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Unearth [Kaiser]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:43 pm

Daiko Flayme
A new town was in the reach of his hands and feet. The streets were thinner than those back in Orchidia Town, and the houses… they all looked just the same. White blocks that complimented each other, forming a gigantic labyrinth that the civilians seemingly didn’t find any trouble navigating around in, while the Fire Mage had to put a whole day into mapping it out in his head. That was likely why he decided to go out of the town and towards the shores edging the sea where the ‘beach’ was mostly spiking rocks and eroded cliffs and hills. It was a very new ecosystem, actually, since he was used to the beaches of Hargeon Town.

New ecosystems would also provide with new species that Daiko might or might not have seen before.

Along with Coda, the vermillion raptor who rested on his shoulder, he observed the area for its variety in animals. Since it wasn’t a forest, he would definitely find some new species of either mammal, prey or bird. He did lay his eyes on a strange-looking snake with red, black and white rings for its scaly ham. It attacked another snake of the same type, and even ate it once defeated! That kind of cannibalism was new to him, and he made sure to write it down before moving on.

On his way, though, a strange man warned him: “H-Hey, stop moving!” Daiko braked in shock and looked up at the helmet-wielding human with excavation gear on. He appeared anxious and approached the Fire Mage as he wanted to explain: “S-Sorry, it’s just that a huge hole has opened itself right in front of us… it keeps bristling down and opening up more, and I’m afraid that it’ll reach the buildings.”

It did have an oval form that pointed towards Astera a couple 500 meters away. This was worrisome. “W-What started this? I mean… how did it come to be?” he asked, and the excavator took off his hat and spoke: “… It was an accident. Me and my men were excavating an old ruin underground… but I’m afraid that it’ll cost me and everyone else dearly. Some of them are still trapped in there, and I have to free them, somehow…”

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Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:22 am


After the mishap that took place two days prior, Kaiser realised that she couldn’t waste anymore time looking for old wizards who were two feet in their graves already to improve control of her own magic. She was filled with awe after seeing what the wizards of Fiore could do. Even though she had the same potential, Kaiser was still unable to make proper use of her magic. Apparently there was a plethora of ways in which one could utilize their magic and Kaiser’s mind was opened to this knowledge after seeing another wizard use their magic. It was the first time she had seen something like that up close and personal in her life. Of course at this point Kaiser could perform small tricks with her magic like lighting up dark places and things like that, but nothing big like what she witnessed the other day.

She took a long, energizing power nap to make sure her energy level was at maximum, and set out to a secluded part of town. Astera was a huge cluster of white blocks for houses and it was annoying because everything was so close together. Kaiser didn’t like that because she felt like it was hard to get some privacy with no blind spot even in your own house. You could literally see what was going on in the house next to yours if you just looked over. Of course her current choice of accommodation was no proper place to practice her magic, so she packed some things she thought she might need in a little drawstring bag and started her early morning rituals. After a refreshing bath, the mercenary set out for the cliffs, with her little bag.

Upon reaching the cliffs after a fifteen minute walk, Kaiser chose a nice little spot and dropped her drawstring bag, taking a long, deep breath. The view was extraordinary from up here, and she couldn’t help but stand there gawking at the rising sun. It was amazing. Nothing could contest the beauty of nature. Then, she began to do some warm up exercises, glad to see that no one was there to disturb her training. At this point she was quite far from where the excavation was happening and so was completely oblivious of anything happening there.

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#3Daiko Flayme 

Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:45 am

Daiko Flayme
”… H-Huh? A-Are you sure?” the archaeologist worryingly asked upon hearing Daiko’s unexpected suggestion to jump in there and find the lost colleagues of his on his own - mind you, without much experience in caverns like these, “But it looks so fragile, and I’m afraid that it’ll either crush them or lock you in as well…” He got a point; this kind of exploration required Daiko to be very nimble on his feet. He wouldn’t want to step on any unstable platforms that could level the entire cavern that surrounded the ruins that the archaeologist was talking about… speaking of that, how come? What kind of ruin was this? Did Astera have an ancient, secret history that he wanted to uncover?

