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Nikki Marcello

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Name: Nicola ‘Nikki’ Marcello
Age: 20 (July 29th X766)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual - Demiromantic
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan
Class: Huntress
Profession: Bounty Hunter – Str, Con
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild:Fairy Tail
Mode: Normal
Tattoo: Right Shoulder, Crimson
Face: Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy Series


Height: 6’0” / 183cm
Weight: How much does your character weigh? Please state it in lbs. or kg.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Ruby Red

Overall: A tall and robust young woman just on the cusp of adulthood, Nikki Marcello is an attractive young woman with dark hair and striking eyes that are crimson in colour, giving her a somewhat exotic and mysterious appearance. Noticeable well-endowed in many areas, at six feet tall this dark beauty would likely catch ones attention simply for her height, and blends together a mix of sublime inherent curviness and an athletic build.

The face of this fine femme more delicate than one might expect given how aggressive and confrontational she is in personality, she has slender features and large, vividly coloured eyes that are quite noticeable to others. Burning with a bright red colour as if her irises are made from the same materials as rubies, while at times they can look a duller brownish tone when the lighting isn’t good, the eyes of Miss Marcello gleam with scarlet colour in good light and this tends to be especially apparent whenever she uses her fiery magic.

Hearty of complexions for the most part and gifted with a rather ample bust which she is quite proud of, the size of her chest is something that she would get defensive about mentioning too specifically but needless to say it is rather large, perhaps if she had grown up as a more sedentary soul then Nikki would be rather a curvaceous young woman, given how her general physique hints at this. However, some of that voluptuous shape seeming to have been diminished by the lean cut of musculature, she has noticeable definition in her arms, legs, and pretty much across her body, with the woman’s stomach showing a high degree of flatness and tone that she often highlights with a nice show of her midriff.

The dark features of this dishy young woman only enhanced by the rich and lustrous colour of her hair, the long and at times scruffy looking locks of Miss Marcello are only a shade or two away from being fully black, being a deep shade of brown in colour but easily mistaken for the colour of the night in dim conditions or when it gets wet. Letting the magnificent mane she possesses growing rather long indeed, when loose the tresses of this temptress reach her backside and she usually shows a limited degree of concern for restraining them, at best tying them in a loose ‘dolphin tail’ bunch behind her to keep her silky strands from her face when she’s busy. Keeping her fringe shorter than the rest, she styles her bangs to hang just long enough that they can obscure her eyes and favours a simple part to let her locks hang over here eye in a functional fashion.

In terms of personal style the choices that Nikki goes for actually more modest than the designs she wore as a teenager, while she prefers to maintain a revealing ‘bad girl’ image, the dark fighter enjoys a little function in her fashion. Certainly far too much of a tomboy to ever wear proper dresses with any degree of frequency away from a ‘club scene’ at least, she is fond of miniskirts so long as they have enough ‘give’ to not impede her motions, and enjoys tank tops and other items. Not a brightly dressing beauty by any stretch of the imagination and the favourite colour in the apparel of this feisty young woman the colour black, she tends to focus on this mostly with highlights in the form of white or rich tones of red or occasionally blue.

Fond of her physique and happy to flaunt it, Miss Marcello likes to show off her impressive chest by wearing tight and revealing T-shirts, tank tops and crop tops, she also enjoys wearing rather scandalously short skirts and hot pants to highlight the fullness of her thighs. Sometimes mixing items like thigh high socks and arm guards into her usual repertoire if she feels the need, the girl likes large and chunky looking ‘rocker boots’, often in more striking colours to really emphasize when she does a high kick or something of the sort.

Extra: Typically wears teardrop shaped silver earrings.



On her best days someone who is witty and courageous but on her worst a woman who is belligerent and volatile, Nikki Marcello is the kind of soul who some might see as full of surprises, though others might fear for her hot-headedness and aggressive temperament. Certainly not the sort that is afraid to make her thoughts or feelings known when she wants to, Nicola can be something of a loudmouth who likes to vent her emotions through slang and swear laden outbursts, and isn’t afraid to be blunt or frank in her opinions. Certainly lacking a little bit for manners given how rude she can be at times and even seeming to casually see no problem with breaking social conventions and even some laws as she goes about her business, this dark haired beauty is a somewhat bombastic soul that might seem somewhat simple at first glance, but is far more complicated than she seems.

