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A Gentle Storm [Vali]

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Astera, a town without the support of the Holy Knights illustrated by a lack of a church, seemed bleak in appearance as Konstantin walked through the entrance of the town. “Odd,” He thought to himself. “Was this the reason why we were going here?... To defend a town otherwise ignored by those affiliated with the order?” Perhaps that was perhaps the very reason why Nerva had told them to join here. By choosing to go here and stop any demonic rifts instead of staying in Orchidia and stop any future rifts there, Nerva would be cementing himself as a defender of those who didn’t have the support from the Rune Knights or Holy Knights.

For now, that didn’t matter, Konstantin would need for first establish himself within Astera and learn as much as he could about the town itself and the area around it. With each step, he made further into the town, the smell of ocean grew stronger. The coastal winds were fierce as it beat against the white buildings of Astera Town carrying seawater overwhelming every other smell. Dark thunder clouds grew over the town as Konstantin Sokolov, wielder of the mighty Stormcaller entered the boundaries of the town.

Konstantin was unfamiliar with the town itself and was relying on offhand information from the locals, those of whom were still outside, of course, and the various street signs that were dotted around the town. Neither sources proved helpful with Kon losing his sense of direction in the streets of seemingly identical buildings as the storm clouds brought with it a heavy downpour. Dressed in his traveling attire composed of his former factions blue uniform underneath his thick fur coat and hood, Konstantin ignored the rain and continued walking hoping to find the center of town.

The citizens around Kon were clearly concerned with the sudden shift in weather and had begun retreating inside carrying with them anything that couldn’t resist the worsening weather. Kon was aware of the cause and severity of what the storm was and thus continued his way through the town. He was heading to the center of town in the hopes to meet up with Nerva or one of the members who was affiliated with him, however, he was ultimately more interested exploring the area for when a demonic rift does finally appear, so he would at least know the layout of the town somewhat.

In truth Kon could stop the storm at any point by relinquishing the bow from his grasp and return it to his back however by creating such a distraction, he was able to go about his business without rubbing shoulders with the rest of society. And while Kon had no problems with people, he preferred to go about his business without having to deal with the odd drunk throwing up on him or the cries of a child begging their parents for a treat. Extreme as it was, Kon knew of far worse things he could do to avoid people, teleporting through people’s homes or turning himself invisible being just two examples. At least this way he was just discouraging normal citizens from being around him and people could still easily interact with him although they would get wet as a result.

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Vali Onfroy
Vali had entered Astera with two of his men. Three of them immediately standing out thanks to their armor and otherwise abnormal clothing. With their horses parked up by the local Inn, the three of them would stroll the town for one reason and one reason only; the coming war. The Council had summoned members of Fairy Tail to defend the town from Nerva and from the demons but ultimately they would lose if the enemies understood the terrain more than they did. Simple preparation. The crowds of people didn't make any of this easier though. Val found himself constantly brushing past people if they didn't immediately find themselves baffled by his height and move themselves first. It was rather annoying to see all these humans though, part of him hated just how much he stood out.

Today he tried not to think about what he had to yesterday for the sake of his people and for the sake of what he worked so hard to build. His mothers execution was undoubtedly the gods playing a game so sinister the young elf couldn't begin to understand why. After all, his father, the seers and even his people had been so sure that he was favored amongst Satri. Now he'd probably have to deal with rumors that it was his fault his mother went mad and it was his fault that the village of skald was destroyed. Oddly enough though, for the first time ever, Val didn't care. His power amongst his people was absolute. If they wanted to survive they knew that Val would be the only one to make that happen.

The Fairy Titan was here on a mission and no longer was he that warm gentle giant. His heart was hardening more and more by the day, his soul was becoming colder and his eyes remained on the prize. Killing his mother took a toll on him, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. As the trio of Icebergans walked forward the weather suddenly changed as if nature itself was having mood swings. it went from bright and sunny, little to no clouds riding the winds above to cloudy and pouring rain. Quickly the civilians all found shelter but Vali and his men were left unbothered and continued moving forward, noticing only a man with a boy up ahead continuously walking in the rain.

Val raised an eyebrow but slowed his pace. Off rip this man was a mystery. With that bow and his lack of reaction to the weather he looked like nothing short of a man with a plan. "Hmm.." he thought to himself. "Follow me, but Stay far behind." He commanded as he strolled about 15 meters behind the man in front of him. The rains drops made noise loud enough to mask his voice and his steps while Val stayed close to the buildings beside him in case he ha to blend in or anything. The way the weather shifted so quickly and unnaturally, could this man have caused that and if so...why?


