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Dante's Requiem

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Dante's Requiem Empty Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:12 pm


"I get it, and I will get you something," Dante said. Dante's priorities were a bit more skewed lately. Something that did not happen too often. It was for that exact reason that Dante always operated alone. He could not let himself get too emotionally attached to anyone or anything. It would be too dangerous if he ever lost sight of his priorities.

For the first time, in a long time, he got involved into something that mattered to him personally. Dante used to have two older brothers; Lance and Cesare. They were different, but similar in their own ways. Lance eventually became the Blue Pegasus Master, while Cesare became the Phantom Lord Master. In that regard, Lance always disliked Cesare and his carefree attitude. Still, both of them had an influence on Dante.

Upon returning this time, Dante found out about the death of both his brothers. Both of them lost their lives in battle a few years ago when Dante was not around.

Dante hadn't been around for quite some time. He disappeared at a young age for reasons unknown to his brothers and would only return every few years to visit them. It saddened him that he could never explain it to them anymore. Dante pondered for a while about what to do to honor their loss. Blue Pegasus was fine, but Phantom Lord was in shambles. Thus, Dante decided to take the mantle of Phantom Lord Master and honorably disband the guild over time.

It would ensure that no one would take up the role of Master after Cesare and bring shame to the name of Phantom Lord, and Lance would probably be pleased that the guild would no longer exist.

"Ishtar, it is time," Dante said. Ishtar manifested herself and nodded. Dante was pleased that Ishtar had returned to assist him. There was no other person better to honor Cesare. He stood up from the Master's chair and started to stroll towards the entrance of the guild to depart along with Ishtar. The enormous building was deserted completely.

With each step towards the entrance, the guild began to crumble behind them. Meanwhile, Dante snapped his fingers causing the Phantom Lord tattoo to disappear from the bodies of most of the members. From this day on, only a few would remain Phantoms to carry out the Requiem.

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