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The People You Meet... [Open]

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The People You Meet... [Open] Empty on Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:44 pm

After about an hour of wandering around the maze of empty streets and alleyways, Odin finally found himself in one of the bustling squares he had heard so much about. As expected, people had downplayed how busy they were. It was more than a sea, as at least in a sea the waves would move only one direction. This, this was a maelstrom of people, each moving in a different direction. For some reason, Odin couldn't help but think about how easy it would be to kill someone in this street. Just to jump into one of the flows of people, follow it and change when necessary to get to a target, stab them through the neck: quick, clean and precise, then simply stay in the path. In the few seconds it would take for people to notice, he would be far away, and no one would be able to tell it was him.

It was a genius idea, except for one, small, flaw.

Despite how busy the square was, the 1ft radius circle around the Lich remained permanently empty. He stood out like a sore thumb, or like a skeleton in a room full of living humans.

"Guess I'm not killing anyone today."

#2Judith Karlinius 

The People You Meet... [Open] Empty on Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:11 pm

Judith Karlinius
Something might stand out maybe. At least maybe to The Lich anyway. The names this woman would mention while she went on quietly about her business."I wonder what gift I could get Anton and Tanya that Alice would be okay with I could find while I am here."She sounded to determine as an older sounding woman could be excited about these things. So far Judith was talking to no one and was happy and content about that. The simple and happy soul she was.

"Sweets would not be good for either of them, Both are rather picky with clothing."She seemed to be not having a lot of idea, Then again Judith was more better at taking care of them, rather then a good gift buyer she showed her ways of caring from everything else.

Judith then seemed to stand still upon the group of people and thought, not moving but you could tell she was still alive."Maybe some blankets would do well as well."she then paused to mention something else to herself."That is if they have been behaving well for Alice."Judith just knew how hard Alice was on herself when she first got asked to help look after her children. Alice herself needed the break and she saw it in her eyes.

"Maybe even get Alice and My husband gifts as well...even if Anders really prefers nothing and might be a grump about it."
Judith did not seem to be paying attention in her thought while she was starting to walk and talk towards Odin, much like most people the possible impending thread of a Lich did not seem to be picked up by her at all in the slightest."What colour should these blankets be? What style? so many things to consider."


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In the busy square, no voices stood out. Odin could catch words, sounds, but then that would be drowned out by another voice. If he wanted to, he could probably home into a specific voice, but he honestly doubted that anyone would actually provide any reason to gain the Lich's curiosity. It turned out that there was one, one human that could do this, and it was because of a few words, a few names, that Odin honed in on her position.

Alice, Anton, Tanya. Three names that, if said separately, meant nothing to Odin, as they could refer to anyone, and none of them were entirely uncommon names. However, when spoken together, they told a story of who was uttering them. Whoever it was, they knew Alice Sokolov, wife of Konstantin Sokolov, and also knew their two children, Anton and Tanya. At the mention of those names, Odin followed the sound of the voice that had spoken, thankful that the female voice, for it was a female, had continued speaking, allowing him to follow the trail.

It turned out that there was no following required, as she was walking in his direction. Waiting a few moments was all that would be required for Odin to stand in front of the woman. If she noticed him, Odin would say nothing to her, and wait to see what she would do. If, somehow, she remained oblivious to the Lich's presence, then Odin would simply follow her and see where she would lead him.

#4Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
She it would not be too long Judith was still stuck in her motherly way thinking of things to get people she knew."Then again, If I get them stuff I would have to get all of my children as well: Regis, Judina, Waylon and Arisa...or Káilètte whichever name she tends to go by...It is rather confusing with so many names I tend to hear her go by but she is my daughter even if adopted."She seemed in deep thought then slowly she would look up behind her, While thinking about the things she would want to get her children it would hit her eventually.

Judith was short after all she was four foot nine inches tall. But when she realized what was looming over her she just slowly paused but not in shock but she almost like she was in his way."Oh, Hello....Am I in your way? Do you wish for me to move?"She asked him right away but she stopped moving now that is for sure, The Lich had this mother's attention."Or is there something I could help you with Mister...."She paused much like she was trying to figure out something polite to say to him."Mister Lich."It was all she could come up with on the stop.

She did not seem nervous, There was something else entirely behind her not being scared of the lich but his looming presences did alarm her in some manner but she was not super scared for the moment. Waiting an answer Judith would turn herself around to make it less hard on her neck to look and to face forward towards the Lich much like she was still focusing on her manners as well as trying to see if the Lich needed anything. She was either brave or foolish for this, Maybe even she would not truly know.


