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Peace Out Fairies [Magnolia to Astera][Walking]

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#1Ace Brookes 

Peace Out Fairies [Magnolia to Astera][Walking] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:23 am

Ace Brookes

The young mage barely got any sleep last night. He'd stayed up near the east forest polishing his spells before the big trip to Astera. Upon getting back home, it was almost midnight. He was wrecked and drained of his magical energy. Had he had any energy left he would've started packing his stuff, but he was literally about to pass out while walking back to the inn. So he did. He walked into his room. It was neat and organized as usual. The young mage was too tired to even notice the letter that was slid under his door. He literally just got to the bed and passed out. Everything just had to wait till tomorrow.

His eyes barely opened. He missed his early alarms as well. The young mage groaned as he rolled out of bed. His attention was quickly brought to the letter that sat there right in front of the door. "Could that be? Already?" He rushed up and picked the letter off the ground.

Ace Brookes,

The rift coordinates are printed on the back of this letter. Be in Astera before the third of June.

We're counting on you,

Captain Itsuki.

The young mage folded the letter once more and immediately got up to pack his belongings. There was absolutely no time to be wasted. He packed everything. Textbooks, clothes, shoes, all into a small suitcase and went downstairs. He handed the room keys to the owners of the inn.

"Thank you so much for everything. I know its such short notice, but I'll be leaving."

He took out the money he owed them for the couple days he'd stayed during June.

The old couple smiled warmly, "We're not going to take that from you. Its just a couple days anyway. Good luck on your journey son."

Ace bowed his head to the old couple and left as fast as he could.

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#2Ace Brookes 

Peace Out Fairies [Magnolia to Astera][Walking] Empty Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:16 pm

Ace Brookes

He walked out of the inn with his bulky little suitcase and started walking towards the city's main exit. Unfortunately, the young mage was going to walk to Astera. He wasn't even aware of the presence of a train station in Magnolia nor did he know if another one existed in Astera or not. His whole trip was going to be by foot. All the way from Eastern Fiore to the West. It was a long journey and it was under such short notice. Had he known a good while before, he would've prepared a few stops along the way to catch his breath. Being out of luck, he got the call to Astera very late. It was an urgent request too which forced him to leave immediately.

The scientists' predictions of the rift opening times were just that; predictions. Hence why the young mage was requested to go there immediately. He's never been to Astera before either, which was going to make things even trickier. Where was he going to stay and what kind of city was it. These were questions that might seem very trivial, yet to someone like Ace, although young, he was someone to plan out his every move. He usually preferred to not wing things.

It would take him about a full day on the road with the short stops before eventually making it to the coastal bound city. From afar, all he could see was a white patterned carpet. The closer he got, the more he could make out the pattern to be buildings densely packed together. The city appealed to the young mage from distance. It was something he'd never seen before. Only imaginary images drawn in his head from the text he read in books about cities like this.

Who knew what type of adventures were awaiting him here. Well he was certain one of them would have to be some sort of demon that emerged from a rift, but he preferred to push that thought to the back of his head.

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