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Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:00 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla seemed to keep herself a rather busy woman, She would be dragging a man with a black bag over his head during evening time. The cliffs seemed rather right for her to go to carry out for what she intended. She wanted information from this man she would use it to lead to another one down the road information form this would lead to one she not much needed in her life but wanted for a goal of hers in mind.

The man still seemed to be making panicked mumbles while he was being dragged by Priscilla. His hands and feet were tied up. She was being rather picky and safe for once."first your information, Then him...Then the list of the Rune Knights."She mentioned to himself like she was just kind of reminding herself of what she was doing, Assuming no one else was around to pick up on this. She was not reckless if some one else would be listening it was vague pieces of information she was hinting at aside from the fail part of her list.

"You tell me what I want to know...you might walk free."
It really depend on her mood most likely she wouldn't spare him even if he begged and or promised he wouldn't she was rare to have spared a person unless stopped by some one."And the info I want...Is something you might not expect."The man bounded, gagged and flailing about still seemed to be trying to beg already for his freedom and wanting to live that or screaming it was hard to tell Priscilla made sure it was very well tied up to keep quiet, using that purple scarf...It was the reason she carried it aside from strangling some one to death with it, Eventually she would close to a cliff edge walking towards it still.


Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:41 am

At the bottom of the Astera cliffs, in the sea that made the tallest point a renowned diving spot, something stirred. From the depths, a Lich began climbing the cliff, using his impressive strength and lightweight body to his advantage as he nimbly made his way up the mountain, his mind filled with thought.

He had been in the sea for many hours now, having jumped off the point during his altercation with Arisa. It hadn't yet hit him what had happened, and so he had stayed under the sea to process everything that one punch had now caused. The rift, one that likely would not be mended, pained Odin in his heart. He needed to get over it and understand that it was a necessary evil, much like him.

Looking up, Odin still had a ways to go before he made back onto the flat of the cliff, but he looked forward to spending some time alone with the moon once he did.

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:38 am

Priscilla Ivalice
While slowly dragging this person to some where as normal of a rather flat part of the cliff."I will return in the moment, be prepared to think about and learn what I want to learn form you."Priscilla did that for effect and fear for the person she had in grasp. Before she left just slightly throwing him at the part of 20 feet from the edge. Starting to walk away from that what she had started setting up.

"I don't have the tools I need for this..."
She was walking towards the area were Odin was because she was just checking and looking for items or things she could use to get this person to talk."Only failure on my part is no tools, This won't happen with going into Era for that list of Knights...but I don't know how much I am in for with that."So far there was not much here. She could make spears out of stick but that was it."If only could I could borrow something pointy or sharp."She would knock on a tree to check if she could tear it down. So far nothing she could get.

This was also her checking if anyone else was around to risk giving her problems."There would only be one person that could go find me that I wouldn't mind right now."She seemed to be distracting herself for the moment. It seemed open ended what she mentioned but the nonetheless she still did not have anything Priscilla at least found some rocks large enough she could do something else, She was crafty and would figure something out."Good enough."She mentioned and muttered walking back towards her little kidnapped target that should give her information, Humming a song in delight while she walked."Only thing missing is a shot of whisky."It was not normally her fancy but once and a while it was, She still had time to figure out how to make a weapon she could make. It would take a few minutes for her to arrive back to her quiet screaming captive.


Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:51 pm

"Fuck I forgot how high up this was."

Odin's voiced echoed out to sea as he made his way further up the cliffs. He was very close to reaching the top, and to be honest he wasn't tired, but the climb itself was very tedious. He had slipped once, thankfully rather low down, and had had to start over. But now he was sure to check the handholds before putting all his weight on them, even if he wasn't all that heavy.

It took only a couple more minutes, but soon enough Odin reached the top, and heard voices as he did. There were two, one gagged and trying to plead for his life, and one Odin recognised. It sounded like the woman he had met in the train station, the one he hadn't pushed in front of a train anyway. Not wishing to interrupt whatever was happening, Odin would climb up onto the flatland of the cliffs, and just sit there. If he was wasn't spotted, he'd simply see where this supposed interrogation went. If he was, then he'd have a little fun.

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:42 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It would seem these rocks and pieces of wood would do."Something make shift will have to do."Priscilla would mention casually throwing the rock up in the air and catching it. She was still casually testing it. Such moment between were good planning, thinking and of the fun things.

