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Kasim The Destroyer

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Name: Kasim The Destroyer

Age: August, 19, X698 | 22  (Technically 88)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Sorcerer  

Race: Nephilim

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: Left side of neck | Black

Face: Tyki Mikk - D Gray Man


Height: 6'2

Weight: 188 lbs

Hair: Dark | Long

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Normally when people first see Kasim, they see a handsome man with wavy, long, dark  hair that reaches down his back. For many years Kasim has grown his hair out and as such his hair has become a part of him though it is almost always worn in a ponytail. Brutally charming, Kasim is unable to go anywhere without looking his absolute best - contrary to many people in the country he's originally from who could care less about fashion and otherwise materialistic things. Hailing from Savannah, the Nephilims skin is dark brown complimenting his golden eyes, however, due to how long the Nephilim had been imprisoned, his skin paled over time. Most times he likes to dress down and wear a tuxedo, resembling a business man though if anything he'd be a con artist. Other times he is seen in white fitted clothing, a form of clothing he was given by his superiors. Across his forehead is a tattoo which consists of a total of 6 marks connected by a band from the seal placed on him 100 years ago.

Extra: ---


Personality: There is not one word to describe the nephilim of destruction. His entire existence consists of playing games with humans and other races who haven't been chosen by the Seraphim. To Kasim, people are disposable creatures put on earth for those with true power to toy with. Mischevious, chaotic, and irrational Kasim has a tendency of constructing plans and ideas that help him both rise in the social hierarchy and kill or harm for his own amusement. He lacks the ability to feel emotions that normal people would find bothersome, like for example, guilt. Despite the countless of traumas he has caused and despite the countless of villages he has managed to bring down in his past, he has never felt guilty for any of it. He is a being who finds joy in power and violence regardless of the outcome. Thus, he dislikes routine and predictability which most people have become accustomed to. Playing god is not an easy job, but this man is set on the idea that he is supposed to be the evil that the world needs. Emotions like anger and envy drive him to become a more powerful him. The very few that have survived his wrath would say that Kasim embodies all seven deadly sins. Kasim however, believes in free will. He believes in total anarchy as long as he is in control.

Sex, parties, fighting, murder - it was all a lifestyle that he chose after realizing that with his god given abilities, he could do anything he wanted. That, along with his indisputable charm has allowed him to have his way for as long as he could remember. Women and men alike have had a hard time denying him. Perhaps it is the art of illusion that allows him to accomplish so much. Kasim has mastered the ability understand people to the point where he can virtually become anybody, making him the perfect liar and deceiver. To trust him is a fatal mistake because he only uses people until they no longer have anything else to offer. Even in battle he is adapt at using his surroundings to create a scenario fitting for him to win in, though he is more likely to use brute power to utterly destroy foes.


  • Parties | Clubs: Who doesn't like a good time? Parties and clubs are where all the things Kasim enjoys come together create the ultimate concoction of fun.
  • Drugs: Any type of drug you can think of, Kasim has either tried it or looks forward to trying it.
  • Sex: Mmm, Yes...
  • Destruction: There is a certain beauty in destruction and causing it gives an undesirable feeling, almost like a high or an orgasm.
  • Jewelry: Life is about the finer things and all that shit mean absolutely nothing to Kasim. He enjoys materialistic things like clothing but his true addiction is jewelry. The Nephilim has been known to have an unnecessary amount of diamonds, gold and other expensive materials.
  • Anarchy: Everyone deserves to live freely even if they are lesser beings.


  • Nephilim's | Seraphim | Illumin: While at first his loyalty was to everything that truly supported Illumin, after being "Betrayed" by his fellow Nephilim he has grown to hate the church.
  • Humans: The last time Kasim remembers being human he was about 8 years old so really his humanity has long been gone. After being a Nephilim for so long he has been led to believe that humans are nothing compared to himself. He doesn't necessarily hate humans, he just tolerates them because earthland is so infested with them.
  • Wrinkled Clothing: The fallen can only cringe at the sight of wrinkled clothing. It's just something about it...
  • Order: Kasim heavily supports the idea of free will. If Illumin could not stop him from wreaking havoc onto the realm what makes you think the petty rules created by lowly humans could?


  • Killing the Other "Virtues": The "Seven Virtues" were Nephilims brought together to protect Earthland. Kasim was once a promising member of the Seven Virtues but was betrayed, and sealed away. His hate for the Virtues is deep and ever since returning, he seeks to end their lives.
  • Destroying Earthland: Destroying earthland will prove to himself that regardless of what he has become, he still abides by his own rules. It also stands as a form of retaliation against all that is holy for abandoning him.
  • Immortality: Everyone dies, Kasim however, does not intend to consider himself apart of "Everyone". Believing himself capable of becoming god, Kasim is stuck on finding a way to become immortal.


  • Falling Inlove: Some may call this a silly one, but falling inlove is a dangerous thing. Imagine thinking about someone more than you think about yourself? Just the thought of it frightens Kasim.
  • Illumin: Although Kasim despises Illumin he also fears that one day Illumin will become tired of the fallen. This fear alone drives Kasim to become stronger.