Initially presenting the kind of image of a person who is impulsive and driven by her feelings more than anything, while this is certainly true about Miss Marcello, it is far from the whole truth. Not quite as open about what she feels as she would have you believe or at the very least far more guarded about the more sensitive areas of her emotional spectrum, whilst aspects of her psyche such as excitement, anger or base desire are readily apparent, she can have a habit of hiding and bottling up her more complicated feelings.

A girl who prizes her independence and laden with no shortage of abandonment issues given the torrid affair that was her life growing up, while in a good mood Nikki can be engaging, friendly and flirtatious, she is rather terrified of committing to people on an emotional level. Guarding her need for intimacy quite carefully and taking some time to show any level real of trust in people, this jaded young woman rolls with the punches and throws a few of her own, feeling it’s better to put up a tough front than let people know how much things get to her. Lonely but unable to admit it to people because she would feel too vulnerable and ‘weak’ to ever ask for the attention and affection of other people, despite her fiery nature she can be somewhat reluctant to show much warmth toward people and tends to panic and get defensive if she feels she is becoming exposed.

Certainly the cynical sort, Miss Marcello tends to show a jaded and somewhat pragmatic attitude toward the situations she encounters, sometimes coming off as a little lacking for thoughtfulness in regard to the beliefs of others. A realist, she tends to favour material needs and concerns above lofty ideals, prioritizing things like income and stability over high minded ideals and dreams though in this regard has softened just a little bit.

Very firm in the beliefs she has in herself and rather assured of her own mind and abilities, she has learned long ago that idealism only gets a person so far and has somewhat of a ‘might is right’ kind of mentality, believing that only people strong enough to protect their ideas and interests are going to get anywhere. However, there are times when she does show just a hint of envy toward folk that have a more idealistic approach at life, sometimes regretting her own cynicism especially when she

Not quite as heartless as she might seem and occasionally moved by her sympathy and desire to be ‘better than she was’, while she still struggles with the ingrained impulses toward more deviant behaviour, Nikki tries to be a more positive figure than she knows she was in the past. Sentimentality creeping into her heart thanks to certain influences upon her in more recent years, there are times when this fiery femme can show kindness in somewhat begrudging and reluctant fashions, though part of her awkwardness stems from the fact that she doesn’t like seeming like a saviour or ‘meal ticket’ to others.

Burdened somewhat by the evil she thinks that she has done in the world, having been given the chance to look back at the girl she was and the things she did to survive, Miss Marcello finds herself to be rather disappointed with that person. Given some more positive role models than she had when she was in her terms ‘fighting to survive’, though she finds it rather easy to fall back on a dog eat dog type of mentality, the dark young woman has been shown you don’t have to live in a selfish and reckless fashion in order to survive. Sometimes judging herself a little too harshly because of this, Nikki can become frustrated quickly by failure, trying to force herself to be ‘better’ and disliking feeling like she isn’t.


  • Drinks: A girl that can handle her booze and loves that fact, Nikki is at home with something hard and strong in her hand, often seeking out a nice, stiff drink if she’s been having a rough day and at times perhaps showing a hint of dependency on it.
  • Fights: Certainly no saint, Nikki would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the feeling of being in a fight and what she gets from winning one even more, finding that she loves the thrill and focus that battle provides her with.
  • Sass: The sort of girl who has never learned to curb her back talk, Nikki likes to be the person that ends a conversation and despite her humble levels of conversation can show a strong sense of wit and depth of vocabulary when it comes to impudent wordplay.
  • Sex: Impulsive and hedonistic, Nikki can tend to give into her whims and wants more easily than most girls, often seeking a feeling of connection with others through intimate acts that life and learning denies her emotionally.
  • Money: Growing up in an orphanage with nothing and then living on the street and fighting to survive, Nikki knows the value of money all too well, and at times can come off as a little callous and mercenary when it comes to making it.
  • Leather: Always feeling a bit more ‘badass’ when wearing the hide of an animal, Nikki likes coats and jackets and skirts and a whole range of other items made of leather, favouring black colours to perfect her bad girl image though sometimes branching out into brown or red.
  • Cooking: Taught basic cooking skills and a number of recipes by Nana May, Nikki is a decent cook and though she tends to prefer to go to diners and eateries out of laziness, can prepare food pretty well when she wants to. She is however a little defensive about her skill in such a ‘girly’ art, and tends not to show it to people very easily.