"Would breaking his fingers work?..."Priscilla she would not pick up upon Odin for now unless he made himself noticed, But having something stick on her mind she had a mission.

Priscilla would be at the spot were her little flailing and muffled screaming man was. Untying the leg stretching them out, but she would tie them together. She would even kick the man as he flailed at one point."Settle down, I don't bite."Which was true she does not bite. Priscilla was making this person just lay flat. making sure his arms were raise above his head.

This point would seem look and have varying other emotions for this nameless. Priscilla would pull off what she had covering his face. With that look of nervousness on it Priscilla then said."I have a few questions deary....Answer them as I wish so I may move on to more important things in Era to collect a list of names won't collect themselves....And you might walk free."She then would quietly take a rock and lazily throw right next to his head.

Then would walk over and kneel down."Because I have a lot more important things then trying to find a coward to snap his neck."Priscilla mention staring at this person dead in the eyes so to say. Pulling the scarf, The man started panic screaming in which Priscilla then got back to her feet and kicked him to knock the wind out of him.

"No one here but us."Priscilla mention with a smile that could be considered evil. Taking a rock and breaking a piece off of it from the rock she threw by him already she would pick up it's shards and starting to figure out which one was right to start making a sharp edge out of."What do you know of the Ivalice family?"

To the point it was normal for Priscilla when she asked that Odin could see she was sharpening a shard of rock slowly and checking it's sharpness every once and while. That and Odin must be learning something interesting.

When the man started to panic and breath really fast."They were a bunch of greedy rich folk in the wrong town, So...So they were killed and....and  robbed. Sh-shame we had to-to the two daughters were cute."That normal calm and collect look on Priscilla faded to anger rather quickly.

Priscilla seemed to hear what she wanted to."So you where one of them then."There was darkness to this voice, there was bitterness and finally anger."For what you know about the Ivalice family was a lie."And with that she tested the rock yet again. her own blood upon her finger it partly had what she wanted.

"Where is the leader behind the Ivalice home invasion?"The man said nothing but panic noises like he was trying to lie about it but could not too well. Getting on her kneels Priscilla then took the sharpen rock and slowly dragged it upon his cheek, He would let out a scream in pain that Priscilla seemed to smile, She would just let him scream at this point since no one else would stop her from what she seem.

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Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:55 pm

Odin couldn't help but laugh inside his mind at what he had come across. Someone was being interrogated, and Odin had just climbed up into it without anyone noticing his presence at all. Honestly he was a bit insulted, but darkness was his domain, so it made sense that he could hide well within its confines.

It seemed that the woman, who's name Odin had never bothered to ask, was trying to find out some information from the man, about some kind of list of names in Era or something. Whatever it was, Odin felt no reason to interrupt, though the temptation was almost palpable when she said "No one here but us".

Odin had no idea who the Ivalice family were and, to be honest, he couldn't care less. From what it sounded like, they were all dead anyway, so there was no reason for Odin to give any shits about them. This girl seemed to care though, and seemed to think something else had happened, instead of what the man had just said.

Then it arrived, the perfect moment. A question that Odin could easily use to his advantage, and also an easy way into the conversation.

"That would be me, hello again missy. Been a while." While he spoke Odin shot a glance towards the man, a glance that could be interpreted in many different ways, but only one that Odin sent and the man definitely received.

Play along or die.

#7Priscilla Ivalice 

Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:09 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla almost seemed delighted, mostly because now the person she was trying to get information from was now more scared."Oh hello you beautiful creature."Priscilla mentioned, letting him just sit there in pain. She was welcoming but then again Priscilla seemed to not mind the Lich at all she would if it could ever happen want to learn more about the Lich but that was about it, Unless he really wanted something from her there was not much else.

Priscilla would then get up and kick the man across the jaw, mostly to get him to quiet down for the moment."What's it to you anyway, Stupid rich folk had it coming, Not like any of them are alive to care!"This man yelled out in a panic he was trying to work around ratting out his boss now.

But Priscilla had a plan for now she would look at the Lich."Would you like a break a finger or two darling?"She asked the lich to see if he wanted in on this plus it added to the factor of seriousness."Or a whole hand?"She asked and offered like so casually. Waiting to see what would happen.

"After all, you are foolish to believe that family has passed one.....An Ivalice is talking to you now, You rat out your leader maybe I won't make this too painful."Which she would not if anything if he spoke that information she would not touch him anymore.