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The gravelly steps made from his boots with each step he made shortly became wetter and dampened in tone as the weather worsened. Even so with the winds howling in front of him, he marched onwards, though ultimately knowing that his objective would be otherwise unattainable and thus he would need to reassess the situation itself. Being in Astera was the critical component of his mission as was ensuring the safety of the town and its people from the demonic incursion. Finding Nerva or a comrade was merely something he hoped to achieve upon his arrival, however tired from his days of travel and evasion of the Holy Knights located in Orchidia, he resigned to finding a place to get a hot meal and to lay his head, still allowing rain to fall upon him as he continued on his way. A hotel or pub in an area like this wouldn’t take long considering Astera appeared to be a tourist town of sorts.

This was made apparent as Kon reached the corner of a crossroads with the building on the left offering such serves, listed on a billboard inside still wet clearly just taken in from the storm to come. Drawing towards the building named Mitch’s Pub, Kon returned his bow onto his back allowing it to point out maybe half a meter above him, diminishing but not ceasing the storm. An after effect to be sure but a lingering one, the storm would persist for at least the next hour. Pulling back the door Kon was immediately embraced by a warmth made only from a well tended fire and a nervous looking host seemingly more wet then Kon. His attire was soaked with his white long shirt becoming completely transparent while his hat sunk inwards into his hair.

Pleased to see him nonetheless the man raised up a hand calling him forth. “Come, come get out of the rain, how unusual for this time of the year.” Entering the building proper allowing the host to see Kon in full, a slight gasp was uttered before the man continued. “Well...yes umm What can we do for you, here at Mitch’s Pub?, Food?, Drink?, A room perhaps?” Pulling back his damp hood revealing his black hair and golden eye, the former knight replied. “I’ll be needing a room and yes a meal and ale would be nice.” Nodding to himself gingerly the host replied. “Of course, of course, I’ll organise your room if you’d like to wait here mister?” “Sokolov, Konstantin Sokolov.” he replied bluntly.

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Vali Onfroy
Eyes sworn to the man before him, Vali quietly trailed behind him. Perhaps he was just a regular man without any ambitions that threatened lives or perhaps he was in fact a man with a disastrous plan, who knew? In this world, if something peaks your interest digging deeper could lead you to something...more interesting. The cycle continues until your curiosity kills you or grants you eternal life. Whatever this mans business was probably had nothing to do with Vali. Soon the person placed the bow onto his back and suddenly the storm was still a storm- but it's strength dropped. "Ah..." The Fairy nodded slowly.

Is this little man controlling the weather? He thought. Interesting... It'd make sense too. The weather changed so abruptly causing the civilians to go inside, while he seemed unfazed or unsurprised. As Vali stalked from the shadows of the storm he was eventually meters from the local mead-hall. It would be dumb for the young lord to simply trail in behind this mysterious person into the pub. In order to keep his cover he'd wait a few moments before strolling in cautiously. The bowman was in the middle of speaking to one of the workers which was just in time for Vali to catch his name. Konstantin Sokolov he thought.

In order to evade the eyes of Mr. Sokolov, the Desiertan elf made sure to move to the right as Konstantin faced the man to his left. He'd then slip right into the darkest table in the pub, hidden by the part of the pub most distant from the light. I'm not doing this because I'm bored...


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Bowing to the former holy knight, the host beckoned one of the waitresses over. “This is Sally, she’ll take you to your room so you can get out of your wet clothes.” Nodding to both the host and the waitress, Kon motioned further into the building itself. “Well lead the way.” “Of course, Sir, your room is, uhhh, room 24 on the second floor, if you’d like to follow me.” Still dripping from the rain, Kon simply grumbled. “Alright lead the way, my clothes are soaked and I’d prefer not to catch a cold while I’m in this quaint seaside town.” His tone was poorly received with the waitress instead changing from a friendly facade to a more neutral expression. “Of course, of course, now it’s just up the stairs and to the right.” Replying while she moved towards the stairs herself and travel up them, Kon followed the young lady who seemed to be a native to the town having taken offense to Kon’s comments. The walk to the room itself was fairly short with them stopping at a door labeled 24. “Here’s your room and your key, if you want anything to eat or drink, the kitchen is open until 8:00 pm and the pub until 11:30 pm as we have a band on tonight.”

