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The coming Incursion (kon)

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#1Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
The cliff side top was large and flat, thankfully, as Fujaku trained his katana style. He moved through the motions, not fighting a shadow opponent, but focusing on his form and perfecting it as best he could. She watched over Astera as he performed his Katas, waiting for the incursion to occur. He was unsure if he should have told Sage or not, But knowing Sage he could handle himself. He just hoped he had made the right choice in keeping his quiet about it. He wondered just how terrifying the next incursion would be, if the last was any measure to be held by.


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Having explored the town itself and the docks that stretched out into the sea from the small region, Kon was ready to take a look at the area around the bland town. He had spoken to the equally boring citizens of the town who recommended that he went to the cliffs if he wanted to get a better view of the town itself with it overlooking parts of it. Interested in the general layout of the town, Kon made his way to the cliff donning his thick fur coat to shield him from the harsh sea winds. Apart from the strong gusts that constantly hit the cliff, the weather was otherwise fine with the sun casting gentle rays from above with loose clouds lazily moving above him. As he made his way to the overhang, Kon began to see someone he had recently met, Fujaku. He was almost tempted to turn back and ignore the man as he seemed otherwise preoccupied, however Kon wanted to improve his social skills and walked at a steady pace towards him and raised his right hand before opening his mouth. “Fujaku was it?, I see you’ve made it to Astera.”


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#3Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
The bitter sea breeze was well known to Fujaku, as it was quite common to him in his home country. But as the voice spoke, Fujaku spun around quickly to face the new threat. He had been lost in his thoughts and had been completely distracted in his training. He cursed himself under his breath for not being more attentitive in his training. If the man had been any other then Konstantin, he could have ended up dead. Even then, he didn’t know Konstantin well enough to not expect a knife in his back when it might be unsuitable. Despite his help in the last incursion, neither had interacted with the other for long enough to get an idea of the other.

“Konstantin, you made it as well.” His fioran had improved quite abit, but he still had a rather heavy accent. “Yes, I arrived a few days ago from Magnolia, I came as soon as I heard that the Incursion was Confirmed to be coming from here.”


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His interest was peaked when Fujaku revealed that he had traveled all the way to Magnolia. “Magnolia, why there?” He thought to himself as he drew closer to the one-armed Joyan foreigner. After all they had been commanded to head to Astera and Magnolia was in the completely opposite direction. Rather than questioning his reason for going to the distant town, he instead questioned his decision to not head here directly instead. “Hmm and why didn’t you travel to Astera as commanded by Nerva knowing that there was an immediate threat looming over the town itself?” Pressing the matter further, Kon began to close the distance faster not sprinting as he did so merely fastening his pace towards the black haired idealist. “Just why did you decide to follow Nerva?, it clearly wasn’t to support his effort and help him against the demonic plague that is striking this land.” Pausing for a moment as he drew up a finger to point at his fake eye. “I can see it in my eye, your powers are lacking compared to all that chose to follow him.”


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#5Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku grew quiet, as Konstatin questioned him. he waited till he was done, taking the time to think on his thoughts himself. But he knew why he joined Nerva. But if he told Konstantin would he understand? Would he realize the burdun Fujaku held and carried in his heart? He put the wooden sheath back on his belt, staring at Konstantins golden eye when he said it could see just how strong he was. If that was the case then he knew just how weak Fujaku really was, and there wasn’t any purpose in lying or pretending.

“Because when it comes down to it, even if Nerva was right that there wont be anything if we fail…” he looked at the bandages on his arm and undid them with his teeth, letting them fall away revealing the clan names and clan leader names of the traitors to his Clan. “I cannot in good conscious forget my place as the Keeper of the Bloodlaw. These names, these clans…Will suffer just like mine did at their hands. And if that means I have to side with Nerva to gain the power to make them pay for the blood they spilled with their own, then so be it.” He didn’t back down, he held his head high staring down Konstantin as best he could. His Pride as the last remaining Nijiiro would allow him to do nothing less.


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Crossing his arms as he listened to Fujaku’s explanation, a grimace grew upon Konstantin’s face as he revealed the reason for his decision to join the crusade. It was rather pathetic really, he had joined seemingly in the hopes to gain power and not for the greater good of society. Any sense of respect for the man was crushed with the revelation. Riding on the curtails of something like the Rune Knights where they always sought new recruits regardless of their talents was one thing but to actively join a group whose leader had specifically separated himself from his former comrades to push past the red tape and take the fight to the demons for power was just wrong in Kon’s mind. Drawing up closer still barely a meter away from the man, Kon merely said one word. “Disappointing.” allowing it to linger as the winds around them worsened.


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#7Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
That word stung, it reminded him of his Grandfather.

