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Custom Creation Review

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Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:49 am


Character Name: Alisa Vollan
Discord Name: Naga
Type: Visor (Medium Headgear Medium)

Roll: 82

Rarity: Legendary

Element: None

Description: A dark, smooth metallic visor with a thin opening across the middle. The opening glows softly when worn over one's eyes. Despite its the thin opening simily limiting the wearer's field of vision, powerful enchantments in the item allow for clear, unimpeded sight. When not in use, the visor can be easily pushed up and worn across the user's forehead.

Effect: It grants the wearer a passive ability to sense their surroundings like a sonar, providing a 3D mapping of the area; while innately detecting those who wield either a dark race (Liches, Zombies, Vampires, Demons or Werewolves) or darkness element magic. It can also see through disguises and invisibility one rank below. Gets a bonus if worn with Hunter only armor.

Lore: Forged for a Grand Hunter of old, Jaeger's Visor can only be worn by Hunters, as it has many times in the past, carrying powerful magical enchantments to benefit its wearer and protect their head. Jaeger was renowned for his legendary prowess in combat, skilled enough to always be one step ahead of ambushers.

Though his visor merely contributed to this ability, it grew stronger with every succeeding hunter who wore it: While intact, it endows the wearer with the combat awareness of all the Grand Hunters who previously wore it, allowing one to clearly see their surroundings with the keen insight needed to fight sneaky, subtle creatures of the night, regardless of environment or visibility.

Spells: No active spells or abilities, all of its strength is focused on passively boosting the wearer's stats and abilities.

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#27Enoch Vi Britanina 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 04, 2020 12:30 pm

Enoch Vi Britanina

Character Name:Enoch VI Britanina
Discord Name:Kareem

Roll: 71-75: Custom Aura: Request a development mod to create a custom aura just for your character.


Weight: N/A


Effect:I have discuss an ability that is suitable for my character. I have decided to make a custom base off Shadows using the guidelines of Death Aura.

The lore for this aura would be something along the lines of making a contract with an evil entity that will grant me this ability.



Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:07 am


Character Name: Fayre Kitai
Discord Name: Fayre
Type: Book

Roll: 98

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: Very Light

Element: Wind

Effect: Up to developer.

Lore: Not tied to Fayre in anyway. He just received it. If a developer would like to create a lore for it, be my guest. I would greatly appreciate one.

Spells: Up to developer. Yes to spells though.

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Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:37 pm


Character Name: Kailette
Discord Name: Kailette
Type: duel magic

Roll: 91

Rarity: Expensive

Weight: -

Element: Light & Water

Effect: The spells are sparkly that do extra damage by 1 rank! Nature? Nah. Lightening? No thanks. It says nope to their weaknesses. They're strong against Darkness and Earth though (but who uses earth these days). Etc.

Lore: Kailette has been stuck with light for as long as she could remember, having to give up her love for nature. The mysterious person that keeps showing up to see and her realize her depression. So he he boosted her light with the combination with water, her second favorite thing. She enjoys shiny things so he flashed a little sparkles here and there and boom. The mysterious person wanted to make it so she wasn't weak to nature magic wise as that's all he could do. Make her more powerful. Who is this mysterious person? O:

Spells: A spell where she can use the moisture in the air or/and light to turn her body into a womanly water figure making it so things would just go through her if it's physical. Can I summon the moon like in Majora's mask? No? Okay, but I'd like that. If you have any ideas, I'm up for it. I have more, but I don't wanna type them down.

Seriously though, just dm me to talk to me about it cause it'd probably be best.

#30Sage Meilyr 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:48 pm

Sage Meilyr

Character Name: Sage Meilyr

Discord Name: Sage

Type: Relic

Roll: Claiming this from woohoo event

Rarity: Unique

Element: Arcane

Effect: The Defensive Spells of the user changes from Inferior or Normal to Superior, receiving 3 posts cool-down reduction. If the mod seem that it fits id like to throw in some intelligence buff as well.

Lore: This unique item resembles a silver ring with violet streaks on it. It contains ancient arcane power and was found by Sage inside the kamui dimension during the first time he travelled there.


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:24 am



Character Name: Alisa Vollan
Discord Name: Naga
Type: Will o' wisp (Companion)

Roll: 77

Rarity: Unique

Element: None

Effect: While posessing a host, the spirit can improve it's physical capabilities, but she takes damage alongside the host, and can be forced out of it if she's knocked out. When not posessing a host, she's effectively powerless. However, she has a basic ability to sense her surroundings, which she can share with her host if needed.