“Lovely…” Rolling his eyes at the idea of having a band blaring below him. “Well, thank you for your help, I’ll be down for a meal in about 10 minutes, again thank you.” Taking the key from the waitresses hand, he entered the room and immediately dropped his pack. A loud slam was felt as his heavy travel gear fell upon the ground with his coat following suit shortly thereafter. Fortunately his coat was quite insulated and waterproof allowing the clothes beneath to be relatively dry, but still he wanted to tidy up so he headed to the connected bathroom. After spending a few minutes there he left both the bathroom and his own room locking it before he came downstairs. Entering into the pub section, Kon took a passing glance there were a noticeable amount of people, a few worth a double take, some mages of moderate power and a couple of bodybuilders. Ignoring them, he took a menu from the bar front and took an empty table directly in the middle of the pub allowing the cascade of multiple conversations fall upon him.

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Vali Onfroy
Vali couldn't believe how he hadn't noticed it before. The man he was tailing had some sort of special eye. The viking squinted attempting to get a clearer glance at it, but before he knew it the man was moving up the stairs. He heard the people in front of him mention the room number so he took note in case this man was up to something. For now though he would wait. The viking sighed with a reassuring nod, perhaps this man wasn't up to no good. it could have been possible that Val's own paranoia was getting the best of him, it could have also been possible that he was trying to find some evil to obliterate since he murdered his mother. he didn't understand why the guilt weighed so heavily on him, after all his mother was no longer the woman that held him close in times of trouble.

Shaking off the memory of his mother, he turned to enter the bar area, taking a seat directly in front of the bar tender. "Ale, please." He asked with a smile. Forced as ever, he pretended like his personal life was alright. As if his life didn't consist of heartbreak, pain, and a huge quantity of unnecessary blood, sweat and tears. The bar tender didn't take long in giving the young viking a cup of of fresh ale. The smell alone was capable of bringing the elf to a warm place. In this bar there were a couple of oddballs so he didn't feel too much out of place. Glancing over at where he last saw the man he was following, he noticed him coming straight towards Vali.

The fairy faced forward, slowly picking up his mug for a sip of the quality beverage. "Mmm, fresh. This is good." He nodded at the bartender. When the man with the odd eye took a seat beside him, the Fairy cleared his throat. "That is an interesting eye you have there." turning to face him. "And that bow, whew, seems pretty expensive." He chuckled. "Vali Onfory..." he extended his hand for a shake. His accent was thick enough for any person to recognize that he wasn't from Fiore. This mysterious man was up to something. It may have not been anything bad, but a man like this is hardly ever seen. Not to mention his aura. Contrary to his stern, cold expression, he gave Vali a...well...good vibe? Almost majestic.


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Reaching his chair, a man with unusual features white hair and skin deeply tanned spoke to the former Holy Knight. His remark initial was towards his ever present golden eye which admittedly drew a lot of attention. Initially he would have just shrugged off the comment however the man continue to try and gain his attention talking further about kon’s possession including his bow which was safely within his rented room. Why would he mention something like that?, Had he met Kon once before while he had the bow?, no it seemed more likely that he had seen bow either wielding the bow outside or slinging it onto his backpack as he entered. Either way Kon’s suspicions were raised but the tone of the man had been relatively friendly with him introducing himself through his thick tongue. “Vali Onfroy, nice to meet you, that’s definitely not a fiorian name and your accent suggests you’re not from around here, no matter, I’m Konstantin Sokolov, What brings you to these parts of the country?” The question itself was innocent enough but probing people for information was important to the black haired mage, especially someone such as the gentlemen in front of him who had equally clearly spent a fair amount of time watching Kon.

Just as he was about to continue and open the dialogue further between the white-haired man, a violent crash could be heard outside as a lightning bolt struck the road piercing through the pavement and blackening the area affected. Many of those inside jumped and gasped at the sudden outburst even going close to the window to examine the aftermath, Kon meanwhile remained unperturbed by the lightning strike even gesturing to the stunned barkeep. “Surprising wasn’t it?, Anyway could I get a drink? just whatever he’s having.” Gesturing to the glass of his new drinking companion.

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Vali Onfroy
The man simply shrugged off Val acknowledging his odd eye. As the viking got a closer look he was well aware that it was something out of this world, majestic even- just like that bow he had. When the elf brought up the bow, however, the man seemed a bit more interested. Slowly the storm was lifting as if it were tired of ruining the day and it was a good thing too, Vali didn't want to face the rain anymore for it was an enemy today that only the gods could defeat. The bar was pretty lively, or as alive as it could be thanks to the inconvenient weather. The man noticed that the young lord wasn't from Fiore. As obvious as the sun, his heritage was evident. His armor, his accent, even the way he behaved proved that he was nothing short than a barbaric viking from outside of this land. The bowman finally introduced himself as Konstantin Sokolov before asking what brought Val here.

