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V. Leviathan's Valor 🔹

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V. Leviathan's Valor 🔹 Empty Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:54 pm


Name: Leviathan's Valor

Slot: Head

Type: Jewel

Class: Legendary

Weight: Light

Quantity: Limited

Element: Water

Durability: 1x S-rank

Description: Looking like the face of a sea dragon, this helm appears as if it was made from some form of glittering, metallic carapace that has been shaped and styled after an epic legendary creature. Featuring fangs and spines, as well as blue webbing to offer a quality that looks like the fins of a marlin, this piece of headgear has the image of something that would hunt in the depths and always find its mark. It is supposedly made from the scales of an actual leviathan.


  • The user must have a Water-type magic.


  • Intelligence: +50


  • Minor Water Resistance: The user receives one rank less damage from Water-type moves.
  • Minor Offensive Water Cooldown: The user receives a one post cooldown on Offensive Water-type spells.
  • Underwater Breathing: The user can breathe underwater.

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