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Conquest Review

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#76Tomoe Tanaka 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:23 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Guild: Penumbral Guard
Location: Marigold
Area: Castle Syllas
Occupied: No

The castle in Marigold town, where the ruling family reside, will likely be one of the hardest locations to sway to your side. While known to be a benevolent and kind family, and just in their rule of Marigold, they are unlikely to bend the knee to any one guild, preferring instead to stay neutral and protect their people as they have done in the past. They are well-liked by the commoners of Marigold and have stayed out of the plots that other nobles have been crafting, thus keeping their neutral stance. All that matters to the Duke of Marigold is his people, and so he must be convinced that you can protect his people in ways that he would not be capable.

#77Joshua Graham 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:44 am

Joshua Graham
Topic: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t53319-liberation-a-fool-s-demise-conquest
Participants: Joshua, Akihiko
-Joshua and Akihiko made their way through the mountain.
-they approched the camp and found they had hostages with bomb collars.
-Akihiko tried to rescue the hostages.
-Joshua used the Hostages as a make shift bomb to take out the Bandit camp without risking him or Akihikos safety.
-Joshua and Akihiko returned to camp.
Reward: 50,000 Jewels, 200 Fame and 5,000 Experience


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Sigmundir Passes has been seized by Sentinel Syndicate.

m a t r i a r c h y

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Topic: Facing The Wyvern

Participants: Jin Tatsumi [Fairy Tail] & Nuala Nazari [Daeva Eye]

Synopsis: Jin Tatsumi was overhearing some of the Magnolian citizens talking about a beast that has been terrorizing them for the past week. He, a Fairy Tail mage, happily offers to be of assistance and is swiftly sent out take care of the situation. Nuala Nazari just so happens to overhear that conversation and quietly stalks the Fairy Tail wizard to see how he would solve this. She had ulterior motives but decided to take her time and solve this in a diplomatic way. Jin discovers the wounded wyvern inside a cave, but is helpless against the powerful beast, since he himself specializes in healing magic.

Nuala saves his ass and after helping the wyvern out of its misery, the Voidling quickly decides to engage in conversation with Jin to tell him about her plans. He seems to dislike the idea of Magnolia being governed by another guild, but doesn't stand up against her either. He simply makes a point in telling her that he would let his GM know and then leaves the scene. Nuala stays back to kill the Wyvern once and for all so she can present proof to the villagers that the beast will not bother them anymore.

Because of this, Nuala is able to convince the citizens of Magnolia that allowing Daeva Eye to expand into their territory is in their best interest and they accept.

Since Fairy Tail has turned away from seizing South Gate Park in Magnolia, Daeva Eye is hereby claiming this location.

Reward: 50,000J, 200 Fame, 5,000 EXP

Conquest Review - Page 4 ABvhZJW

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:09 am


South Gate Park has been seized by Daeva Eye.

m a t r i a r c h y
#81Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Topic: Conquest
Participants: Kazimir Seiryu

  • Kaz was informed by the locals about the poachers in the area.
  • He set out to scout the land and tracked down the birds under question. He kept following them until he found their nests, deeper in the cliffs through a grove of trees.
  • For a few days, he camped out in the wild and waited on the poachers who would be making there move again soon.
  • The poachers arrived and Kaz was alerted by a gunshot and the over the tops of the trees, he saw the bird he was following fall towards the ground
  • He followed the trail to where the bird fell and came upon the four poachers. He announced that the wildlife was now under the protection of the guild and they had to stop their criminal activity. The responded with resistance but after leaving most of them knocked out, the remaining one surrendered and they agreed never to return.
  • Kaz returned with the good news and the people gave their support to the guild, now showing they were an ally to the preservation of wildlife.

Reward: 50,000 jewels, 200 fame, 5,000 experience, Aster Cliffs.


