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The Mighty [Open]

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The Mighty [Open] Empty on Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:21 pm

The clickity-clack of a brigand's sandals signaled the beginning of the end for Astera's marketing district. Tomoe, who was previously on guard upon entering Astera, became drastically the opposite when letting it set in that there were no demons. Rather, it was a peaceful town continuing on as if nothing happened. Were his sources wrong, or was he there too early? He definitely wasn't too late, as there would be a much different tone to the town's citizens.

"An' here I was, all ready to kick some ass."

And so there he was, wandering through the illustrious coastal town's market district, looking for any odds and ends that might interest him. He eyed the stands like a vulture, until he came to one propped up on a stage in the center of the district that seemed to be a traveling duelist of sorts.

"Come one, come all, to be defeated by the mighty Galvanor! Warrior of Iceberg, and a former Kingsguard! Only 25,000 Jewels to enter, and if you win you'll triple your fortune!" a presenter dressed in red and white stripped attire gestured to the hulking armored brute atop the stage with his muscles flexed.

"Well that's just all kinds of annoying.", Tomoe muttered to himself, wondering whether to approach the stage or see if anybody else would speak up.

Galvanor in kind would taunt and gloat the onlookers, laughing and very obviously trying to rile up the crowd.


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A different kind of clicking would eventually leak into the sound of the people ears. Upon the horse with none other than the blue haired knight herself. Judina seemed to not have been around too long and was interested in seeing what the town was about. so far everything was oddly peaceful for having a feeling she needed to be here for peoples safety.

It seemed quite normal so far. The Rune Knight was starting to wonder if it was entirely a false alarm. But maybe this would change when she found the other knights around the area. After all she could not predict anything she could why defend as best as she could.

Slowly riding over to the sound of people trying to draw a crowd, If anything drawing people in was not only  risky for other people but risky for them as well depending on who they did.

Was this normal in this town she wondered while she let the horse stop for a moment while Judina stared for a moment and listen to what it was fully since the sounds of a horse blocked a few words sometimes. Judina would mutter to herself for a moment.

"These game they play seem foolish."
To the ear of so far no one she did not mind, Taking a moment to pet the horse she road in on."Won't bring anything but trouble shortly, If i guess right anyway." But Judina seemed to be only guessing. But taking a moment to get off the horse she and to stretch her legs since it had been a fair bit of time since she was walking herself. It seemed tamed but she wondered what would go on here, Surely the it would stir some one up just who was the question.

#3Akira Shimada 

The Mighty [Open] Empty on Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:51 pm

Akira Shimada

The Shimada had literally bandaged her golden orb with straps of rags and scraps of leather, she had done the same with the wand bestowed upon her. No more shiny things. The number of times she'd had people attempt to steal from her because they'd assumed her items to be source of riches, had led her to take such steps. The meddling thieves had never got their grubby on hands on either of the items and she'd come to realize that they weren't even vying for them to begin with. Those somehow simply served to justify the thieving, because of Akira's apparently opulent appearance, it was assumed that it was ok if she lost some money. No! She was not rich and Jewels were valuable, she was losing no more.

She still got an eyeball or too, but a floating bundle of rags wasn't as enticing as the orb had been. She was dressed in her dark robes and there was nothing too flamboyant about her appearance anymore. The Shimada really preferred it this way. New town, new ventures, at least for some time, she could potentially seek solace in anonymity again. There were several souls gathered around the bleachers atop which the Shimada had perched herself. All unfamiliar faces, which stoked her playful side.

She'd watched the men toil and put up the platform that upon which stood the host and commentator alongside a beast of a man. She cocked her head upon the mention of this man being a Kingsguard. 'Which King did he guard exactly?' she piped up, demanding to know the merit behind such claims. Despite a bold quality to her challenge, her tone was also slightly sarcastic and teasing. Almost as though she just wanted to crack through the commentator's facade. Perhaps it all originated from the fact that Akira was now so much of a miser, that she refused to let others around her be swindled either.


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"Why, none other than the current king of Fiore! Galvanor partook in many battles for the sake of His Majesty, and triumphed countless times more so! His presence here is a testament to the gods above that chivalry is not dead!"

A number of faces within the crowd applauded, which seemed to in kind spur some others to cheer along. Tomoe's eyes softened, coming to the conclusion that the initial supporters were likely paid for already to act their part. It was nothing more than a sham for quick money, or so the Joyan assumed. His attention instead turned to the noted clicking of a horse's hooves, as well as the other woman who was the first to speak out against the scam. Each seemed perceptive of their surroundings, and this intrigued Tomoe who initially was only here to waste time. The one on the horse seemed well equipped, but he couldn't make out as much from the outspoken woman.