  • Religion: Having a torrid time with ‘holy’ sorts from a young age, growing up being chided by nuns for her rebellious attitude and wild side gave Nikki a strong distaste for matters of doctrine and faith, which was only soured even more as she got older.
  • Limitations: A free thinking and rebellious young woman, Nikki dislikes being told not to do things and sometimes is defiant simply for the sake of it, thinking folk should follow their own minds and not the rules of other people.
  • Orders: The sort who likes to be in command of her own destiny, Nikki loathes being bossed around and is more likely to rebel against those who impose their will on her, preferring to make her own mind up and deal with the consequences over being sheltered under the ‘weak umbrella’ of another’s command.
  • Dogs: Chased by all manner of canines at various points in her life, be it wolves in the woods or guard dogs in the streets, Nikki certainly does not consider herself the ‘best friend’ of such animals and instead views them with distrust and discomfort.
  • Reading: A restless girl with only a meagre level of education, Nikki dislikes doing something ‘boring’ like reading a book, considering it a waste of time when you could do something more interesting.
  • Waste: Disliking seeing those who squander what they have carelessly, Nikki gets annoyed when she sees people discarding things like food or clothing for frivolous reasons, remembering just how valuable such things can be when you have nothing.


  • Feeling: Not terribly disciplined or able to restrain her emotions, though it makes her something of a volatile character Nikki is more often than not guided more by her feelings than any rational thought process, having a somewhat ‘simple’ mind set and difficulty seeing the big picture, she prefers to solve immediate problems than quibble over the ramifications of what she does.
  • Independence: Running away from the orphanage she grew up in when she was a little girl and somewhat flighty ever since, while she isn’t the type to back down from an argument or confrontation, Nikki does prize her personal sense of liberty very highly and hates feeling chained to other people for anything.
  • Improvement: Going through no small share of rough times when she was younger and reasoning she did what she had to do to survive, now she has found an ounce more peace and stability Nikki finds herself regretting a fair bit of what she did and in a way tries to be a better person than she was, even if it is awfully easy to slip into ‘old habits’.


  • Vulnerability: A guarded woman, Nikki dislikes feeling reliant upon the whims of other people and struggles to open up to others, hiding her more delicate feelings while projecting more volatile emotions that she struggles to bottle up. These tendencies making her seem brash and hot headed, the girl is more sensitive than she seems and in some ways very much fits into the bracket of a ‘Tsundere’.
  • Worthlessness: Growing up as a presumed orphan imparting no shortage of abandonment issues within this young woman, these have only been compounded by a sense of regret for some of the things that Nikki has done in her life, giving her an often unspoken worry that she is only the ‘thug’ she once acted as and will one day fall back into old habits for good rather than rise above them.
  • Deep Water: Not learning to swim until she was in her late teens and not particularly strong in the discipline even now, Nikki retains a lingering sense of distrust in large, open bodies of water, dreading the idea of falling in and being helpless.


Magic Name: Firecracker

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Specializing in Fire Magic, Nikki’s ‘Firecracker’ art is designed to work in tandem with her skills as a brawler, generating somewhat bombastic results as she battles and otherwise employs her results in a blazing fashion. Nikki is capable of boosting her attack potential by creating fiery offense at all ranges, enhancing her combat capabilities through red hot means, creating wards and shields of fire and heat energy as well as aiding her movement and general skills through blazing application.



Born with neither the name Nicola or Marcello but rather ‘Christina Benedict’, or ‘Chris’ to the people she liked, as one might have guessed from a woman with two names her past is somewhat complicated affair really. The mother and father of the girl are unknown since Chris was found abandoned before she was old enough to crawl or talk and placed into the care of St Evangelista’s Orphanage, her past unknown to both her and anyone else.

Hot spirited even as a child, Chris clashed with the strict nuns that raised her almost daily, wanting to be loud and do as she wanted when they demanded she do as she was told and behave. More than familiar with being given escalating punishments including being caned and taking ice baths to ‘cool the fire within’, the nuns separated and ostracized Chris throughout her young life, believing her to be a bad influence on the other children, making her grow up somewhat friendless.

Noticing more and more as she grew up that the heat of her emotions would bring about literal warmth, while initially the sisters at the orphanage thought that Chris was stealing matches from the kitchen to cause mischief, this view skewed in a rather harsh direction. Increasingly viewing the volatile girl who could set fire to toys and bedsheets when she was upset as something who was possessed by a ‘devil’ due to this and her unruly behaviour, when she was twelve years old the nuns tried to ‘exorcise’ her with the aid of a local priest, inflicting torments upon her tantamount to serious abuse and torture. This proving the final straw, rather than having her spirit be ‘broken’ by the treatment she received, it galvanized the girl, prompting her to harness her powers consciously for the first time to free herself, send her captors running and then burn the church alter with her powers, before leaving the orphanage for good.