Just as the Desiertan half elf was about to respond, a bolt of lightning crashed onto the street outside of the bar, surprising everyone inside- even Val himself. "Fuck." he responded to Odin's wrath in his native language. From outside he could hear a voice scream and quickly he turned. Through the window he could see an elderly man looking at the damage directly beside him. "Lucky old man." he chuckled as he turned to face Konstantin. Half of him strongly believed that this odd eyed man was the reason for almost taking the innocent mans life because even while the whole building was shocked, he himself wasn't. Interesting... he thought to himself.

"Can't go wrong with Ale." he warmly smiled. "Where were we? Oh right. Uhh, I came to this beautiful country for the same reason everyone does; a better life for me and the people I love." He answered honestly. It was true. As true as he could make it at least. Naturally he wouldn't reveal his deeper reasons to a stranger. "I fear that I have only brought those I love into a fight that has nothing to do with us though. You know, with the demons and this Nerva man spreading terror." Common knowledge these days right? The elf took another swig of his drink. "What's your take on the matter? You think this...glorious country will triumph?"


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The presence of the old man who barely escaped what could have been death left him holding his mug for all but a moment up to his lips, the lightning was suppose to be hit the ground not to hurt one. Lucky that was the case, all the same this pause would be noticeable before he drank his first sip of the beer. The conversation between Vali and himself quickly returned as the white-haired tanned individual opened up, a better life for himself and his people. “And your people are?” A question posed as Vali launched into a topic that had been an issue that had divided the nation and all those who believed in Illumin. The choice to group together demons, evil beings tearing rifts into the world and killing all those around them or corrupting those willing to serve them and Nerva, along with those who served him left a bitter taste in Kon’s mouth that didn’t go away as he took another sip.

Finally he posed the question to Konstantin, who placed his mug upon the barfront casually. “It’s an interesting manner that I’ve spent quite some time on, when we look at those you brought up, demons, Nerva and the like, this is happening globally and while the Order by extension the holy knights operate primarily in Fiore due to Crocus having the Grand Cathedral they are all fighting across Earthland trying to stop the demon outbreak.”

Pausing for a moment to bring up the beer and drinking another sip he continued mug in hand now. “And as for this country, Fiore, it’s in a situation just like many others whether it will be triumphant depends on people like you and me to ensure that evil is contained.” Parched from the long winded retort, Kon downed the last of his beer having already drunk a large amount prior and ordered another with an expression of worry growing on the barkeep. “Don’t worry I can handle my liquor, too well, takes barrels to get me under the table.”

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Vali Onfroy
"My people are many things, Konstantin... Most of all, strong." He answered confidently. Of course he knew that Konstantin wasn't exactly asking that. He probably wanted to know exactly who Vali's people were, like where they were from and things of that nature. Unfortunately for Konstantin, Vali would never do anything to put his people in a situation that he himself would have to fix, this stranger would know nothing yet- not until the young lord concluded that this man was trustworthy. Then the odd-eyed man began to answer Val's question. His stance on the whole situation gave Val some insight into the type of man Konstantin was. For starters he was educated on the country's systems. He revealed that the order, otherwise known as the Holy Knights were located in Crocus.

What else could he have known then? More importantly, how did this man know all of this? Could he have been someone important in the midst of all of this? Or maybe he was just some silent traveler who gathered information along the way. Either way, his answer made him all the more interesting. He believed that despite Nerva being thought of as some terrorist, he was trying to stop the demons too. That alone was enough for Vali to raise an eyebrow. The black haired man concluded his thoughts on a positive note. "Careful my friend, you have yet to discover who I am." Val smirked playfully as he took another gulp of his ale. Though the deseirtan wasn't an evil man to most people, his acquittance didn't know that, he was judging a book by it's cover something Val knew never to do.

"It sounds like you do not have a problem with  this Nerva man's methods? Aye, I believe that he is also fighting the demons...but I also know man...and a man like that has to have something spectacular in mind, no? Otherwise why would the council and the order be going so hard to stop him- I mean besides the fact that he is murdering innocent people." He spoke. Mostly the conversation was Val's way of gathering intelligence from someone who was more educated on the history and events happening in Fiore. Now that Val knew Konstantin was no ordinary man with ordinary knowledge, this would prove to be an insightful talk.

