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Zoey Luciano

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Zoey Luciano


Name: Zoey Luciano
Age: 17 (25th August 769)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bicurious~
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi
Class: Huntress
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Lamia Scale
Mode: Normal
Tattoo: On the back of her left hand, Hot Pink
Face: Rebecca – Eden’s Zero


Height: 5’6” / 168cm
Weight: 138lbs /  61kg
Hair: Honey Blonde
Eyes: Emerald Green

Overall: A somewhat petite but curvaceous young woman with golden hair and eyes like emeralds, Zoey’s overall appearance is girlish and cute, to the degree that most would probably notice her prettiness immediately. Large eyed with eyes as bright as the finest green gems, Miss Luciano has soft and slightly round features that loan a gentle and soft characteristic to her image, as well as full lips that she tends to highlight with light shades that compliment her overall fair image.

Light of skin without ever seeming sallow, the outdoorsy lifestyle of Miss Luciano gives her a ruddiness to her complexion and often a mild tan, though her Boscosi heritage is plain in the fact that her skin will likely be a shade or two paler than a native Fiorian. An active girl, while Zoey’s physique is trim and toned, carrying a flat and somewhat defined stomach and hints of her honed musculature in places like her arms, shoulder and legs. Shapely in her frame, especially in her bust, hips and rear, she has a generously sized chest that would be hard to hide though her specific sizes are kept a secret like any decently modest woman would.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature that this fair femme possesses in the colour and style of her hair, Zoey has long and flowing blonde hair which has a tendency toward curliness toward the tops, lending a cute and messy quality. When loose, the honey coloured hair of this attractive young woman is long enough to reach the middle of her back and flares outward the further it grows, she tends to keep her bangs in a loose and messy fashion, framing her face and the vivid colour of her eyes with the contrast in her golden tresses. Frequently choosing to wear her hair ‘down’ though certainly happy to mix it up and tie her locks in a variety of ways, Miss Luciano commonly parts her hair in a loose fashion from the left side of her face and lets a coiling curl hang over her right shoulder, though isn’t opposed to styling it differently. A dab hand with straighteners and other styling aids, she can remould her bright and beautiful looks into different styles if she chooses, though most frequently favours this signature image.

The choices of fashion that their fair femme tends to gravitate toward tending to be cute and casual, she enjoys wearing items of a spring and summer ilk especially, showing off a little skin as she wears revealing shirts and skirts or shorts along with thigh high socks and stockings. Certainly no stranger to dressing for an occasion though, Zoey is comfortable enough with her body and beauty to wear a bikini’s and theme clothing like bunny suits or maids outfits for the right purpose, even if said purpose is simple fun. A fan of accessories, Miss Luciano will eagerly sport most forms of jewellery if she finds items that she likes as well, as other things that she finds ‘cute’, finding no embarrassment walking around in a headband with rabbit or cat ears should the mood strike her.

Extra: Often wears a wavy golden circlet that is decorated with hanging green gems.



An upbeat and outgoing young woman who isn’t afraid to make her voice heard, Zoey Luciano is bubbly and even somewhat excitable at times, showing a strong sense of friendliness and warm energy wherever she goes. Independent in spirit and brave when she needs to be, while this young redhead likes to live by her own design, she is no stranger to company and enjoys companionship in most situations.

Affectionate toward the people she likes quite quickly, she can be a little on the ‘emotional’ side, responding to her feelings more often than her sense of reason, which can at times make her a little hasty and impulsive in the decisions she makes. The fun loving and occasionally indulgent type, Zoey likes to relax with company and likes things like parties and gatherings, often loving the chance to have a good time with other people and laugh at silly things. No stranger to romance, perhaps because of her age and relative lack of experience with amorous pursuits she can tend to be a little submissive and reluctant to make the first move with the people she likes, though responds quickly and happily to those who do.

For the most part more ‘into’ boys though certainly open to the idea of exploring a relationship with the right girl, Miss Luciano has no hang ups in regard to her own or others sexuality or expressing it. However, she does appreciate discretion and would be upset and angry if a lover shared the ‘gory details’ of something she had done with them, feeling it a private and intimate experience to share. The temper that she possesses a reflection of her heated character, when upset she can lash out a little too readily because of her impulsive and passionate nature, and sometimes can regret what she may say or do because of this.