Happier living on the streets under her own will than being caged and fed by the nuns like a ‘whipped dog’, though it was hard at first learning to get her own food, Chris adapted to the life of a runaway eagerly. Getting better with her magical outbursts to defend herself from wicked wild animals and folk who didn’t like her trying to take what belonged to them, while her skills were rather amateurish and probably well behind a girl her age who had received formal training, they were enough to help her survive.

Slipping into gangs of delinquents and fellow runaways in her sleep life, Chris proved an apt little thug and prospective criminal easily. Strong for a girl and blessed with even a sloppy form of magical ability, she would get in brawls and fight for what she wanted, bullying children both older and younger than her to get what she needed or simply wanted.

Moving up in the world when she was fourteen in a rather unconventional way, after Chris and her gang made the mistake of trying to rob a member of a dark guild, they all payed with pain and the girl found herself abandoned by her cohorts. Not the sort to run away from a challenge however, though she was hopelessly outmatched the girl apparently impressed the soul she had attacked with her magic and spirit. Losing the fight and being knocked out in the process, when she awoke the youngster had been brought in as a potential new recruit to the Eidolon, a developing Dark Guild that was looking to expand themselves.

Offered the chance to learn to better harness her magic and improve her fighting skills in Eidolon, as well as have a place to live without being limited, though Chris was a little reluctant to get tied down initially she flourished in this wicked environment. Given some much needed formal training in magic by her cohorts to make her a better agent, despite her disdain of authority in general, she was a happy worker bee for the guild. The bad habits she had reinforced in ways she never imagined, the girl felt like she was allowed to be herself all while carrying out the will of the master, Zagan.

At times perhaps feeling a hint of discomfort with the jobs she was given to do, committing crimes like burglary, arson and even some serious assaults, the rewards and respect she earned seemed to make it all feel worth it. Aided by the fact that the master and the upper ranks of the guild would echo sentiments such as them being discarded by society and therefore not bound by their rules, a teenager who had always felt like an outcast felt very at home in this place and to her later regret did not question what she was ‘fed’ to an awfully great degree.

Idolizing and even envying the leader of the guild who carried the obscura and powers of a Daemon, Chris even longed for the same powers, harbouring a childish revenge fantasy about returning to the orphanage she had left years ago to rain down an ironic justice upon them by destroying the place as a true ‘devil’. This ambition encouraged by Zagan, he would tell the members of his guild he would share his ‘dark gift’ with them once they achieved supremacy, which only excited her more.

Adapting her image to fit her new environment, the teen transformed herself into a far more rebellious image by sporting hair dyed scarlet with spikes and piercings, looking rather punkish and rather different to her natural dark and pretty looks. Preferring to go for shock factor rather than loveliness, all the same the good looks of the girl did not go unnoticed and she had found herself made into a true woman by the age of fifteen after getting a little drunk with some of her cohorts. All too soon both these behaviours becoming the normal, the later teens years of Chris were a blur of battles and lush celebration, with the young woman earning a reputation as a fierce fighter and hard partier that suited the nature of the guild to a tee.

Eidolon by no means a good place or people and certainly the activities at both Chris’s level and the far more serious offences of more senior catching up with them, Rune Knights and officers and Lumen worked together to undo the ‘world’ that had been built around the beauty, attacking the guild off guard while Chris was out on a job at the age of eighteen. The girl returning alongside her mates to find her home ruined and soldiers prowling, while they attacked the knights out of vengeance the meagre remnants of Eidolon were no match for this organized and powerful force and were driven away, with most getting killed.

Chris herself attributing her own survival more to luck than anything, after the battle she found herself waking up exhausted, bloodied and bruised in the sewers, and went on the run. Quickly removing the red dye she wore in her hair and piercings after spying wanted signs bearing her image, with nowhere to run to the girl fled to the country to try and ‘lay low’, but found the life not as easy as she would have expected. Thinking she could live as a wild woman for a time and hunt off the land but the city life not exactly preparing her as a capable huntress, she ended up stumbling into an old cottage covered in ivy with sour designs, but what she found there surprised her.

