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Luminous Night [Priv]

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#1Elcia Veihalis 

Luminous Night [Priv] Empty on Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:20 pm

Elcia Veihalis
Elcia had taken a stroll along the Astera Cliffs, they had a beautiful view of the city, as well as the water with the beautifully colored coral, lit up at night with their "magical properties." The breeze was gentle tonight as it carried the crisp smell of the sea with it, and as well as small droplets from the ocean, making the breeze colder than most nights, as the sea was more active, crashing waves against waves. She had to be extra careful as she ventured among the other side of the cliffs that weren't lit at brightly towards the side facing the coral reef or the city. Sure along the path, they had dimly lit Lacrima Crystals that provided light, however, even her spell, "Guiding," was brighter than those lights especially at night. It was a beautiful night and so much had happened, she was enlightened on the situation going on around her in the town that she had blindly walked into to explore- as well as meet so many weird but wonderful characters. She smiled to herself thinking back on it, maybe they were normal and she was weird... each encounter she had somewhat of a freakout with all of them. Maybe... she was the weirdo who just thought they were weird because she was such a massive ball of anxiety.

#2Ace Brookes 

Luminous Night [Priv] Empty on Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:45 pm

Ace Brookes

The young dark skinned mage had decided to explore the town of Astera. Not the shops, alleyways and markets that adorned the town, but rather the peaceful and quiet areas, where nature was prevalent. The gas mage, being not one of many words, looked for somewhere he can relax and read a book. Rather than heading to a nice comfy cafe, he'd heard of the breathtaking scenery from atop the Astera Cliffs, where the city and coral reefs decorated the view from all around. He was warned of the sudden dangerous bends in the path.

The young knight was dressed casually, more for comfort than anything, yet his high end sense of fashion still evident. His tight grey patterned trousers folded about two inches over his casual white shoes, matched with a plain black tee and white earrings popping in contrast with his chocolaty smooth skin. All he carried along was a light book, titled 'Fiorian History'. Always seeking to expand his knowledge in any way possible.

The problem was, how in the world was he going to see a damn thing, let alone read a book. Shortly after beginning his ascend on the coiling jagged footpath, the young mage realized his journey to the top was going to offer more of a view than anything else.

The weather was indeed a bit chilly considering it was spring, but he didn't mind it that much. To make the matters even worse though, full puffy clouds blocked the moon and other stars from reflecting any sort of light down onto the footpath. Upon climbing high enough, Ace noticed that his vision wasn't as hindered by the darkness anymore. Glowing magical lights from the spectacular coral reefs shone up to the high ends of the cliff making it easier for him to see where he was going. Only then did he realize his altitude from the ground and how dangerous this road could be if one wasn't careful.

Just before he could finish gazing upon the breathtaking view, the Rune Knight was interrupted when he spotted another visitor on the cliff. At least he hoped it was someone else and not some wild inhabitant of these extremities of the town.

He squinted as his eyebrows still unwelcomingly arched over his light caramel eyes. Unfortunately the gas mage couldn't make out who or what that was as he approached the narrowing end of the footpath. Still cautiously approaching, trying not to make a sound, the afro haired boy clumsily tripped over a rock, causing a racket. He shuffled around on the rough dusty cliffs, only adding to the mess as he swiftly shifted his head up to see if the 'beast' had seen him...

Well that was one pretty 'beast'...

#3Elcia Veihalis 

Luminous Night [Priv] Empty on Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:17 pm

Elcia Veihalis
Darkness. Her eyes were shut tight as she felt her body feel lifeless- it was as if she accepted fate. How did she end up here? That was all she could remember as she was closing her eyes, thinking to herself, this couldn't be happening. The last thing that struck her was she happened to get startled when she heart movement and a loud crash as someone or something had tripped and fell. She saw a shadow hunched over. Before she turned to run- however, being startled cause the usually self-aware woman to run right off a cliff, and luckily for her- or so she thought right into the back of a caravan of human traffickers! Opening her eyes her gentle sky blue eyes staring into the hungry eyes of men full of lust staring right back at her. 

They quickly shifted as she chuckled and stared down at her, one man who had his shirt off, and had bright crimson eyes, and what she could see huge biceps and two huge pecs that she was sure just one of his pecs was bigger than her head, had picked her up. She soon learned his name was Marcus as a lackey called out to him.

"Marcus, sir! We don't have any rope left." 

Elcia's eye became huge as she remembered being picked up easily, once before and that was by a man named Manzo. She began to panic and flail in the man's arms. As she made a ruckus and screamed out for help, the large man had knocked her out and used his binding magic to summon up magical binds. Which covered her from screaming, anyone nearby would've heard her loud shriek come to a sudden stop. Next, the binds wrapped her hands from casting any sort of magic. Then, they wrapped her legs to stop her from potentially escaping. Finally, the binds locked her in a chain link with two other women, who looked to be starving.

After a few short minutes of being knocked out, she finally opened her eyes to her face being caressed.

"Why the sad face, little lady? You're gorgeous- so frail, but obviously well-fed we're going to have to slim you up a bit. I feel your tiny little body can get even smaller." Marcus chuckled, before licking her cheek.

Elcia closed her eyes as she began to cry out, her fingers still able to move and cast a small bright light. Which she blinked several times trying to make the light much brighter but sadly she couldn't, due to being restricted. Hopefully, someone would be able to make out a faint light nearby and follow it- she needed to be saved before she became whatever these horrible men wanted her to be.

