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Custom Creation Review

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Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 04, 2020 8:49 am


Character Name: Alisa Vollan
Discord Name: Naga
Type: Visor (Medium Headgear Medium)

Roll: 82

Rarity: Legendary

Element: None

Effect: It grants the wearer a passive ability to sense their surroundings like a sonar, providing a 3D mapping of the area; while innately detecting those who wield either a dark race (Liches, Zombies, Vampires, Demons or Werewolves) or darkness element magic. Gets a bonus if worn with Hunter only armor.

Lore: This magically enhanced visor can only be worn by hunters, as it has many times in the past. It carries potent magical enhancements to benefit its wearer and protect their head. While intact, it endows the wearer with the knowledge and combat instinct of all the Grand Hunters who previously wore it, allowing one to sense their surroundings with the keen awareness needed to fight sneaky, subtle creatures of the night, regardless of environment or visibility.

Spells: No active spells or abilities, all of its strength is focused on passively boosting the wearer's stats and abilities.

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#27Enoch Vi Britanina 

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Enoch Vi Britanina

Character Name:Enoch VI Britanina
Discord Name:Kareem

Roll: 71-75: Custom Aura: Request a development mod to create a custom aura just for your character.


Weight: N/A


Effect:I have discuss an ability that is suitable for my character. I have decided to make a custom base off Shadows using the guidelines of Death Aura.

The lore for this aura would be something along the lines of making a contract with an evil entity that will grant me this ability.



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Character Name: Fayre Kitai
Discord Name: Fayre
Type: Book

Roll: 98

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: Very Light

Element: Wind

Effect: Up to developer.

Lore: Not tied to Fayre in anyway. He just received it. If a developer would like to create a lore for it, be my guest. I would greatly appreciate one.

Spells: Up to developer. Yes to spells though.

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Character Name: Kailette
Discord Name: Kailette
Type: duel magic

Roll: 91

Rarity: Expensive

Weight: -

Element: Light & Water

Effect: The spells are sparkly that do extra damage by 1 rank! Nature? Nah. Lightening? No thanks. It says nope to their weaknesses. They're strong against Darkness and Earth though (but who uses earth these days). Etc.

Lore: Kailette has been stuck with light for as long as she could remember, having to give up her love for nature. The mysterious person that keeps showing up to see and her realize her depression. So he he boosted her light with the combination with water, her second favorite thing. She enjoys shiny things so he flashed a little sparkles here and there and boom. The mysterious person wanted to make it so she wasn't weak to nature magic wise as that's all he could do. Make her more powerful. Who is this mysterious person? O:

Spells: A spell where she can use the moisture in the air or/and light to turn her body into a womanly water figure making it so things would just go through her if it's physical. Can I summon the moon like in Majora's mask? No? Okay, but I'd like that. If you have any ideas, I'm up for it. I have more, but I don't wanna type them down.

Seriously though, just dm me to talk to me about it cause it'd probably be best.

#30Sage Meilyr 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:48 pm

Sage Meilyr

Character Name: Sage Meilyr

Discord Name: Sage

Type: Relic

Roll: Claiming this from woohoo event

Rarity: Unique

Element: Arcane

Effect: The Defensive Spells of the user changes from Inferior or Normal to Superior, receiving 3 posts cool-down reduction. If the mod seem that it fits id like to throw in some intelligence buff as well.

Lore: This unique item resembles a silver ring with violet streaks on it. It contains ancient arcane power and was found by Sage inside the kamui dimension during the first time he travelled there.


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Character Name: Alisa Vollan
Discord Name: Naga
Type: Will o' wisp (Companion)

Roll: 77

Rarity: Unique

Element: None

Effect: While posessing a host, the spirit can improve it's physical capabilities, but she takes damage alongside the host, and can be forced out of it if she's knocked out. When not posessing a host, she's effectively powerless. However, she has a basic ability to sense her surroundings, which she can share with her host if needed.

Lore: This ghostly creature exists only a playful, translucent spectre, capable of posessing people and objects. Mostly friendly but whimsical, it will cling to people she finds interesting so long as they continue to interest it, to the point of helping people in combat. Keen and attentive, it will often alert its partner to danger, or outright posessing them to steer them away from it. When not posessing a host, they take the form of a shapeless glowing wisp, floating in space.

Spells: She is capable of posessing people and manipulating their bodies in ways that defy gravity. She can control their move, and when they're moving, their momentum. Additionally, she can make the posessed body intangible for a short time, unable to attack or be attacked. Posession is free to use, but costly if the host resists it.


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Character Name: Snowflake
Discord Name: Momo
Type: Companion

Roll: 53

Rarity: Legendary

Element: None

Effect: Through a mutual connection, the owner and the companion will be bonded in perpetuity, in which it allows the companion to communicate telepathically and project its thoughts/visions to the holder.

Lore: I'll leave the story up to the dev, but regarding to appearance, I'd like to have the companion small enough to fit on the character's shoulders (pls have it super cute).


  • Passive: An ability where the companion is able to detect the details of whoever it meets - statistics, rank, mana, bounty, fame/infamy and race.
  • A spell where the companion can leap from one user to another and heal herself or her allies (can only heal one person at a time).
  • A spell where the companion can summon a full body shield for only the owner and itself. (Not sure if this will be allowed)

#33Raquin Storvarg 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:51 pm

Raquin Storvarg

Character Name: Raquin Storvarg
Discord Name: ForeverChakra
Type: Companion

What Concord looks like:

Roll: 75

Element: Arcane

Effect: Through a tight-knit bond, this creature can communicate with handler and those it deems worthy. It posses certain abilities such as camouflage with it's surroundings. It does posses the ability to perform magic such as offensive and supplementary

Lore: Concord is he last of his kind. His egg was found by Raquin's father in the mountains of Iceberg. Realizing what kind of creatures this is, he decided to save it. Raised from a hatchling by Raquin, she taught him everything she knew and how to go into combat.

During their trip to meet up with a rare creature, Concord gotten into a serious battle. In a failed attempt to defend himself, he lost a part of his back right back. It's now scarred over with some bone showing as a reminder of how dangerous their job could be. Thanks to Nessie, she was able to heal him completely, but not able to recovered what was lost.


  • Camouflage: A spell or ability to blend in with his surroundings much like a Chameleon or cuttlefish
  • Spells are up to developer


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