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Erebus was perched on a vendor's retail store, his back leaning over as he had been watching the crowds for some fifteen minutes to a half hour. Both legs swayed over the side, he was probably about twelve feet over the ground, so unless you 'wanted' to notice him. It was unlikely you could.

Erebus was disgusted with humans, so ordinary and stuck up. That's why, when he caught sight of the skeleton-being that Odin was, Erebus readily watched it. The creature had a small girl in it's sights, oh baby-- thought Erebus. Was he too relish in the guts of the girl? Tear her limb from limb in the sea of commoners?! Erebus caught himself smiling, however, when the white-haired boy realized he couldn't much hear well... He sighed. Leaping down below. He stalked the two from about ten feet. Just to see if anything surprising might happen before he really made his introduction. "I guess you could say he's sick in the bones? Pahaha." Erebus mumbled some humor to himself.


The People You Meet... [Open] Empty on Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:35 pm

Who the hell was this woman, and how did Odin not know. His lack of knowledge irked him, as she went on to mention more names, one in particular. She knew Arisa, Odin's only human love. Between Kon, Alice, Arisa and the kids, this woman seemed to know every major person in Odin's life, all except from HER, but he doubted SHE would be mentioned in a conversation about gifts.

Once she bumped into the Lich, noticing his presence, Odin finally spoke, and many a bystander turned to look, "Tell me who you are before I break you arm." It would be stupid to reveal any reason why Odin wished to know, but that didn't matter. At the end of the day, perhaps he would be able to have a little fun.

#7Judith Karlinius 

The People You Meet... [Open] Empty on Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:39 pm

Judith Karlinius
A simple question so Judith would answer in the way she normally would."I am Judith Sophitia Karlinius."she gave him the answer so far that is what she assumed anyway is all he wanted."It is interesting to meet you Lich."she also mentioned like her politeness was not even rude or condensing but second nature and normal of her so much that she just does it normally.

Easily seemed that Judith had never seen a lich before, She was just being herself because she was unsure of how to act around a Lich like Odin that and a few other things that the lich did not know about Judith. Maybe if Judith could feel comfortable around the Lich with out fearing death or judgement she would open up that part of her if he cared to learn. But that was a part she was actively trying to avoid talking about to stranger, but it often does get trailed into her thoughts around people. None the less back to reality before she seemed to be at an em pass with the Lich and she had not move forward like she had intended too.

"Is there something I could help you with?" She asked patiently and calmly waiting to be sure, unsure what exactly to expect from this situation she did have a feeling something might come up if people were to start to either watch of make a commotion about it, But just to be sure just like the politeness she seemed to show in nature she would also ask Having no idea what to expect but she was yet to move away or flee. But no doubt if Odin did try something to harm her Judith would most likely try to flee, Try being the keyword but nonetheless she would.


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The growing crowd began to form into a tight circle, with commoners whispering awful remarks, and fearing for the small girl's safety. They didn't even know what to think about this glowing green creature. For where had been the Rune Knights? They should be smiting this satanic mongrel... 'kill it', they whispered. 'Exorcise the bloody thing', Erebus heard.

Meanwhile the hood was up on our friendly neighborhood ghost in the shell that was Erebus Cassiel. His lips so far pulled back into a smile, you could say they touched ear to ear. His golden eyes widened. This was getting super juicy, how would old bones here fair against a riot if it formed? Ooooh, the destruction he'd cause, someone like Odin was definitely packing a punch. Erebus was very attracted to the idea of chaos, so much so, you could say he was addicted to causing mayhem like that. But today, he let that urge subside, and decided he may as well step in and save the bigger fiend from a potenially hazardous encounter with the law. After all, Erebus was able to judge strength wickedly well. This lich truly would be too much to handle if it raged. But then, there were also certain Knights that could rival that power too. Erebus wouldn't want to lose such a marvelous creature so soon.

