looked over at Lucy who looked pleased. She finally asked the young girl for her name and took her in as her daughter. The two left the house together. Now, Serenity had a new mother figure as well as a new life.

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