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Baska to Astera [Foot Travel|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Baska to Astera [Foot Travel|Sage] Empty Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:30 pm

Sage †

Sage woke up by the warm light of the morning sun. He pushed his blanket over and walked to the bathroom. He was currently in Baska, he arrived last night by train. He was too tired to move so he decided to stay in a motel room overnight and get some rest for his journey the next day. He was heading to Astera, he will meet his guild mates there and try to stop the demons from wrecking havoc onto the town and try to stop the Nerva's Inquisition as well. He washed his face with the cold water which made his teeth grit and his body shiver. He then grabbed a nearby towel to dry his face. Afterwords, he started brushing his teeth. He haven't really unpack his stuff as he was just staying overnight, so after dressing up he walked out the room with his bag right away, he didn't want to be late to the party. He began walking, ahh the morning in Baska was like none other, the fresh morning air and the smell of dew would captivate anybody who walked there. Sage continued his journey to Astera, which wasn't that far so he arrived there just before lunch.


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