"Watch how you speak to a being superior to yourself. He obviously has demands of you, attempting to befriend a monster like this only could only result in DEATH." The ghostly one mocked, pushing some piss'd out pregnant woman to the concrete in order to make his way into the now opened circle. "I'm Erebus Cassiel, this is my confidant, you will answer him without the sidebar. On with it then, my friend, sew this knot and get your answers so we may leave the scene. It'd be tragic if we had to kill the town's heroes. Wouldn't you think?" Erebus was pressing, obviously his smile would emanate to the lich, that he was a joker of the sorts. However, his warning was real, if Odin was to be as peaceful on this day as he seemed. Any further altercation and this crowd would force him to blitz the fools. "Or maybe take the conversation to a less busy spot, you know... Some dark alleyway where a girl like her can't... Beg for mercy..." Erebus was obviously a master strategist, his efforts in causing this bonus speech would silence many of the voices in the area. Calming their agitation, their hatred, for Odin. If Odin had reinforcements, even the strongest in the area would think twice about engaging him with an alley present. Wolves were stronger in packs, as they say. Odin may not know the coil just yet, but he'd certainly know him soon.


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The more she spoke, the more it pissed the Lich off, from her casual introduction in the face of an uncertain future, to the way she asked the exact same question once more, as if completely unfazed by Odin, and not concerned at all. 'Is there something I can help you with' the words echoed in Odin's mind, fuelling his anger as he thought about how easy it would be to crush the woman's skull. It would be so simple, and unbelievably easy, and yet part of him knew it would be a mistake. Not the killing part, he had already done that multiple times throughout his life, but dealing with the mob afterwards, and eventually the law too, were not things Odin wished to concern himself with.

And then, as if on cue, all of Odin's prayers were answered. A voice spoke out, one Odin didn't know, a man named Erebus. It was a name Odin felt he had heard, but could not understand why. For now, at least, it seemed that Erebus was to be an ally of sorts, quelling the rage of the crowd by simply revealing himself. Now there were two of them, and the people of Astera were less confident in their abilities to take them down. Whoever this man was, Odin owed him a drink.

"Arisa, Alice, Tanya and Anton. Tell me how you know these names." It was the first time Odin spoke, and honestly he was itching for the answer. For himself, this was something he needed to know. He didn't care about the crowd, they had been subdued, all that mattered now was Judith and the next few words to come out of her mouth.

#10Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was that as answer he wanted so Judith would answer."Arisa is one of my children, Adopted into my family I would call her my daughter even if blood does not connect us in the slightest."She was answering in order most likely that and feeling nervous and now showing it but only slightly nervous now."I took her into my family after her parents who lived close to myself and my husband died."

Trying not to let her mind linger, as well kind of now fearing possible impending death."The rest of them is quite simple." Judith also mentioned in which it was true."I know Alice through my daughter Judina, Alice is a long time friend of hers, Judina even went to her wedding."She mentioned it using it as a fond memory of her daughter wearing a dress to try and feel less stressed.

Nonetheless she continued on."Eventually Judina told me Alice was having problems looking after her children, Looking for some one to put her trust into." She remembered the meeting going slightly awkward but not too horrible."Alice seemed to be under a lot of stress effecting her health. I could see she needed help and a break I was worried, seeing if her children could trust me as well as Alice could. So I could look after them to her give her a break and what time she needed." given how she knew the children names she got the job so to say.

"Given that turned out so, I would become like a grandmother to them, I look after them often. It is how i know the three of them."
She answered him, honestly but she was feeling the nervous feeling now it was slightly in her tone of voice."Alice is currently living close by current house so not only can the children and her have her own space, But I am with in easy reach when I am around to look after Tanya and Anton." Now she was just helping this impending stress feeling would be gone.


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Odin got his answer from the woman, but he hadn't expected her whole damn life story. She was honestly bugging him more and more with every extra word she uttered. However, Odin had been right to ask her. The Arisa, Alice, Anton and Tanya she knew were in fact the same as Odin. His love, his best friend's wife and their two children. This woman was a link to Odin's friends that he had never known of. Adoptive mother of Arisa, and more or less adoptive grandmother of Alice's kids, she could be the one to break Odin free. A link to everyone and everything good in Odin's life.

It had to be done.

Ignoring the crowd, that was silent but still present, Odin would kick his right leg forward, catching Judith's knee and watching it bend backwards, breaking it with a beautiful snap which filled the silence. The crowd screamed in horror: some ran away but most were frozen in fear, unable to comprehend the acts that were being displayed before them.

The pain would be tremendous for the old woman, but it was a necessary action for Odin to take. To allow him to evolve.