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Astera Cliffs has been seized by Phoenix Feather.

m a t r i a r c h y
#83Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Guild: Phoenix Feather
Location: Port Astera
Area: Astera Pier
Occupied: No

Wildly different to the busy docks of Astera, where ships come in from all over, the pier in the great port city is much calmer, enjoyed by the people of Astera and tourists who just wish to spend their day relaxing. The main ‘rulers’ of this area are the restaurant owners that line the pier, allowing those visiting to sample many of the fresh seafood and other delicacies of Astera. While peaceful to all those who come to visit, they enjoy their current freedom, and are unlikely to relinquish it to anyone, especially due to how little trouble they have to deal with.


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Topic: A Possible Nightmare

Participants: Aegis

Location Marigold Theater

Synopsis: After communicating with the staff and the producer, he was able to figure out when The Apparition was appearing. After working with them and the other staff to put on a fake show, Aegis was able to apprehend the Spectre. After communication however, there was legitimate reason for it being there and its connection to the main actress, being it was her father. After forcing a sit-down and starting an open communication with the producer and head of the theatre, it agreed not to cause major disturbances, and even offered to help if they would let him stay to observe his daughter as she worked towards her dream of acting.

Reward: 50,000 Jewels, 200 Fame, 5,000 EXP

Conquest Review - Page 4 Yaga-f12
Music: Visage- Social- Combat

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Marigold Theater has been seized by Penumbral Guard


Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:15 am


Topic: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t53563-the-old-man-and-the-sea-conquest#459443
Participants: Just Sofia
Synopsis: Sofia heads out onto the sea with Mr Da Costa, the owner of the Sardina Restaurant, looking to capture a Scarlet Swordfish that he has requested as a kind of ‘test’ for her mettle and the trustworthiness of her guild.
Talking between themselves as they wait to get a bite on their fishing rods, the begin to establish a rapport and Sofia realizes the reason for him choosing this challenge; he wanted to see if she had the grit to chase down a rare and difficult to catch creature to show that Blue Pegasus were serious about doing good for the town.
Getting a bite they couldn’t land on their own, Sofia and Mr Da Costa cooperate to reel in a fine example of a scarlet swordfish, completing both the challenge of the man also proving that they work together well, as a first step toward becoming firmer friends in the future.
Reward: 50,000 Jewels, 200 Fame and 5,000 Experience


Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:33 am


Sardina Restaurant has been seized by Blue Pegasus.

#88Venus Rosé 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 4:37 am

Venus Rosé

Topic: Deep Blue [Conquest]
Participants: Venus Rosé

  • Venus paid a visit to Magnolia Baths to discuss their plans with Bella Missandra.
  • Bella and Venus shared drinks inside the hot springs as Bella confessed her discontent with the new power in town.
  • Bella admitted to Venus that she wished to be independent and doesn't wish to be involved with anything the mages do.
  • Venus proposes an idea that would please Bella and they come to a conclusion of an agreement.

Note: Fairy Tail did not enter within 48 hours of making the thread to defend, therefore it is taken over by Daeva Eye.

Reward: 50,000J, 200 Fame, 5,000 EXP & Magnolia Baths


Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Sat Apr 18, 2020 7:33 pm

Topic: Link
Participants: Myself.
Synopsis: Persuaded Hephaestus and his aides to allow his workshop to reside within Sentinel Syndicate's territory. He provides us with his skill and we'll offer protection from monsters, bandits, etc. within the area.
Reward: +50,000 J, +200 Fame, +5,000 XP


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Magnolia Baths has been seized by Daeva Eye.

Hephaestus's Work Shop has been seized by Sentinel Syndicate.

#91Kenzo Valens 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:33 pm

Kenzo Valens
Topic: Here
Participants: Kenzo
  • Arrived at Oakland Church to find out there was a commotion going on outside.
  • Through the "What Lies Beneath" NQs, Kenzo had met the head priest of the church a couple of times before.
  • When he arrived to the place, he noticed that he was rallying the people against Advent World. However, Kenzo had already found out with another priest about the corruption and evil acts of the head. They had gathered evidence without him noticing.
  • Taking advantage of the multitude, the corrupt priest was exposed and destituted from his position.
  • The priest that helped Kenzo was appointed as the new head and the church decided to collaborate with the guild and offer their support.
  • No one was harmed in the act.

Reward: 50,000 J, +200 Fame and 5,000 Exp


Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:19 am


Oakland Church has been seized by Advent World.