“Think what you will. I don’t expect you to understand what it means, to carry this burden.” He turned and walked to the cliffs edge. He was quiet as the wind worsened. The very air itself reflecting the growing turmoil between the two it seemed. “Have you ever had to bury your father? Watch as he lays out the legacy you have to uphold with his dying breath without a single word of…” he stopped himself from saying what he was going to. His father hadn’t even given him the curtesy of a final I love you. Just the words for revenge, and a legacy to protect.

He turned and looked at Konstantin. The wind blew his empty sleeve around like a wind sock.

“Regardless, I am here, and it seems I was here before you to begin with despite coming from Magnolia.” He didn’t explain why he was there, that was for him and Sage to know. “So say what you want, I am here to fulfill my promise to Nerva, and I will be there when the next Incursion happens as well.”


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Fujaku increased the divide between them as he made his way over to the cliff’s edge, trying to justify himself further, lingering with an unusual question as to whether he had buried his own father. Look back at his life indeed he had with terrible events happening short thereafter. Kon however remained silent as the question was more to elaborate on Fujaku’s own past. It was only once he had finished talking about his past that he returned his attention to Kon. With he rebutting. “We all have pasts that we must live with each passing day, however you must not bind yourself to what your family, your clan has set for you.” Separating his arms he motioned out to the town to the left of them. “The people down there matter, not the dead and what they hoped to achieve.” Continuing onwards to the direction of the next closest town, Oak town, Kon spoke once. “Those life be it from here in Astera or in the desolate Oak town, they are what is important.” Wanting to ensure that he’d live up to the promise he had given and reaffirmed towards Kon once more broke the distance between them grabbing Fujaku by the collar and leading him towards the cliff’s edge proper allowing his feet to barely touch the grass as he held him up by one arm while the waters below crashed violently against the rocks. “I hope that you do because I will be with you the entire time, and if there is a rift, I want to see you ready to die for your people if needed.”


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#9Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Kon spoke and motioned to the other town, telling fujaku that the wants of the dead didn’t matter compared to the need to look after the living. But as Fujaku turned to follow his eyes, he couldn’t help be replay the words his father had told him, to avenge them at any cost. Was that really what his father had wanted for him? to be a killer who went after revenge? Fujaku soon found himself almost dangling over the very edge by his coller that Konstantin had grabbed him by, unfortunately he could not reach to stop him or pull himself back.

“D…damn you! What are you doing?!“


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Venom entered Kon’s tone as he responded to Fujaku’s question. “I’m making sure that you understand just what is happening here.” Rising the man off from the ground as easy as one would a small sack of potatoes, Kon continued. “Know this Fujaku, I do not approve of your decisions and I don’t want to see you turn tail if and when Nerva chooses to bestow any power to you.” Doing a double take of the man who had already crossed the powerful former Holy Knight resulting in the loss of his arm. Kon thought to himself. “It would be, oh so easy, just letting him fall, hit the rocks and leave…” He was almost tempted to do it, slightly releasing his grasp of his clothing allowing him to slide down slightly before reconsidering and casting him aside back towards the cliff front. “You are fortunate that Nerva is interested in you for some reason otherwise you would not have been so lucky.” Rolling his arm around he looked at fujaku once more. “So you want power, mmm?”


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#11Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
The words of keeping him in check, and making sure he didn’t turn tail and run were an insult Fujaku wouldn’t stand, he turned to try to strike the man only to slide down a bit as Konstantin let him slide just a bit, Fujakus Body instinctually tried to grab what ever he could, his fear evident in his motions as he was thrown from the edge, to safety. He hit the ground and rolled as he fumbled and got back up to his feet after 2 rolls and stumbled back a bit. He settled into a battle stance grabbing his wooden sheath and staring at Konstantin with a venom in his eyes that would kill a man if it was physical. He didn’t move, ready to defend himself.

“Yeah…Yeah your right I do want power. Because I learned first hand when I buried my Fathers Body, and my clans Ashes you can't protect anything without power. So if your going to stand in my way I don’t care if your Nervas right hand man! Ill cut you down to make sure I don’t ever have to bury anyone else I love ever again!”


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He had mixed feelings towards the response he received while he appreciated Fujaku’s willingness to stand by his decisions and prepare to defend himself, his motivates were still selfish at least from his own perspective. Interestingly he had decided to opt for a combative stance in spite of him likely knowing that Kon would likely be the victor which should have been first apparent by his ability to simply lift him up. Wanting to get a first hand understanding of what the foreigner could actually do, he lowered his own body and eased his body in anticipation to fight a person of Fujaku’s condition. “Well, if you want power, come, prove it to me.”


