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I Scream Sunday [Ace]

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I Scream Sunday [Ace] Empty on Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:26 am

It was a sunny day in Astera, and the heat was getting too unbearable. It was either too hot or too wet, there was no in between, and today was one of the ‘too hot’ days, because there was no rain. If it wasn’t viewed as inappropriate, Kaiser would’ve gone out into the streets with no clothes on. She couldn’t stay inside her inn room either because it was starting to suffocate her. What could she do on such a disastrous Sunday?

Ice cream. Ice cream was the answer. Well, one of the answers besides milkshakes and other sweet things that she adored. The youthful sorceress had a sweet tooth and since it was so damn hot today, she decided to get ice cream. The streets of Astera were hard to navigate, but since she lived in a well-known inn, she could just tell its name to anyone wherever she ended up getting lost and they would direct you back to it.

Soon, she found a street vendor in the shade of a huge tree in a street corner, an old man ringing a bell to attract customers. Ice cream vendors weren’t hard to come by in the summer. A bunch of kids flocked towards the old man and got themselves ice cream while Kaiser waited for them to leave. Once they did, she approached the vendor and brought out her fake gun immediately after making sure no one was in plain sight anymore.

“Strawberry flavor,” she told the old man with a cold smile. Of course the old man was shocked and didn’t move, until she pointed the gun towards the ice cream boxes. She held the gun at him, carefully watching while also quickly looking around to check if anyone else was in the area.

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I Scream Sunday [Ace] Empty on Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:51 am

Ace Brookes

Ace sauntered aimlessly as his caramel sun-kissed skin bathed under the scorching June sun. He oddly stood out as the only kid with a scowl on his face. The joyous laughter filled the crammed alleyways of Astera with energy. To be completely honest with himself, there was a motive behind his casual stroll. All those kids running around with ice cream in their hands... The sweet toothed mage couldn't help himself.

With his plain white t-shirt glaring under the bright sun, he scanned the area for an ice cream stall. Finally spotting one at a distance under the cool shade of an aging tree. Only one customer stood at the stall. A pale skinned curvaceous lady. Ace wasn't one with a lustful eye, yet keen enough to pay attention to detail. He'd only just turned the corner and all he could see was her back as she interacted with the man. With about fifteen meters between the two of them, the dark skinned mage slowly walked towards the stall, hoping the brown haired gal would be done by the time he'd made up his mind on how many popsicles and cones he was getting.


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The old man just finished scooping her ice cream and shakily handed it to Kaiser when she noticed him look behind her, as if he saw something. She also noted that his line of sight was inclined, meaning that whatever or whoever he was looking at possessed a height that was lower than her shoulder. “Thank you,” she said, subtly putting away the artificial weapon she had held at the old man and turning fully to face the thing that was behind her. Only, it was another kid who was looking for ice cream.

Kaiser wasn’t sure if he saw what had gone down between the old man and herself. Since he came from behind her, it was pretty unlikely that he did. But on the off chance that was the case, Kaiser walked past him, towards a wall and leaned against it, watching them from a distance of about twenty meters, while she tasted her ice cream. It was so cooling, she almost felt like she walked into a refrigerator. At this point, she didn’t mean any harm to either of them. She was just making sure they didn’t either.

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I Scream Sunday [Ace] Empty on Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:39 am

Ace Brookes

The lady turned around and walked past Ace with what looked like a scoop of strawberry ice cream. The young mage walked up to the stall with his oversized afro sticking out well over the counter.

"One banana flavored popsicle and one scoop of caramel on the cone please."

His facial expression definitely not the most pleasant of all his customers today as he paid for the ice cream. Ace noticed that the man seemed pretty nervous as he returned the change. The old man peeked a quick glance every now and then to where the woman stood causing Ace to think that something unusual might've happened. The transaction seemed pretty normal to him. Perhaps the heat was getting to this poor old man. He thanked the stall owner and turned around once more heading to where the girl was standing. Her piercing blue eyes caught his attention as he approached her saying "Would you mind if I tasted some of yours? I'm considering switching out my popsicle."

His intention wasn't to interrogate the woman, but rather start up a conversation to get a general feel of what type of person she was. After all, most people thought of him as a mere fourteen year old kid.


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Kaiser was halfway done with her ice cream when the boy who bought ice cream after her walked towards her. He was much smaller than herself, with an abnormally large afro. She assumed he was much younger as well. Though it was strange that he wasn’t heading elsewhere but towards her, Kaiser remained calm and her facial expression was quite blank. She was just enjoying her ice cream. There wasn’t anyone around either, except for the old man, and the occasional pedestrian. With one eyebrow slightly raised, Kaiser replied to his question.

“Sorry, I don’t share my ice cream with strangers,” she told him. If he was observant enough, he would notice the accent in her voice, though it would be hard for him to tell what accent it was, because it was a mix of Boscan and Joyan, so unless he was pure Boscosi or Joyan yourself, he would have no clue where she was from. The ice cream vendor was looking at them as if he was scared for the boy, but the boy didn’t look the least bit scared to Kaiser.

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I Scream Sunday [Ace] Empty on Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:24 am

Ace Brookes

"So no sharing then, huh..."

Disappointed, the young mage kept eying her ice cream, wondering how it would've tasted. Her accent didn't sound Fiorian, though he couldn't pinpoint where it was from exactly. Out of curiosity, he took his eyes off her ice cream cone for a second as he looked at her.

"You don't sound like you're from around here. Where you from?"

The gas mage's question would've seemed more innocent than anything should the girl not notice the Rune Knight emblem imprinted on his left ear lobe. Had she caught a glimpse of it, she might think Ace was actually interrogating her. However he was genuinely out here enjoying a day off in this gorgeous warm weather.


I Scream Sunday [Ace] Empty on Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:39 am

“No sharing,” she repeated as she bit at her ice cream cone. The boy still lingered for some reason, though he wasn’t bothering Kaiser. She just wondered why he was still standing there, since she had already answered his request. Apparently he was interested in her origin now, and pointed out how she sounded like she wasn’t from around here.

She almost told him the truth. Instead, she gave him a light chuckle and said, “It’s complicated...I don’t want to talk about it.” She finished her ice cream in a haste, keeping up with the act of ‘I don’t want to talk about it’. The reason she took that path was because she spotted the Rune Knight symbol on his ear. She wasn’t very fond of the Rune Knights. “Excuse me, but I have to go now,” she said. Licking the tips of her fingers, she started walking away.


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