Anyway, Daiko did wish that his flight was a thing. Given his Takeover Magic, one like him should be able to fly or at least soar around a little more than he could for the moment, right? It was going to get easier the more he tried it, as trustworthy as the foundations of training magic was. So he just leapt down and attempted to brake his heavy fall with jets coming out of his feet, but that alone caused a ruckus on the surface as the archaeologist spotted the platform of spiky rocks level just a tiny bit. “W-Wait, now, watch out…!” he spoke in shock, “If you move too much, then the whole cavern could crash down! D-Don’t get my colleagues killed like that…!”

The spiky rocks were alive, in a sense that they moved as so. The archaeologist was spazzing in fright, and it wouldn’t take long until it affected a good chunk of the rocky beach and all that just wanted to have a chill around here.


Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:09 am


So the first thing she found out about her magic was that it was associated with the element of light. That was a long time ago, when she was in Joya with her grandmother and a whole bunch of relatives. No one experienced the things she did while she was there, and so did not acknowledge the fact that she was born with a gift. Until she got to Fiore, the nation of magic, she never spoke openly about it because she felt like it was weird to be able to use magic. But now that she could, she wanted to do more with it, rather than neglecting it and dying some day without knowing what she could have done with it.

Doing something small like lighting up a room that was pitch-black came almost easily to her as breathing now. But, she saw some other light magic user wield the power in a more...destructive manner? She was more interested in that. So she had formed a plan in her head on her way to the cliffs. The first thing she was going to do was try to make a beam of light come out of...her hand? Or any part of her body really because she could release her magic from any part of her body. Most importantly, a beam of light. That was the first step to her great training plan today. So she finished her warm up exercises and felt less stiff from sleeping like a log the night before. The sun wasn’t out yet completely, so the weather was very nice. She wore her gym clothes for today, knowing that she would be most comfortable in them while training.

Kaiser started to release light particles from her body, as if she was trying to light up a dark room, and then focused on gathering them closer together and at the same time to increase their intensity. It took a whole lot of energy and concentration to just form a beam, and she didn’t realize she was holding her breath until she stopped for a moment and gasped for air. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and temples, which she didn’t notice either.

“Damn,” she said, wiping her sweaty forehead with the back of her palm, realizing how focused she was that she forgot to breathe. She was getting there though. She could form a beam now, meaning she had completed the first step of her training. She had to do it again though, so she would get the hang of it. While preparing to start again, she felt the earth below her feet shake a bit, like a mini earthquake just happened. “What the heck,” she said, turning in the direction from which she thought she heard it.

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#5Daiko Flayme 

Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:36 pm

Daiko Flayme
… He had to be careful here. Strangely enough, Daiko didn’t hear the other excavators albeit being right in front of the… rather fancy gate. It was ancient, truly, with its worn out stone structure and carved signs. It looked like the ruins in Worth Woodsea, but just in some other fashion with different symbols. Yes, there were symbols… and the excavator above probably knew more about this place. Did they get caught because of trespassing? Was this place alive, in a sense? Daiko had knowledge about such places, despite old as hell, having magical seals embedded into the rocks that alerted the entire place of trespassing explorers. These were often locked in or just straight up murdered by the traps… which meant that the trapped colleagues of the one left on the surface were likely still in danger.

“W-We have to hurry, sir! They’re still in danger,” he warned the excavator above as the Fire Mage grabbed the gate with both hands and forced them open. This caused another mini-earthquake, although smaller than the previous one, but still worrisome to the worker. “W-Wait, don’t kill yourself!” the excavator shouted out in fright, not having realized that opening the gate once more allowed the entire ruined structure to rise up from the rocky ground.

This was a much larger development. It was as if a small fort rose up from the ground, cracking through the stony beach and even surprising the excavator from his foothold. Not only that, but it was wide enough to also catch a certain light user in the distance. From her point, she would appear surrounded by walls, until the floor finally caught her feet. If she didn’t get to escape, she would find herself in a room with a pillar in the middle and with a sandy floor with no solid level. There would be a door on the east side, but it held a bunch of dead bodies waiting to give her an idea about this dreaded place.

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Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:29 am


Kaiser only paid a few seconds’ worth of attention to whatever was happening in the distance. Since it was quite far from where she was, she felt that there was no need for her to worry about it, because however she calculated the situation, she was safe. But she calculated wrong. There was still a time gap between now and the mishap that would befall upon the light witch and the others in the area. During this time gap, she was able to practise creating a beam.

