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Akasuki Aoiwen

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Name: Akasuki Aoiwen

Age: June 27th X771

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hierophant

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left thigh (white)

Face: Azura – Fire Emblem Fates


Height: 5’5”

Weight: 113  lbs

Hair: Light blue

Eyes: Hazel

Overall: An obviously slender build, Akasuki is a pale mage who holds herself with a sense of pride that is easily displayed in her posture. With long light blue hair that trails down her back, Akasuki embodies the imagery one might associate with a princess or noble. With that prideful posture, despite her short height, it can almost appear as though Akasuki is looking down on others, with hazel eyes seeming to gaze endlessly. In terms of attire, she is often in dancer’s garments, of silk and cloth, embracing a theme of white and cyan with faux gold circlets and trinkets to act as decoration. Furthermore, she writes with her left hand.

Extra: N/A


Personality: The foremost word that one could use to describe Akasuki would be adventurous. Due to living a rather sheltered life in her youth, Akasuki finds every aspect of life a new world to discover, excited at the prospect of travelling and viewing all the good things the world has to offer her. This also tends to lead to Akasuki purposefully going out of her way to follow her curiosity, and act upon whims others may consider too childish. This adventurous longing causes her to get into trouble quite frequently, as Akasuki loses track of where she goes and has a history of getting lost while following her whimsy.

A further aspect that many can note about Akasuki, and one that she herself struggles with, is the academic. This is not to say that she is unintelligent, and in fact it is far from the fact. However, due to her upbringing, Akasuki is known to avoid shows of intelligence when she can, considering it a killer of freedom and a restrictor of experience. Indeed, freedom is one of the most important things in life according to Akasuki. To be able to go about, find new things, and discover who she is – or who she could be – these opportunities came about after finding new freedom. To her, freedom is the ability to find and discover, the ability to express passions. And any abuse of that is, in her mind, no longer freedom.

Akasuki often ends up caught in the moment, tending to go with the emotional theme of whatever is happening. If someone is sad, she can end up feeling sad and teary herself. The only exception is anger, an emotion that actually causes the empathic songstress to grow distressed, uncomfortable, and sad. This isn’t to say she can’t be angry, only that other people’s anger frightens her. Indeed, when she herself is angry, Akasuki grows more quiet and reserved, refusing to acknowledge whoever had recently angered her except perhaps to sing in frustration.


  • Songs: As one could likely guess from her style of magic, Akasuki quite enjoys music. To her, the sound of song, lyrics, or even just instruments is akin to a reminder of life and the amount of fun it could be.
  • Animals: Overall, Akasuki really likes life, enjoying animals and nature in general. Specifically, she’s shown an exceptional fondness of birds and sea creatures, yet in general she’s fairly in love with animals.
  • Adventure: As can be noted from her demeanour, exploration is a massive passion for Akasuki. To her, the world is such a vast place, and there’s no knowing what tomorrow will bring. To her, this is exciting, thrilling, and discovering what comes next could not be more enjoyable.


  • Cruelty: Whether to people or animals, Akasuki cannot comprehend acts of malice or those done to the detriment of others purposefully. Nothing gets her more passionately upset than an abuse of power, or just general misdemeanour against another living thing.
  • Confinement: Being locked away, shut away, ignored. These are things that remind Akasuki of her childhood, and cause her to feel lonely. As one can imagine, this isn’t something she likes to feel.


  • Adventure: There’s no question about it. To Akasuki, adventuring the world, exploring, and filling life with wonder. These are important to her, and to her, this is a motivation that can keep her going, with an endless realm of possibilities to see.
  • Help: Akasuki loves to help others, wanting to make sure as many people as possible live a good life. Everyone should have the chance to explore the world, and the first step to that is to ensure everyone is safe and well.


  • Arachnids: Spiders, tarantulas, and daddy long legs (crane flies). These are things that freak Akasuki out. She doesn’t know what it is about them, it’s just… They’re so terrifying and horrible.
  • Abandonment: Two may be a crowd, but one is an isolation. Being left alone, discarded. The idea of not being wanted, or cared about. It’s chilling. A fear like arachnophobia can be worked over, pushed through, but, a fear of being abandoned? There is no surpassing it or overcoming it. It is far too suffocating.


Akasuki Aoiwen Tumblr_p0qp470JFH1we6z1vo2_500

Magic Name:  Song of the Sea

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: By chanting and singing, the user causes water to move, most often in a gentle manner reminiscent of light droplets and puddles. Due to the slow, soft nature of the magic, as well as the audible cues, it is rarely used offensively. The water is akin to crystal in colour and shimmer, and unless otherwise specified disappears almost immediately after the song is finished. Despite her hands not being necessarily required, several of these songs also require hand gestures in order to function. If Akasuki cannot sing, then she cannot perform this magic, due to the verbal nature of its casting.

This magic can be used to heal primarily, yet also works to buff allies and defend. It's offensive uses are greatly limited.


History: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…
Born to Maria Cavalcada and Tomomi Aoiwen, Akasuki was set up for what would be in theory, a prosperous life. After all, her mother was a successful poet, and her father a minor noble with a wealth of his own. Yet all who walk the path of whimsy do so in defiance of their roots. And Akasuki is no exception.

Shortly after giving birth to her, Akasuki’s mother passed away. This left Tomomi Aoiwen as the only one left to raise her. Yet he himself was not good at parenting, having no experience at it. So, he didn’t. Instead, Akasuki was left in the care of the servants of the manor, people that were in no way qualified nor interested in caring for her. So, generally, they didn’t. When she was old enough to, they made her do things for herself, and rather than allowing her to explore hobbies, the young girl was shown the library, taught how to read, and then left to it.

This led to a lonely girl without a friend in the world beyond her books. She grew knowledgeable, yet knew nothing. Mathematics, algebra? Such were a pass time. Yet what drew her in the most were fantasy tales. The novels of the princess being rescued, the sailor exploring new lands. She was the princess. Yet no prince would come to save her. She’d waited too long… She knew that fact.

Perhaps she’d have resigned herself to such a sorrowful fate, were it not for a discovery she found one day while reading through a book on history; writings scribbled on a separate sheet of paper. Beneath her breath, Akasuki recited these words to herself. Poetry.

You, the queen of your dreams.
You may only see what you believe.
Through thick, thin,
Water or blood.
Allow thy heart to sing.
- Maria Cavalcada

Such words tore at Akasuki, reminding her of the mother she never knew. The one her father mentioned once, on one of his fleeting visits where he just happened to be picking up a book. Her mother was a poet. A poet of her heart.

While in a bath one morning, Akasuki decided to follow her mother’s last and only advice. She sang. And as she sang, the water ebbed, and flowed. The air itself felt lighter to her, her heart less heavy. It was as though she received a hug for the first time, and as if the world wasn’t quite so dark.

So, she steeled her determination. Packing a nearby bag one of the servants had used to carry potatoes, Akasuki gathered what she deemed she’d need: some of the coin her father had left her as pocket money, some books that she figured would be useful, spare clothes, and most importantly of all, her mother’s poem. Leaving behind a note to her father and the servants, Akasuki left, a wayward vagabond that roamed for a couple of days before finding herself at her future home; the wizard’s guild of Lamia Scale.

Reference: Sofia


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This character application has been approved.

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