But the man was panicking and shuddering his words, with his pain trying to figure out another way around it."Y-you should be dead, Only one who would risk being alive hid from P-p-p-public almost 9 y-years a go."With Priscilla walking over she then took the man right arm and untied it and slowly stretched it out.

"Yes I should be dead, After all your little gang of thugs just you know....beat up a child, left her hung in chains and tried to sell her into slavery."
Priscilla then quietly keeled down and just waited like she was thinking of what else to do if the Lich did not either break his hand or fingers."Better question for you is...Am I the mother or one of the  twin daughters." she mentioned with a devilish smile this suffering was entertaining, After all the person she was talking too was looking between her and the lich like he was hoping the lich wouldn't do anything."B-but, I did not do myself, P-Please! I am not that horrible."


Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:53 pm

The woman didn't seem to acknowledge that Odin had admitted to being the one in charge, either that or she just wasn't listening properly. If anything the Lich had expected the woman to charge at him, enraged but happy to finally have found the one who had orchestrated the event to kill her family, but again she simply turned her attention back to the hostage, who was now even more frightened due to the sudden appearance of what Odin could only assume was the first Lich the man had ever met, which was often a terrifying experience.

The woman then offered up to Odin the man's hand, asking if he'd want to break either a finger or the entire thing. At that, Odin walked towards the two humans, irritated on the inside but showing only calmness on the outside. He would stand next to the woman, and look down at the man. Then, with a quick flick of his wrist, Odin could slap the woman's palm so hard that her hand would bend all the way backwards to touch her arm, likely breaking her wrist. The man, the woman, everyone would be confused, but Odin would simply speak, his voice laden with annoyance.

"I am not your ally. Speak to me like that again and I will kill you."

Odin would then simply take a few steps back, and sit on a nearby rock to witness the rest of the interrogation. He wondered how confident the man would feel if he thought the Lich was on his side, and whether or not the woman would still be able to intimidate him.

#9Priscilla Ivalice 

Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:36 am

Priscilla Ivalice
There was not way she was hiding she was in pain but Priscilla had her reason for at least addressing The lich as she did. But it seemed like Priscilla was hiding how much pain she was in not out of trying to seem super tough or anything, much like it seemed like she was too use to hiding it and she too."Fair enough...That was only because I did not know your name." Priscilla was in huge amount of pain but she seemed to carry on none the less.

The man seem to only just smile as if the lich breaking her hand was entertaining."Sucks when some one else does to you huh?"He seemed to reply in her moment of pain. This would most likely not work in her favor, She was in pain and it only seemed to just slightly fuel a bit of her rage.

With that one working hand she took that sharpen rock and stabbed it into the mains groin."Back to Business where is he." Rage and pain mix together did an interesting thing then again Priscilla missing an eye must have been in this situation before. Pulling down the sharpen rock."HERE OR MAGNOLIA! HE LIVES EITHER HERE OR MAGNOLIA!"
That Smile Priscilla had was gone, easy see way.

Then taking that rock again and plunging it into his right leg."Where here?"Priscilla asked, Where screams of pain where still joyful for her, It no longer showed on her face or in her voice."HE AND HIS SON SHARE A PLACE HERE! IT IS WERE THEY KEEP TRACK OF THEIR BUSINESS."With him still screaming in pain Priscilla got up for the moment and seemed content."Good....Good..."She mentioned with that sharpen rock she would casually walk over and put it down next to him.

"You get to bleed here much like left my sister to suffer and my parents to die..."she mentioned that casually walking over and stabbing him in the eye with that sharpen rock, he was missing one now."I was going to cut your tongue out, But my plans have changed now."The man would  start trying to drag himself away now, It was slow a snail could move faster.

Priscilla would collect her scarf and start badly and horribly start tying it around her broken hand to keep it in place, She was letting him start crawling away most likely just in the moment while she thought about different ways to do something with a broken hand, You could hear Priscilla even put it back in place with a crack. Priscilla knew this would not help her in the slightest with her broken hand. But with the man still screaming her help and crawling away, Priscilla was watching him suffer it was easy to guess that she was while she was tying up her hand.


Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:29 am

Whatever information the woman was here to collect, it apparently superseded a broken hand, which Odin could see considering. She was here for something to do with her family, so probably not something for Odin to get involved. After breaking her hand, he was happy to simply watch the remainder of the interrogation, especially now that the Ivalice woman was clearly pissed.