Lore: This ghostly creature exists only a playful, translucent spectre, capable of posessing people and objects. Mostly friendly but whimsical, it will cling to people she finds interesting so long as they continue to interest it, to the point of helping people in combat. Keen and attentive, it will often alert its partner to danger, or outright posessing them to steer them away from it. When not posessing a host, they take the form of a shapeless glowing wisp, floating in space.

Spells: She is capable of posessing people and manipulating their bodies in ways that defy gravity. She can control their move, and when they're moving, their momentum. Additionally, she can make the posessed body intangible for a short time, unable to attack or be attacked. Posession is free to use, but costly if the host resists it.

#32Venus Rosé 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 31, 2020 6:44 am

Venus Rosé

Character Name: Snowflake
Discord Name: Momo
Type: Companion

Roll: 53

Rarity: Legendary

Element: None

Effect: Through a mutual connection, the owner and the companion will be bonded in perpetuity, in which it allows the companion to communicate telepathically and project its thoughts/visions to the holder.

Lore: I'll leave the story up to the dev, but regarding to appearance, I'd like to have the companion small enough to fit on the character's shoulders (pls have it super cute).


  • Passive: An ability where the companion is able to detect the details of whoever it meets - statistics, rank, mana, bounty, fame/infamy and race.
  • A spell where the companion can leap from one user to another and heal herself or her allies (can only heal one person at a time).
  • A spell where the companion can summon a full body shield for only the owner and itself. (Not sure if this will be allowed)

#33Raquin Storvarg 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 31, 2020 3:51 pm

Raquin Storvarg

Character Name: Raquin Storvarg
Discord Name: ForeverChakra
Type: Companion

What Concord looks like:

Roll: 75

Element: Arcane

Effect: Through a tight-knit bond, this creature can communicate with handler and those it deems worthy. It posses certain abilities such as camouflage with it's surroundings. It does posses the ability to perform magic such as offensive and supplementary

Lore: Concord is he last of his kind. His egg was found by Raquin's father in the mountains of Iceberg. Realizing what kind of creatures this is, he decided to save it. Raised from a hatchling by Raquin, she taught him everything she knew and how to go into combat.

During their trip to meet up with a rare creature, Concord gotten into a serious battle. In a failed attempt to defend himself, he lost a part of his back right back. It's now scarred over with some bone showing as a reminder of how dangerous their job could be. Thanks to Nessie, she was able to heal him completely, but not able to recovered what was lost.


  • Camouflage: A spell or ability to blend in with his surroundings much like a Chameleon or cuttlefish
  • Spells are up to developer


#34Sofia Serena 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sun Mar 08, 2020 12:04 pm

Sofia Serena

Character Name: Sofia Serena
Discord Name: Jess
Type: Necklace
Item Name: Nymph’s Necklace

Roll: 41

Rarity: Unique

Element: Water

Effect: The user receives a 2 post cooldown reduction on water spells, and gains an extra 500 Mana while wearing it.

Lore: Said to be made with a sapphire that was part of a dazzling diadem worn by a mystical mistress who some believe was forged for her by a divine source who had become hopelessly infatuated with her, the woman was gifted with potent water magic in addition to almost mythical levels of beauty and allure, and blessed her jewellery with the same talent she had to pass these skills on. Sadly the crown broken through a conflict in centuries past, the gems have seemed to pop up in new items over the long march of years since and gift their wearers with a greater bond with the water element, and though the effect is said to pale in comparison to the full set it never the less blesses them with much more abundant ability to call upon the element of wetness than the average mage.

Spells: N/A


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:40 am


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 AFCA3Fe

Character Name: Nuala
Discord Name: Nuala

Type: Relic

Item Name: Soul Ether

Roll: Tarot Card: Fortune

Rarity: Unique

Element: Arcane


  • + 40 Constitution


  • True Sight: The user can now see through disguise, magical darkness, blinding spells and invisibility spells.

Lore: The Soul Ether is a rare gem that radiates a mysterious glow of magical energy. It it said to have been found on an island far away from the continent, deep within an ancient tomb, where it has been hidden away for many centuries. The Soul Ether is rumoured to grant true sight to those who have one in their possession.