Breaking into the cottage with the aim of swiping something the fill her stomach and some valuables to pay her way, to her bewilderment Chris found herself not only being caught by the elderly occupant named Nana May but also mistaken for the woman’s granddaughter. The old and dotty woman that lived alone in the place seeming to think she was a girl called ‘Nicola’, partly because she didn’t like the idea of hurting the elderly, the invader ‘went with’ the idea and all too quickly found herself being served what seemed to be the most delicious meal of her life and being offered a place to rest her head.

Unsure of exactly why she stayed, reasoning it to herself that she could exploit the hospitality of Nana May for a time to let the proverbial ‘heat’ die down or something of the sort but in truth not sure this was the case, for whatever reason Chris opted to stick around at the old woman’s house. Finding that she felt a little awkward after a little while about letting a woman who seemed to be on her last legs looking after her and helping around the house as best she could, even if the business of playing house wasn’t her strong suit, and as such started taking on tasks that seemed a bit much for the old woman.

Always expecting at some point for the woman of the house to ask her to leave, either politely or otherwise, to the surprise of Chris no such event ever occurred as Nana May seemed to enjoy having company. Perhaps the loneliness of a lady who lived in the middle of nowhere guiding her so that she would cherish whatever company she could, time seemed to fly by really and while at first the girl thought she would grow tired of the peace and quiet, all too quickly she had been there more than a year. Unfortunately, she could not stay forever.

Sadly the old lady she lived with not a well woman and only seeming to grow more and more frail the longer that she knew her, the health of Nana May declined in the second year as her age got the better of her, and even though they managed to get a doctor in to look at her there simply was nothing left to do. Finding herself surprised by how attached she had become to the loony old lady as she lived with her, when finally the femme found herself with the woman on her deathbed, all she could do was sob and tearfully confess the truth. It made no difference really, though.

It transpiring that both of them had been lying, the woman revealed that she had never really believed that Chris was her granddaughter but appreciated the fact that she had kept up the lie all the same. The life of the old woman filled with hardship, she had become pregnant but lost her soldier husband in a border skirmish with Bosco a good many years ago. Giving birth to a girl she raised single handed named Annamarie, Nana May had given up her life as a guild member to raise her girl and was overjoyed when the girl managed to get married and became pregnant with her own child, however, that was the last real joy the woman would have for a long time. Sadly a messy birth meaning that both mother and daughter died, though her son in law tried to look after her the old woman had sunk into a deep and dark depression that had blighted her for many years, but she gradually managed to get over to a some degree as time marched on.

Crediting Chris’s arrival as the first real point in her life where she found she had a little hope and happiness again, Nana May had enjoyed imagining that she had at least one piece of family left in her last years, and in truth had grown to accept the girl as a granddaughter as much as any blood relation. The woman reflecting on the past of the girl honestly but saying that Chris should leave her old life behind her and use the name of the girl who never got to live and do it for the both of them, before passing she imparted a new guild stamp onto the girl and told her to seek out Fairy Tail in Magnolia if she needed a new place to stay, before slipping peacefully into the next life.

Certainly hit hard when her adoptive Grandmother died, though she would probably never reveal it to anyone in future, the night that it happened was the only time that Chris ever prayed seriously. Remembering at least some of the lessons from her life at the orphanage and wanting the woman who helped her to have the best chance of peace, she offered up one begrudging prayer to whatever power that would take the old woman and then buried her in the garden near the cottage, even going as far as to build a makeshift marker for the woman as a monument before being left alone.

Unsure of what to do with herself now, though Chris lingered in the cottage on her own for a while, she couldn’t help but feel restless. At first tempted to slip away from the place and get back to what she knew but realizing that it didn’t feel right doing such things after Nana May had gone to such trouble to try and rescue her from her dark path, she opted to follow the advice of the woman and seek out Fairy Tail, the guild whose mark she had been branded with and apparently the place that the woman had once worked many, many moons ago.

Feeling an odd sense of regret at leading the cottage after living here for so long but knowing that lingering in the place only reminded her of Nana, Chris opted to take up the name of the woman’s granddaughter as her own and set out into the world with it. Perhaps a part of her wanting to use the pseudonym to protect herself in case she was still a wanted woman but on the whole ‘Nicola’ wanting to turn over a new leaf and live as a new woman, the change of name helped her to feel like a better person. After all, she was the granddaughter of May now, and she couldn’t let that woman down…

Reference: This is Sofia’s fourth Alt so… Ref’s seem irrelevant by this point?


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