Magic Name: Obliteration

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Obliteration magic is a magic that utilizes the raw energy of fire to completely destroy foes. Obliteration in it's name comes from past users using it to create large attacks than can easily destroy multiple opponents, most users tend to be conquerors and daemons. Unlike regular fire, the flames and energy used by Obliteration magic is purple but is rumored to turn even darker over time depending on how corrupted the users soul is. Mixed with sorcerer, the user can use supplementary, offensive, defensive and self buff spells.


History: Not much is known about Kasim. His life began 89 years ago when he was born in Savannah. His parents weren't anybody special. They were typical farmers with typical roles in society, they aspired to be nothing more than normal people who could be forgotten in the tides of history. Kasim too was learning to become an ordinary person. During the day he would receive lessons from the teachers of his village and at night he'd help around his home. His life was boring to say the least, even the young boy knew it. At no more than 7 years old he knew that this was a life meant for someone else as if his purpose was so much bigger than what he knew now. He was right. Months after his 8th birthday, his village was attacked by masked men who sought to take and destroy. Despite his youthful age, the young Kasim stood up for his village and attempted to defend against those who dare try to take everything he knew away. Nobody else in his village wanted to fight. Instead they all panicked, ran or hid and their houses and waited to die. He lacked the ability to use magic and he hadn't fought a day in his life but he just knew killing hundreds of people was wrong. His parents couldn't stop him as Kasim charged straight into the army of the enemy without another thought. The masked intruders destroyed the village, burning homes down and murdering countless villagers- including Kasim's own parents. The young Savannan could do nothing to truly help. While he did attempt to fight, his enemies continuously threw him aside seeing him as no more than a child who ached for death. In fact, to toy with his emotions they forced Kasim to watch all that he knew burn, filling him with anger and hate. Finally Kasim stood as the last villager.

He was a brave young soul he was but a kid nonetheless. Before the intruders could harm the young boy something miraculous happened. A random group of six children saved the day, defeating the masked intruders. Leading the six children was an angel, a Seraphim to be exact. The fight was over quickly as they slayed their foes effortlessly but they came too late. Though Kasim was in awe of how strong kids around his age were, the damage had already been done to Kasim. From that day forth he promised himself that humanity would pay. However, Seeing how brave Kasim was, the Seraphim decided to make Kasim the seventh of his disciples thus taking him and training him turning him into a Nephilim so that he and the other six kids could grow up and become the saviors the world needed. The Seven Virtues.

Forwarding 15 years, Kasim had been taught the word of Illumin and trained directly under a Seraphim named Amenadeil. With six others ranking as his equals, they all forged a bond that they never believed to be unbreakable. Each of them were from a different part of the world and each of them were given the titles "Protector" of the country they were from. Kasim did his duty, he protected Savannah despite how much he wanted to destroy the world. He found boredom in following his Seraphim's sense of justice until one day Kasim deemed himself strong enough to began taking matters into his own hands. His own version of justice was different. The Savannan turned Nephilim began to let his built up rage loose, no longer holding it in. He learned that the longer he pretended that he didn't hate everyone, the stronger his anger became. Although Amenadeil had fathered him and his brethren and gave them the life they deserved, Kasim was set on causing pain to the rest of humanity. In fact he had forgotten who he first was, eventually deeming all humans as less than himself. Being the strongest of his brethren, Kasim was confident that he could destroy the world once and for all. Only then would he be relieved of his rage.

Then it all began. Kasim went from village to village, destroying and murdering countless innocents, wreaking havoc onto humanity. It made him feel good. The people of Savannah feared him, many began calling him the "Angel of Destruction" while other called him "The False God". After destroying a numerous amount of villages, his brethren finally caught up to him. Truthfully they were heartbroken but there was no doubt in their minds that Kasim would eventually fall from his grace. He wasn't like the rest. He yearned for battle and always boasted about how being a Nephilim made him part god. During Kasims rampage of utter destruction in Savannah, the other six Nephilim caught up to him and eventually they fought. While Kasim's own power surprassed each of theirs, he was no match for the six of them at once. However, instead of killing him they sealed him away deep in the country of Savannah. They didn't have it in him to kill Kasim, he was a brother to them nonetheless. Kasim didn't understand the problem, in fact he thought himself to be an equal to seraphim or the gods of other religions. He truly thought that being a Nephilim and the "Protector of Savannah" meant that he could do as he pleased. For 66 years he was sealed away until one day a woman found him and broke the seal, reviving Kasim for one reason only; she believed that he was the necessary evil that the world needed. Now, Kasim the destroyer is back. Though his powers have dwindled, making him the one of the weakest - if not the weakest of all existing Nephilim, he will stop at nothing to regain his strength. A page in history alive and well and ready to continue his legacy in Fiore.

Reference: Vali

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If it’s okay with the mods, I’d like to start as a “Fallen Neph”. No grace perk

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Everything seems to be alright except for the formatting of your age. Having the age in numbers is fine, but we also require it to be listed as: Day/Month/Year

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Gotcha. Bump

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So with the given birthday, Kasim would be 88 as of right now and would be turning 89 in August. Either edit the year (X697) or the age.

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Bump m8

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This character application has been approved.

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