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Lacking Direction (Open)

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:08 pm

Lee Nakamura
"Blue Pegasus, huh? thinking to herself again. The thoughts of joining that guild was more tempting by the minute. The plans with Manzo were already confirmed. There was not backing out on this now. The kitsune nervously twirled a strand of her locks between her fingers. She fiddled with the idea for some time. The thoughts of joining a guild full of attractive and model-status mages was scary. LeeAnn never thought of herself as the attractive-type. The redhead didn't want to associate herself with the hollow stereotype, but the mages of Blue Pegasus were probably not like that. If anything, she was a little bit excited. More fearful than anything.

Her family did have a rich history in that guild since their founding. It was only right to move on with that legacy her family completely forgotten. She trotted down the streets in her former Rune Knights cloak. The path of the Rune Knight's logo was torn off and the left arm sleeve was ripped from it seems. It was her brother's cloak she stole. She knew he would never miss it and it was apart of him that made it so special. The thoughts of being banned from the Rune Knights for something so petty. Why was it? Her family was used by them. So much had gone wrong in the matter of days. Her head was still wrapped in the bandage Manzo had kindly treated her with. She was still banged up from that fight with Kazimir's clan.

"I wonder where Kaz is about now" she mumbled under her breath. She missed him. In many ways, she loved him more than anything. He felt the same too, but wasn't ready to due certain things. Whatever they could be, she was not one to pry until now. His past had come to haunt him now. This frightened the kitsune a bit more, fearing to loose him. LeeAnn trembled at the thought and snapped out of her trance. Now was not the time to think about that. She had to relax and figure out where he might be. For all she knew, he could be halfway across Fiore for all she knew. "One thing at a time, Lee. Just focus on one thing. The guild thing can wait. Right now, your problem is finding out where Kaz could be" she thought. She sat down at the edge of a fountain, thinking a little bit.

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Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:39 pm

For now, today was just a normal day for Odin. He walked through the winding streets of Astera, occasionally bumped into a terrified passerby -who would either scream, faint, run away, or some combination of the three- and then continued his walk otherwise unperturbed. It was a fun life Odin led, even if the novelty of his situation had worn off a long time ago, and he eventually managed to make it all the way through one street and into one of the many squares Astera had to offer, this one having a fountain in the centre of it.

Just thankful that he now had some room to breath in, despite not actually needing to breathe, Odin would simply wander over to a side café. When he sat down, he had to force a waiter to serve him, which he achieved with a simple glance of "do this or I'll kill you", but it also meant he didn't have to pay for his glass of wine.

"I guess there are still some perks to this."

#3Lee Nakamura 

Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:40 pm

Lee Nakamura
Her fingertips skimmed the smooth surface of the concrete edge of the fountain. The kitsune's thoughts whispered about Kazimir and joining Blue Pegasus. It was tough to deal with so much loss all at once. She was not used to it just yet. What she had know for years was now crumbling beneath her feet. The foundation of the knowledge she held about her family and friends. Kazimir disappeared and only the world knows where he could be by now. The kitsune stood up from her spot.

Her gaze met a cafe that was small and somewhat busy. She may of not enjoyed being around people, but she was thirsty. Nothing a bit of vodka couldn't fix. The ex-Knight spotted a lich, which was odd. She had never seen anyone of that race ever in Fiore. Then again, she was a rare sight to see too. Considering Kitsune were just as rare, not one else in Fiore knew where she came from. It did make her think about what her kind could be.

She sat down at a table nearby. A young waitress walked up to her, looking a little frightened. "Bottle of your strongest alcohol" she ordered, coldly. She felt for hte young waitress just trying to make a living. Though, she had at keep her cold exterior because she hated people. She looked at the Lich studying him for a split second then just looked at the fountain. The mage was tense and kept her senses aware of everything around here.

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There weren't many interesting people around today, as Odin took a sip from his glass of wine. It had arrived long before some customers' orders who had ordered before the Lich, but none seemed to want to complain, after realising what it was that had been served first. Odin looked at them all, the people in the café, and enjoyed the fact that they all shied away from his gaze. When he wasn't looking at them, they stared at him. If he met their gazes, they were quick to find something else to look at, obviously not wanting to get on the Lich's bad side.

There was one, however, that choose to look away at the fountain as Odin's wandering gaze passed over her. Her actual actions weren't anything special or interesting: it was her appearance that caught his eye. Fox like ears Odin could understand, he had heard of the Nekomata people with their cat-like features. However, he hadn't heard of any of them having six tails before. Whoever this woman was, she was something else, and that was intriguing. Much like Odin, perhaps the only one of her kind in Fiore. As such, the Lich would continue to stare at her until she decided to glance his way again. Then the fun would begin.

#5Lee Nakamura 

Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:06 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn felt a pair of eyes staring at her. It was an instinct she always carried around with her being paraniod as she was. The kitsune's eyes paired to the Lich's gaze again. This time they both locked eyes. He was rare.