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“Strong…” He thought to himself, as he nodded to his reply, Vali’s answer while evaded the intent of Kon’s question did reveal quite a few things from his continued assessment of the foreigner. For one, he was clearly being more guarded than Konstantin had originally assumed but unless his entire identity was a fabrication and he was other concealing his true abilities, he was perfectly safe next to the white-haired mage. Receiving his next mug of ale, Kon took a sig of the liquor as Vali further caused him to question his identity. “Was he merely joking?, Throwing off false flags to see my response?” He pondered gazing at the man before returning with a muffled. “Hmm..” However a great turning point was made when Vali continued to discuss affairs regarding Nerva so openly that people around them took to notice the two contrasting individuals. Even in these hard times citizens could not help but overhear others especially when it concerned death and more importantly murder.

What he did have to say was rather telling to merely prod Konstantin for his view on affairs that very few would be well invested in. While the safety of society was paramount, what the council or for that matter the order, a religious body was planning to do with a former member was something else entirely. This did indeed cause him to turn back the conversation onto Vali’s own morality and how he came to know of the decision of the council and order to unite and go after a single man. “Whether the actions of a man who is trying to save his people is justified can be viewed in a variety of different manners, I personally believe that the warrantless deaths of others is abhorrent however the sentiment of every life is sacred has equally resulted in some terrible outcomes, I am more interested in how you came to know about the Order and the Council’s decision on Nerva’s acts as you are clearly not Fiorian.”

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Vali Onfroy
As the conversation between the two men began to escalate, the people in their immediate vicinity listened. Konstantin and Vali were talking about things that normal people should thank the gods for not being involved in. Or maybe they shouldn't? Everyone who wasn't helping the world at this point was a waste of oxygen. Konstantin responded calmly. His demeanor hadn't changed not once since Val sat beside him. The elf had been as confident as always. The Lord of Skaal wasn't too enthusiastic of an individual but when in the face of good ale and productive company he couldn't help but smile. One thing that annoyed him though was the big words Fiorans always felt the need to use.

Abhorrent he took note of the strange word. From how this dark haired man was using it, it probably meant something along the lines of "Bad." He also noticed that the man had a fistful to say. It almost seemed like he was just puking words out. Of course this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, Val was just taking note of who he was dealing with. After all, he had an expensive bow, an otherworldly eye and a strong opinion. From his words, Konstantin seemed to only kinda disagree with Nerva's methods. he then asked the Desiertan Elf how he knew so much. Chugging the rest of his alcohol he turned to the bartender and slid his mug for more.

"Please." he nodded lightly. The barkeep understood and fetched the dark skinned man more ale. "I do not know much about the situation, but the council personally filled me in." It was true. The council had sent a letter to Fairy Tail informing them of the climate. The fact that Konstantin was interested on how Val knew this information was quite intriguing in itself. "Thank you, friend." He quickly said to the tender, turning back to Konstantin. "Why? You working for Nerva himself, aye?" Vali teased. Of course he wouldn't put anything past Konstantin, but he actually had no reason to believe this man was apart of Nerva's little...group. Val was simply poking the man in good fun.


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Through the conversation, Konstantin had become increasingly uncomfortable with the knowledge that Vali was not only hiding but also twisting truths each time pranging a note within him from his geass that continued to be imprinted onto his very being even after leaving the Holy Knights which further ensured that Kon didn’t go against the will of Illumin. Even so, knowing that his new drinking companion was not being honest with him, he continued to listen as he too wasn’t being completely truthful and most people couldn’t help but tell hidden white lies throughout their day which clouded his ability to determine the significant ones and the idle ones. The remark of him being informed by the council raised an eyebrow from Kon as being directly and personally informed by the council seemed unlikely given the man’s abilities, still it conflicted with the comment he made earlier, “If the council had informed him surely they would have told him more than enough about the entire affair.” he thought to himself as he continued to listen to the white-haired dark-skinned mage as his vision trailed across the pub affixing on the band who was setting up in a corner.

His lingering view of the musical group was quickly broken when a large man walked between him and them as Vali continued by suggesting he worked for Nerva. A sad smile grew on Kon’s face as he returned to conversation. “I’ve had a long-standing relationship with the Holy Knights and the Rune Knights, if I were to join Nerva and his inquisition, that would be tarnished, even ruined and I would likely be excommunicated separating myself and my people, choosing to follow a man such as him is questionable at best.” Konstantin answer was not to distract Vali from the truth but to illustrate the severity of choosing to follow the man as well as an attempt to show the need to do so.