#12Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed almost as if something for once Judith did not expect. Then again Judith from how she looked did not know what to expect at all. That loud snap for once, for once Judith would express emotion by the extremely loud scream in pain it, There was not fear anymore on her face but with the pain she felt fear was most likely mixed in, but Judith did fall over from it.

At least Judith did not seem to be trying to get up but she seemed to at least be processing how she would be moving. She wanted to live beyond this moment. The normal thoughts on her mind would cycle. Her children....Arisa, Judina, Waylon and Regis... Alice and her children....her husband...the only thing she ever would want as a last wish was to see them before she died if that was the case.

Judith had fell and landed on her back, And using her arms to drag herself back from the Lich even if it did not go too far, Judith knew picking herself up would not work well for her. The general distress and fear was not on her face, Judith seemed to be weighting her options.

She wished some one would reach out to help her up, But Judith wanted to be in control when she would get up on her one working leg. It would seem almost worth pity with eventually her trying to speed herself up but she was looking around for a tree to help herself up.

Eventually Judith would hit a tree lightly with the back of her head, through the what was the staring crowd of people. Judith now had one goal get away as far as she could. It would look rather depressing as Judith dragged herself up using said tree to help her and in her own slow way Judith would leave the area, no doubt to try and get help. Slowly leaving the part of Astera they where in Judith's trail was most likely easy to pick up for them she could be easy to catch, But she would do her bet to be gone and hopefully get help fixing her leg.



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With her leg broken, Judith fell to the ground, and had some trouble trying to get back onto her feet. No one rushed to help, as anyone that stepped forward, or made any sound, got a look from Odin that instantly silenced them. Everyone wanted to help her, but no wanted to be next. It was a euphoric kind of power Odin possessed in that moment, the ability to command the crowd to silence simply by existing. In that moment, those peopled feared him, and that was a feeling he could definitely get used to.

He let the silence linger for a moment later, and then he laughed. All eyes left Judith's struggles and focused on the Lich. He laughed as if he was the happiest man alive and could only express his joy through laughter. He watched Judith limp away, the maniacal grin permanently etched on his face truly reflecting how he was feeling.

Then he remembered he wasn't alone.


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Erebus stayed silent as to watch the events happen like a chain reaction. A drop of poison, splashed into what should have been medicine to the lich. Straying him further from these names he seemed almost distraught over moments ago. The girl certainly didn't know how to hush! Erebus was almost getting bored until, the greatest rising action he'd ever seen climaxed.


Bone broke skin, and it was very visible, as the girl dragged herself off with tears flowing, Erebus chuckled, his amber irises flashing a word of advice to this crowd. "Get going you cattle, you inseparable sheep." He taunted, further filling them with darkness, and vice, as the people's stress caused them to take off in different directions. Screaming... But none were to help the girl, who's Odin commanded almost with stellar unspoken power. Erebus feared little in this world, but he too could say clearly. Odin was a mighty fiend. A true lich, and someone to have beside him. He finally turned back to the green-lit skeleton.

"Well look at you, and I was worried you were soft. Allow me to make my introduction Lich. I think you and me can do some real damage together. What do ya say?!"


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Judith had limped weakly away, defeated with a broken leg. The crowd had dispersed in multiple direction, but none daring to assist the old woman. The only ones who remained were Odin, the eternal being, and the newcomer Erebus, who Odin knew very little about. He may have aided the Lich with his sudden appearance, but other than this indirect assistance the Lich had nothing with which to judge his character. Then there was the way he spoke, as if he was a being greater than a human. He spoke of other humans as if they were cattle, similar to the way Odin had heard another human speak before. This man was definitely human himself, he did not give off any distinct aura to the contrary but, at the very least, Odin owed him a drink.

"I am Odin. What did you have in mind, Erebus Cassiel?"


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'You're something else, and I love it!'

Erebus thought to himself, awe struck by such POWER! He would need time to truly research it; how a such a creature could retain it's life after death. After all, the Husk himself had died and been doomed to the abyss as per contract, however, if he could eventually someday supersede that contract, then he'd never have to go back. Fine print or not, a Lich can't die, so maybe Odin had the answers.

"Well to be frank, I've just been causing trouble since the day I woke up. But you, now you give me a sight, a canvas, that we could really splash some color too... Regardless, what do you do for fun Odin. I think we should get to know each other. Everyone needs a friend to trust, would you vouch for claim?" Erebus said, slowly bending for his knee to kiss the pavement. His smile wide, eyelids shut.

