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A Page in a Diary [Quest]

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You know, a part of Kasim didn't miss this realm as much as he should have. Perhaps it was because he wasn't used to not having all of his powers, or perhaps it's because times are very different from what he's used to. Although the last century felt like nothing to Kasim, apparently the world has been through a shitload of events. Sitting in the office within the halls of Dahlia's cathedral, the Savannan swam through his thoughts. His eyes glued to the wall across from him, he had no idea where to start. "..." Not a sound. "Kasim." The door swung open. The Joyan woman stepped inside of the office but was confused when she saw Kasim's expression. "Kasim?" She asked softly. Her voice was heaven sent, almost mesmerizing. Like magic, her melodic words revived the foreigner.

"Hm?" He turned. The Nephilim's long legs stretched lazily across the desk in front of him. The "book" lay comfortably in his arms, while a cigarette burned with patience between his fingers. "Is everything fine?" Rin asked only slightly concerned. Was had a knack for drama so most of his problems were otherwise "petty" issues that only pampered individuals complain about. "No...woman...everything is not okay..." Kasim gulped. His eyes fell onto the desk underneath him, staring deep into the design of the wooden furniture. "What is it?" A second of silence paused the conversation. "This book...they... they've got everything WRONG!" He complained.

This is exactly what Rin had prepared herself for. Kasim wasn't always this dramatic. In fact, this was a rather new quality. This new world he was being introduced too was doing its damage already. Rin sighed. "Of course it's wrong. These people weren't there to understand why you did what you did." "But this is an entirely different story. They're saying that I became the destroyer because it's what Illumin wanted for me. Fuckin' Idiots...the only reason I became the destroyer is to show the world that Illumin doesn't control me." "Granted. You did, however, destroy hundreds of people and villages for some dramatic reason, right? Like being the evil the world needs." "That's what I've been trying to say, Rin...There is no special reason for what I did. I hate the world, I hate humans, and I was bored!" He shouted frustrated.

It was rather annoying that his "followers" had turned his entire life into a faux story. Kasim wasn't some sort of Hero and he didn't want anyone to think of him that way. His intentions were purely selfish. "Well we can tell them to fix it later. For now, a messenger from Red Hades has given me a quest to give to you. Things are different now, Kasim. This is how people like you and me make money." Kasim sighed. He tried pushing the issues with the "book" aside but it didn't work. The big black book was just calling for a savior. Now wasn't the moment though. Acting as if he had no other option, he stood up and dragged his feet to the door of the office, passing his assistant in the process. "False Rin. That's how people like you make money. After this 'Quest' I need you to send a message to somebody important from Savannah..."



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"I'll show you how to reaalllyy make money." Kasim ended. Even in this day and age, Kasim was such a well renowned being that there was ultimately nothing he couldn't do. It might sound a little too good to be true, but Kasim expected no less. Rin on the other hand was still learning about Kasim. She should feel lucky. This useless female was in a race with herself to prove her worth to Kasim and the Nephilim had been lonely enough to give her the opportunity. "Savannah? Interesting... I didn't think there were any people left in that country for you." The classy lady stepped aside as the celestial of destruction pushed through the door of his office. "You insult me, Rin. Savannah was my territory at one point, of course there's people there for me."

"You never cease to surprise me." The dark haired woman nodded. The yellow envelope was still gripped tight in her hands. The Nephilim slowly took his first steps outside of the office. It'd already been around noon and this was the first time Kasim was seeing daylight. "Nor will I ever." Kasim sighed. "I learned early on that humans will do anything to live, even if it means sacrificing their honor...so, I allowed them to trade me anything else that was worth their life." All of it began to make sense to the assistant. The information that she gathered did detail people making deals with Kasim. "I read about you doing things like that a few years ago. You made deals with people, like the devil. You've done it for the Gowan tribe, the Ebe tribe and thirty-two other clans and families, my personal favorite is the story about the Shadow Foot Clan. "

The Nephilim spun to face Rin, cigarette leaning off his lip held in a smirk. "Ohoho! I knew you had the beauty but I think now I'm starting to see the brains too." He began. "The Shadow Foot Clan is exactly who I need you to write this letter too. By now they're probably well adjusted to the times you know...since I made them filthy fuckin' rich."  Kasim was impressed that his assistant knew that much about him. Rin sighed. "Because you helped them run their slave trade for 12 years. You want to make money by becoming a slaver, Kasim? I'm not sure if you realize it, but this is Fiore. This is only a good idea if you want the order or the council to hunt us down." She stated calmly.

"Don't be a ditz. Have you seen this shithole of a town? It's like people can do whatever the hell they want here, so a slave trade in Dahlia Town it is. Now let's go on this damn 'quest'."


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