She had never seen anything like it before. There was never a walking skeleton walking around for funies. They both stared for what felt like a long time until she tilted her head just studying him. His eyes were just orbs. They were probably yet again the last of their own kind or some shepal about that. The waitress, nervously, came back with a full bottle of the ale. "Thank you" she thanked. She gave the waitress a pretty heafty tip showing her wealth a little. The waitress's eyes widen and bowed in a thank you, making her day. A smile crept onto her lips seeing the small joy in the girl's eyes.

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The fox woman got served, and Odin couldn't help but smirk as she paid for her drink. With looks like hers it would've been easy to, just as Odin had, glare at the waitress and get anything for free. They were matching eye contact now, both studying the other as the drank their drinks, although the wine did nothing for Odin as he was used to. He drank it because it was free, and because it made people think he could still feel. He was a walking lie, and he loved to mess with people in that regard.

As for the fox-lady, Odin didn't care much for her. She was interesting, but he wasn't interested enough to go over and talk to her himself. Instead, he decided to try something. Crouching down, and taking his eyes off the woman for a moment, Odin picked up a pebble on the ground. He looked at the woman, before throwing the stone at her, aimed directly at her head, with as much force as he could manage. It would fly towards her, and he wondered how she would react.

#7Lee Nakamura 

Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:47 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn drank her wine in peace. She loved being alone to think over things that had recently happened to her. Between being head of the Nakamura family to her best friend on the run, there was a lot to think and plan ahead for. She had to strategically plan every nook and cranny for all the possibility to come creeping in. LeeAnn was drink from her glass as she felt a pebble hit her head.

She opened her eyes quickly, seeing hte direction it came from. She suspected it was the Lich. Without hesitaiton, she got up and walked to the him without fear in her eyes. All confidence shown and not in the mood to really care what he could do. She had seen worse things before. "Is there something you would like to say to my face" she told him. Crossing her arms, she glared down at him with annoyance and irritation. Having her peace disturbed by someone was not on her to do list.

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Naturally, the woman was quite pissed at Odin throwing a rock at her, as she came over to the Lich. Her eyes betrayed all of her emotion, while Odin's showed nothing. She asked if there was anything she wanted him to say to her face, with her tails sticking out behind her. Odin just ignored her, and instead reached out to grab one of her tails. If he was quick enough, he'd grip one tightly to see how much pain it could cause to the woman. After all, this was the first time he was seeing a fox-person. It was interesting to see what they could do, and how sensitive their tails could be.

#9Lee Nakamura 

Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:29 pm

Lee Nakamura
Angry and irritated, she stared at him intently. She did not like confrontation espcially with other creatures. It was not that she hated them, it was more of the fact they were interested in her being a kitsune. Being one of the few kitsunes in all of the country, many people asked her questions that she didn't even have answers to. Staring at the lich, there was no emotion in his eyes that would give her answer to why he did such a thing. In reaction, he quickly grabbed one of her tails. His grasp was tight making her scream. In reaction, she grabbed her sword, "Sting", from its casing, she would attempt to slash his arm that was grabbing her tail.

The kitsune could feel the bones being crushed in her tail. The pain was extreme, but she had felt worse. The redhead would hope the attacked landed on him to make him let go. Her quick reactions were thanks to the training being apart of the Rune Knights.

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Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:14 am

There were bones in the tail, Odin could feel his fingers wrapping around them and crushing them under his grasp. The pain would've been tremendous, but the woman wasn't one to simply accept her fate and allow the Lich to break her. Instead, more out of reaction than conscious thought it seemed, she brought her sword out from its scabbard and slashed on Odin's hand. It wasn't a lot of pain, but it was enough to weaken Odin's right hand, and make him temporarily lose feeling in it.

This angered the Lich. He released his grip from the tail, but as he did so he brought his left hand down upon the weapon that had injured his right, his fist coming down with such force that it would snap the metal blade in two. If the woman wished to fight, she could do so without the use of her fancy blade.

#11Lee Nakamura 

Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:30 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was only reacting how she was trained to. The Rune Knights have trained her a specific way and this was it. Apperantly, her strike was successful, but was not enough. The kitsune's ears flattened becoming even more scared. It was was clear that she was a bit fearful for her life. She did not know many spells despite her rank. While trying to scramble for a reaction, the Lich was angry. His hand came down and split it in half.

Quickly, LeeAnn caught the piece and started to back away. she grew even more fearful. Thoughts about what happened all those months ago in the mental hospital she was admitted to. The torture. She started to flee away and to somewhere safe. Running away was perhaps the only way for her to escape these thoughts.


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Lacking Direction (Open) Empty on Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:55 pm

Odin's fist connected, and the woman's sword broke in two. It was beautiful to watch the sorrow and terror cover the woman's face as her only weapon was destroyed in front of her. She realised that she had no way to win, and couldn't stop the Lich even if she tried. So she did what anyone would naturally do in that situation: she ran.

She picked up the piece of her blade that had broken off, and ran away with it with her tails between her legs. She had tried to act tough around Odin, tried to combat the Lich, and one attack had destroyed any chance she'd had. Breaking her weapon crushed her spirit, but Odin didn't want to kill her. She was unique and interesting, so today she could live, as Odin finished drinking his wine.


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