Curious about the world as a whole and possessing a rather strong sense of discovery, Zoey is rarely daunted by situations and for the most part tends to cope well with pressure, demonstrating a strong sense of courage and conviction in her beliefs. Seeking out challenges that interest her and not shying away from competition so long as she can see a point in it, this teen is full of zeal and a desire to find adventure in any form, be it literal or perhaps a bit more figurative. Open minded and down to earth thanks to her humble upbringing, she tends not to put on airs with people and appreciates those who do the same with her, and while she tends to not be judgemental as a whole there are times when the view of the girl can be coloured a little by her past experiences.

A rather idealistic youngster though this perhaps to be expected given her age, Zoey has a strong sense of morality and personal justice that guides her, being rather empathic and sensitive to the suffering of others. Believing in her way that it’s better to be kind than right or successful, while at times she can be somewhat stubborn when she gets a bee in her bonnet, Miss Luciano likes to act where she believes she is needed and feel good about herself for doing so. This however seeming to make her a little naïve as well, the emerald eyed lass can be a bit of a ‘soft target’ for the duplicitous sort and sometimes let’s herself get taken advantage of a little too easily.

The mix of naiveté and earnest spirit that Zoey possesses something that can contribute to her seeming a little bit ‘dorky’ at times, her zeal and down to earth manner means that she can derive great joy from simple and cute things in a manner reminiscent of a little girl. Curious and involved when you engage her interest, she tends to be accepting of many things and unconcerned for the opinions of others in regard to her, blithely indulging fantasy and excitement with a zeal that some might find rather silly.


  • Adventure: Looking to go out and see the world, Zoey has a strong sense of curiosity and excitement, as well as an venturesome sense of romance that causes her to want to leave her mark on the world.
  • Sweets: Possessing a major sweet tooth, Zoey loves to eat cakes and candies, often spending her time relaxing in café’s and bakeries enjoying delicious items to degrees that some might find excessive.
  • Company: Chatty and outgoing, Zoey’s spirits tend to be lifted by companionship and she will tend to engage almost anyone who she is with unless she has a specific reason not to, showing her brightness and bubbliness quite eagerly.
  • Animals: Fond of cats and dogs and horses as well as most form of cattle, Zoey is a friend to most forms of animal aside from certain ‘creepy’ insects such as cockroaches and also snakes which she had a phobia of.
  • Fashion: A style conscious teen, Zoey likes clothing and apparel that she finds cute and will often pay through the nose a little for items that catch her eye, finding that she feels more confident in herself if she can look in the mirror and like what she sees.
  • Adrenaline: Perhaps something of a thrill seeker, Zoey enjoys the feeling of have her pulse pounding and living on the ‘edge’ a little, enjoying fast rides and exciting circumstances more than the average person.


  • Bosco: It a shame that half her heritage and the land in which she was born brings such ill feeling to Zoey, because of the situation that forced her from her home and seemingly cost the life of her father she cannot view her homeland positively, becoming discomforted by those with thick Boscosi accents and the continuing bad news that seems to blight the land.
  • Corruption: Remembering the awful Commandant that blighted her family in her youngest years, while the largely humble Zoey isn’t terribly keen on anyone who flaunts a lofty social status she has an especial dislike for people who abuse their position and oppress other people, showing a rebellious spirit against such figures.
  • Soldiers: The first experiences that Zoey had with guards and military folk featuring instances of invasion and oppression, though the years since have allowed her to ‘downgrade’ her loathing to simple distrust and discomfort around armed forces, most who subscribe to the lifestyle of a knight or guard will have to earn her respect and trust as people rather than demand it from their position.
  • Alcohol: Disliking the taste of ‘adult drinks’ perhaps because of her fondness for sweet flavours, Zoey does not drink and even finds the smell of alcohol on a person rather disgusting, meaning she doesn’t engage booze hounds all that much.


