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Leon Nakamura-Sutherland [Done]

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#1Leon Nakamura-Sutherland 

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Leon Nakamura-Sutherland


Name: Leon Tilde Nakamura-Sutherland

Age: April 4th, X763

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father:

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstelise

Class: Hunter

Profession: Mercenary-Str, Con

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Red-Right calf

Face: Fuegoleon from Black Clover


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 250 lbs

Hair: Long Orange hair usually back and out of his eyes

Eyes: Slate gray

Overall: Leon is a tall and well-built male with long orange colored hair that is down to his back. He always keeps in down and out of his eyes. You will see him in a red cloak with a cape. A pink/purple sahs around his waist complmenting his royal purple and gold shirt. He always wears pure white pants with black boots.

Extra: Leon has a purple star on his forehead as a marking of his promise to become the best.


Personality: Leon can be described at loyal and honest. He always has had a good heart and wants the best for everyone he meets. Many say, he has his mother's heart and his father's determination. Leon is a logical person and thinks though things before he acts upon them. Whn something happens, he takes his time to formulate a plan, even when there is a time limit. He rather do it right the first time then fail and try again. Failure is not an option for him. Due to it being drilled into him, he cannot accept failure.

A lot of the time he tries to be sympathetic, but sometimes he can be harsh with his words. Leon judges people of their true worth over social status or appearance. A lot of the time, he cannot stand silent while someone is being hurt, even if he is outnumbered. He has a good view of justice for everyone, even if they aren't worht it. Most would call it chivlary. His mother made sure he had manners and still reminds him to this day. He does not wish death upon those who hurt them, but rather they learn from their mistakes.

His mother always says he is a lady's man due to the amount of woman who are always flattered by his behavior. It is due to his charming good looks and manners that he gains such a popularity. Though, he merely passes on many offers to date. He believes in being friends first and knowing when the time is right. He has to get to know the person before dating them.


  • The Arts: Growing up in a culture that thrives on the arts and creativity. He takes appreciation into all sorts of arts from dancing to cooking to painting. He enjoys all sorts of arts. Something he does miss deeply back home.
  • The Color Red: For some reason, he is very fond of the color red. To him it means the blood he sheds to protect those whom cannot be protected and the sense of beauty, especially in the relam of the arts.


  • Bullies/Mean People: Leon grew up with people who treated him like dirt. He hates it when someone is being bullied or even just talked to the wrong way. He cannot simply stand for that kind of behavior.
  • Dark Magic: The source and what it does to people makes his blood boil. Countless times, he has seen what it could do first hand due to his father. The hatred towards his father made his despise to never be like him. Dark Magic makes people and others around them suffer.


  • Justice: As a person who cannot stand silent on the sidelines. He vows to protect those in need much like he was with his sister.
  • To become a Legend: He wants to be the person remembered for protecting from years to come. Tales being told from one generation to the next of his good deeds and looked upon as a hero. He wants to be someone others look up to for advice and pride as a good role model one day
  • His new Family: Getting a second chance for a new family is everything to him and his sister. He enjoys how welcoming his new relatives are. Most of them ask about him and his childhood. He aims to please them and make them proud.


  • Failure: To him failure will mean death in his eyes and having his family suffer due to his actions. This was all due to his fahter beating him and his sister for not following the 'simplest' of orders.
  • His Freedom Taken away: He was never one to like his freedom taken away. It reminds him of how him and his sister suffered through those years without seeing the light of day, not being able to experience the world around them.


Magic Name: Lion's Flame

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: A magical fire that only reconizes those who's heart are good. This brand of fire magic is spiritual connection between mage and magic. A fire spirit recongizes a mage for their pure of heart and potential. Making that connection, it causes the mage to become more intune with their magical properties. Its a powerful fire magic that acts as a basic fire magic. Most spells are ran based off offensive and supplementary spells as a normal. It can also learn defensive, healing, debuff, and self-buff types of spells but they are considered inferior.


History: Leon grew up being privileged. He grew up with the best pedigree in the whole country. His father was very careful of who his son hung around and was controlling of every aspect of his life. His mother, Delphine, a water mage, didn't like her husband's control of their eldest son. She would let Leon be a kid like kids should be. Though, being in high status, he was forced into training his body, mind, and magic at a very young age. His father had all eyes on him at all times. He could not sneek off to go play or hang out with his friends. Leon had to be the ideal son his father visioned him to be. The best and strongest mage in all of Earthland. A task so great that was out of reach for him as a kid. Anytime Leon did not do what his father asked, he would be beaten. When Leon young, his mother became pregnant with his younger sister.

Studies, intense magic training, and isolation was all of his life. The only good thing he had was his mother. Though, all of that was taken away. One day, his mother disappeared without a trace. His father stated that she died in her sleep. Yet, there was no trace of her body at all and he refused to talk about it for the longest time. Not even a day later, his father marries another woman, whom is more cruel than his ruthless father. They had three kids together along with him and his sister. His sister was treated far worse than he was, but he would get beatings and extended magic training for defending her. During their youth, his father took a liking to their half siblings since they were even more naturals with magic and were overachievers. Constantly, his father would call Leon and his sister, weak minded and had their mother's heart. They may of looked like their father, but they were just like their mother. Over time, they became overshadowed by their half-siblings. So much, they had their rooms taken and were placed in the the dungeon of the manor. During those days, him and his sister shared a bed, got little food, and clothing. They still had to continue their studies, but were beaten everyday for some reason by their step-mother with their half-siblings watching them with glee. It was a sick twisted game.

Leon over time grew in power within the family, enough to over ride his father and have and his sister escape. He left the clutches of his father and the whereabouts of his mother. Him and his sister, traveled with their mother to Fiore when he was 22. It wasn't until recently, his mother married another man whom is apart of the Nakamura family. They welcomed him and his sister with open arms.

Reference: Its LeeAnn

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Please refine your appearance and magic, otherwise, bump when done.

#3Leon Nakamura-Sutherland 

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Leon Nakamura-Sutherland
Done and Bump

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Vali Onfroy †

This character application is approved.

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