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Vali Onfroy
At first it was nothing more than a little joke because how could he have possibly had any reason to assume Konstantin was actually working for Nerva? However, his response was weird. He started by admitting having a relationship with the rune Knights and the Holy Knights. But as he continued on, Val quickly noticed that his joke of a question was answered as if Konstantin couldn't tell that Val was joking. I mean the fact that Konstantin had even considered that Val was being serious meant something... If this man was somehow connected to Nerva then that could mean a few things. Firstly it could mean that he was in this town with direct orders from Nerva. It could also mean that Konstantin was a terrorist, most of all though, it would mean that Val could have some questions answered.

After the odd-eyed man was finished talking, the viking raised an eyebrow, glaring directly into his eyes. His smile was still sitting upon his lips, but it dropped a little lower from its position a few seconds ago. The elven lord remembered when this mysterious man clearly showed how understanding he was to Nerva's methods. "I do not doubt that you are a man that would do things for the greater good. Maybe the loss of your past life is worth saving millions of others...yet my question remains unanswered..." Val's orbs looked directly into Konstantin's. Perhaps Konstantin was an honest man unable to answer for confidentiality reasons. It would make sense for sure unless he was someone so strong, revealing who he was just didn't matter.


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The conversation formerly friendly in tone now left Kon feeling uncomfortable with Vali clearly not only realising it was a sensitive subject but also doubling down on his claims as to whether he worked for Nerva. Perhaps he had said too much, but alas Kon was never one to shy away from speaking his mind even at the cost of saving face. However it seemed odd for a person of his calibre to so boldly provoke him especially if Vali had been directly informed by the council as then he surely would have known about their abilities as a group. Perhaps he did know and was simply toying with him and had been from the beginning ever since mentioning his bow which alongside his golden eye made him an unmistakable figure. The smile that fixed upon Kon’s face slowly shifted into a neutral expression, lacking any form of emotion as he lowered his drink in a single moment before clasping the man’s shoulder firmly with his free-hand. “I’ve told you my affiliation is to the state and the order more specifically as a Holy Knight though having spent a short stint in the Rune Knights many, many years ago.” Doubling down on the pressure applied he continued. “Questioning my allegiance is something I would strongly advise against, my friend, we live in a world where people are too willing, nay too quick to label those they do not understand to be the enemy, I am not your enemy.” Reaching out across with his other arm and spreading it across the room. “I am not an enemy to anyone within this room, I merely follow the will of Illumin and ensure the wellbeing of Humanity.”

Had the man been unsatisfied with the response he had received, as would seemingly likely be the case, Kon would continue doubling down by going on the offensive. “Now onto yourself, you’ve mentioned your name, that you have people either as a leader or a member within a group, however you’ve yet to tell me who you owe your own allegiances to, I certainly haven’t seen you at any of the Nerva Cult Meetings.” He said finally breaking the serious tone of the conversation with a heart laugh and an easy on the grip he held on the man. “I mean it’s only fair, I told you who I’m with, vice versa, Actually here how about we organise something to eat, would your people like to join us?” With the offer being sincere and holding no attachments.

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Vali Onfroy
With the last words spoken by the noble young man, he could feel the entire temperature of the room change. Suddenly Konstantin's face fell from a simple smile. Slowly he turned to face Val who had still been smiling almost evilly at this point. Where Konstantin completely lost his marbles at was firmly placed his hand onto the titans shoulder. Just like the dark haired man, the elf's smile faded into an almost emotionless face in a matter of seconds. Immediately he was annoyed. Once an Icebergan, always an Icebergen- that much was true because his temper lately was short. He had been through so much shit that even the littlest things irked him.

Konstantin was belittling Val with that seemingly harmless gesture. As the bowman spoke, the Icebergan froze. His eyes fell to the floor. Kon went to some length to attempt to prove that he was not working Nerva and the fact that he added pressure to his grip symbolized a warning. Logically, any man who didn't have some sort of connection to Nerva wouldn't have been so pressed about Val who was almost obviously joking. Val quickly shot his hand up, gripping Konstantin's wrist as he stated his loyalty to the people. Forcefully he moved the man's hand, not using an amount of force that would hurt- just a warning of his own.

"These days it is important to ask those you meet who they are loyal to." He responded. Then the black haired man asked Vali about himself adding it that it was only fair for the Elf to do so. With a sigh Vali shrugged and turned to face the bar. "Aye." he responded. Konstantin even offered to organize something to eat and invited Vali's people. Out of nowhere he seemed to be extremely interested in Vali. The game of politics was something Vali had a talent for, it was why he was such a prominent leader. When the odd-eyed mage's interest turned to Vali the Lord kind of knew it was to change the subject, to turn the conversation on him.