  • Justice: Possessing a strong sense of right and wrong, Zoey operates with a strong moral code and tends to respond reflexively against situations she disagrees with, showing integrity and fairness as well as a somewhat reckless and idealistic streak as well.
  • Love: Certainly not heartless, Zoey can be quite motivated by her sense of affection, empathy and sentimentality, and will be far more dedicated for someone she likes than a simple pay check.
  • Renown: Lying if she said that she wasn’t motivated by fame and fortune, Zoey enjoys the idea of being a mage famous for both her magic and in moments of vanity good looks, hoping to break into the ten wizard saints one day if she is lucky.
  • Growth: Still inexperienced both as a mage and a woman, Zoey acknowledges that she has plenty of room to develop and likes to cultivate opportunities to do so, either by training herself in a formal sense or exploring her curiosities and ideals.


  • Loss: Having felt what it is like to lose a loved one, Zoey is afraid of experiencing the same again, being protective of the people she has grown close to and her youth and idealism means she can be reckless because of this.
  • Snakes: Why did it have to be snakes? Unsure of exactly why she has this fear but none the less unnerved and fearful of serpents, Zoey shows an extreme sense of reluctance to deal with even harmless snakes and will become very fearful when overexposed to them.


Magic Name: Styled Sunshine

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description:
Favouring light magic because of her overall fondness for bright and warm days, Zoey can generate mass quantities of photons which she can manipulate for attack in a variety of ways, such as firing long range beams, bursts and blasts of light as well as generating an aura of light around parts of her body to up the potential damage of her strikes. Able to focus her light into a confined form to create certain simple constructs, she can generate things like blades for close range combat or even make shields made of ‘hard light’ to protect herself from certain forms of harm, or even make a set of wings for herself to propel herself around. Capable of choosing the colour of her light, while it is white by default she can wilfully change this to any shade of the spectrum or even create effects like rainbows, though this is purely cosmetic and has little impact on the resulting spell.



Born in the hardy land of Bosco, Zoey’s mother Adele was a local girl who had lost her parents at a young age in a market town, while her father Elmo was a mage from Fiore who settled down in the region to raise a family with the woman he loved. The middle daughter, little miss Luciano was four years junior of a sister named Cecilia and three years old when the family welcomed another member of the family in the form of a young brother named Nico. Life relatively simple in her youngest years, her parents ran a magic shop together that sold books and potions while the man himself would occasionally take jobs to use his skills for people around town.

Zoey’s early life quite peaceful and carefree, though Bosco was a country that was cold and its people a little distant compared to what the girl grew to know later in life, she was largely content. Amused by a cute little brother and aided by a knowledgeable and graceful elder sister, the girl was tutored in reading and writing as well as maths by her parents, and when she began to show an aptitude for magic her father even taught her a few spells that were simple and useful. Love and a simple lifestyle seeming to sustain them, had the Luciano family not found their home in the land they did, things might have turned out quite differently. Unfortunately, unrest was afoot.

Everything changing for Miss Luciano when she was five years old, the troubles that brewed in Bosco steadily began to sour all parts of the country. Aggressive regimes and giving rise to oppressors who seemed to enjoy using their power to benefit only themselves, life became increasingly harsh as the land became less friendly than the one they had started a family in, and Zoey’s parents began to consider the idea to move to the more peaceful neighbouring country of Fiore from which the father hailed. Sending messages to Elmo’s parents who let them know if they wanted to move they would be happy to find room for the family to stay in, the heads of the household knew they might need a more stable landscape to raise their children in, but also worried about pulling up their roots when their children were so very young.

The realm in which they lived and the changes it was going through doing more to make their minds up than anything, the situation only got worse when the commandant of the local barracks named Walter took over control of the region and began to harass the town by establishing large taxes and tariffs on the people that lived there and letting his soldiers exploit them for whatever they needed, leaving the townsfolk disgruntled and scared. The Luciano family perhaps one of the more badly affected households, after the good looks of Zoey’s mother caught the eye of several soldiers and their commander in particular, they found their business frequently interrupted by a rather aggressive and underhanded tactics to force her hand in licentious directions.

