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Yukido Narukami

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Name: Yukido "Yuki" Narukami

Age: February 25th, X767 (21)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother:  Boscosi

Class: Sorcerer

Profession: Mechanic (CON+INT)

Race: Human

Rank: D

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Right Shoulder (Dark Blue)

Face: Shiki Granbell - EDENS Zero


Height: 5"11

Weight: 152lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Overall: Yukido is a tan skinned lad with above average looks, and generally a nice sense of style when it comes to clothing. He has short black hair that's around ear length, kind of spiky. He is incredibly fit, growing up with his father in Iceberg and being exposed to harsh wilderness at a young age. He has dark brown eyes that sometimes appear amber depending on the light.

Extra: Yukido has a small scar on his left cheek, although not very visible he usually wears a bandage on his left cheek to cover it.


Personality: Yukido is for lack of a better word. Passively dominating. He often makes simple remarks or facial expressions to get across how he feels clearly. Growing up he had always been an expressive person; but certain losses in his life has diminished his somewhat unusual optimism that deep down; he still has. He is protective over his own feelings, and the feelings of those he considers a friend; or family. Growing up as the oldest of four siblings, he has the tendency to do what he wants and push others around from time to time. He also is extremely protective and caring due to growing up this way. In a fight, he has a tendency to fly off the rails and let all his anger out. He is singular in focus during conflict; doing whatever he can to inflict pain upon his opponent. Although he might look enraged, he can get awfully quiet while doing some serious damage to someone. Most of the time, he's the silent one making facial expressions to show how he feels. But he's definitely not above a good joke. As the oldest of four he can take a joke; and give one just as good.


  • Sushi and Fish: Growing up in the north, this is one of his all time favorite meals. Hell he'll even go out of his way to get some when the time is right...and even when the time isn't. He knows how to fry, grill, and bake fish of all kinds. He is also an expert at cutting and preparing fine sushi rolls of all kind.  
  • Fixing Things: He started off as a little boy repairing wooden wagons in the snow up north; but now he can fix just about anything he has the schematics for. He has a steady hand and a great attention to detail not only from his work as a mechanic and part time cook for his tribe, but due to his mastery of Ice-Make as well.


  • Peppers that are too Hot: I mean seriously....some peppers are just. A blight upon the world. Perhaps one day he'll gather them all and destroy them. Some are good though.
  • Presumptuous women: Yukido can't stand women who jump to conclusions or think the world revolves around them. He dealt with that enough with his grandmother, mother, and sisters growing up.


  • Mastery of Craft

Becoming the strongest ice mage to ever exist is a goal he has set for himself. Even if he reaches this mountaintop, there's no telling when he'll stop. Even if someone told him he'd achieved his goal; he likely wouldn't believe them and aim to become even stronger and set the bar even higher for ice mages around the world.  

  • Wealth

In order to provide for his family, and be a man as his father always taught him to be. He needs to acquire money and lots of it. Unlike in Iceberg, hunting isn't the true law of the land in most of the world. That would be money. So while being a skilled hunter is important in certain areas, how much money you have is more important in most of the world. Wanting to be at the top of the food chain as he always was taught by the tribes of Iceberg; he naturally seeks to attain a huge amount of wealth. More than anyone else.


  • Loneliness: When he discovered his magic he was lost in the snow far outside of his village in Iceberg. In those moments, in the snow at night with no light but the moon and stars; he was more scared than he'd ever been. Since then, he likes his alone time; but secretly still feels comforted when he knows others are nearby.
  • Letting his Family Down: Yuki wants to be the best man he can be for his family. That means acquiring a lot of riches through his life so that he can provide for them.


Magic Name: Ice-Make Magic

Magic Element: Ice

Magic Description: This is a type of Caster magic which utilizes the element of ice. The user can create a variety of objects out of ice to be used for offensive, defensive, or miscellaneous purposes. Outside of combat, the user can also change their surroundings using ice, such as covering the ground with ice.


History: Yukido grew up in Iceberg with his father, but before that tender age of 10 when he moved up north; he was a part of a big family that grew up in the nation of Bosco. The oldest of four siblings, he grew up with his grandmother, mother, two sisters and brother. In his youth he was just another carefree child who didn't have a lot, but also wasn't poor. A run of the mill family with their own issues, but filled with love for one another. Growing up in Bosco he was surrounded by the latest and greatest as far as technology went as far as he knew. He had a penchant for animals and fixing things; not to mention an extreme love for puzzles of all sorts. He wanted one day to be able to own his own shop and even design and build his own airships. Maybe even connect the world if he could acquire enough wealth and fame.

When he was ten years old, his mother in a fit came to him and told him that he would be leaving the family. Clutching a letter that she seemed to keep on re-reading; she refused to let him see it at first. Only telling him that he'd be leaving in a month. With who she wouldn't say. One night, he got to suspicious for his own good and decided to sneak into his Mom's room and read the letter for himself while she was sleeping. His eyes went wide as he realized it was from his father. He'd known that he'd had a different father than his other siblings due to his somewhat more sharp features, as his mother had re-married a Boscan businessman who had always been a great and fun parent to all four of them, including Yukido who wasn't his son. However, his father seemed less than pleased in the letter and demanded that his eldest son be shipped off to him in Iceberg so that he didn't grow up "as soft as other kids in Bosco" which both angered and interested the young Yukido.

At dinner the next night, he was more silent than usual; and when asked about it by a family member he exploded in a rage towards his mother for ever agreeing to such a thing. Before she could even explain he bolted out of the house and managed to scrape up enough money to get as far north as he could. Eventually he made it all the way to Iceberg even at the age of ten he was smart and a talented liar.

It was colder than he expected and within one day in the country he almost didn't make it. His grandmother however, the witty old woman that she was knew her grandson well and wrote to his father via carrier bird. When he heard of this situation, he made a b-line for the border territories and eventually came across a young boy who'd almost gotten killed by frostbite in one of the tribal villages near the border.

When the man discovered his son, he was covered in ice and frost. The villagers couldn't figure out why he hadn't passed away yet; but one of them suspected that he was in fact a mage and that being exposed to the cold and such a bad situation had caused the mana in him to awaken. Shocked by this revelation, the man took his son back to his tribe to be raised there with him. Years down the line he was hit with the news that one of his sisters had passed away. Heartbroken as it had been ten years and he'd never gotten to say goodbye he told his father he would be returning to Bosco to his mother's side of the family. Although his uncles and aunts in the tribal villages had grown accustomed to having him around and protested, he promised to return to visit frequently and set off. Upon returning home, he learned after a joyous reunion with his brother, sister, mom, and grandma, that his sister had been married and moved away to Fiore with her husband. Brutally murdered by dark mages there for one reason or another. Filled with a silent and cold rage, that nearly escaped him he boiled over on the inside, but remained as cool as he could on the outside. Swearing vengeance as their happy reunion had turned cold. He'd heard legends of the great guilds of Fiore. Perhaps he could join one of them and become stronger, use his connections to find out what had happened to his sister and get revenge. All while returning as the strongest ice mage ever to Iceberg as he told the tribes he would.

He set off not only for vengeance for his family; but to master his ice magic and perhaps even join one of the illustrious guilds there in order to further his career and skillcraft as a mage as well as uncover the mysterious circumstances behind his sisters death. One of the guilds, he'd heard more about than the others so he set off to find "that" place.

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Need you to remove this The ice also can be used as wound dressing, staunching bleeding and preventing the swelling of an injury. As it implies that you can heal with your magic as well, other than that you're good to go.


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Done, done. Thanks again.

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