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Ayumu Suitchi

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#1Ayumu Suitchi 

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Ayumu Suitchi


Name: Ayumu Suitchi

Age: 18, born 01/01/x769

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Debatable

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The Spellsinger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank


Mode: Normal

Tattoo: The guild tattoo rests on their upper left arm. It is purple.

Face: Haruka Tenou - Sailor Moon Crystal


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 150lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Overall: Ayumu boasts  a very fair tone skin. Their form is slender, but boasts masculine broad shoulders, and hands and feet that are a tad larger than expected at their height. Their eyes are a not quite seafoam green and they have short, but well kept blonde hair that is quite thick. Both of their ears are pierced, and their features over all are softly defined.

When it comes to how they're dressed it depends on the day. Ayumu doesn't particularly have a preference when it comes to clothing. Boasting a more feminine form, they can easily wear a dress as they could a suit or other male's clothing.

Regardless of how dressed, Ayumu often paints their nails and appears overall well kept.

Extra: Both of ayumu's ears are pierced and they also have a burn scar on their lower left hip.


Personality: Ayumu can be a bit of a child at times, very consistently wanting what they want and pouting if they don't get it. They're empathetic, but often approach empathy with more of a problem solving, "Let me try to help you" kind of attitude. In the regard of helping others, Ayumu can be quite assertive, reliable, honest, and straight forward. By no means will Ayumu hold back their opinion or "tread lightly" on certain topics of conversation. This can often be a fault with Ayumu, as perhaps too much of their honesty can be viewed as offensive.

When it comes to socializing in groups, Ayumu is a touch more introverted than what would be expected, though not to be mistaken for a push-over, or someone who is embarrassed to be themselves. They often exude an aura of confidence, so much so that one could assume they're full of themselves, but upon closer inspection, one would realize that failure is perhaps Ayumu's greatest fear in all aspects.

When it comes to one on one time with Ayumu, they will often lend an ear if one is needed; but, be prepared for harsh honesty, active listening, and an attempt at consolation as well as trying to find solutions for anything brought forth regardless of how small, or how inconvenient.

Ayumu treats their enemies better than most would, though at a distance more often than not. They are by no means the type to pursue killing someone, or destroying something that someone has real faith in.

Ayumu holds and cherishes one thing above all else and that is love. They are a champion for love and passion whether it is love of a person or a thing. They do not currently love someone specific, nor do they particularly wish to, but who doesn't want to find their happy fairy tale ending?

Despite not wishing for love, Ayumu can often be over the top and flirtatious. They are often quick to tease or joke around, but that doesn't mean they lack the ability to tell when seriousness is necessary.


  • Spicy Food: Spicy food reminds Ayumu of their mother.
  • Company: Despite being a bit reserved, Ayumu definitely prefers the company of others.
  • The Evening: Ayumu's most enjoyed time of day is the evening just shy of night.


  • Other hard headed people who want their way: There can only be one supreme.
  • Humidity: Ayumu does not appreciate their hair becoming a mess.
  • Strict Guidelines: Rules are boring. Rules are restricting. Rules are meant to be broken.


  • Keeping Love in the World: Love is gorgeous to Ayumu and they will do what they can to ensure the world hosts it, encourages it, and helps it grow.

  • Having the freedom to do as they please: Ayumu just really doesn't enjoy being told what to do and how to do it.


  • Failure: Failure is unacceptable to Ayumu.
  • Being Outcasted: Ayumu is very well aware that their different than most people so with that rests a slight fear of being outcasted and never accepted.
  • Dying Alone: A champion of love would hope to one day be courted and carried off. Ayumu fears maybe they'll never be.


Magic Name: No Kiss? No love! Super Passionate Ultimate Support Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Utilizing this magic, the user can support and apply buffs to others. This magic is affected by how the user feels about the person they are buffing. A  weakness of this magic is that it requires direct contact with the other person to apply these spells. When it comes to Ayumu, this is often theatrical, dramatic, and involves a kiss. Specifically a peck to the cheek or forehead generally. This magic also often requires a chant in preparation.


History: Ayumu was born a male. His mother was a beautiful woman. Blonde, fair skin, blue eyes, while his father was a large brute of a man tan from the work out he did with darker hair and green eyes. Ayumu was an only child, and as long as he did what he was told, got what he wanted.

Ayumu was taught manners by mother, and work ethic by father. Prim and proper at the table. Well kept no matter where you were or what you were doing. Father insisted hard work was the most important. Work until you can't anymore. If you see something, own it.

For years Ayumu was raised to work hard, to be proper, to do what others wouldn't. To own it if you saw it. Ayumu tried. Tried so hard to be both the prim and proper and the hard working and relentless. Soon, the boy came to a realization that as just a boy, it was much more difficult, no, maybe even impossible to do both. Ayumu was failing. He was okay in the eyes of his mother, okay in the eyes of his father; but this wasn't good enough.

Perhaps out of nothing else but drive, Ayumu began to change. Prim and proper, constantly doing what others wouldn't, both of these became scornful to him. His mother was trying to raise a girl which he simply at that time wasn't. His father wanted a brute no different from himself, which he never would be.

At the age of thirteen, Ayumu made the decision that he would no longer identify as just a male. He no longer wanted to live just as prim and proper, nor just as rough and rowdy as his father. Ayumu wanted to do something that was just... him. At this point, Ayumu secluded himself from his parents as much as possible.

He worked hard, he kept this, but soon came to realize that at times, it was okay to rely on others. He in turn taught himself that he didn't have to be one side of a coin, as the coin itself was a whole. The more he grew to display traits taught by both his mother and his father, the more his parents disapproved.

At this point, he chose to leave home and forget about his parents. He had failed them to some extent, never being exactly what either wanted. He chose to instead, embrace something different. Ayumu began to travel the world doing whatever odd jobs he could get his hands on. He did jobs meant for males, and females. His looks helped him in that regard.

He became just as quick to adorn a waitress uniform, as he would bus boy clothes. Ayumu swore he would never again let someone feel the way he did. He took to doing whatever he wanted. Soon he, became they. Choosing not to identify as female or male.

To support others. That was the ultimate goal. It was in realizing this that the magic came into fruition.

Reference: I've been here for awhile, off of working 50 hour weeks again so I figured I'd just come back to RP.

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While we respect all gender identities here on the site you are required to pick either female or male as gender is occasionally an influencer and/or a requirement for events, missions, and equipment. Add a color to your tattoo and the weight of your character. Remove this from your magic: Someone they dislike will only receive half of the usual strength of buffs.

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Ayumu Suitchi
The requested changes have been made.

Ayumu Suitchi 1fizc7

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Add a color to your tattoo and then you're good to go.

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Ayumu Suitchi
Finished. Sorry forgot that was a thing.

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This character application has been approved.

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