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Dusk's True Embrace.(Sage)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was the settling times were Judith would actually just getting the children she was looking after from time to time to bed. Being away from home made her restless sometimes but also the dusk of the sun setting seemed to bring some kind of pleasant feeling to Judith this evening.

Quietly roaming the cliff it seemed Judith had her mind in the area she thought."Here this spot looks like an area my son would be."She mentioned in disappointment but she would get the feeling she wanted to relax and watch the sun set here.

Not quite ready too however she would do what she needed would while walking alone and trying to settle down. Sing a song, one she did many times."So cold, In the night~."Given how the cliff where her voice would easily echo as she would continue singing the very angelic and heavenly voice would mention she could have would be heard as she continued."Where the river flows, Where the river flows.~"even slowing down her waking for her enjoyment as well. hundreds could listen or no one could and Judith would still be singing the way she was now.

"So cold, In the night~"
The song continued on, While she was not really walking quickly and almost at a snails pace walking. "Where the river flows, Where the river flows~"The patch and tone was still the same like she practice a lot in her life, Eventually moving into the part of her song."Sail, away~ Hey, I'm sorry. Everyday is a new day~"If ever asked about it Judith would mention it would be a rather personal song but so far. No one else was around to ask."Hooray for Love~ Hey I'm sorry~ Trying to find the new way~"She was enjoying herself and the echo of the cliffs. Even stopping her song for a moment to listen to it echo along them, The dusk was nice to her this evening she had nothing to fear.

Song reference


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It was late during the day, he was thinking about his new found lover, Fujaku and reflecting his life overall. He looked onto the vast sea that reflects the orange sky above. The sea breezes blew past him, giving him a sense of tranquility. The half elf thought about his parents back in Caelum and how they were doing. He thought about the sweet man Fujaku that he encountered out of nowhere in the forest and the feelings they had for each other. He also thought about Vali, the only half elf other than him that he had met, he was like a brother to him. Thinking about all of the people that loved and cared for him he began to question life, he was missing them, but at the same time he knew that whatever comes must go, that is the rule.

Then he heard it, the heavenly voice that came out of nowhere. But he felt it to his heart, the owner of the voice reflected what he was feeling currently, the feeling of missing something, or so he thought. He looled around and saw a woman older than him by the beach. He would slowly approach her as she sang, attracted by the emotion she expressed through her singing. As she stopped he would compliment her, "Excuse me, but that was beautiful," he would say in his usual warm voice, accompanied by his genuine warm smile.

#3Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Judith stopped when she heard some one enjoyed she even stopped after he spoke up."Oh, I see as always there I just happen one person listening, Not that I mind at all."Judith said she seemed like she almost expected it and if anything did not mind and enjoy the company."But I do thank you nonetheless."Judith also said to her.

"I have been practicing over at least 20 years, Since I believe in some manner I will never be a master at singing."
She then after mentioning it then taking a moment and walking over to whomever mentioned her singing to her."And just who might you be? I would rather know who you are then leave you a stranger."Maybe it was just how Judith even spoke she just seemed was welcoming and warm sounding as you would expect any mother to be, Either way Judith would continue the conversation.

"Most of the time, It was me singing like that to settle weeping and fussy children."
Yeah she sure did not hide anything really, but she did not seem to need a reason too hide anything, Judith then said."Would you like something else from me?"Waiting to see what he would say even if there was anything he really needed or wanted from her. So far she was rather comfortable still.

She then would quietly sit down by an area was seemed nice for her to sit anyway."Or would you care to sit down and talk for a small amount of time, Maybe even give some advise to anything you might need too."It seemed like the least thing  thing Judith could offer to this young man in some manner, If there was a wonder for Judith at least if she had any thing Judith could do or talk to him about. She would look at the sitting sun and how quiet the evening was currently for her.


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Her welcoming nature maade Sage feel more relaxed, he felt comfortable being with her immediately. It usually took some time for him to be relaxed and open around strangers. "You can call me Sage." he would answer witha warm smile of his, his voice quite high pitched than the voice of people his age, making him look like a child, in addition to his baby face. He would hear her out as she spoke, he wasn't really sure what he wanted when she askes that. He really did not want anything. Then she suggested another thing to do. His lips curved to his ears as he was excited by the sugfestion. It had been a while since he had this delicate yet tranquil session with someone.

Sage sat onto the ground, onlooking the crimson sky, along with the waves that kept on crashing to the beach. "Oh I hav'nt got your name," he would ask. Judging by her features Sage could tell that the lady was quite old and maybe her children had grown up and left the house, he could sense her feelings of missing a person, just like how he felt moments ago.

#5Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
She would not take long to mention who she was."My name Is Judith Karlinius, A recent addition to the guild Fairy Tail." Sitting rather quietly and peacefully for a moment leaving a content smile on her face while she looked upon the sky."I miss the days I would watch this with my children, time goes far and short at the very same time." Judith seemed to almost speak in even older ways of saying things. Then again she did not seem to hide anything of herself at all from what Sage could pick up on her from looking at her.

"Each one has moved on to their own lives, I am happy about that at least too."Would it be left to wonder if anyone would ever find it odd for them to be sitting here for the moment, Then again Judith would kind of show how she would continue about these moments. By slowly reaching over and patting Sage on the head like it was an unintentional reaction and normal of her to do so.

She did not even try to seem to embarrassed or feel like she weird doing it however she then realized what was going on and said."Please forgive me if this is weird part of me felt it needed."She did not stop either, it hopefully to him was rather soothing Judith seemed to have that feeling with in her hands.

Even going to hum the song she was singing before, So much time had pasted Judith seemed to linger sometimes on the past but it did not seem unhealthy or a problem."If you wish do ask me to stop if you don't wish for it." But with that it seemed to go back to what they were doing, This is what when Sage learned, Waylon grew up having around.

Eventually Judith would depart from sage after the moment they had together, She would remember this as her first meeting with an Fairy Tail member, It was pleasant and delightful, She would head off to go do other things.


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