You see, everything was one big game to the viking. Interesting enough, Konstantin seemed genuine about his offer. "I am Lord Vali Onfroy, son of Tristan Onfory, Jarl of Skaal. My allegiance is to Iceberg and Fiore." He added. He reached to grab his mug, dragging it towards his chest. For now he was loyal to Fiore but not a day went by that he forgot about his mission to avenge his brother. "I am afraid that is not possible, friend. There are too many people for me to bring here right now. You are welcome to feast with us though." He chuckled. "They would be too excited if I brought them to Astera."

Finally the ale was beginning to work its magic. Konstantin couldn't have been referring to anyone at this very moment considering Val commanded his men to keep distance and keep watch - they weren't even in this building. "I will tell you what Konstantin; because I believe you are a good man, I will make a deal with you, aye?" He said turning to face his new acquaintance. "It looks like I hit a nerve earlier, so...I will tell you anything you want to know about me if you tell me if you are really working with Nerva or not?" Vali asked with a serious expression. Not only was he applying pressure, he was also showing Konstantin that he was onto him.


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His hand left Vali’s shoulder both at his own discretion but primarily led by Vali’s own gesture of pulling his arm away, Kon could have applied more pressure to keep the hand in place and risk injuring the man however given the scene it was hardly the time. A sense of willingness to reveal his own identity became apparent as Vali released a volley of titles, first claiming to be a lord then a jarl, an unknown title of an unknown location. His own allegiance were volunteered as well with Iceberg being first and foremost where he held the greatest ties clear from mentioning cold country first and before Fiore, which made since given his appearance and the thick accent that carried his words. Curious about how a Icebergian came to be in Fiore, he swiftly replied. “Hmm, So you’re Icebergian, what brought a man such as yourself clearly quite renowned in your country to pass through either Seven or Bosco?” Shaking his head, he followed up recalling the harsh border policy of Bosco. “Or did you come by boat?”

His question as answered in part by the follow-up he received when he offered to host all of Vali’s people who he claimed would be too numerous and out of reach given they were not with him. “Just how many people did he have with him.” Kon thought to himself before replying to Vali’s counteroffer. “I’m be glad to, but I’ll let you know now that I am a rather picky eater.” Laughing with sincerity as he answered. However seeming fixed on the idea of Kon being a Nerva member, Vali continued to pester him no-longer jesting baiting him further into revealing his identity.

A frustrated sigh left the black-haired knight as he retorted. “Vali, I’m going to be perfectly blunt with you, knowing whether or not I am a member of Nerva’s personal posse won’t benefit you in any capacity, ensuring that my presence is kept at a minimum to the public and the knowledge of who I am is meanwhile something I hold incredibly important.” Thinking for a moment before continuing. “And I’ll be honest here all I’m looking for is a nice meal and a polite conversation after being in the rain all day and walking through mud to get here, if you don’t want to drop this I’m happy to take my business elsewhere.” Rising from his chair as he finishes as the band in the background begins to tune and test their equipment.

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Vali Onfroy
"Ahhh, that is not true my friend, learning if you are an Ally of the most wanted man in Fiore would benefit me- but I am sorry. I am new to this country and I plan on contributing in a...positive way... I think it important to find an advantage against their enemy. I can be persistent sometimes." The viking began, taking what Konstantin said and respecting his space. What he said was basically admitting his desire to be discreet. It felt like he was admitting to hiding something but whether that was him being apart of Nerva's little cult was unclear. The elf would back off though. Instead of trying to find a link in Nerva's team that the government would like to know about, he'd instead move onto more pleasant things. Konstantin seemed to be a pretty laid back man anyway.

"I came to this country by ship. At first it was just me, but after a horde of demons destroyed my village many others migrated here as well. Bosco is not a fun place to be and we would have problems worshipping our gods in Seven." This was mostly the truth, though Vali didn't come by himself first. In fact he came with nearly half of the warriors in Skaal- and that was a hefty sum. The rest was true, unfortunately. "Aye, and food is not our specialty, mate." Val chuckled. He was young but he was a very experienced fighter and speaker. He really couldn't help how mature he sounded sometimes. "I know that my people do not have the have the best reputation, but we will not raid, or rape. We are here to help Fiore save the world." He laughed only just remembering what Kon had said earlier.


