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Killana Loratious

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Name: Killana Loratious

Age: December 3rd x762

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Doesn't know

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellsword

Profession: Law Enforcer - Str, end

Race: Nephilim

Rank: D-rank

Guild:  Rune Knights

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: The back of her neck

Face: Saya Otonashi - Blood+


Height: 6'0

Weight: 175 lb.
Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Overall: Killana stands at 6'0 feet in height, her hair is black and flows down to just above her rump, and is in a partial ponytail.  She tends to dress up in dresses and enjoys doing makeup as a hobby.  Her particular dress of choice is that of a pink dress with white frills and a nice sized skirt.  She however is never seen without her sword attached to her hip via a belt, that is made to match the dress very fashionably.  When in a fight the skirt comes off to reveal a pair of white denim jeans that matches the petticoat of the dress quite nicely.  she wears a pair of blue pastel boots with white laces underneath the skirt.  When she goes into battle she pulls it up into a full ponytail using a hair band she keeps around her wrist at all times.

Extra: She has her ears pierced and wears earrings based on how they look and how she's feeling that day.


Personality: Overall Killana is a sweet woman, but she's not one to keep her thoughts to herself when she has something she wants to say.  She gives a lot of love if she receives it, though she's not had any real opportunities to show that to anyone.  Unfortunately she tends to distance herself from other's but doesn't actually realize she's doing it.  They tend to shy from her after she speaks wrong to them or even just gives them the cold shoulder.  She doesn't realize that these are some personality traits from her mother that she has formed due to trying so hard to not be her mother.  For those who stick by her, they know she's a woman with determination who will never abandon her team or anyone in trouble for any reason.  She ignores orders if they would lead to the death of others rather than simply disabling the person and taking them in for justice.  Killing to her is only necessary if the person won't let themselves be taken peacefully.

Killana also has severe mother issues that lead her to get very upset whenever a woman acts like a mother towards her, she's convinced she doesn't need a mother ever in her life and that her father is the only person worth respecting when it comes to parental figures.


  • Chocolate: Chocolate is her favorite treat when she's upset and feeling down.
  • Baths: Never take forgranted the feeling of soaking in warm water for a time and the rejuvenation you feel when you're squeaky clean afterwards!


  • Her mother: As far as she is concerned her mother is a piece of crap woman who should never have had children.
  • Copper: There is something about the feel, color, and taste of copper, it disgusts her and she can't stand even the sight of it.


  • To be better than her mother: Killana's mother is a sociopath who can't feel any emotions and yet believes she could make a good mother to Killana despite this.  Killana hates her mother and how she hurt her father in one of her stupid decisions because she didn't care about how it would make her father feel.  She has vowed to spend her life to being a better person than her mother and has sworn that if she ever has children, she will love them and their other parent unconditionally.


  • Abandonment: She fears being abandoned by anyone due to how her mother abandoned her and her father for so long when she was young.
  • Being alone: She fears being alone and without friends like her mother.


Magic Name: Blood Enhancement

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: The caster uses their own blood to give themselves boosts in battle and even do debilitating damage to their enemies.  Anything from having notches in their swords to store blood for later use in spells they cast as they attack their foes, to splattering their blood on someone and giving them a debuff to take extra damage from their sword for a time.  Blood Enhancement magic is meant to be used by someone who has gotten to a point in their lives where the only things that matter to them are the people in their life and they are willing to give their lives to protect them.


History: Killana was born in the town of Era.  Her father had chosen to live there as he felt it would be the safest place to raise his daughter as a single father, due to the low crime rate with the Rune Knights.  This lead to Killana growing up in a safe space that allowed her to grow in a lot of ways and become a more independent person.  She also grew up idolizing the Rune Knights and their cause to weed out evil Wizards.  But those were just her early childhood days, when she could run around as a child and just have fun all day.

One day, after she'd turned fourteen, she'd come home from school to find his father in the living room with a woman who looked a lot like an older version of Killana.  Her father's face was grim and he looksed stressed and tired beyond belief, and she could tell it was being caused by this strange woman.  But her father called her into the room in a soft and calm tone, telling her to sit down and listen to what he had to say.  He explained to her that the strange woman was actually her mother.  Now her father had never raised her telling her horrible stories about her mother like she left them to die or anything like that, instead, he'd always told her the truth.  Her mother moved on from the two of them to choose to live a different life than them.  One without the burden of having a child or dealing with a significant other.

He had also plainly told her that her mother had changed after she'd had Killana, and not for the better.  Her mother had gone out and made a name for herself as an evil wizard, under and alias known as Ebony Night.  This angered Killana so much and she said she never wanted to meet her mother for as long as she lived.  But here they were, both sitting in a room with the woman she'd come to despise of her own choice.  Her father had sworn he wasn't trying to sway her feelings about her mother, but he also said he could never lie to her and tell her something like her mother died in child birth, or just disappeared.  After listening to her father be forced to introduce the woman, she insisted the woman leave, without even letting the woman say anything to defend herself.

But the woman didn't listen and tried to convince Killana that she loved her and wanted to come back into her life, but Killana wanted none of it, and still told her to get out of their home.  She told the woman if she didn't leave she would, and in the end, Killana left, telling the woman that if she was there when she returned, she wouldn't be held responsible for what she might do in response.  That night while she was out she ran into some shady men in an alley who were going to try to do something to her, but a Rune Knight showed up just in time to take care of the men, making her realize what she wanted out of her life.  She went back home that evening to find her mother had indeed left, thankfully.  She spent that night studying a book her father had given her that was labelled "Blood Enhancement Book I".  He said he had the rest of the collection, but he didn't want her to get ahead of herself and told her to start with that book.

Some days later her mother tried approaching her outside in broad daylight outside her school as she was on her way home.  She instantly ran away from her and ditched her and didn't go home, knowing the woman would think that's where she'd gone.  Instead she went to the park to have a good cry alone, feeling nothing but loathing for her mother, and yet she felt guilty about that. Then, almost out of nowhere a man approached her asking her if she still felt love for her mother, despite the things she knew of her and everything, and Killana answered truthfully and told him yes, but that she felt like it was wrong.  The man told her that there was nothing wrong with it as most children had an inherent love for both their parents, even if their parents weren't good people.

He then offered to help her have the power to become more than she was and become a better person than who her mother was, she accepted without a second thought.  The man then turned out to be a Seraphim who then turned her into a Nephilim, giving her more power than she'd ever known she could have.  The man disappeared right after however, and Killana went home and told her father the news.  Her once pure black hair then had a light blueish tinge to it in the light.  And once she was older, she signed on to join the Rune Knights to protect the people of Fiore from evil Wizards.

Reference: N/A


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Add the source of your face claim and then you're good to go.


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Edited? The source was already there...

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This character application has been approved.

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