Note: In order to make use of the Soul Ether’s abilities, the user must melt with the Soul Ether and become one with it. Once the Soul Ether has been placed on the chest of the user, their body will absorb the gem and from then on emit a faint, but permanent glow from that very spot, revealing the location of the Soul Ether.

10 Posts Topic Requirement for the Tarot Card: The Inheritance

Last edited by Nuala on Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:25 pm; edited 1 time in total


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:35 pm


Character Name: Revana [Was won on Kailette]

Discord Name: Kari#6947

Type: Custom

Roll: 71

Rarity: Unique

Weight: N/A

Element: None

Effect: Either lets her change her appearance or something that makes it so both Revana and her other 'thought' have a body. It won't be able to fight or do any combat, but instead, people will be able to see her and interact. I'm open to ideas.

Lore: An unknown ancient woman in robes gifted her this as she saw another soul within her. She felt as if she could help another ancient soul (Kuriana who is Revana) so she could be able to interact with things too.


  • Splinter Twin: Once per thread, the user can split themselves into a two bodies. The second body appears next to the user, physically touching them When split, each body gets half of the user's statistics and remaining Mana. Equipment is distributed evenly between the two of them. Once either body is knocked out, it will poof and the effect will be undone and the effects reversed, with the remaining body getting all the leftover power
  • Telepathic Link: When split, the user can communicate telepathically with their other half. This helps them coordinate and can reduce the wordcount for training threads by 20%.


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:50 am


Name: Jin

Slot: Mount

Rarity: Unique

Element: None

Requirements: None


  • The user receives a 30% wordcount reduction on traveling when flying on Jin.
  • Jin has the ability to fly towards locations. The user can travel freely on it towards islands that are no further away than 1500 words (including the discount) without using a ship.
  • Should the user travel with a partner (Max 1), they too can travel on the back of Jin, receiving the same WC discount as the user.

**Note: Claiming the Halloween Mount from my inventory

#38Lucian V. Crimson 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:16 am

Lucian V. Crimson

Character Name: Lucian Vincent Crimson
Discord Name: Lucian/LuciYashi
Type: Relic

Roll:  Fortune Card perfect 50

Element: Non-Elemental

Apex Predator: Spell and Physical damage from the user deals one additional rank of damage to all creatures of the night or abyss. (Demon, Daemons, Voidlings, Vampire, Werewolf, Zombies, Liches)

On the Hunt: The relic notifies the owner of any individual of the dark races by glowing with a soft vibration.

Lore: Lucian received the item as a gift from the Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon as she is one of the gods of that Lucian's parents served as mages when they once were alive. This item further serves to push Lucian towards being the true harbinger to the god of savagery and beast.

Note:The Relic is a silver and lavender glowing crescent moon tattoo that glows in the middle of the back of whoever possess the relic.

#39Kenzo Valens 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Apr 11, 2020 6:02 pm

Kenzo Valens

Character Name: Kenzo Valens

Discord Name: Kenzo

Type: Helmet

Roll: Guild Level 5 Obtained

Item Name: Helm of Ares

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: Heavy

Element: N/A


  • God of War’s Domination: While wearing the Helm of Ares, the user is unaffected by debuffs or buffs from others.

  • Unparalleled Warrior: Once per post, the user is able to manipulate their equipped weapon’s size at will. The weapon changes size at spell speed and can grow as much as the spell range equivalent to the weapon’s rarity.
    I.E. Common Weapon = D-Rank spell, etc...

    (Giving priority to this effect ^)

Lore: According to the legends of Seven, the god of fire and metalworking Hephaestus was tasked by Zeus to build a helmet fit for the greatest of warriors. Using metals that do not exist on this world, Hephaestus worked for 10 straight days and nights at the heart of a volcano to forge the helm.

After presenting it to the King of Gods, Zeus summoned his children to compete for the title of God of War. The fighting was fierce, but Ares prevailed in the end after defeating his opponents. Even if he was given the helmet as a reward, the violent nature of his fight awarded him with nothing but resentment from the rest of Olympus.

Eons went by and the helmet accompanied the god in countless battles. With each passing battlefield, the helmet would absorb the blood of Ares’s enemies and channel his powers through it. It would be said eventually that whoever possessed the helm of Ares would obtain the power of the God of War himself.