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Kon held his tongue to Vali’s remark rather then continue that line of conversation as the two had finally agreed to drop the matter made apparent as the dark-skinned mage revealed that he had indeed come via boat alongside others at a later date finding either Bosco nor Seven suitable for his people. Konstantin could fully understand the rationale behind his decision making, Fiore had always seemed to be more religiously accepting even with Crocus being the heart of the Illumin religion. Trying to exit let alone enter Bosco was difficult given the authoritarian government that seemed to control everything when Konstantin had been living there. He wondered whether he would even be allowed to enter Bosco as while he was a full citizen and pure-blooded Boscoi that didn’t necessarily mean much.

For now that wasn’t important The fact that Earthland was now becoming the Playground of Seraphim and Demons was vitally important and Kon would hopefully be able to play a role to ensure that there was a Earthland left for Humanity to prosper in. This would be one of the few opportunities that he would have between fighting against these superior beings almost deity like in power. “At least we’ve managed to keep things civil….” He thought to himself as he took another swig. Meanwhile a slight smile rose back up across his face as Vali made a self-deprecating jab at his own Icebergian culture regarding their poor cooking abilities. Wanting to relate and bond with his drinking companion, Kon opened up about his own. “I believe the same could be said for Bosco cooking but we do make some pretty good alcohol to make things bearable.”

Clear that Vali was trying to put the best case forward regarding his people he reaffirmed their goal and moved past the generalisations that were made about his people. “Raping?, Pillaging? Were his people truly known for such terrible things?” He looked at Vali with a wary side-glane. Kon could understand why people might fear someone such as Vali, an unusual appearance unlike the norm of Fiorian Pale skin and brown, black even blonde hair but to assume they were savages was quite a leap. That being said Kon lacked insight regarding the country and its history only having met this single individual, perhaps he was more educated that his counterparts, only time would tell. For now he merely nodded before replying. “I’m sure if your people are as focused as you seem Fiore will stand a better chance against the enemies of the present and future.”

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Vali Onfroy
Vali chuckled. So it was the same for Bosco. Long ago Vali heard of villages other than his own who had found themselves in the land of Bosco to pillage and raid, unfortunately every venture there proved to be pointless. Unlike Bosco, Iceberg had too many scattered civilizations. There was constant war amongst each other. Despite Bosco being a much smaller country they were strong. "I have heard a lot about Bosco... I mostly hear that the women are formidable beneath the sheets, is that true?" He asked with a smirk. The effects of the ale were really taking it's toll now. The vikings behind Vali were both occupied with women. In this very moment everything was calm. "Aye. There is no reason for war amongst us when we can all benefit from each other." he spoke. His words smooth and lighter than usual. "Sometimes, when I remember what this country took from me, I wonder what I could achieve if I were to wage war on Fiore... " he began, "closure? Maybe peace. Destruction of my legacy...the lives of my people..." The young Lord sighed before raising his glass. "Then I realize it is not worth it. That is how I keep myself sane."

Truth was, Vali was talking out of his ass because the ale was in complete control now. The Lord of Skaal was becoming a bit uncomfortable with how comfortable he was around this man. He didn't want to reveal too much about himself. Kon turned out to be a mysterious being yet a good lad more or less. "Konstantin." He began as he fished for some jewels to give to put onto the bar. "We will cross paths again if the gods allow it. As I said before you are welcome to visit me in Worth Woodsea. You will find me." He stuck his hand out for the man to shake. If he did so Val would take his leave with his men. Drunk and sloppy, drunk and sloppy.



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Dangerous implications were made by the now impaired Vali, Kon meanwhile held his tongue as he allowed his new drinking companion to reveal his plans regarding Fiore. He personally didn’t see himself as a proud support of Fiore or the ruling bodies that govern the fair country but when it came down to acts of violence and discontent he would not stand for it. All the same he kept up with his side of the conversation as Vali carried on nodding in agreement with certain affairs. This was until Vali invited him to the Worth Woodsea, no doubt where he and his “people” were staying. The location was concerning to say the least with it being so close to Orchidia Town that Kon feared that it might be vulnerable to whatever rowdy behaviour Vali’s people favoured. Yes there were town guards and guilds members from Lamia Scale but they had their limits something Kon would find himself more willing to bend if not break where needed. In spite of all this Kon remained in good faith and responded with Vali’s open hand and proceeded to shake it firmly bidding him farewell as the band continued to play their unusual music. He meanwhile would go onto having his dinner something that had been held back thanks to the white-haired dark skinned foreigner.


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