He was a crazy man, he was a brilliant killer. He was a humble nemesis. Erebus was bowing, showing his respect, something he didn't do for many, in fact; Odin was the first. Why? A sight to sore eyes, he was. This lich could be everything he needed as far as insight went, and if not, he was at least plenty capable to D E S T R O Y, the demons, who searched poor Erebus down; filthy bloodhounds. They'd be showing themselves sooner or later. If Odin were around, that meant a better chance of survival. There were a plethora of reasons to befriend the fiend.


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Erebus presented himself, at least in Odin's eyes, as bat shit crazy but perhaps in the best way possible. He seemed to have been causing chaos and destruction, but without a true purpose in mind. He reminded Odin of himself, from a long time ago. Odin before becoming a Lich, but also Odin during the infancy of his undeath, when he thought Grimoire Heart would hold all the answers. Before he discovered that he was being used by the exiled prince, which had been Odin's biggest folly. He had not had a purpose for himself, instead following others and hoping to fulfil theirs.

That had all changed with HER. SHE had given Odin a true purpose, a reason to exist when he thought he would never find one. SHE was his saviour, his messiah, but perhaps a friend was something that would also aid Odin in his quest. As it stood there was no longer anyone in Odin's life that he could call friend, he had recently broken all links to them. But perhaps a friend on his side was exactly what he needed.

The thing that caught Odin off guard was the bow. Erebus was asking to become Odin's friend, and bowing to show his respect for the Lich. It was in that moment that Odin realised the power he was beginning to possess. Power to be respected by his peers, and feared by his enemies.

"Stand up, friend. I'm sure there is a lot we can do together. As for my fun", Odin gestured the empty space around them, hearkening back to what had occurred just minutes ago, "You already got a taste of it. Sow the seeds of destruction and let chaos run free. After all, when the world burns to ash and all perish, I will still be here."


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Erebus Cassiel, once reserved and quiet, ready for the women, the drugs, the booze. Now he was different, he was a flamboyant personality, euphoric just to feel human sensation and existence. It was his most precious emotion, desired even. Just to be grateful he had life. It made him dangerous. Because Erebus was an object of chaos, much like Odin. A person who lived with no limitations but would go so far as to strike the moon if he had to cling to this world.

"I dig your style Odin, you're an impressive guy. I'm on a mission actually, a lot like you, I'm somewhat of a lingering spirit. Or rather, an escape artist. I don't know how long I can go undetected with all these recent incursions. Would you mind venturing with me? Chaos is more fun when in pairs," he offered, rising from his knee. Where would they go first though, he wondered? Perhaps that wasn't the question he'd open with, after all. Odin would probably be disinterested in someone who simply followed the stars or the activity rather than intuition as to their destiny. But then again, was destiny even real? Erebus didn't have one...

A striking pain behind the eyelids overcame the white haired husk, like hot burning friction or needles... triggered just as he began to think about his reasons for 'being'. Trying to trace a memory had been doing this recently, perhaps due to Vance and Erebus sharing a soul but harboring different minds. He shook it off, quickly thinking of something else. Anything to throw his mind off the subject.

"Off topic but... I've always wanted to ask... Do Lich like yourself dine as humans? "


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The more Odin learned about Erebus, the more intriguing the man seemed to be. He seemed to be a man on the run, but also a man with a mission. He didn't go into the specifics of either aspect of his life, but he did give a hint as to who he was running from. He mentioned the incursions, which suggested he was on the run from one of two groups. It was possible that he was running from holy knights, as they could be found at every incursion location with the aim of quelling it. However, from the little Odin knew of Erebus, he doubted the man was afraid of a few knights. If he was, then he wasn't worth Odin's time anyway.

But that wasn't who he was on the run from, not by the way he phrased it, which only left the other group: demons. Somehow, because of something the man had done, he had escaped from the demons and was trying to get away from them. He asked if Odin could journey with him, as it would be easier to fight them in groups, to which Odin had a simple enough reply with a condition, "I have always wondered how difficult it would be to kill a demon, so I have no qualms coming with you. However", Odin paused for a moment as his voice went low, emphasising the importance of his next words, "I have my own mission and, to me, that will always supersede yours if I have to choose between them."

He was then asked a fun question by the man, one Odin had always wanted to be asked, "I always wonder how many people have that exact question but are to terrified to ask me. I can eat and drink just as normal humans do, however I only get a flash of taste before it disappears, and anything I do consume turns to dust in my mouth."