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#13Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
\The wind picked up into a fierce whirlwind that wiped Fujakus clothing around, as well as his ebony black hair. The empty sleeve of his missing left arm flapped wildly in the wind almost as if it was a signaling flag. Fujaku slowly stood up as he repositioned himself, moving with a practiced eased of a young man trained in the art of swordfighting his entire life. He removed his wooden sandals as he did so, allowing his bare feet to touch the rock and dirt below him. He could tell by the way it moved as he slowly paced back and forth sizing Konstantin up that it was loose enough to be used as a weapon itself, or at least a distractionary tool.

He lunged forward, using the pacing action he had already been doing to hide his step forward as best he could as he rushed toward Konstantin. His hand moving from the wooden sheath as he lowered himself into a sliding sweep kick. But if one was paying close enough attention, they would notice that the kick was angled to miss, as his real target was grabbing a handful of the loose rock and sandy dirt of the cliff top and as he came full circle from his sweep kick, he threw the distraction at Konstantins face. A dirty tactic he would never have considered using before he had met Nerva, before he had lost his clan. Following the sand attack he would reach for his wooden sheath and using his quick draw style he would let loose a mighty roar as he tried to upper cut Konstantin on the jaw with the wooden blunt instrument.


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Wanting Fujaku to recognise the sheer gap in power between them, Kon remained still as he drew closer. His hands were, of course, still drawn up towards his face to shield him from the off-glance blows that the one-armed foreigner might throw but apart from that he was motionless. On his back rested his bow over his thick fur coat, he knew he could draw it out at any point create a large gap before shooting him down, but he had no plans of ending things so quickly. Even Kon was somewhat taken aback about the difference between them with the disappointment of Fujaku’s abilities being compounded as he ran towards him so slowly. It was as if he was merely jogging relatively to what Kon could do. And yet in spite of him drawing so close to the former Holy Knight, Kon remained still even as Fujaku began his initial attack which for someone who claimed to be honour bound seemed so hypocritical opting to try and throw dirt into his face which while stung as it blew into his right eye causing him to grasp with his right hand at it didn’t completely impede his vision. Instead now the man was forced to rely solely on the vision granted from his prosthetic eye.

This ultimately allowed him to still see Fujaku but lacked any insight into his environment. This mattered little however with the man having drawn so close that their surroundings would have a little impact towards what would happen next. Likely expecting that Kon would be more distracted, Fujaku chose to reach for his “sword” before actually attacking the seemingly vulnerable Knight. Doing this would be his downfall as Kon’s left hand was otherwise free which allowed him to grasp the sword just as it touched his chin applying enough pressure to shatter it into splinters. Releasing his powerful grip, kon let the pieces fall as he commented. “I thought you’d be more honourable, kicking up dust into your opponent, this isn’t a bar-fight.”

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#15Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
The shattering wood exploded as fujaku was sent stumbling back in surprise. His hand bleeding from the wooden splinters in his skin. The youth looked up at the man who stood above him, another person so much stronger then himself. He had estroyed the last remaining thing from his home besides the cloths on his back. Fujaku looked at the shards of wood and he reached out his hand grabbing at the remains and pulling them close to him. Tears dropping from his face into the ground that was splotched with his blood.

But as his body and heart mourned something else began to move, deep within him a source of darkness began to rise to the surface. It was digging clawing desperate to get free of his body. It tainted his small pool of mana, and made attempts to move toward his heart. But something forced it back, as Fujaku grabbed the shards of wood, standing up and defying the darkness that tried to corrupt him.

“Theres no honor in fighting! Theres no honor is defying overwhelming odds! I do what i do because I must to protect the one person I have! So fuck honor!” he yelled out as his mana flared with the taste of electricity, if he could use magic he might have been a electric mage. "I wont let this world take him from me! I wont let the gods or demons play their games with me anymore! Nerva will give me the power to make sure they can never take from me ever again!"


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The act of not just blocking Fujaku’s strike but destroying his weapon seemed to tweak something within the one-armed foreigner who halted his attempts towards Kon. Instead the sentimental man grew emotional picking up the ruined remains that were scattered on the ground. Kon felt a shred of pity for the man, it was clear that he was in a lot of pain not just from past events but recent ones as well. He could not remain so sympathetic for too long however as traces of an unknown presence revealed itself both through Kon’s enhanced vision as a lightning vessel and as an unusual aura that he could see with his still dirty right eye. “Just what is this?” He said trailing off as he looked at Fujaku begin to monologue. Wanting to know more about what was happening to the man, Kon raised his voice and shouted at Fujaku. “Admirable if not flawed reasoning, but I’m curious as to what all this is?” Finishing by doing a circle around Fujaku’s zone of influence with his right index finger.