The charm of Walter falling flat when Adele refused his affections in no uncertain terms, all too quickly they found themselves as a pariah family in town, their business drying up as people were harassed for doing business with them and even worse things happened. Random and invasive inspections of the premises conducted as guards leered at the shop woman and frightened her children, several times Elmo came home from the odd job he could get with a limp or black eye or something of the sort.

One of Zoey’s scant memories of her homeland involved her watching her elder sister being dragged toward the door of their shop by the painful grasp of soldier’s on the command of Walter as he claimed he was going to set her to work around his estate until she ‘came into her own’, the man only relented when they sobbing protest of her mother draw a rather angry Elmo to come to her rescue. Too young to understand exactly what he said or did to make the soldiers back down but certainly recalling the worried expression that the commandant carried in response, it is one of the few times she can remember her dad being angry and as she recalls was only a few days before they left the town for good.

Preparing to depart within the week but unfortunately leaving their decision to depart a little bit too late, tensions flared in their city after a young lad was whipped in the street for hurling a cow pie at one of the guard captains, a full blown riot emerged but this seemed to only play into the commander’s hands. Using the violence as an excuse to send his regiment in under the pretence of re-establishing peace, for the most part they went around trying to murder anyone that stood up to them or they simply disliked, Zoey’s father included. Luckily the mage stronger than they expected, after besting a half dozen men the family ran with what they could carry, with their wounded father carrying the worst burden in the form of a demand for his arrest or failing that execution.

Overzealous soldiers pursuing the family for days, the exhausted collective could not continue on much longer, and so in an effort to protect his loved ones Papa used himself as a decoy, drawing the attention of the soldiers away from his family and turning himself in while Mama led the kids to the border. That was the last time Zoey ever saw her father.

The task of taking her children across country in such a torrid trip not an easy one, especially when one considers the rough terrain that separates Bosco from Fiore, Mama worked tirelessly and without rest to try and escape the country that had turned to madness. Unfortunately for the family the vengeful commander seeming to have sent word to all outposts to be on the lookout for them, they ended up being held up once they reached the border and nearly arrested if not for the timely intervention of some of Papa’s old friends.

Fortunately managing to get word to some old guild mate’s that they might need help at the border, after a tense standoff between the soldiers of Bosco and Fiorian’s all too eager to vent some of their fury, the cowardly commander of the post saw fit to ‘ignore’ their crossing to save the skin of himself and his soldiers. The mages escorting Zoey and their family the rest of the way to see it was free from trouble, though tired and grieving their loss, the group finally managed to reach their destination and the welcoming arms of Zoey’s grandparents in the small western town of Baska.

Baska quite a different place to what Zoey was used to, not least because most people there seemed to speak in a manner that she could hardly understand, while she had visited her grandparents a couple of times in her life and learned enough of ‘Daddy’s Language’ to get by in her childish fashion the place was pretty alien to her. Though not in a totally bad way.

Warm and bright compared to the often cold and oppressive land that she remembered, though the local children seemed wary of the girl initially for the most part the adults were friendly and welcoming. Many of them seeming to recall her papa in his youth, they would offer her the odd favour out of respect for the man and his loss, not to mention share anecdotes of the adventurous and sometimes rowdy young man that her dad once used to be. These seeming to help her sense of loss, though she missed her father greatly, it was nice to hear grandparents and even strangers give an insight into a man that she never got to know properly.

The family fitting in well with where they ended up, Nico’s young age meant that he quickly adapted to the new language and culture he found himself in, while Cecelia’s good looks and talent for singing made her quite a popular member of the community. The Luciano family somewhat humble and all the adults working as best they could to provide, Zoey’s grandparents pushed back their retirement so that her Mama would not be forced to support her young family on her own, saying they would provide her father’s share at the very least so their children would not need to go out.

The girl herself attending a small school in Baska and getting over her initial struggles with the language to prove herself a bright student, while initially these country folk were wary of a girl with a thick accent who had suddenly been shoehorned into their class, they warmed up to her when she showed her ‘special skills’. Magic seeming to be a little less common in rural locations, the simple ‘party trick’ spells that her dad had taught Zoey seemed to amaze her classmates and win her friends among boys and girls, the latter enjoying the hint of elegance and beauty while the former admiring howl ‘cool’ it was.