Conquest Review - Page 4 ABvhZJW

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:43 am


Guild: Advent World
Location: Baska
Area: City Center
Occupied: No

Baska’s City Center is the life of the town. Here is where the merchants and citizens gather and spend most of their time trading their goods and simply enjoying themselves. Business starts early in the morning at the City Center and in spite of being a fairly small town, the villagers of Baska always keep at an active pace and remain productive throughout the entire week. Ever since the Rune Knights’ disbandment the town folk and especially the merchants have run into many problems however, and with lack of protection from the garrison that used to defend them from trouble, bandits, thieves and groups of plunderers have been a thorn in everyone’s side.

#94Kenzo Valens 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:07 am

Kenzo Valens
Guild: Advent World
Location: Baska
Area: Great Baska Rock
Occupied: No

Baska’s Great Rock is quite the sight, a popular tourist attraction and for many eager travelers the only real reason to visit the small town in first place. Baska's Great Rock is located right next to the houses of the city as it sits on the same hill as the city does. The locals have made it their tradition to host combat tournaments on top of the rock’s flat surface and even turned the place into a small battle arena. While the villagers and merchants of the town care mostly about selling their goods at the fighting events, the attention and respect of the townsfolk can be earned if one were to win their largest tournament, which occurs only four times a year to celebrate the beginning of a new season.


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Topic: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t53605-stalking-the-dark-conquest#463182
Participants: Requiem and Yumi
Someone was killing people in the streets, Requiem used herself as bait as Yumi kept an eye out for the attacker. The man showed up just in time to become a charcoal briquette before he could do anymore damage.
Reward: 50k jewel, 200 fame, 5k experience

My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
Conquest Review - Page 4 Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRheMfjuJy-VF0173Ca6-RfL8AyNymKicC8Qny4h62Hmzr_OiId
#96Venus Rosé 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Wed Apr 29, 2020 2:26 am

Venus Rosé

Magnolia Streets has been seized by Daeva Eye.

#97Xandra Queen 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:56 am

Xandra Queen
Topic: The Fallen [Conquest]
Participants: Xandra Queen

  • Xandra visits the pastor at Kardia Cathedral and voices out the intentions of the guild while promising safety to the citizens.
  • The Pastor decides to test her abilities and asks her to find out about the emergence of an unknown dark cult and get rid of them
  • He instructs her to use negotiations without resorting to violence
  • Xandra asks around about the unknown cult and comes to know about a spreading rumor that individuals whom the church had given up on were being healed magically
  • Pretending to be a woman with a dying husband, she located a small pharmacy where she convinces the pharmacist that she would do anything to save her husband
  • He leads her to the whereabouts of the dark cult
  • The leader of the cult already knows her identity so she drops the act and continues negotiations
  • She manages to convince the cult that Daeva Eye only cares about the people and is not a slave to the church through a suggestion asking the leader to publicly challenge the church to eliminate the rumors surrounding them
  • The cult considers her words and then disappears, stopping their activities in the city
  • Xandra updates the pastor about the situation, claiming that she had bluffed and that they would not follow her word and thus, receives the support of the cathedral

Reward: 50,000J, 200 Fame, 5,000 EXP & Kardia Cathedral

Conquest Review - Page 4 Sig10

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:29 am


Kardia Cathedral has been seized by Daeva Eye.

m a t r i a r c h y

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:51 am


Topic: Inner City
Participants: Kaiser Bo
Synopsis: Kaiser arranged a meeting with the merchants who ran the train station of Magnolia and laid out her plans to improve and maintain the station if her guild were to have it under their control, informing them that that all the other major locations of the city had already been taken over by her guild as well at the point of the meeting, not really in a threatening way. The merchants seemed to be impressed by her plans, and maybe her cup size too, and came to the agreement of handing over control of the station to Daeva Eye.
Reward: Magnolia Station, 50,000J, 200 Fame & 5,000XP

m a t r i a r c h y
#100Kenzo Valens 

Conquest Review - Page 4 Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:21 pm

Kenzo Valens
Magnolia Station has been seized by Daeva Eye.

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