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Crissandra Clearwater

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#1Crissandra Clearwater 

Crissandra Clearwater Empty Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:00 am

Crissandra Clearwater


Name: Crissandra Clearwater

Age: X774 (14 years Old)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Undiscovered

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcery

Profession: Scribe (INT)

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: on her Right Breast. (Sky Blue in color)

Face: Hushabye Valley - Clover


Height: 5’4

Weight: 113 pounds

Hair: Black With a White Streak.

Eyes: Light Green

Overall: Crissandra is a pureblooded Fiorian WoodElf girl, who has pale skin and raven black hair that also has a large white section on her left bang. She stands at around five foot four inches and weights one hundred and thirteen pounds. A large portion of her skin is a large burn scar that covers quite abit of her body. The scar is a ugly red that clashes with her pale skin.

She often wears a black tight fitting cloth that wraps around her top. Over that she wears a green cloth Overalls. She doesnt wear shoes, as she doesnt like the feel of them. She ties up her waist length hair with a white bandage like cloth.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Unlike most of the other members of her guild, Crissandra has little interest in battle. Despite this, she appears to be a bit of a tomboy, though with a girly streak. She likes sports and is arguably one of the more sport forward members of Fairy Tail, Enjoying the chance to watch people playing.  She is a avid reader and loves to learn, despite not being that great at it.

Out of her favorite things, her most favorite is playing with wild animals. where she seems to have an easy time befriending most animals, she also has a habit of falling in love with them, and trying to sneak them into the guild to keep as pets. She can often be found trying to sneak small cats and other animals in with her supply bag when she returns from missions.

During battle, or missions, she does her best to avoid conflict, finding, in her opinion that her powers arent well suited for battle. She is also quite squimish and cant bring herself to cause harm to other living beings. Despite this, Her teacher,  has said that when she is sufficiently pushed to her breaking point, she can come out of it as a demon of the battlefield.


  • Animals: As no surprise from the Wood Elf, Crissandra is a huge fan of wild animals, and can often be seen trying to sneak them into the guild.
  • Nature: As a Wood Elf Crissandra is often found in nature, doing what Wood Elfs would normally be doing. She enjoys it much more to sleep in the wild then in a soft bed.


  • Fighting: Crissandra doesnt have a mean bone in her body, despite what her teacher may say, she prefers to no be in battle at all if she can help it.
  • Dark Elfs: She grew up on the stories and legends of the dark elfs being evil creatures that would kidnap her if she misbehaved, despite being older, she doesnt take them anyless lightly.


  • Spread the Teaching of the Sky: As a Heirophant of the Sky, she has a desire to spread the wisdom of the sky as best she can.
  • Finding her Teacher: She has also taken this journey from the woods of her home to find her teacher, who went missing while out on a hunt that he called, “The Great Hunt”.


  • Dark Elves: She grew up on the stories and legends of the dark elfs being evil creatures that would kidnap her if she misbehaved, despite being older, she doesnt take them anyless lightly.
  • The Deep: The Deep is the natural enemy of the Sky, as a Follower of the Sky, she fears the day that she may have to fight the Deep.


Magic Name: Green Sky

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: Green Sky is an Nature-based Magic which connects all forms of plant life on Earthland and allows the user to eventually become one with the World of Plants with enough skill. The user can utalize Nature based spells with great ease. The user, as a Sorcerer, can use the following spells:

Superior: Offensive
Normal: None
Inferior: Supplementary, Defensive, Self-Buff


History: Crissandra Clearwater is a very young Wood Elf, who, despite her young age has become a Follower of the "Philosophy of The Sky" The Sky emphasizes cooperation between intelligent beings, with the goal of creating "a gentle world" where all entities may harmoniously coexist. Its antithesis is The Deep, which claims that "existence is the struggle to exist" and that all intelligent life must compete to survive at the expense of other beings.

Crissandra is a youngster, even among the youngest of the elves to have left her homeland. However, she has taken to his new lifestyle. She ran off after her teacher dissapeared during what he described as "a Great Hunt". Despite what she would normally be allowed to do with the wood elves, given how young she is, her master taught her to always explore and always learn, which is what she is doing.

She was taught her magic by her uncle, a wood elf who called himself Cayde, he said it was not it original name, but that it was the name of a once legendary hero who served the Sky. She followed him as a young child would someone who seemed like such a hero, coming and going, learning as he returned and eagerly awaiting his next visit.

Her mother and father werent approving of her following in her teacher, as well as her uncles, footsteps. They even tried to keep her from leaving, But after learning that she had taken to the teaching of the Sky with such ease, they could not possibly hope to keep her there.

After leaving her homeland,  she made her way toward Fiore and ended up Joining the Guild called "Fairy Tail", as a low ranking member. Now she is working her way toward the top, while searchign for her master and spreading the ways of the Sky.

Reference: No one

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Ethnicity is defined by their origin so fiorian, joyan, etc, not the race so adjust that as even different races have different Ethnicities. Provide a color for the tattoo. mentions of lamia scale in the personality but Fairy Tail in the guild field, please correct either one. Magic refers to the connection via nature however is arcane, please refine the description to describe how that is the case with the element being listed as Arcane. bump once all of these adjustments have been made. Additionally, update your character application to include the new profession field.


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Yeah you can't do alternative forms as that is a part of take-over magic and telepathy is an ability that is acquired through other means, so you're going to have to redo the magic.


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Solar is not an element, please refer to the magic and spell regulations for further information regarding elements (Commonly associated elements being solar-themed include light or fire).


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Wood Elves can only utilize the following elements for their magic: Nature, Light, Wind, Water and Arcane, plus adjust your magic while also expanding upon its capabilities.

#6Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
This character application has been approved.

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