Perhaps the magical abilities of Miss Luciano being limited to this mere level had it not been for the friends of her father’s, given the rarity of the skill in the region Papa’s former guild mate’s would pop in when they were in the area and help to teach her spells when they had time or drop off books she could learn from when they did not. Inheriting her father’s gift most strongly out of her siblings, though Cecilia and Nico could perform basic spells it was the middle child who was the most talented magically, wowing folks with her mystical abilities in much the same manner that Cecilia could with her sweet singing voice. In many ways the young girl feeling like she had gained something rather than ‘lost’ because of what had happened to her, though Zoey knew that her father could never be replaced by anyone or anything, the hustle and bustle of the friendly town and the people that would visit her seemed to extend her sense of ‘family’.

Seeing the visitors as Aunts and Uncles whose appearances she would relish, the youngster became an upbeat and bubbly soul if a little precocious in her manner, having a friendly lack of intimidating toward adults that some might have deemed rather ‘cheeky’. Popular and adventurous, the girl from Bosco formed a little gang of her own among the boys and girls in her class to get into scrapes with, being a brave and bold soul who was eager to discover the source of local legends and scary rumours. Sometimes these excursions getting them into trouble as they ended up in risky locales or dangerous circumstances, Miss Luciano and her friends always found a way to struggle through and often the magic that the girl was learning proved invaluable to her in this regard.

The sort who hated bullies and would stand up eagerly to them, at times Zoey was the scrappy sort who would be showing quite the tomboyish side as she scuffled with boys older than her and came home with bruises, not tending to use her magic against people in squabbles because it felt ‘unfair’. This sense of honour and integrity perhaps harking back to the early lessons that she received from her father on how magic should be used for the benefit of people, Miss Luciano found that the benevolence of her father’s friends even extended to helping her with bigger and stronger kids upon whom she was reluctant to use her gifts. Taught a few things to ‘take care of herself’ by a surprisingly strong old man, she was told that if she was going to end up fighting, she might as well win.

The years seeming to roll by more and more quickly with every one that passed, all too quickly Zoey found herself blossoming into a young woman who was unsure of what she should do with her life. As a child always boasting she would go off and become a world famous mage to emulate her father, even though she harboured a desire to do this, at the same time Miss Luciano felt reluctant to leave her home. Cecilia’s singing talent already having taken her away from her home as a professional performer, her sister envied the freedom and independence that the eldest daughter of the family showed, but found that her own steps out into the world showed an uncharacteristic sense of reluctance.

Sentimental and feeling a sense of guilt for leaving her family, her mother especially, perhaps because she had already lost her father the girl felt an especial urge to cling to her parent, initially she chose to exploit her talents in the local area to use her magic to solve small problems that faced the folk of Baska and even venturing to Astera and even Oak for her work but always sticking close to home.

The folk in the latter seeming to take an especial ‘shine’ to Zoey for both her good looks and sound magic abilities, though some in Phantom Lord seemed keen on adding a pretty and talented young mage to their numbers, she refused such an offer. Knowing of the bad reputation that the place had and even more so deciding that she would rather join the guild her father and those family friends comprised, though she left some ruffled feathers with her rejection and was warned to ‘watch herself’ when she was in Oak, Miss Luciano continued to grow as she used her magical skills to help folk who were in trouble.

This lifestyle as a drifting mage in Western Fiore helping Miss Luciano make her mind up about her career path, though she was a little sad to tell her mother that she wanted to set out into the world and see what she could make of herself, she was surprised by the approval that the woman showed her. Zoey’s mother long having suspected that her girl had wanted to set out on this course and putting a little aside for her future for many years now, she gave it to her as travel money and also offered up another little gift in the form of her signature pair of earrings that her father had gifted to her years before as something to remember them by. The girl moved by this and the pride that she was shown by her parent and the people around her, she tearfully set off into the world to make a name for herself, wondering what she might make of the world and what the world might make of her…

Reference: Alisa

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