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Aim Higher [Training/Solo]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Aim Higher [Training/Solo] Empty on Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:51 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The ocean roared as she sat on the rocky cliffs. It sizzled and simmered with each wave that crashed. It was a calming effect on her. Nature was full of wonders and healing. It was a new method she found was to listen to to the sea even if she couldn't swim. That was one thing her parents weren't not keen on was having her to learn to swim. That would of been a useful skill to have a few months ago when she nearly drowned. The kitsune now had to make a choice. What Manzo had said about her family kept her thinking a loop.

The Nakamura family lived a lie. Was this all true? She wanted to believe him as it made sense to her grandmother's behavior and anger towards the Rune Knights. It was easy to now understand about all of that. Was there a reason why that history had to be forgotten? Maybe if she actively looked for it, the answers would bubble up eventually. Now was not the time to think about such things. She had to train. Train to become stronger. She was strong, but not enough. Training for the longest time was the only way she could cope with her dangerous and vicious thoughts. It was an old method drilled into her by her mother. Nowadays, she knew her mother regreted that somberly. LeeAnn stood up from her spot, keeping focus on the ocean. The sea air tasted salty. A nice cool breeze blew thought her hair and fur making her think of Kazimir. She had to find him. Knock some sense into him, she couldn't loose him! She just couldn't! There had to be a way to find her. Her nose was good, but not good enough. Relying on that alone was not enough to confirm her suspicioins.

LeeAnn broke into a sprint, careful to not stumble upon a rock. It was tricky, but good to dodge. She had to be quick. Playing a personal mind game, she pretended the rocks were attacks and trying to dodge each one. Otherwise, she would considered that an attack. The quicker she was the better off she was. Perhaps speed was her newly founded thing. Niche as to put it. She had to think of herself as a cheetah and to run and run and run until she was too tired to stand. Running to save her life from some monster that would gobble her up. After a while, her ribcage started to burn and hurt. She forgotten that her ribs were broken. With the heavy breathing from running made the broken ribs hurt. That was not something she thought through throughly. She stopped to catch her breath. The kitsune sat down on the hot sand, letting her heart catch up with the rest of her. A smile appeared on her face along with a laugh as she lied back on the sand. Everytime she laughed, her ribs would hurt. Perhaps she was pushing herself too far to train? She was in no condition too. She could hear her mother lecturing her in the background to think about her health before her training. Shrugging off the daydream, she sat back up slowly to not shock her body with pain again. LeeAnn whiped her forehead from sweat and took a deep breath before running again. Dodging would be a good way to train her body and mind. Always to keep aware of your surroudnings. That's the way!



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