She was wasting no more time on playing around, instead stabbing the man in the groin with a sharpened rock to get the information he wanted. It was a sloppy tactic, as she didn't even threaten to do it, instead just stabbing him to get the answers through pain. If she was interrogating literally anyone with a stronger will, it likely wouldn't have worked, but with this guy it did. Whoever she was looking for, he was either in Astera or Magnolia, an interesting combination, since they were on the opposite sides of the country. Afterwards Odin watched as she simply left the man to bleed out, apparently not going to kill him herself.

While Odin could appreciate the sentiment of it all, he didn't enjoy a job being left half finished, so he walked over to the man, who could do nothing to escape the Lich. His tears and blood mixed into a beautiful liquid of incoming death, as Odin grabbed him by his collar, and started dragging him to the edge of the cliffs. There was a great diving spot here to be sure, but there was also an area of rocks that one had to be sure to avoid. The begging was amusing, but Odin was death personified, so he simply threw the man over. His screams continued all the way down, before being silenced by a snap and a thud. He would then look over to the woman.

"What now?"

#11Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla seemed to just watching the Lich drag this man over the edge and listened him fall, with in the screams and the loud crack. It seemed to bring nothing but smile a twisted one. Oh the sweet taste of death even if her hands was not the true cause of it, the joy was nonetheless there.

"I dragged that out too long to finish him off."
She mentioned like she was already criticizing herself, But then again other things did happen to shift up the plans she had. So with that after looking over her hand. It was the best she could do for the moment. She wanted to ask if Odin enjoyed that part as much as she did hearing it but for now she did not want to say it, even if rather delighted.

It would be interesting after all the question is. What was next."I will kill the son if he is there, I will kill the father if he is there, I will kill their entire family if I have too." Priscilla just answered the Lich normally and skip for formalities to ensure she had both of her hands working even if it was ingrained in her mind to do so, The voice carried not only determination but also give the moment and what the Lich had learned: Rage, Anger and various other mixed emotions from it.

"Slowly and painfully to add to it since they did not spare mine the same they will not get it either." But she then did mention the other things she had to do, After all the what would this lich need this information for."If they are in Magnolia, They can wait scared or not for me there. I have to get to Era and to get the list of all the rune knights active or inactive. Actual work should take over personal desires for the moment."Opening and closing her hand Priscilla just let out another wince in pain but it had a reason. But Priscilla seemed content with how she tied it up, Could even see Priscilla taking a moment to tie it a bit tighter to be sure.


Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:37 am

As expected, the woman was simply going to take the information she had received and act on it, finding the man responsible and killing both him and his son slowly, to take revenge on how they treated her family. All Odin did was nod at that, since it made the most sense for that to be her next step, but she also stated that she would let them hide in fear if they were in Magnolia. She would get them eventually after turning her attention to Era. That amused Odin, as he remembered doing the exact same thing with a group of holy knights a few months ago, but he didn't say anything as he let her continue.

Apparently there was a list of all rune knights kicking around in Era, likely a census of some description, that she was after. How that tied into the interrogation or her family Odin didn't know, but at this point that was her business, not his.

"Good luck with all that" is all he would say as he began making his way down the cliffside, heading back into Astera's main town.


#13Priscilla Ivalice 

Secrets Between Monsters.(Odin) Empty on Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:05 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Alas the moment was over, Priscilla felt oddly happy and content with this and how it went, Maybe however she still need to consider if that lich was some one who she would ever meet again. But knowing a lich was an interesting thing. But do far maybe it might not be worth it for now not being around him unless she really had a reason.

Since she had no other things to do here, She would have considered a few other things to do. So she would settle for the night over a few grim reapers and bloody mary's as well, Priscilla would use this even drinking time. What tools she would need. What things to bring to allow a person to suffer what all would bring this peaceful vengeance at least for her anyway. Reality there was nothing peaceful about her plans and wish currently. But so far the only thing that would stop her now was if some one tried to arrest her and or stop her from doing so as well. So far she doubted anyone would know her plans too stop her.

She would also eventually get some rest and some one to look into her broken head, She wanted that to be use able again sooner rather then later."Things went better then I ever assumed that would."Sure she was talking to herself, She was alone now after all just left to her thoughts, She did not need much else really beyond this this point, She needed the fit the missing pieces and even if forced they would. Was it sad she talked to herself and often had no one? yes maybe loneliness was a key factor for Priscilla's problems but no one was really around now that would try to rid that loneliness.


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