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Hallowed Be Thy Name [Monstrous Demonic Incursion]

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Hallowed Be Thy Name [Monstrous Demonic Incursion] Empty on 2019-06-03, 1:43 pm


  • Akira Shimada

  • Hatsuharu

#2Akira Shimada 

Hallowed Be Thy Name [Monstrous Demonic Incursion] Empty on 2019-06-03, 2:57 pm

Akira Shimada

I'm waiting in my cold cell

The sky tore open in a about half a dozen places, as they knew it would. Despite expecting this and the morbid familiarity, it still propagated a sense of fear and uncertainty. Just because she had defeated demons before, didn't mean she would succeed again.

It felt odd waking up and questioning one's mortality. Akira gambled with her life on a daily basis, but this was not just a calculated risk anymore, today her duty compelled her to walk straight into the line of fire.

Given the rise in her power and the expectations of the parties she worked with, the Shimada made a bee-line for the largest crack in the sky. It was steadily widening above the spot she'd met Adragna. Fate was strange sometimes. She didn't dilly-dally like she had the last time. Boldly, she spread her wings and glided over the short buildings towards the craggy cliffs.



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When the bell begins to chime

It had been a long flight from Orchidia. Ayla was one energetic Gryphon. She flew straight to Astera with only a few snack breaks. Haru figured the poor beast must have been grounded for far too long by the breeder. She was glad to stretch her wings. The unfortunate part was that he was not so used to flying atop a Gryphon. His legs had gone sore from the day-long journey. And… It hadn’t been even an hour since Haru’s arrival in town when the rifts began to tear up in the sky.

Haru let out a sigh. Knowing it was going to happen didn’t make it any less fearsome. Especially after seeing what these monstrosities could do—twice in Orchidia—he was not as confident as he was when he was blind to the details. If fighting the demons wasn’t terrible enough, knowing he couldn’t save everyone no matter how hard he tried was worse.

The Vampire Knight gently patted Ayla on her side. “Get out of here, girl. I’ll find you after,” he said. There was uncertainty in his voice and she sensed it. When he found her hesitating, he looked her in her big beady eyes and gave her a reassuring nod; she then flew away. Once she was only a speck in the sky, he took on his raven form and scoured the area for the largest rift in the vicinity.

He found himself heading towards the cliffs.


#4Akira Shimada 

Hallowed Be Thy Name [Monstrous Demonic Incursion] Empty on 2019-06-04, 8:35 am

Akira Shimada

Reflecting on my past life

Bells tolled, they served as a warning, they served as a call. Each clang beseeching those who were strong enough to protect those who weren't.  It was about midday, but the rifts stretched with such opaque blackness, they shrouded the sun entirely.

She noticed the dark shadows crawl over the land and the buildings sh'd left behind. Finally, she reached the plateau directly beneath the rift, there was nothing there yet. At least so it seemed. She stood underneath it and gawked at its vastness. Preparing for whatever inevitable monstrosity that came through it.

And then, a single thing fell out of it. It grew larger as it fell towards her. It was a body. She narrowed her eyes and took a few steps back. A gnarled scream escaped from the falling creature. It was the voice of a man. Akira was left absolutely horrified and riveted when he landed.



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And it doesn't have much time

Haru approached the cliffs from the steeper end. The rift had opened far up in the sky, above the cliff’s plateau. He was a few seconds away from landing on the cliff when he noticed something fall from the tear. For the size of the rift, the thing that fell from it was far too small. It was a demon alright, but he was not any bigger than a human. Haru, still in his raven form, dove down towards the cliff following the falling demon. There was an abyssal screech as the demon fell. The Knight’s vision followed him as he landed. There was already someone on the cliff; someone very familiar.

“Of course she’s here,” he muttered to himself. She didn’t seem to care about the falling demon and remained still even after it landed. She didn’t attack it and the demon didn’t attack her, which was quite strange. Just when he was a couple feet away from the ground, Haru transformed out of his raven form. He was behind Akira and the demon was down on the floor, doing nothing. “What are you doing? Kill it,” he said to the Crash mage.


