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Stayin' Alive [Victor Garrett]

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With the demon attacks all over the country, the despicable cults have become more than just a nuisance recently. Most of the forces are focused on fighting the demons that the Knights simply do not have the resources to deal with all the cases. Haru decided to put in some overtime to ensure legit incidents do not get buried as false flags amidst this busy chaos. Besides, setting an example was the only way he knew to lead. Yelling down commands was not his style.

So, he walked into the Rune Knight base late at night and began browsing the files. There were many thieving and robbery cases. As much as he hated those, he didn’t want to chase material things. He instead chose a missing person case. He picked up the file and walked out, ready to start the investigation.

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Victor Garrett
The Garrett knew that sooner of later someone would come looking for the Neko he'd taken into his folds. She was remarkably stubborn about keeping up pretences, but he had his own plans up his sleeve. He was designing the perfect circumstance that would force her to either blow her cover, or to engage in things she would find extremely uncomfortable.

Theoretically, she offered all the right answers, but given that she had not made an attempt on his life when he'd offered her a chance, proved that she wasn't truly willing to do whatever it took. He had to admit she made for a rather fun play thing.

However, matters got a tad complicated, when he received intel that a very high ranking Rune Knight had taken the case. A man of such calibre would have to be dealt with, one way or another. Resources were not as abundant in Astera and the Garrett was left to his own devices when it came to finding out more.


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A very worried young male Neko had come complaining to the Knights that his wife had gone missing. The Seated Knight in charge of the case presumed she had run away from him, but had kept his reservations to himself. He had written down the details of the missing lady, promised to do all he can, and shelved the case file along with the rest essentially throwing it into limbo.

Haru wasn’t going to have any of it. He could let go of missing money and valuables; not a living person. It would seem someone else had a similar thought. Haru wasn’t the first one to investigate this case. There was a young Captain who had looked into it, found that the girl was last seen in Astera even though the complaint was registered in Orchidia. And that was not all he found… There was also the supposed claim that the girl vanished after wanting to join Red Hades, which made the captain drop the case.

It may have been too much for the Captain given the circumstance. But not for Haru. Especially if there was a husband waiting to know the truth. Even if she did willingly leave due to her own poor choices, he deserved to know that for certain. Haru knew what it was like to not understand women sometimes and how worrying their choices can be.

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