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Fantastic Fabrics (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)

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Fantastic Fabrics (Quest: Alistair Morningstar)   Empty Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:05 am

Braska, a loud and boisterous town filled with lively people. It feels a bit too crowded for me, not at all like the church. Anyway, I thought it a good idea to rest for a bit after a long journey, but that cost money I honestly do not have right now. Though I don’t find myself prepared for it... I’ll just have to wing it. Otherwise, I’ll have to camp outside. So here I am near the local request board and believe it or not it was completely filled with white fliers as I’ve never seen before. It only took a few seconds before others came barging in like a Vulcan stampede, pushing me around and making it near impossible to reach the board. As soon as they left, there was but a single bright, pink flier flickering about. I don’t know if I got what it takes, but I’ll certainly do my best. I reached for it and read it carefully. “My life flashes before my eyes, a horrifying light keeps calling me to the other side. My career is certainly doomed! Oh, l’agonie! If only a dashing hero with a fine sense of true beauty could find its way into my boutiqué and save me from certain doom. I would be eternally grateful.” Oh my! I really should hurry then.

I got a bit lost along the way but I finally arrived. I open the door and this person just appears out of nowhere quite distressed. He is all glitter, glamour, and powder. “Well It took you long enough, I been dying in here! I’m supposed to be halfway done for la fête.” "I’m so sorry I’m just… new and still unfamiliar with it all. I…" “Yeah, yeah it’s all fine. Follow me.” He introduces himself while we walk deeper into the store, we then stop and he starts to walk around me all while gazing at me. “Oh, nun nun nun this won’t do! I ask the gods for a hero and he sends me a priest. And with poor taste my deer! You entered a vagabond and you shall leave as an emissary of the gods this I swear.” He begins to seemingly take measurements. “hm.. oh my... I see… well then!” It was just plain uncomfortable I don’t even know what to say… “Umm is everything ok?” “Yes… you may have lack of build, but you certainly are wordy of wearing... *he takes a spin, glitter just falls on him out of nowhere the light dims and he snaps in an extravagant pose* The Fernando.” “Oh... I don’t really think...” “So this is what I need you to do. You must go and do everything in your power to get your hands on the most extravagant, magnificent piece of fabric you’ll ever see. It only comes in one color certainly it won’t be hard to miss, but as a precaution here is a similar cheap version.” “Err…right” “Now off you go!” After that spectacle, I leave with the replica in hand and head straight to the local stores.

It was as expected; the place was packed with all types of willing frantic buyers. You could barely hear anything from all the clatter and racket spreading about. I did my best to push through the crowd and get closer to any market that might have the fabric I’m looking for. I thought the job would be easy but it became very complex. As soon as I found a place that looked like it could contain the fabric Fernando wanted so desperately I had to make sure without any reasonable doubt that it was not a replica. After much searching, I was still empty-handed, but I sure wasn’t ready to give up! There had to be someone… anyone. I asked around I thought that if anyone knew it had to be townspeople, that’s when I heard about the flea market. Supposedly there I’ll find traveling merchants with all kinds of rare wares. I hopped all excited as I thank the kind lady that armed me with proper information.

Once I arrived the place wasn’t really bursting with costumers, there were a couple of merchants but most haven’t had settled in yet from all the things that had yet to unload. I’ve only glanced through little things and they sure were pricey. I went patiently through every single shopkeeper and asked kindly for the fabric. Most of them certainly had exquisite fabric withing their ware but none like the one I was looking for. It took a while, but my effort was eventually rewarded. For the very first time I had to haggle my way to a good price and some of the shopkeepers were quite stubborn, but I’ve made sure to pay up what I couldn’t with a bit of honest labor. At the end of the day, I was able to get my hands on a load of fabrics exactly like Fernando asked for. I even managed to convince a nice man to help me carry it back to the boutique. I swear I’m not lying but the guy cried once I arrived with the load, he even said I was a god’s send. It got weird and awkward but I’m glad I could help. Seeing him all excited and please kind of made me feel good. The quest was more than I bargained for, but I learned a lot. In the end, Fernando couldn’t have been more please paying me, said it was all worth the wait. I thankfully took hold of the reward and just before leaving I thanked Fernando for giving me the opportunity. I smile and calmly take my leave.

"Right! Now I think I should have enough to buy myself a nice room and something to eat." I search for a place to calmly sit down and make a count of how much I’ve earned. I really couldn’t believe I was successful; today's hard work was certainly a boost to my morale.


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