After losing the war of Troy, the god swore to get revenge over the rest of the Olympians for humiliating him and siding with the Sevese. It is said in the legends that he gifted his helmet to the man that would eventually become the founder of the country of Bellum, blessing the young nation with the might to conquer all of Earthland one day.

Spells: Yes, if possible


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Apr 18, 2020 4:06 pm


Name: ???

Race: Red Wyvern

Slot: Mount

Quantity: Unlimited

Element: None

Requirements: None


  • The user receives a 50% wordcount reduction on traveling when flying on their Red Wyvern.
  • Red Wyverns do not travel on land, they fly towards locations. The user can travel freely on their Red Wyvern towards islands that are no further away than 2000 words (including the discount) without using a ship.

Custom Donation mount.

#41Kazimir Seiryu 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sun May 03, 2020 12:16 am

Kazimir Seiryu

Character Name: Kazimir Seiryu
Discord Name: Kazimir/Therithian
Type: Companion

Guild: Reaching Level 5 guild perk

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: N/A

Element: Wind

Effect: I'd like the companion to be able to passively  grant me bonuses. I'd like the bonuses to be in the form of magic/physical resistance or spell cooldown. It would also be nice if the companion could merge into my spirit like a soul bond.

Lore: The guild was formed on the image of the phoenix that appeared to the members during their most trying time. It appeared as a beacon of rebirth and rejuvenation and thus the guild was formed. The eternal phoenix is the patron of the guild and stories tell of its watchful eye. But the real secret of the guild is the pact of law made with the eternal phoenix that bestows a companion to serve in the fight for good. The companion is granted to a member of the guild that reaches the highest level. They are granted a pact with the eternal phoenix. The legend says that once a person enters a pact, their soul is weighed and a phoenix is brought to life with part of the essence of the eternal phoenix and the soul of the guild member. As such no two phoenixes are the same, as the companion is as much its own entity as it is an extension of the guild members' spirit.

Spells: Not unless its necesarry.  

#42Ragnar Asgeir 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 06, 2020 6:36 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Name: Juggernaunt

Slot: Mount

Rarity: Unique

Look: See Picture

Element: None

Requirements: None


  • The user receives a 50% wordcount reduction on traveling.
  • Does not fly
  • Does not allow another to travel with it

**Note: Claiming the completetion of the Chariot Tarot


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 21, 2020 7:42 am


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 350?cb=20120308111612

Character Name: Nuala Nazari

Discord Name: Julia 🌙#5262

Type: Necklace

Roll: - (Guild Level 5, Daeva Eye)

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: -

Element: -

Effect: Either Regeneration (similar to Dark Elf, as biological ability, rather than a spell) or both Physical and Magical Resistance please! If something is icky, feel free to hit me up on discord about it.

Lore: Nuala the Thief stole this amulet during one of her ventures into a tomb-sanctuary, back in her home country of Savannah. The necklace is rumored to have belonged to an old and forgotten king, but has never shown any magical properties for the past twenty years. Only recently the Voidling remembered its existence and decided to wear it. It has been blessed by the spirit matron of her guild and gained powerful abilities.

Spells: If applicable, happily.

#44Tomoe Tanaka 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jun 15, 2020 12:56 pm

Tomoe Tanaka

Character Name: Tomoe Tanaka
Discord Name: Pompadourius

Type: Relic - Eye

Roll: - (Guild level 5 - Penumbral Guard)

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: -

Element: -

Effect: An artificial left eye made from lacrima which can be seen out of normally. Anyone looking at the eye will see a constantly shifting wasteland of weaponry on a sunset horizon inside of it. Remains closed until a worthy opponent arrives. Requires Caelum Sword Magic to purchase.

  • Knight's Honor: The power of the eye won't open for unjust reasons. The user's opponent cannot be two ranks or more lower than them. Attempting to utilize the eye's power while against somebody of two ranks lower or more than the user will not only fail, but disable the eye from usage in all topics for 30 days. For the sole purpose of determining if an opponent is "worthy" of the eye's usage, the user may see if a person's rank is sufficient with their other eye and cannot share this information with others through any means. In the case of multiple opponents in a topic, the user may only attack worthy opponents with Caelum swords.

  • Glare: While open, the eye prevents anyone that the user sees from using spells or abilities that nullify via magic or items. This is an ability, and cannot be nulled itself.

