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Yora Hardrada

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#1Yora Hardrada 

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Yora Hardrada


Name: Yora Hardrada

Age: January 3, X760

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellsinger

Profession: Teacher - Intelligence 2

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Top of left breast

Face: Madame Butterfly - Tenkuu no Crystalia


Height: 6'3''

Weight: 180

Hair: Ginger

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Yora is tall, slender, and shapely. Her long hair hair is usually tied loosely on the right side of her head. Her brown eyes are slightly slanted - a trait from her mother - but her skin is fair like her fathers, and her entrancing, unusually tall stature is gained from him as well.

Yora prefers to wear ladylike attire in an attempt to hide her true nature as a somewhat wild and unpredictable woman trying to be refined. When she lets loose, her hair is untied and tends to get all over the place because of her more active and energetic activities.

Extra: Yora's victorian-esque lady's wear is always accompanied by a parasol (that secretly doubles as her staff).


Personality: On the surface, Yora is a refined, peaceful woman of high-caliber demeanor and willpower. Those who first meet her are met with a warm, inviting smile, and delightful conversation. Like this, Yora is capable of making friends quickly and is often approached for assistance in matters of the academic type due to her knowledge as a scholar and teacher. Yora makes a deliberate effort to practice proper posture, eloquent speech, and social etiquette when in the public eye. The lessons she learned from her mother aid her well in this as her true nature is not easily discovered..... unless certain conditions apply...

When roused from her delightful, graceful facade, Yora is much more aggressive and stubborn. Her appearance tends to get disheveled over time - slowly becoming less ladylike as her hair becomes loose and her clothing gets wrinkled and slides up or down her body in places. Her vocal tones become louder and more aggressive in nature, and her vocabulary becomes very unladylike. It takes some fairly upsetting situations to get Yora to break her almost flawless noblesque personality, but once she gets going, it's hard to calm her down again. Despite these two very different personas, Yora has always enjoyed teaching others. It is one way she can stay connected with her deceased mother - who was also a teacher - and it is also good practice for making "Lady" Yora more "real".


  • Children: Yora adores children immensely. Their adorable innocent frames remind her of the times she spent with her mother as a child.
  • Dogs: Yora enjoys the company of dogs very much. Loyal, reliable, and always on the lookout for a treat or belly rub, the simple pleasures a dog has cheers Yora up and she can't help but want to play with them wherever she may find them.


  • Cats: Yora has a great dislike for cats. Partly, this is because of how nonchalant and uncaring they are, but it is mostly because cats are very good at hiding what it is they really want and how they really are, and this reminds Yora of herself somewhat in a bad way.
  • Know-It-Alls: One of the quickest ways to procure Yora's ire is to claim that you know everything, or at least treat everyone else like you're smarter than them and they're always wrong.
  • Bullies: Yora hates it when someone deliberately treats another poorly for no real reason other than personal gains or maliciousness. Sometimes she is called a bully, but she never criticizes or scolds out of malice. Sure, she gets annoyed, but there's a difference between criticism and just outright meanness.


  • Future Generations: Yora's love for children expands into what drives her to do what she does. She sees the world as a place for future generations to enjoy and take care of, and she would die before she let anyone ruin it. She gains a great deal of joy in directly shaping childrens' lives for the better and enriching their interactions.
  • Family: Yora holds family in great esteem. While she is on good terms with her Icebergian father, it was her Joyan mother that she held the closest bond to. When her mother died, Yora knew that she wanted to be to a child what her mother was to her.


  • Loneliness: Yora fears that she will be alone forever - unloved and unwanted. This is in great part due to her more rambunctious and aggressive side - something she is very self-conscious about.
  • Losing Loved Ones: Losing her mother was already hard enough to deal with. If she lost her father, or any of the children she teaches to any of various means - especially evil - it would destroy her.
  • Heights: Perhaps one of the more adorable weakness she has, Yora becomes a very squealy and unstable girl when near cliff edges or raised platforms with no railings.


Magic Name: Butterfly Light

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: Butterfly Light mixes the peaceful grace of the butterfly with the supportive, yet scouring power of light. Using deliberate, harmonious movements, one can produce enhancing effects for one's allies - providing them with helpful boosts and utility effects. On the other hand, more vigorous, energetic purpose can grant Butterfly Light a more harmful effect - effectively scolding those who have done wrong. The dual personality of Butterfly Light is somewhat unpredictable, but undoubtedly means support or harm based on the situation at hand.


History: Yora was born of an Icebergian father and a Joyan mother. Her father, Jorgen, was an aggressive, loud-mouthed man who knew he was strong and wanted others to know it, too. His "barbaric" demeanor was put to shame around the beautiful Yaya (Yora's mother), however. During a trip around the world he had decided to embark on just because, Jorgen eventually found himself in Joya. His personality and behavior was seena s uncouth by most, of course, but when it came to Yaya, the bear became a dog.

Jorgen did everything he could to win Yaya's affections, but she always refused him. It wasn't until he saved her from a rival of her father's and refused any reward offered to him by her family that Yaya began to consider the possibility that the bear was more noble than wild. It was then that Yaya and Jorgen began properly courting one another.

Some time later, Yora was born to a boisterously proud father and a quiet, refined mother. Yora's early childhood was good enough. Her father often took her on trips he'd take to find game for the family - "It tastes much better if you catch it with your own two hands, you know!" he'd say. At home, Yora's mother would help her with academic studies and Yora came to enjoy reading.

Between wrestling sessions with her father and the other children and lessons in proper manners and etiquette with her mother, Yora became confused about who she was and what she was meant to become in life. She enjoyed most of what she was exposed to, but many cases showed other children calling her mean names like "Roara Yora" because of her tendency to be quickly roused to anger.

Yaya would often find her daughter off alone and crying after being bullied, and the doting mother would comfort Yora and tell the girl how wonderful she was no matter what anyone would say.

When Yaya died to sickness, Yora was devastated. Without Yaya around to keep his wild side under wraps, Jorgen began getting in trouble and he would often drag Yora into it. The father and daughter bonded well enough during this time, but Jorgen eventually woke up to what he was doing to his child's potential future and distanced himself. He told Yora to live her life without him and that, when she was satisfied with who she was, to find him and show him that he hadn't truly ruined her.

Yora understood where her father had come from in saying that. She was indeed quite unpredictable and a lot like him, and this worried her as well. She did not want the memory of her mother to be displeased, and so she set off to see the world for herself before settling in Magnolia as a teacher.

It was there that Yora became aware of the Fairy Tail guild. The life of a guild member spoke to Yora for it meant she could help the world become better, make some interesting friends, learn some interesting skills, and have plenty of stories to tell the kids she taught. The people of the Fairy Tail were an unusual and rambunctious sort, but while Yora hid her wild side as best she could, internally, the excitement of the guild made her feel right at home.

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This character application has been approved.

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