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Alesia Charmante

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Name: Alesia Charmante

Age: 21 May 13th, X766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian, Jorge

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian, Kari

Class: Berserker

Race: Half-Dwarf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Upper left thigh

Face: Solar - Gonna be the Twin-tail


Height: 1.4 meters

Weight: 60 kg

Hair: Crimson


Overall:Alesia is a short young lady with straight hair traveling down to her mid back. Her build appears to be slim with light muscle definition throughout and an above average bust. She keeps her hair in twin tails held up in little white ribbons. Her eyes are wide and expressive and her nose is small as well as an overall softness to her face. She’s got a light tan over most of her body as she wears as little as she can get away with most of the time but her natural skin tone is very fair. Alesia also tends not to wear shoes at all although her nails on both her hands and feet are well taken care of.

Extra: She has ear and belly button piercings and a light scar in the middle of her right hand as if a very large nail had been driven through it.


Personality: Alesia is straightforward and stubborn in the most basic description of her. She doesn’t like to waste time doing something pointless, or rather she gets bored easily, so she tries to find something that she can put her all in or at least have fun. She makes decisions about things rather quickly but then sticks with them obstinately making it difficult to change her mind or redirect her. She has a distaste for being told what she can and can’t do, to an extent making her act rebelliously or just grumble about it if she can’t do anything about it. Alesia pretends to have little love for grand opulence and would much rather something function than look good but she is always concerned with how things look.

Despite these things she is genuinely caring to those around her, she can form bonds with guildmates easily and doesn’t want to see them hurt. Her mood in battle though, and towards those she’s fighting is fairly ruthless, she would much rather end fights quickly as she falls deeper out of her senses the longer she fights. She has a hard time admitting her own fault though, and will become embarrassed or regretful about her berserker rage depending on what happened. Although outside of the context of it just happening she’s bound to deny that she ever loses control of herself.


  • Simplicity: Despite a general appreciation for aesthetics Alecia prefers something that is simple yet beautiful.
  • Combat: She likes losing herself in the sensation of fighting, even if she’s not willing to admit that to most others.
  • Nature: Alecia finds herself more comfortable in outdoor settings, she likes to sunbathe.


  • Large crowds: Too many people too close together.
  • Undeserved Authority: Anyone that thinks they can tell her what to do without her respecting them first

  • Needless complexity: Something about wasting time to make some more complex things when something simple could have accomplished the same goal easier.


  • Independance: Alesia adventures to prove to herself and others that she can handle herself. She wants to be able to handle things on her own and for others not to treat her like she’s incapable.

  • Protection: Farther than herself Alesia wants to be someone that can defend others. She would gladly take harm to herself if she could save someone else from it.


  • Clostrofobia: It’s mild but being trapped in a tiny room or otherwise closed in some way will make her start freaking out.
  • Powerlessness: She’s afraid that when the time comes, she wouldn’t be able to protect others from whatever may be, an enemy or even herself.


Magic Name: Boost Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: This magic is used to enhance physical capabilities such as gaining strength above and beyond what would normally be possible for her or boosts in speed to catch swift opponents or even enhance endurance to fight longer. Her magic typically flows through her internally so when the runes appear they seem to wash over her when the effects are applied. Unfortunately the Boost magic she possesses can't extend to others either due to it's nature or Alesia's own mentality. When Boost magic is active there are very slight physical changes denoting it's use such as slight increases to muscle mass, or a mild shine letting others know the magic is active.


History: Alecia’s early memories are from an orphanage, a terrible place as she remembers it. She has always been somewhat small for her age and previously was pretty easy to bully, she didn’t care much for herself to stand up to them at least. Nobody did anything about it, nobody seemed to care at least until she made a friend. It was a new girl she was so kind, it really changed something for the small girl. Her childhood friend is the one that liked her hair up as it was, but when the bullies decided that they would step between them Alecia tried to fight back for the first time. It didn’t go well for her as she was quite easily beaten and they locked her inside of a closet.

She was so young all she could think to do was bang on the door and look out the key hole to watch them beat up on the new girl. She couldn’t do anything, but she desperately wanted to screaming and banging on the door until something changed. She used magic for the first time nothing flashy as such but even her small hands broke the door out, this was the first time she lost control of herself and when she woke up again the only one standing was her friend. All of this was around the age of six or seven.

Her friend’s name was June and soon her sister too, she wasn’t bullied anymore and when they were ten they were adopted together, it had been years since Alesia had a tantrum but the wealthy parents were still sceptical considering what they had been told about her but June didn’t want to leave without Alesia to protect her. Alesia herself didn’t get on with all the pomp and circumstance of the rich family she was supposed to be joining, she was supposed to learn swordsmanship but she was much too wild for it.

By the time she was fifteen her adoptive father was very much trying to rein her in, or at least kick her out so she wouldn’t embarrass him by not being a ‘proper’ daughter like June. This is where she got her hand scar from, playing by her rules he basically challenged her to a dual where if she lost she would need to act more ladylike. His chosen weapon the rapier, and the fight ended when in a berserker fit she stabbed herself through the hand to catch it and then knock him to the ground. She broke three of his ribs and honestly felt bad about the whole situation, but either way the rage she displayed frightened him and she was forced to leave the estate. Needing money she decided to join a guild, somewhere that she could figure out how to start honing her magic power.

Reference: Zoey

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Remove this from the personality: (200 Words), add another motivation and expand upon your magic otherwise you're ready to go


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This character application has been approved.

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