#4Ace Brookes 

Luminous Night [Priv] Empty on Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:44 am

Ace Brookes

The young mage identified the 'beast' to be a young frail girl, still unable to make out her facial features. In an instant, the girl dropped off the edge of the cliff. Ace's eyes widened as he gasped out loud and darted towards the edge. The girl jumped down onto a caravan? The Rune Knight was confused as to what the girl could've been up to, or even what caused her to run away back to her friends. Nonetheless, he didn't care much as he let out a sigh of relief. The conclusion he'd arrived at; she was safe. As a member of the Rune Knights, slowly climbing up the ranks, Ace's morals and sense of responsibility peaked with every humane experience he'd gone through. Rule number one, safety of the public. From there on, he couldn't care less what she was up to. He still watched the caravan blankly as it got ready to take off. Even though it was only but a couple meters away, the young mage couldn't make out what they were saying. His eyelids relaxed as he turned away to finish climbing the cliff.

A loud cry for help caught the mage's attention once more. He turned back to the caravan as the girl's muffled screams sounded even more distant. How in the world was he supposed to keep track of it now. He slid down the rocky terrain, chasing the tire tracks and noise that came from the caravan which he could no longer see clearly. A few minutes of him blindly running behind tracks as fast as he could, eventually spotting a flickering light up ahead. Seemingly sourcing from the girl's direction, Ace sprinted through in attempt to get as close as he could to the speeding caravan. Shifting through the rocky roads, the dark skinned boy was now covered in sand. However, he still managed to get close enough to make out the vehicle which was now slowing down. Ace was within five meters of the caravan and so shot his fist forward, encased in nitrogen gas, towards the back left tire causing it to burst. This brought the van to a halt as he stopped in his tracks as well to catch his breath. The Knight expected someone to come out to figure out what has happened.

The puffy clouds were clearing out towards the horizon at this point, unveiling the celestial ornaments that were scattered throughout the vast skies. It was now much easier to see his glowing caramel toned skin under the luminous night as he stood his ground, five meters from the broken down vehicle. He murmured under his breath,
"Come on out to me..."

Spells Used:
Name: Nitro Shot
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Delirious Gas Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind (Nitrogen)
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: Ace cocks back and throws a punch/kick into the air in front of him. A thin layer of nitrogen forms around the outside of his hand or foot and is shot forward when he punches/kicks the air. This releases the energy from the punch onto the nitrogen casing and hurls it forward in a crescent shape. The resulting shot can travel up to five meters, is neon green in color, and has a length of 0.25 m and is of 5 cm thickness. Only one shot can be fired per usage of the spell.

#5Elcia Veihalis 

Luminous Night [Priv] Empty on Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:41 pm

Elcia Veihalis
As she sat in the caravan tears forming in her eyes the huge man had kissed her cheeks and wiped her tears with his index before suggestively sucking on his fingers. Elcia began to cry as she felt him begin to press himself against her and the other women who were still out cold. It was until she felt the binding spell break as the Caravan went spiraling into a halt as it crashed; due to the driver sudden and harsh movement of the wheel. In the midst of the smoke, Elcia was bruised around her arms, legs, and even her stomach. Blood dripping from her forehead as she sat up from the sudden impact. She wondered if that shadow she saw earlier heard her scream, and that was what saved her. 

Weakly standing she managed to slowly walk out the backside of the Caravan as a voice yelled to come out. The voice sounded like a young man- well not a man, but a boy becoming a man. It had a somewhat deep volume to his voice, but his tone was uneven when he talked as if he was going through a growth spurt. She smiled faintly at the boy with caramel skin as she stood there, weak and exhausted. 

"Hello..." She coughed lightly, "I'm sorry... I seemed to have caused you to taken time off of your night to help me." 

This young boy, with beautifully chocolate-kissed skin, had helped her and just earlier his shadow had scared her to her own doom. She really had to get a control on her nerves before it got her into a situation that couldn't be helped.

"The men are out cold...  but so are the other two women they managed to steal..." Her voice showing obvious concern.

#6Ace Brookes 

Luminous Night [Priv] Empty on Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:15 pm

Ace Brookes

The young afro haired mage stood there with his fists up, ready to face whoever stepped out of that van. The silhouette of the slim girl he'd seen earlier appeared again, this time slowly approaching Ace. He'd quickly noticed the blood dripping from her forehead, "Here..." He pulled out a couple neatly folded tissues that he'd usually keep in his pocket just in case. "No worries, your night was interrupted too". Saying less as usual, it wasn't of Ace's nature to fully speak his mind. He listened to the girl's soft voice as she informed him about the two other girls who were seemingly kidnapped by the same gang. Without hesitation the young knight rushed into the van in an attempt to free them. It surprisingly wasn't as hard as he thought... They used rope... He snickered to himself.

Ace popped his head back out the van and addressed the girl. "You're a mage aren't you?" After a short pause, not expecting an answer back, he continued, "Come help me out. We'll each carry one". The young Rune Knight noticed the girl's guild mark imprinted on the top of her right hand. He did have good observational skills, but this one wasn't that hard to spot at all. If anything, it stood out as it complimented the color of her fair skin.

The young gas mage would then suggest walking back to Astera's streets to drop the girls off somewhere they'd be safe and get some proper treatment all at once. Plus, he'd be able to chat with the girl along the way.

#7Elcia Veihalis 

Luminous Night [Priv] Empty on Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:39 pm

Elcia Veihalis
Elcia felt something deep inside of her, maybe it was her gut or maybe it was the way her mana control felt like it was different now after this experience. However, either way, she had looked at the small boy and turned tail. 

"I- I... I'm umm I'm sorry! I gotta go!" She yelled as she ran off towards the direction leading out of Astera.

She just felt like what she was doing was out of the question there was no need to be apart of this rescue mission, she felt it was best Ace took the credit for saving these women.

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