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#17Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku watched as the circle was drawn around him, he didn’t see what his opponent did, and he had no idea of the darkness inside him. he stood up tall and proud even as the raging wind picked up, the clouds above them turning black as they transformed into storm clouds. He tossed down the splinters of his wooden sheath and pulled at the belt around his outfit, loosening the kimono as he readjusted it to give his one arm as much free movement as possible, retying it around his waist. He took up a martial arts stance, and it was obvious that despite not having great strength, Fujakus stance was pure technical prowess.

“I don’t know what your talking about. But I do know that im not done.” He moved slowly, his movements would have been unprecivable to someone who didn’t have the combat experience that would allow them to be more skilled then Fujaku, but he was growing serious as the darkness that had been tryign to possess him before was pushed further down by his own growing willpower. Despite not having a large mana pool, the aura that began to escape Fujakus body was electrifying and made the hair on his body stand up stalk straight. Even the long hair on his head seemed to move, if only a little. He grabbed the belt he had been wearing with his kimono and wrapped it around his hand, tryign it with his teeth and pulling it tight.

“If you think im just waiting for some Miracle to save my skin in this moment, then your Sadly mistaken.” he looked Kon right in his eyes. “A miracle wont come if you just wait for it… You have to make that miracle happen yourself. So come and test my resolve! I promise youll find it everlasting.”


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It appeared that something much more foul was a foot with Fujaku being overwhelmed by something buried deep within him. What it was Kon didn’t know but it was definitely not good for the man, concern grew as he began to think of what might potentially happen if Nerva were to find out. Would he continue with his job and kill the young man completely rather then just leave him as a cripple? That issue didn’t matter as of yet with something more critical occurring right in the now. Soon not just his aura began to change his appearance and fortitude swiftly changed with Konstantin thinking he would have forfeited but yet there he was standing his ground. He was in some ways impressed by the foreigner who invited him to test his resolve or in other words attack the cripple who was otherwise now weaponless. Not the type of person to be bound by things like honour Kon would not hesitate in fighting the man with his all. “Fujaku, Do not underestimate the situation you are in, you’re up against a man blessed by illumin.” Shaking heads he knew that his comment would be for nothing as something had truly taken hold of the man.

Knowing it was never a good idea to have a dark entity running around especially in the body of a Nerva’s Inquisition member, He changed his own stance fists drawn up while his lower body was positioned to dash towards the man. Kicking off leaving a massive crater with each step rushing towards him before throwing a punch from his right fist directly into Fujaku’s chest ignoring his single arm know that unless some external force stronger then both the man nor the entity within him that the blow would do huge amounts of damage to his ribcage and most certainly blow the wind out of him.

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#19Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
The blow was too fast to see. The impact almost instant as he was sent flyign backwards, blood spraying from his mouth as he hit th ground and rolled like a log. He came to a rest in the grass, the wind knocked from him as he rolled over and did his best to sit up, if only to gasp out and fill his lungs with much needed air, causing himself to puke in the process. His body retched, as if it had been hit by a Metal Sledge Hammer instead of a simple Human Fist. Was this the power of those blessed by Illumin? Was this the enemy they were going to go against when the demons were no longer a threat?

He turned and tried to look at Konstantin, but his eyes looked away in shame and fear.

“You are so strong… Is this…is this really the gape between mankind and the Others? How….How are we,” he spat out a glob of blood. “How are we going to win?”


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It was only with Fujaku’s complete and utter defeat that he truly understood how powerful konstantin was and by extension how people above Kon would be questioning the Black-haired mage about the difference between Humanity and others which he assumed were Demons, Seraphim and all those influenced by them. Ignoring the state of the man, Kon answered him with complete authority over the matter. “What we lack in power, we make up for in numbers and flexibility, beings from other planes are rigid set in their ways headstrong, we find better ways to do the same job.” Allowing the man to linger on he lay, Kon shifted his attention towards the skies as if forwarding is attention to Illumin rather than Fujaku. “Humanity will survive just as they always have done, but the goal from Nerva and his inquisition is to separate all influencers both demons and seraphim.” He was done with Fujaku’s argumentativeness and proceeded to tap his forehead once sending him all the way to the Astera Docks.

Name: Instant Transmission
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Heavenly Body Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light
Range: 400 Words Travel Topic
Cooldown: 2 Weeks
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user places their index and middle fingers on the forehead. They then teleport to a location which they can access and is not further away than 400 words of traveling from their current location. When using Instant Transmission the reductions for traveling are not applied to the 400 words. The user must use this spell in a topic. At the cost of 600 more mana, they may bring one extra person with them if they touch them with their other hand for at least 5 seconds. If the user or the other person still has ongoing topics in the other location (socials, quests), they may still roleplay in them to conclude them but they may no longer create new topics in the previous location since from this moment on they're considered to be in the new location they've teleported to. The user and the other person may start traveling and even create new topics to roleplay in at the new location as long as it doesn't exceed their maximum topic limit.


The coming Incursion (kon) AqDcw7Z

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