#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

'Cause at 5 o'clock

It was Tsuru. How could it be? It couldn't be. The body, it was bloodied and bruised, that fall alone must've left the swordsman on the verge of death. The face was relatively unharmed and it was unmistakably him. Sorrow and shock shook the young Joyan. The Shimada's wide eyes stared into the red ones. The body groaned softly.

The questions and doubts that should've plagued her mind, were entirely shrouded by the surge of emotions, the denial and the characteristic stab of helplessness. She looked around, frantically, hoping for aid. When she saw something from the corner of her eye, behind where she stood.

Something else that fell from the sky. From demonic bird, it took a demonic humanoid form and when it spoke it sounded like rocks grating against each other. For the first time, the impassive young girl let raw anger surge into her. She balled up her fists and responded with a war-cry of her own.



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They take me to the gallows pole

Haru couldn’t understand what was happening. Akira seemed to be in distress and looked like she was trying to help the demon that lay there with a smirk on his cruel, phantomic face. The Vampire Knight wasn’t seeing the same illusion that she was seeing, thanks to his nature. And because he was still quite far from them, he couldn’t sense the mana enveloping the two of them, which could have given hint to the confusion behind the situation.

Things got worse when he saw Akira turn towards him with anger. Is he controlling her? he had to wonder. If he was, it had to be magic. That means, Haru can negate it if he got close enough. Her eyes showed aggression towards him and she didn’t respond to him. He really didn’t get what was at play here, but even he wasn’t dense enough to not see something was amiss. He figured he could null whatever ploy this was once he got close enough. So, he dashed ahead, trying to close the distance between them.


#8Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

The sands of time

The demonic creature's response to her strangled cry of despair and wrath was to charge towards her. What cruel fate was this? Her rational self would not have asked such a question. If she was thinking logically, she would not have expected any better.

It was as though the demon knew that she couldn't simply evade his charge, because she needed to stay around Tsuru's defeated form until help arrived. Her own words rang in her head, it is in their nature to exploit our weakness. They did not quell the spirit of righteous indignation.

She unleashed two spells towards the demon in quick succession, ensuring that they were projectiles that didn't explode. She couldn't take a risk with those. She used the strongest non-explosive spells she could, since she was blinded by her rage. Behind her, Tsuru croaked two words feebly. 'Stole... power.' In time she'd realise her folly.



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For me are running low
Running Low

As he ran towards her, he heard the demon say something, but he couldn’t comprehend it. He shouldn’t have been distracted by that, because just then, an angry Akira began attacking him. Even if he was focused, this would have caught him off guard; now, he was completely unaware as to why he had become her target when there was a live demon right next to her.

His eyes widened in shock as the spells approached him. While the magic circles did indicate the incoming spells, it might have been impossible to react to them at the right time, given their invisible nature. Thankfully, it was Akira herself who had provided him with the means to counter this. The moment they entered his range, he nulled them immediately.

Now, he had to be cautious. He was just trying to get close to them so that he might attempt to negate anything that might be messing with her. But if she was going to go on the offensive, this could real ugly for both of them. He halted after nulling the spells—still about ten meters away from her and the demon—and tried reasoning once more. “What are you doing? Why are you attacking me?” he asked, frowning.


#10Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

When the priest comes

The bloodlust was higher than it had ever been. She believed her motivation was solely to protect those incapable of protecting themselves. But in all honestly, just creating a safer and more comfortable environment for her personal life to finally flourish and thrive as a desire that was perhaps stronger than her seemingly philanthropic and duty-bound goals.

In some ways, Akira realised now, how most humans in the end found themselves driven by similar emotions. Faith, love, togetherness and trust were things commonly sought and when they were at the risk of being stolen, most were compelled to act. She was no different, this compulsion worked to aid some, but in the case of the Shimada, it was more a hindrance.

When her attacks didn't connect for some reason, the broken warning that Tsuru had issued began to make sense. She halted too, looking the demon in the eye as it spoke in its garbled Abyssinian language yet again. It sounded like a threat as it grated against her ears. She telepathically communicated with Tsuru now, reassuring him. "We'll make it through this. I'll do whatever it takes. Stay strong."