  • Caelum Unlimited: While open, the user draws deep into the power of Caelum Sword Magic and unlocks its true potential. For a sustained cost of 10% of the user's maximum mana, the user doubles the amount of swords that can be summoned and controlled via Caelum Sword Magic at their rank.

   Lore: A Joyan swordsman once looked at the world and saw a future worth fighting for. Which future he would fight for remained unknown, yet all the same he would fight - for his friends, his guild and most importantly, for himself. His old left eye lost, it was replaced by this magical lacrima eye of Caelum that would bear witness to countless tragedies.

No matter how much time would pass, the man's victories, defeats and failures would echo through this eye for time immemorial. Whoever wielded the eye's power would find themselves unlocking the true power of Caelum swordsmanship. If one peered into it, they would find a fiery wasteland of forgotten blades within.

Spells: No

If anything needs clarification, fixes or discussion, feel free to contact me on Discord!



Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jun 21, 2020 4:35 pm


Character Name: Alisa
Discord Name: Naga
Type: Ring (Tal Rasha's Wedding Band)

Roll: N/A (Reward from Guild Level 5)

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Arcane

Effect: The ring stores the user's equipment and part of their magic in a pocket dimension. It's indestructible, preventing the user from losing access to their equipment, but cannot be used to defend against attacks: Damage dealt only to the ring is treated as being dealt to the user. The stored magic could be expressed as lowered cooldowns and resistence to mana draining. I thought about these three effects, but feel free to hmu to talk it over~

  • Pocket Dimension: The user can have their equipment stored inside the ring. In topics, the user can summon and equip their items immediately using this effect.
  • Stored power: The user's cooldowns are reduced by 1 post.
  • Mana Well: By drawing upon the well of mana stored in the ring, the user negates Mana Draining effects.

Lore: Tal-Rasha, a powerful mage from Desierto, spent most of his life researching magic. As his search for knowledge constantly took him far and wide, his wife would worry for his safety. In an attempt to ease her concerns, the man crafted a powerful magic that would allow him to not only store and summon his most powerful equipment, but also do the same for a portion of his natural magic power. As a show of love to his wife, the man enchanted his own wedding ring, the one treasure he'd never take off. As the real power lies in the wearer's bond with their significant other, the enchantment applies on the Alisa's own wedding ring.

Spells: A single spell that allows the user to copy and cast a spell from their arsenal. The copied spell has the same power, mana cost and cooldown equivalent to the original spell, but must be cast from the ring. It will add an additional magic circle, showing that the copied spell was cast from the ring.


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:23 pm


Character Name: Caius
Discord Name: Caius
Type: Magic
Roll: 5


1-5: Custom Magic, 2 Extra features: You can request a development mod to make a hand made Magic suitable for your character at your request. You may ignore racial restrictions. Single element. Rolling this option will allow you to add two extra features to your custom magic instead of one.

Rarity: IDK limited magic I guess. Dragon slayer IF possible

Element: Darkness

Effect: Ethereal magic
Double offensive damage, spells go through defensive spells

Lore: nah

Spells: Maybe like a phase through an enemy spell and pay the whole mana cost only once a topic. Another thing could be just phase through physical objects once a topic. Spooky ghost theme

Last edited by Caius on Tue Aug 18, 2020 4:51 pm; edited 1 time in total

#47Venus Rosé 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:52 pm

Venus Rosé

Vali Onfroy has received The Eye Of Kaom.

Finn has received Raiju's Ring.

Alisa Vollan has received Jaeger's Visor.

Enoch has received Shadow Aura.

Fayre has received Aeolex.

Kurisa has received Undine Magic.

Sage has received Charm Of Retribution.

Alisa Vollan has received Will O' Wisp.

Venus Rosé has received Blair.

Raquin Storvarg has received Concord.

Raquin Storvarg has received Concord.

Sofia Serena has received Nymph's Necklace.

Nuala has received Soul Ether.

Raquel has received Samira.

Lucian has received Band Of The Hunt.

Kenzo has received Helmet of Ares.

Steel has received Red Wyvern.

Ragnar has received Juggernaut.

Nuala has received Immortal Queen's Amulet.

Alisa Vollan has received Tal-Rasha's Matrimonial Ring.


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Sat Sep 05, 2020 3:09 pm


Character Name: Esperia
Discord Name: Esperia
Type: light headgear

Roll: Guild Level 5 item from BP

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: Light

Element: Arcane

Dimensional Distortion - Once every three posts, the user is able to negate any attacks hits them by paying double the mana cost for each attack that hit them.

