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Orchidia to Magnolia.(Foot Travel with Varjo)

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Orchidia to Magnolia.(Foot Travel with Varjo) Empty on Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:05 pm

With the backpack and company of a soon to be a new member of Fairy Tail. Waylon was ready to head back to Magnolia and the guild since he had gotten all of the things he had needed. Waylon would find it interesting to not travel alone this time, He in fact for not knowing Varjo very long Waylon felt she was a friend and was kind of comfortable around her.

"I do not know how often you travel on foot, But do let me know when you need to stop and rest." Waylon would be the one if the back pack and everything while Varjo would just have whatever she had since he did not check which would be kind of silly and foolish of him but Waylon was clueless like that and felt like he had everything planned out. It would not take too long if anything for him. But Waylon also lost track of time easily which helped in his travels but might not be good when traveling with a friend.

The weather was a bit too warm but the ice mage seemed to manage to keep himself cold easily, Even also mentioning to Varjo."If you also need water let me know, I don't pack any because I am an ice mage and can easily make water, Or a cold pat on the head...both work." He mentioned that with a peaceful smile as they carried on. It was nice and peaceful...Waylon just did not know what else really to mention or talk about with Varjo he was horrible with subjects of conversation.

Eventually it would be night fall and Waylon would seem to do what he normally did, Set up the tent in which rather then him, Varjo would say in he assumed anyway, He would also set up a fire and and light it, He intended to keep watch and keep it going, while also quietly sleeping sitting down in front of it when they both would sleep. Until then Waylon would cook up something for then both to eat. Having the things to make basic beef stew and taking his time to cook it over the fire. Eventually Waylon would sleep some how and When Varjo had awaken and was ready to go they would finish their trip to Magnolia, The home of Fairy Tail, The home of Waylon as well as many other Varjo would eventually meet if they were around.

Word count: 414/400

[Exit to Magnolia.]

#2Varjo Ozoulf 

Orchidia to Magnolia.(Foot Travel with Varjo) Empty on Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:54 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
Having another person to travel with was like a gift from the gods. She loved having someone else to talk to on her travels. Usually, it was just her and the world. There was never anyone around to travel with or talk to on her journerys. Waylon seemed like a nice guy as well. He was willing to take his time to go back to the guild and have her join right on the spot. He asked if she was used to traveling on foot and she smiled.

"Oh yes of course, I do it all th' time. Walkin' on foot easy" she relied. She adjusted her backpack that was full of different things. What little belongings she had with her. Her father was in the Rune Knights and never had much time for her. He pushed her to join a guild. This was in the right directions. Waylon was kind enough to tell her about the water. She smiled. "I am an ice mage too. Don't worry about me" she spoke to him. She was more kind and understanding person. She was just happy to be with someone that wasn't trying to kill her or didn't understand what she was trying to say. She noticed how clueless he was about somethings, but that who he was. He probably was not aware of his surroundings like some people were. That was okay. Her father was the same way.

Varjo was much like her mother in that aspect of things. She was always training Varjo to sense the world around and use her 5 senses she was born with. Varjo missed the cold snow and the blowing blizzards. The hardy people. It was home, but now she had to make Fiore her home now. With her mother gone and Lydia, she only had her father.it was time to make a new name for herself with new friends. Waylon was the first form of a friend she could call. He was kind and sweet.

"Waylon, I want to thank you for being the first kind of friend to me in Fiore. I miss my mother land, but you have made it so much easier. Do..you care if I call you my friend" she asked. Hopefully ehe would agree with her once they gotten to the guildhall. She saw above the horizion that there was the guildhall and the town that it lied inside. Varjo smiled with glee.


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