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To read me the last rites

He stood there cautiously, ready for any attack that might follow. But there weren’t any. Instead, she spoke to him using her Telepathy. Her words rang within his head. And they didn’t make any sense. What did she need him to stay strong for? He was fine. He wouldn’t be if she kept trying to attack him instead of the demon behind her.

He figured her body was being controlled by the demon but not her mind. That would explain her words. He knew there was a trick here, but he wasn’t sure what it was. But that didn’t matter. All he had to do was get past Akira and kill the demon she was protecting for some reason. He could see the greenish demon cackling in joy, which would sound like coughing to Akira thanks to his wicked illusion that neither of them seemed to have figured out yet.

He charged ahead once again. This time, with his lightsabre on the ready. He thought if he could just get past Akira and strike the demon, perhaps he could break whatever control he has over her.


#12Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Take a look through

So magical attacks were a no go. The demon had weakened Tsuru, rendered the swordsman useless and stolen the Joyan's powers. Not just that, it had taken the man's weapon too.

She licked her lips. The young girl wasn't particularly adept at melee combat. Raw strength had never been her focus. But she was swift. If she could keep the demon occupied for long enough there was still some hope. Of course, if she considered anything else but the silver lining she kept looking for, she'd realised that buying time was hardly a real option. The demon could get reinforcements just as easily as she could. In fact, it could probably summon more of its kind faster than she could expect anyone else to charge up the cliffs to fight the monstrosity that was seemingly the most dangerous.

There was no time to dwell on why her plans wouldn't work. Today, she had no chance to plan at all in fact. She charged towards the demon, especially when it became obvious that its intended target was the body behind her. It would seem that he was really keen on finishing the job before dealing with her. 'Away from him.'



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The bars at the last sights

The demon was amused at the confusion he had caused. But he wasn’t done. Haru could see the abyssal being lying down there like a king on his bed, cackling at the prank he had played. He heard her demand, but since she spoke out loud this time and not directly in his head, he assumed it was the demon controlling her again. So, he didn’t heed her words and continued ahead.

Unfortunately, before he could close the gap, two portals opened right next to Akira and out came a dozen demons. They stood around the demon along with the Crash mage, as if trying to protect him. While Haru could see that these were demonic beings, to Akira, they will look like humans in Rune Knight uniform.

Haru stopped. His path was now completely blocked and he wasn’t sure he could handle all of them. He knew he could make short work of the lesser demons that had come out, but while he focused on that, no doubt the wretched prankster will use Akira to decimate him. He had to have a plan. Or, he figured, he must at least stall until Akira gained back control of her body.

The Vampire Knight watched as one of the demon that came out the portal say something to Akira. It was nothing but a crackling unintelligible noise to him—he didn’t speak Abyssian. But the demon had ensured Akira hears it in Fiorian with his illusive capabilities. “We are here to protect Commander Hatsuharu and assist you,” said the demon to Akira.


#14Akira Shimada 

Hallowed Be Thy Name [Monstrous Demonic Incursion] Empty on 2019-06-20, 1:59 pm

Akira Shimada

Of a world that has gone

They were at an impasse, the demon and she. Akira smirked with derision. Could it be that she actually managed to scare the demon? That the mere idea of her powers was enough to paralyze the Abyssinian creature into inaction and hesitation? Had Tsuru not been lying helpless behind the Joyan would have goaded the creature to fight her and be done with it. But with her ex-partner wounded and in need of aid, ever second that they were afforded was a blessing.

When the portal opened, for a second her heart sank It didn't look demonic, but that didn't mean it wasn't. What she saw made her heart soar with joy. She didn't believe in praying to Illumin, but in this moment, she almost surrendered to the idea of a higher power.

At this point, she really should have gotten suspicious. The Rune Knights never had a knack for showing up where it was truly needed. Plus, the faces that offered her aid, were all... generic, in some manner. Oddly familiar, but she couldn't place a name to the face. Were they just runts then? They'd just prove to become a liability. 'Just... take him to safety.' she said, in a commandeering voice. 'I'll handle the demon.' she said, looking at the creature in front of her squarely in the eyes.



