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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest][Alesia]

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Alesia flipped one of her twin tails behind her as she approached the local quest board, if she was going to be in Baska for a while she should at least try and make some money. The problem was that there were dozens of requests on the board and that made things hard to choose, but then something caught her eye, a gaudy pink sheet of paper with a request on it. Normally the scarlet haired girl would ignore something so flamboyant as a possible waste of her time, but this one was just so slightly different. The name at the bottom was what would be able to change her mind Fernando Milano was a name she had heard before, it was her sister’s favorite designer, basically every dress she ever got for herself was from his little shop in Baska. She wanted to put it back on the board, to walk away and not bother herself with this obviously flamboyant person, but if he needed help then it would indirectly benefit her sister something to write home about.

She sighed as she started walking to the boutique, something told her she was going to end up regretting this decision. The boutique was quaint but inside she could see mannequins with designs on them and thought about turning back, she was clearly going to be uncomfortable around him. She turned around when the door swung open to reveal Fernando.


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”And what is this! A lovely young woman outside the door to my humble shop, and in my hour of need! I’m so sorry young miss but my fall collection is not yet finished.” Well he had spotted her, she would need to clear up his misunderstanding though, or else he might still think she was trying to shop there.

”Ah, no that’s not- I mean I came here because of the request I wan’t-.” She stumbled over what she was trying to say for a moment but that just gave him the opportunity to sweep him up with his enthusiasm.

”Oh! Of course my request, I’m so very busy I almost forgot! You’re hired allow me to show you what I’m after.” He didn’t leave her time to protest as she was dragged back into the store. ”You see I need more fabrics to create my fabulous designs! Not just any will do, no, no, no I require only the best for my newest collection. Here I’ll show you. He pulled a bit of fabric from his work station and handed it to her, and having figured it would just be easier to do the job at this point she took it without saying anything. It was surely of higher quality, an amazing and surprisingly durable fabric, if his designs weren’t so over the top it’s exactly what she would want for her own clothing. He went through a few more fabric samples before he was done.


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”Oh! Where are my manners, I’ve forgotten to ask your name so I can find you later. Please will you let me know before I give you the money for the fabrics.” It was a reasonable enough request, even if she didn’t necessarily want him to find her after the job was over.

”Call me Alesia, I’m in the Lamia Scale guild” She held her hand out to shake and he clasped both of his around her small one and shook vigorously while thanking her for taking the job. He grabbed a large sack of Jewels and dropped it in her hands before shooing her out of the store and towards the flea market. It didn’t take a long while of walking to find it either as the stretch of street that was currently filled with people was already bustling with activity. She waded into the crowd on the most direct route to what she was looking for, fabric merchants weren’t the most common booth but the first few were just cheap knock offs, she could tell by the feel of them if not by the looks. As a matter of fact there were few fabrics she found at each of the stalls that were actually worth their price, although she did find one or two bolts of cloth that had the quality she was looking for. It was taking a while though and she barely made a dent in the coin pouch, she would need to find a very high quality merchant to get the rest of the fabric she wanted.


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As luck would have it though, that was exactly what she found, off in an almost hidden corner of the marketplace there was a small cart manned by an old man. He had many things besides fabric of course, odd bits and bobbles, but the thing that drew her closer to him was the golden silk near the back of his inventory. When she got closer she could see different types he had, all in fall colors. She shook her head, they might look nice but how high quality could they be coming from a stall like this. ”Hey mister, can I see those fabrics you got back there.” The old man silently smiled and gently handed her the golden cloth. It was light, incredibly so and smooth almost smoother than any silk she had ever touched. She looked up to ask him about it but he anticipated her question.

”Spider silk, collected from giant spiders and dyed various colors it’s light yet durable and it’s beauty is hard to match. Most would shy away but you seem even more interested.” She nodded to him, this actually was basically what she was looking for in the first place. The fabric was not only high quality but durable and amazing looking.

”I’ll take them, ah as much as I can get in different colors please” And with that she was walking back down the street with over a dozen rolls of cloth towards the boutique. There were a few close calls where she nearly dropped one of them but she managed to make it all the way back without losing anything. Finally dropping the fabrics off with Fernando he enthusiastically shook her hand and paid her for her work. At least she could tell June that she had helped her favorite designer.

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