Associated to both the 'world' aura and the mysterious benefactor that is observing Esperia's activities, the idea is that this benefactor manipulated the past to make the headpiece appear in the Blue Pegasus vault that Esperia took in the past, all so she will be a step closer to the future the benefactor desires.


Last edited by Esperia on Mon Nov 16, 2020 5:39 pm; edited 3 times in total


Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Thu Oct 08, 2020 7:49 am


Note: I worked hard editing this so please use it ;A;

Character Name: Kita Masami
Discord Name: Mieryu#4234
Type: Light Armor - Prajna no Haori 般若の羽織

Roll: - (Guild Level 5 in Penumbral Guard)

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: -

Element: Fire(?)

Effect: Feel free to discuss this item with me via Discord's DM!

  • Leftover Flame: Once destroyed, the equipment releases a burst of flame that covers up to 25-meters diameter from the user, disabling all the inflicted people's equipment passive abilities for a turn (or two turns, including the user).

Lore: An ancient Joyan tale tells the story of a monk who had achieved immortality due to his wisdom. It was said that he had mastered all earthy elements except fire, for fire is the symbol of destruction, and he swore to the gods that he will never attempt to control the element and use it for his will. One day, he had successfully purified a woman from an evil demon's possession, which led to the woman becoming the monk's right-hand; eventually, they have fallen in love. The woman, however, instead of having the ability to control elements, had instead the ability of controlling different spirits, and was known to have different female spirits within her.

Each of the female spirits had different levels of affections for the monk. Inevitably, the woman had grown obsessed and jealous, and no amulet or purification is able to dispel her curse, not unless her body is burnt along with the spirits within her. Because the monk had found himself affectionate towards the woman as well, he casted a ritual which used only the essence of flames; destroying the pact with the gods, the purification also burnt the monk, causing him to intertwine with the woman and the female spirits within her.

Because the tale had symbolized the flame of affection, as well as how fire can potentially lead to great destruction, it was appreciated by the Joyan theaters. This outer coat has been worn by all the performers who took the role of the monk of that ancient Joyan tale.


  • Name: Jealousy's Allure
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 200
    Requirements: Hannya no Haori
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Fire(?)
    Range: 20 Meters
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user swings their arm, redirecting all long-range spells in a 20-meter radius cast in the current turn towards the user.

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan) | #B2212E (Halloween)
#50Venus Rosé 

Custom Creation Review - Page 2 Empty on Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:55 am

Venus Rosé

Character Name: Venus Rosé
Discord Name: duh
Type: Medium Headgear

Roll: Guild Level 5 in Daeva Eye

Rarity: Legendary

Weight: -

Element: Arcane


  • The headgear dissolves damage upon contact. Damage applied to the wielder is absorbed into the item and immediately disappears. The wielder must pay the equal amount of mana that costs to deal damage.


  • The item absorbs all incoming damage and redirects it back towards the targeted person or anywhere the wearer wishes. If the damage is higher than the durability of the item, it absorbs and releases the damage before breaking.

Lore: It was once said that the item was owned by a legendary assassin, the best of the best; distinguished and relentless. From small skirmishes to tournaments, the assassin honed his skills until he rose amongst the ranks and was finally noticed by the royals. The man eventually pledged his loyalty to those above him, the formidable kings and queens, killing whoever comes in their path, in hope that he was serving them for a big cause; the kingdom's peace. For centuries, the assassin remained invincible and was never defeated in any battles he faced. Rumors began to spread about the invincible man and how he would come out unscathed facing his enemies, although no one knew who he was. They didn't know how he looked like and his name was merely a random string of letters that people guessed. They began to tell stories about how the assassin was protected by a magical item, so strong and powerful that nothing could break through it.

That was until the legendary assassin was betrayed by his own kingdom that he pledged his entire being to. The tyrant king was heartless and so eager on becoming the most powerful man that he would kill anyone to achieve his goal, even his citizens. By burning them alive, the king wanted to invoke fear in his people so that they would obey him in all circumstances. Shattered was his loyalty to the kingdom and so did the ability of his magical item that protected him. The assassin vowed to murder the king to cease his tyranny and sacrificed himself to have his wish fulfilled. In honor of the assassin, the story is still passed down generations after generations, and the ancient item that was kept away was stolen by a young woman who reminded people of roses.


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