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Can it be?

When she asked the supposed Knights to take her apparently injured ex-partner to safety, one of them moved to the demon lying down. To Akira, it would look like the two vanished through a portal. But Haru could see through the trickery. Only the lesser demon went through the portal. The trickster demon was still around; only invisible.

However, this little scene was enough for Haru to understand what was going on. She had called him the demon and asked the demons to take the real demon to safety. She wasn’t being controlled. She was being tricked into thinking he was the demon while the real demon pretended to be him. Perhaps acting as though he was mortally wounded. Despite the situation, for a moment, he was glad that she cared so much for him. He could see the anger and worry in her eyes.

Reckoning his voice will sound contorted to her as well, he decided it was best to take the risk and null this illusion. He needed to get close to her for that. It won’t be easy, but he saw no other option. He knew his partner was smart. And she was the biggest problem. So, if he could give her some clue and make her hesitate to attack him, it would be easier.

Haru deactivated his blade. He knew this was dangerous, given it takes a while for the crystal to charge before he can activate it again. But this was the best clue he could give. Why would a demon give up on a weapon? That was sure to make her think. And with that, he dashed ahead, ready to null or dodge any attack that might come for him.


#16Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

That there's some sort of error  

Tsuru was taken into a portal. Somehow, that still left her feeling uneasy. With him not in the way though, she could afford to be more callous should the need arise. She stared down at the demon and began her charge towards him. Only recently, she'd come to realize that her personal raw strength was on the underwhelming side. But she'd acquired some enchanted ornaments to aid her in hitting harder. Hopefully, they'd do the trick, given that relying on her magic was difficult.

She should not have stopped in her tracks. Demons weren't honorable... But she didn't raise her hand as she had intended. The demon deactivated the stolen saber. Was the weapon not good enough for him? Did he perhaps know of her weapon and was going to go after it? Little did Akira know that by closing the distance between herself and the demon, she'd actually made it easier for the real Tsuru to null the illusion around her. But before she stepped close enough, she felt a soft gust of air tickle her cheek, as though something invisible just rushed past her. She narrowed her eyes. Something was definitely amiss. Something was weird.



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Hard to stop

She didn’t shoot any spells at him. He figured it was because she didn’t want to harm her supposed allies. Good; it was going according to plan. Now, all he needed to do was let her get close and then null whatever it was that was causing this confusion.

The demons who were acting like her the Rune Knights weren’t going to let them off that easy, however. The moment she dashed ahead, they followed; some slung spells, others brandished mean looking weapons. The spells were easy enough to deal with. But Haru had to be careful about the physical weapons. He didn’t have his own to defend with. So, dodging was all he could do.

When he finally dodged the swings and nulled the spells, it was time to dodge the fastest of them all; Akira. The moment she was in range, he pulsed a wave of his magical energy all around, ensuring it enveloped the Crash mage. He hoped whatever illusion she was caught in would be negated.


#18Akira Shimada 

Hallowed Be Thy Name [Monstrous Demonic Incursion] Empty on 2019-06-30, 2:25 pm

Akira Shimada

Hard to stop

Rather than going to save Tsuru, each of the Rune Knights decided it was a better idea to charge towards the demon alongside Akira. It was highly unlikely that the Knights suddenly managed to hire grunts that shared a Tsuru like philosophy - to simply charge at any danger they witnessed.

Maybe there was a change in the way the organization worked, while she was busy playing spy? Maybe they all just wanted the glory of taking down a demon alongside her? The Shimada couldn't tell, nor did she really have the time to linger on such matters.

Subconsciously though, the oddness of the situation was finally beginning to pile up. Perhaps it would succeed in breaking the illusion cast upon her. The growing evidence of foul-play was bound to shake her out of the grief-borne reverie. Or something else would. As she and the Knights charged at the demon, it felt as though reality itself shattered, once she was near enough to the creature and rearing up for her strike.


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