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Medicare (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)

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Medicare (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)  Empty Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:33 pm

Today seems quite heavier than usual; I practically had to drag myself to do my dailies. I’d rather stay but I should instead go out, who knows maybe I might be surprised. I decided to visit the Baska’s farmlands and enjoy a bit of fresh air. It was really suiting and relaxing with those open field and the regular breezes that usually hit the area. I think my spot was the best one yet! I stood up on a slightly tall hill, surrounded by yellow flowers that danced to the rhythm of the wind. Everything seemed so peaceful I could’ve stayed there all day long. But bad things happen when I’m alone… The day seemed to get darker and darker. My mind begins to spiral in thoughts that come without control and memories force me to places I’ve gotten out of before. Kids playing together and innocent laughs reach my ears next to images of people I used to know. These memories used to be warm, now they are cold and distant. I miss them and their loss became holes in my chest. Silly me! Unconsciously calls to them. I should know better than to isolate myself. But loneliness is something I’ll have to get used to eventually. This pain is like a cold friend that will never leave but instead stays as a reminder of my own mortality. But I am scared that it will always be cold it’ll always be winter. –When will the warmth come… where is my sunny day...?

WC: 253


Medicare (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)  Empty Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:43 pm

I returned back to Baska’s town square and find myself surrounded by people. There are many kinds of people and most take for granted each other, but I guess that’s how we are. Little by little I begin to appreciate life and question its meaning. It doesn’t make sense to make a connection at first but slowly I remember the good things it brought, besides pain. —I won’t regret ever meeting you guys, not even if it makes the pain go away. I rather it hurts so I never forget…  A strange man startles me and takes me away from my own mind. He quickly begins to examine me –Hmm I see… It’s alright… it could be better… You will do! He places a stick down my throat without question. I, of course, am pretty much weird out. I struggle to talk at all with him strangely examining my mouth and all, but I still manage to get some words out. —Ss...sr! wha awe u oing?
—Oh dear, you struggle to speak but do not fear I have just the thing. He takes out his stick from my mouth and instead begins to search through his things. I exhale in relief and once again try to talk to the stranger. —Sr. sorry but I don’t have a problem, but might I ask why it is you were examining me at all? —Oh I’m so sorry! My manners have slipped from me. He warmly extends an arm –I am Doctor Gerard, and I seek your help.

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Medicare (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)  Empty Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:55 pm

It’s a really weird way of asking someone for help, but I’ll bite. —Alright, Doc! So what seems to be the problem? The doctor seemed surprised I was interested. He smiled and professionally explained to me what was going on. I learned that for some reason, the hospital has started to become much busier than usual, with everyone seeming to suffer from a strange illness. The Doctor is too busy trying to find a solution to this new infection, to the extent that he doesn't have time to deliver medicine to those who have ordered some. He heard of me from Fernando and thought I could help. So he looked for me and now needs me to deliver some medicine to people who so desperately need it. —You can trust me Doc! I’ll make sure they arrive at their destination. I leave alongside the doctor with a smile and an eagerness to help. The Doc went out of his way and put important work on hold just to find help. I will get these medicines to their respective owners no matter what! Failure is not an option. First I had to pick the medicine in his office, they are carefully labeled so it shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish one from the other. Once we arrived he explains to me how each bag is for two different patients that ordered their prescriptions for today. He gave me their location, now all I had to do is just deliver them. And I did, happily.

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Medicare (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)  Empty Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:01 am

The first client was an old lady whom I found playing with her grandchild. They seem so happy, but after the kid leaves inside the house, the lady’s pain becomes visible. I don’t think it’s a pain that these medicines could ever heal. Her cold expressions are familiar, she is lost in her thoughts but still, she finds a reason to smile. Just passed the cold there’s warmth she gives out. She’s strong and wiser than I’ll ever be, or at least she seemed that way. I approach her with caution just not to startle her. I reach for one of the bags and kindly offered to help her carry it inside. She prepared me some tea to reward me even though I insisted there was no need; she was quite stubborn about it. We sit together and drink –They never leave do they… I was confused as to what she was referring too, but deep down I think I knew. —Their memories hunt us, but also bring certain… comfort. Where they used to be, there is a hole, which we find constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. It was weird, someone had seen right through me and I felt naked. —Their song wakes you up like birds in the morning, reminding you to cherish life while there is still any left.  I began to cry, but I wasn’t sad… not really. I was happy someone else knew. I wanted to ask her so many things, but I had still to deliver the other bag. She reached for my hands and with a warm smile, she said: “They live forever within you; the only way they truly die is if you forget… so never forget.” I nod happily and kindly said my farewells. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind; I now know for certain that… I am never alone.

WC: 316


Medicare (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)  Empty Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:12 am

The last patient was a kid; he is kind and so lively. But his body is quite too slim for his age and weak. It completely saddened me to see him like that. A feeling of hopelessness engulfed me like flames, but it only took one gaze at the child’s mother, and I was instantly washed with hope. Quickly after the kid went to play with his friends she began to cry. She’s been so strong for the boy… I really wish I could do so much more than just deliver a bag. I approached the woman and my young appearance must have triggered something because she began to open up to me. —My boy is growing so strong. He will become tall and handsome maybe a bit reckless for sure. She giggles; she actually believes what she says. The boy couldn’t be any weaker, but she sees light in his darkness. Her faith is so strong it broke me. My eyes water and I smiled. —I’m sure he will! But make sure he takes his medicine alright! She smiled and thanked me I instead thanked her and left. —Sometimes when it gets too dark we ought to make some light of our own. I look at my hands and wonder if I could ever be capable of becoming that strong. It may seem impossible now, but I really want to be…

I arrive back at Doctor Gerard's office and told him everything, confirming my delivery. He thanked me and offered me a reward. I strongly tried to deny it. I said the quest itself was rewarding enough. He insisted, and so I took the reward but left with something so much more precious.

WC: 278
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