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Golden Scissor (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)

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Golden Scissor (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)    Empty Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:39 am

The chirping birds began to sing and their beautiful song woke me from sleep. A well deserved rest after all that hard labor. I jump out of bed excited greeting the bright clear day. I got prepared with my dailies and ate a bit and quickly left the inn, but before leaving thanked the innkeeper for the excellent service. There was plenty to do still and so many think to try, but first I decided to check over the local board for a fun-sized quest. The place was hazardous as usual, filled with guild members both old and new. From up close I noticed a few interesting to pick from though I never expected to see Fernando’s pink flier up in the board so suddenly. I didn’t want to be wrong so I picked it up to read it and made sure. It definitely was him; he is the liveliest person in all Baska I would dare say. And he makes sure everyone to notice even if it’s through a simple flier. I wonder what it could be this time. Shouldn’t really waste my time trying to guess, I’m sure he will be quite thrilled to let me know once he sees me arrive. I should probably get going. On my way, I hear people talking of a merchant coming to town with some rare golden scissor that every famous designer should have. –Oh no, My Dear! I am almost certain our Fernando has a pair for himself. –Really! But how can you be certain? –Have you seen his masterpieces? Clearly, the man is under the influence of such a relique!


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Golden Scissor (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)    Empty Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:22 am

I finally arrived at the boutique and it seems Fernando has redesigned completely. This is incredible considering the time he had to remodel. But if anybody can nail it is only he… -Monami! My angel sent from the very heaves. Oh, you know not how it comforts me to know you’ve noticed my plea. Oh! My world is again in grave peril. Nothing else makes sense and my new collection cannot simply be. It’s missing one essential instrument I’ve never had the chance to grasp on. But you… -You want the Golden Scissor. I cross my arms and look into his eyes with certainty. –Well…yes, how did you know? –I heard people talk about a merchant approaching who holds such an item. –Yes! And it is in your best of interest to get it for me. I do promise to recompense you appropriately. –Alright! I’ll do it. –Oh, Splendorous!  Off you go now, Fernando has to prepare. He leaves quite excited and begins to boss around his employees.  I couldn’t really believe it, but this item really is something of a rarity. A scissor made and adorned in gold hmm it might be a bit too flashy for my taste. I leave Fernando’s store and explore around town a bit and wait for such a merchant to arrive, eventually, the commotion of his arrival will guide me towards him. In the meantime I could always go to the Baskan Church and help the poor orphaned children, maybe I could get them a sort of present.

WC: 260

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Golden Scissor (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)    Empty Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:55 pm

I’ve returned from the church and as much a priest can do for an abandoned child it all depends on founds they receive or obtain. I gave most of what I had, but these kids need to know they matter. I wish I could inspire them but I am not really that special. I really hope they find their way… Anyways, I’m back in town and heading over to the markets before it opens, I was advised to do so by a kind priest back at the church. Things get messy over the markets and I’ll be even worse after the merchant arrives and presents his most priced position. It would be wise to spot him before it even opens, but I don’t think I’m capable of such a thing right now, but I will certainly try. I’ve arrived just arrived and people are already pouring in slowly but in large numbers. The guards try to keep things in order by letting in only a few at a time, but I can’t really waste time like this. I used to use a secret path when I was laboring for one of the merchant’s maybe I’ll still be accessible. I leave my spot and it quickly gets filled, I take the shortcut but make sure no one sees. I take the narrow path in front of me and it’s quite long but you know your close because the road starts to widen. I reach what it looks like the end of the line, but I just move a few things over and there I was.

WC: 264

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Golden Scissor (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)    Empty Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:25 pm

There I was, unnoticed, I came to obtain early access to the event. But I must make haste if I am to be successful, I must find this person before he goes public. Otherwise, things will just turn out to be more complicated. I searched every single spot, asking around for a man with the golden scissors. Everyone was as clueless as me, all except an indulged old man that called me stupid. He said it would be unwise to reveal himself before everyone had a chance to enter. So that means he probably is going to show himself later and any chance I had to persuade him alone is lost. I still have one more chance, but I’ll have to offer it all! Everyone got in and the other markets have been closed off. As expected the merchant makes a grand entrance. –Ladies and gentleman! I am grateful to be among you all. And to clear the very visible cloud of doubt I give to you… he pulls it from out of nowhere. –The Golden Scissor! The crowd goes wild and people begin to make noise but not in cheer but in demand. Every single one had a reason to buy it and when it came to it I screamed it loud and clear, made myself heard and offered everything Fernando gave me. –Excellent offer young man! Does anyone else care to counter offer? And there he was the indulged old man. He lifts his hand with ease and offered twice as much. –Whoa! We seem to have a winner, do we…? Anybody else dares and raise the stakes! In that very moment, I felt completely useless, the numbers kept rising and I had nothing to offer. There was only one moment in my life I felt this way, it came back to me…my past began to flood my mind and fed my uncertainty. But then I remember the reason I became a guild member and the purpose of me being here on my own. It is time to stop whining and think! that’s when I came up with an idea, but it required faith and courage.

I walked through the crowd and closer to the merchant with seriousness in my eyes. I stared at the mister with intent. –Purpose! I offer purpose! The crowd eyed me behind and it felt like a million stabs, but there I stood, and there he was looking at me. The crowd stood silent for a moment but then laughed at me they didn’t take me seriously. But I knew, the merchant guy took me seriously. –Fernando’s proposes to use this item to craft wonders for the church children. So yeah, let me buy it from you and I promise that they will do well in his hands. Besides, almost everyone wears his designs already. If he did wonders before Imagine what he will be capable of with that relic in his possession. The crowd mumbled and none dared to counteroffer, no one doubts Fernando’s true potential. The indulged old man stubbornly kept rising the bet, but despite his efforts the merchant was no longer interested in money. He looked in to my eyes, took my money bag and handed me the scissors. He silently grins and leaves proud of the best sold he’s ever made.

I quickly and eagerly returned to the boutique and Fernando received me with a surprise! –OH I definitely knew I could trust in you! Oh, angel… He asked while hugging the Golden Scissors. –Now, tell me how did you manage to get your hands on this priceless artifact! Moi needs to know, spare no detail! I was nervous at first but I definitely had to tell him. And so I told him, every single detail I spared none. There he stood almost speechless. Fernando said nothing and simply hugs me. –Thank you, friend. It must have been difficult but you stood up there not only for me but numerous children in need. You trusted me and I promise to help. I’ll make sure those kids are properly taken care of. But do me one last favor and… gives me a reward. Make sure to take care of yourself alright!  He said with a smile. We hug one last time and we said our farewells. I left certain that my words weren’t just noise and now I know I can certainly help If I just believe.

WC: 752
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