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Erebus listened, excited to hear that Odin indeed would be traveling with him to the next town. The large skeleton, covered in that ectoplasmic fire, did bring light to a grave warning though. No matter what, if the tides changed and their fates crossed for the worst, Odin would not think a second thought about betrayal. The words very clearly told Erebus that while they were going to become close; simple trust would be out of the question. A dire straight. But an honest one nonetheless. "How classified is this mission you speak of?" The husk waited to ask. Then he plugged his next line in after quickly. "But dust you say? That's interesting, yes I can imagine not too many people are bold enough to ask. They're a prejudice species after all. Surely you remember?" The new information was amazing. Erebus had no idea these creatures had that ability, he wanted to know more... Providing Odin with his time, it seemed obvious they'd come to know a lot about each other in good time.

"I'd like to visit Era soon. How free are you in the next few days?"


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Erebus asked Odin about his mission, clearly interested in the details of it, which made sense to the Lich. If someone said to him that they would betray them if it meant furthering their mission, you'd like to know what that actually entailed. Erebus wanted to know what would cause Odin to betray him in the future, but there was no satisfying response the Lich could give, he was bound to secrecy.

Almost instantly after asking, however, Erebus sought to cover his tracks in case he had caused offence, continuing the conversation of dust and Liches in general, even going so far as to call his species prejudiced, which reminded Odin of his time in Grimoire Heart, when Crowley wished to bring about a new age, one without hatred towards another simply for his species. It would have brought about a great change for the world, and for Odin, but sadly that never came to pass. The world was too full of bitterness for people to ever accept Odin as he was. No one but SHE could love him.

"I'm very aware of how much the people hate what I am, I have grown to simply not care. If they hate me, they can tell me, and if they tell me I get to have fun with them." Odin chose not to talk anymore about his mission on purpose, as it was HER will never to speak of the cult outside of its members, and Erebus showed no sign of holding a gospel. However he would likely make for an interesting travelling companion.

"I can leave whenever you want, there is no reason for me to stay in Astera. And Era sounds like a good location." In reality Odin was planning on heading to Crocus, but Era was close enough that it wouldn't be too difficult moving from one to the other.


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Erebus was quiet, his attention on Odin's mouth, while the lich spoke, you could see the flames from within, in a way quite beautiful. Erebus realized pretty fast though there was no follow-up on the 'mission' which could jeopardize whatever common similarities they had. However, for the moment perhaps, that wasn't important. Erebus would shelf the thought for later on, when it pressed him. He'd hate to engage with Odin, but in the very same way, Odin might not want to engage with him. You could never be sure. "I doubt their antics spawn from hatred. I think everyone has something against 'difference' in general. Humans can't even get along with other humans. Whether it be one taller than another, or one darker than the rest. A black sheep is always stand out. Humans don't particularly know what to do with that. They all crave to understand each other. Yet that just isn't possible. So they're evil, that's their way." Erebus said rambling, troubled by it. However; it was the truest fact of this world. Humans had a problem accepting other cultures, let alone races and species. They were a dysfunctional breed. Capable of great things, but clouded behind great flaws.

Erebus then glanced towards the sky, "Looks like a storm might be coming in, we should probably leave in the morning, then head out." Erebus noted, seeing dark clouds in the distance. Besides, a day to rest would fair nicely. "How about grabbing a bite to eat then?" Erebus suggested, finally getting to the point he was trying to come off for earlier. However regardless of Odin's answer, Erebus would take his leave from this area. But no harm, no foul in asking.


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Erebus seemed to empathise, at least a little, with the humans. He understood better than Odin why they showed him such disdain, and it was simply because he was different. Odin was the unknown in its most purest form to human beings: a man who cheated death. Death was the one thing humans believed to be constant and, even if they feared it, they accepted its inevitability. Odin was the one who didn't accept that, who hadn't accepted and chosen to gain immense power to stop his own death from becoming a possibility. It was a strong insight into the kind of character Erebus was. Not merely a fighter, but a thinker as well, and someone who would likely prove very useful for Odin to know.

The sky was growing darker, but not entirely due to evening's approach. Erebus saw it too, a storm was coming. He suggested they leave tomorrow morning before asking if Odin wished to grab some food with him. "Kind offer, but I shall pass. I will meet you here tomorrow morning." Nodding, Odin would take his leave, interested to see what this new partnership would bring to them both, and to the world.


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