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Wild Boar EATOFF (kaiser)

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#1Fujaku Nijiiro 

Wild Boar EATOFF (kaiser) Empty on Fri Jun 28, 2019 7:54 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
The Wild Boar, a pub on the outskirts of the city of Astera. It was a dingy rundown place on the outside. With large over sized horses outside. It was often home to icebergians making trading passages to Astera. It was a unforgiving looking place. But if the rumors of the all you can eat eat off were true, he could stand to win a lot of jewels. He walked into the pub the door swinging open and he was met with a rowdy and rude crowd. He moved quickly to the bar and squeezed between the drinkers. He set down his coin and said he would be taking the wild Boar Challange, the room exploded in uproarious cheers as the bartender told everyone.


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The other day, Kaiser was walking around town on her own to find some interesting things to do. She was running out of things to do since she had been in Astera for a while now. Fortunately for the sorceress, there was a competition at this pub called ‘Wild Boar’ for eating. She was already heading home that day and was tired from exploring, so she decided she would come back for it another day. Today was the day. The fresh ‘Wild Boar Challenge’ poster was still there, just as she had seen it two days ago.

Kaiser entered the pub, not attracting much attention from anyone besides some thirsty males staring at her curvaceous body. Making her way to the bar, she was placed some cash on it right next to a male and took a seat. “I’m here for the challenge, too. Winner takes all, right?” she asked to make sure of the conditions.

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#3Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku turned and looked at the woman. Even though his heart was firmly Sages, he couldn’t lie. She was beautiful in all the classical ways. He smiled at her and spoke to her directly.

”Then I hope the Battle of the Bellies ends in my favor. If its winner takes all.” He didn’t really consider her to much of a challange. He was worried that others might join, the icebergians could possibly hold their own in a battle of foods. Fujaku had heard they had warriors stomuchs, and he did not doubt that looking at their muscular forms. He couldn’t help but feel a little shame that he was not here with sage, he would have loved to take the challenge.


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The pub exploded with roars and cheers for the two competitors. Kaiser wore a proud smirk, almost sure that she was going to win this, despite not knowing the capabilities of her opponent in this case. She was pretty confident in herself, and the male did, too. “Likewise,” she said in response to what he said. The bartender waited for any other contestants who might want to join. Everyone was just cheering for the two of them, it didn’t seem like anyone was up for the challenge right now. The bartender then decided that it was going to be a one on one competition this time.

“Alright, let’s begin!” he announced.

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#5Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
The Bartender got to work, and soon Fujaku was worried with what this would become. He had hopped more people would join, as having to show up a woman would be impolite of him. If he did not handle it carefully he could end up doing more damage to himself then good. But as the Bartender had the chef start to cook and the two contestants take their places at the bar, he began to reconsider what he had to do in order to win. He began to realize that once again, he was in a strange land as strange foods and dishes he would never ever normally eat came out. Things he couldn’t even begin to describe.

He looked at the strange foods and dishes, and gentle swallowed in nervousness.


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Kaiser was quite prepared for the contest. She hadn’t eaten a single grain of rice, or crumb of bread before she got here, and so she was hungry as a starved lion. Since no other contestants showed up, she and the other person had to compete one on one. Which was even better, for Kaiser. Her opponent seemed to get nervous suddenly, according to his facial expressions. The bartender had already made the chef prepare the meals, so the challenge begin soon. While Kaiser was gobbling down the meal in front of her, her opponent didn’t seem to know what a competition meant.

That didn’t mean that Kaiser was going to stop. She ate nonstop like a madwoman down to the last piece  barely leaving any time in between bites for breathing, and only when she was done, she would turn towards her opponent. If he was still eating like he was the first moment the challenge meals were provided, then there was no chance for him to win against Kaiser because the speed and determination was just incomparable. In the case that she had won, and her opponent was still eating when she turned towards him, she would say, “Are you going to finish? I’ll be taking this,” in her Boscan-Joyan accent, as she pointed at the money. Then, she would head out of the bar with the reward money, thinking of ways she was going to spend it.


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