She started the process from the beginning, creating light particles and gathering them together into a concentrated beam. At one point, she lost control and shot out a beam towards the ground a few meters in front of her, accidentally knocking herself back about five meters. “Yikes,” she said, standing up and clapping away any debris clinging to her body. She was definitely going to be more careful now. She didn’t want to accidentally blast herself off the cliffs or something. She remembered Kon telling her what he saw with his magic eyeball. Apparently she had the potential to be quite dangerous, and hearing that only motivated her to test her limits to see how far she can go; how ‘dangerous’ she can be.

The remaining of the time gap was spent refining her new skill that was creating a beam of light. She wanted it to be perfect, before she moved onto the next step. She already knew it wasn’t impossible to achieve what she had planned for the day, after the accidental mini blast that blew her a few feet away. What she wanted was to be able to do every step as fast as she could, so that when she actually had to do the procedure in a spontaneous situation, she wouldn’t be in trouble. The shorter the time between each step, the better, in any case.

Being faster than the enemy meant having the upper hand and she wanted to have the upper hand to assure her victory in battle. She felt quite satisfied with her speed for creating a beam at this point, though she would practice more in her free time. Now she wanted to start doing some damage. She imagined that would not be so hard. All she had to do was concentrate the beam enough and release it at a high speed in a certain direction to cause damage to the target. For that, she would have to practice to be in control of the path of the beam. Otherwise it would be going in every which way.

This was about the moment the gap closed and another mini-earthquake would take place. This time, Kaiser realized that she could no longer neglect the...whatever it was that was happening about a mile from her. Unfortunately for her, even though the source was quite a distance from her current position, the ground beneath her broke up, eating her up. Thanks to many years of physical training, she was quite nimble on her feet, like a cat, and landed on all fours, though she would have broken all four limbs if her fall wasn’t cushioned by sand. If it had been solid ground, even with how nimble she was, she was so screwed.

Kaiser stood back up immediately, quickly assessing her surroundings. It was as if she was just picked out of a certain environment and placed in a completely new one. There was a pillar in the middle of the ‘room’ she was in. The floor was made of sand and since it wasn’t solid, she realized it was going to be a bit hard to move on, like walking or running along a sandy beach. Towards the east side, she spotted a door. Was that her way out of whatever this was? She couldn’t see what was behind it, and she didn’t want to find out. Not alone.

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#7Daiko Flayme 

Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:07 am

Daiko Flayme
The gate was now opened, but to his big surprise, Daiko didn’t find the colleagues of the excavator right in front of him. Instead, he found an unstable hallway leading further down, in which he felt the need to go down and track the missing workers before they gave up on their lives. He was sure to find a way out, somehow, if the place was to close itself, so without hesitation, he closed the gate behind him and ventured into the ruin while Coda had flown towards the excavator’s shoulder in safety. She wasn’t ready to go down any ruins like this, and what Daiko was doing was extremely dangerous. For her, all hope was lost for the other workers, and she kept glaring at the excavator’s shocked face when he realized that the helpful, young lad just got himself closed inside the exposed ruins of what looked like a fortress.

He couldn’t help his curiosity. The large structure was… larger than he thought. It stretched several hundred meters across the beach, and it also began catching the attention of passers-by and inhabitants of Astera. His tent and tools were out to clarify that this was an excavation, so most people didn’t mind much but throwing awe at the ruins that they assumed this talented archaeologist to have uncovered. “K-Keep a safe distance, everyone…!” he warned them, “These ruins are old, and… uh, they’re therefore very fragile!” He couldn’t let them know of his missing colleagues inside of it - at least not until Daiko had brought them out safely.

The walls inside the hallway where Daiko found himself were shaking a little. This entire place rose up to life when he entered… as if it welcomed him to this place. Rushing across the hallway, he looked at every corner and area in search for the missing archaeologists, but he felt so alone in here, and no signs of life were shown. This place had been dead for a long time, and yet… somehow, the chance of even finding this place underground was weird. Daiko had never heard of it, before… then again, he was a new tourist here in Astera, and he didn’t know anything about their history.

Nonetheless, this place had an eerie feeling. It was substituted by a shock when Daiko’s foot had stepped on a certain slab that pushed down, having just waited for someone to walk by and activate its mechanism. Over at the middle of the ruin, the sand found an escape hole right at the bottom where it fell down like a waterfall, thus lowering the sandy surface for the trapped light mage. This allowed for more details of the room to uncover themselves; other doors were visible, and there were inscriptions on the wall.

Dark-bluish lines appeared on the walls, too. They all moved down towards the escape hole where all the sand fell down, lighting up the gloomy room like pathways.

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Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:33 am


It was a pretty shitty situation. Kaiser was looking around for a way out, but the only door she could see at the moment was strangely moving, as if someone was banging on it from the other side of it, which was exactly why she decided against running towards it and getting the hell out of whatever this was. She stood in one extra sandy spot, her legs buried in the sand to her ankles. The longer she stood there, the more she came to think about what exactly this shithole was. A hidden fortress, beneath the Astera cliffs? She staggered in the sand, trying not to fall face first and eat dirt as she felt the ground under her feet shift slightly.

All of a sudden, the sand began moving towards the center of the room, dragging Kaiser along, until she managed to backflip the fuck out of the sand, and onto solid ground that appeared as the sand rapidly disappeared into the sand. She moved around, shaking her pants a bit to get sand out of it. This definitely was not how she planned her training session to go this morning. How could this disaster happen to her when she was so determined to improve her control and use of Sternenlicht? It was as if the universe did not want her to. The worst part of it was that she did not know how the hell she was going to get out of this hidden underground...thing. And there seemed to be no one in here except herself.

Until...a dark haired figure popped out of seemingly nowhere, on the other side of the hall. She only saw him for half a second, because all her attention was absorbed by the blue things that lit up, all along the walls and the floor. They were the only source of light in the whole room and went down into the hole in the center of the room. It was all very dreamy, this whole situation, and she could not help but pinch her arm to see if she had fallen asleep in the middle of training or something. It was not impossible. Anyway, so many things were happening at the same time that she forgot about the silhouette she caught sight of a few moments ago. She did not know whether or not this creature had ill intentions towards her, but to be on the safe side, she decided to get the hell out of here. It was hard to look for a way to get out of here, but she eventually found it and was back on the cliff. Holy shit, that was crazy, she thought to herself, jogging back to her hotel while replaying the madness that just happened back there.

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#9Daiko Flayme 

Unearth [Kaiser] Empty on Thu Jul 25, 2019 12:53 pm

Daiko Flayme
After a time of walking across the hallway, the Fire Mage finally stepped into the same room as the other entity who had been pulled into this mess by misfortune. A while had passed, and the entity was gone now… that left only Daiko and those targeted for saving inside this ruin. And when he spotted the bluish lines leading down the hole in the middle, he figured that he should use his bird-like wing spell to hover over the hole with the worst case of scenario being a possibility. And as he leapt quite elegantly, feeling heat tear out of his shoulder blades and form eagle-like wings, he did hover as hoped for, but he lost height considerably fast. Soon, he entered the hole despite having entered flight mode, and the bluish lines exceeded the surface of the walls and became lines of some kind of energy in the air that sucked particles downwards.

Down there, he felt his energy leaving his futile wing spell. As if it wasn’t ineffective enough, the wings shrank in size until he almost charged right down to his death if he didn’t grab onto the walls with all four limbs. And deep down at the bottom, he saw four men groping a huge, bluish orb that appeared to collect all the light from the lines earlier. Was it absorbing magic? It reminded him of the mask from Crocus, the one deep down the basement which absorbed magic in a likewise manner. Assuming the men to be the lost colleagues, Daiko did what was necessary and smart; he could’ve started sending a fire wave at it, but his wing spell was both incomplete and depleting. Instead, he collected a little bit of mana and aimed at a nearby piece of the ceiling. Then he fired it and blasted the ceiling with a pretty small impact, but enough to cause a large slab to fall down at the orb. Some debris shocked the men and pushed them back, but the orb appeared to have gotten a crack. Slowly, it died down… and the men looked indifferent to the situation. As if they were zombies…

A long while later…

Who knew that taking four men up from that area was this difficult? Daiko’s entire body was pretty depleted of energy, his muscles had shrunk out of pure exhaustion and mana loss, and his eyes were tired and dry. But luckily, he managed to bring the colleagues back, and albeit their zombie-like expressions, they slowly gained back their minds. However, Daiko had no idea what had caused all of this, only that he managed to stop it with no casualties other than his energetic nature for today.

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