The brigand remained among the crowd for the moment, not wanting to risk offending any nobility or law enforcement at the present time. Instead Tomoe approached the stage, sliding his way through the crowd to reach a clearing at the front.

"Well, you people heard the dude! If he's a Kingsguard that must indicate some level of competence! Surely they aren't raising inbred hicks in their military or anything up in the capital, huh? I'd say I'm personally a far cry from bein' able to fight an ol' badass like Tiny up there, but there's gotta be someone here oozing confidence? Willin' to close his ugly lil' mug?"

Galvanor looked down from the stage at Tomoe's ramblings. If looks could kill, his would at least sting a little in that moment. It could almost be said that Galvanor was frothing at the mouth like a wild beast, and stripped off a piece of his breastplate to reveal his rippling and scarred torso. He roared in mimicry of a lion and beat his chest, clearly fueled in part by Tomoe's quips combined with the earlier spoken doubts.

Tomoe's eyes briefly glanced towards the woman on the horse as well as the other outspoken woman briefly, winking at each of them.


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With that show Judina seemed almost not bothered or even effected by the show, It would sting the very moment she just seemed to laugh. Not even laugh about it either, Almost like it was such a joke that only she had understood. So she would walk the house she road in on over to Akira simply because she knew the face and the person.

Judina was different in height between Akira, Almost a foot higher then Akira. Judina seemed larger then her almost a giant kind of in some way. But Judina gave Akira friendly smile since they had met before."Could you hold Lyria for me?"The horse which was nothing different coat of fur of black with patches of white and brown."You are some one I can trust with her."Judina's had a rather calm and polite tone to her voice. But she had a plan as well."She is friendly I assure you."

These people were a joke for her, Given Judina's behavior you could easily tell she found them a joke.She even leaned over and spoke something quietly to Akira while she did it was slightly below a whisper."If you see them try anything fishy step in if needed."This was a foreshadow that Judina was going to do something.

Judina seemed to talk her time walking over to the group of people the man who showed off as he was asked too. Got an extremely unimpressed looked from Judina."Extremely incompetent, Even if your Confidence is showing, A massive ego does not help."Judina just seemed to cross her arms and waiting to see what would happen, She was baiting their ego's and their acts as well.

She would even set aside her own armor but she did not take it off like he did, Touching the a part of her armor, like waves moving so did the armor like a pool of metal but it made it's own stand for the armor to rest on. showing the dark blue sleeveless shirt she wore and the dark blue pants she wore as well. Only pieces of metal left on her was the tiara she wore and her boots . She then just gave the most judging stare she could at this large hulking man."Is it all bark and no bite? Because it seems like it."She said waiting, With that very judging tone in her voice, She was waiting now and standing in front of them as well. What for? no idea but she was waiting.

#6Akira Shimada 

The Mighty [Open] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:18 am

Akira Shimada

Akira was certain that Reign had never accommodated this person in his Kingsguard. It was a coveted position and one that required more than just brute force to acquire. Besides, from what she knew of the new king, this could not be the fate of a retired Kingsguard. She could just hope the audience didn't fall for such an obviously tall claim. The true population anyway, not the paid monkeys who just danced to the tunes this guy played.

She couldn't discern whether the man who spoke next was part of the act, or was fueling the fire off his own accord. She noticed features that attested to the fact that he was of the same heritage as the Shimada herself.  'Are you sponsoring the person who chooses to fight then?' she addressed the samurai who seemed to be playing the good cop to the commentator's bad. He had particularly singled out Akira and another potential challenger with his wink.

She followed his gaze, only to have it fall upon Judina, a woman who much like her had left the ranks of the Knights to follow Nerva. Given how much she'd been craving and enjoying her anonymity, the Shimada stiffened upon the recognition she saw in the armored woman's eyes. At least there was a smile, which Akira promptly returned, allowing herself to feel a little more at ease.

The Shimada was surprised when Judina approached her so casually, as if they'd been friends forever. Perhaps, the woman had buried the hatchet when it came to the disgraced Rune Knight, now that they both had joined Nerva. Akira however, had cause for concern regarding anyone who truly seemed to follow the leader of the Inquisition. She didn't let those taint the moment though. She held the reins of the horse and tentatively stroked its snout. The direction this was taking became obvious. It seemed that Judina had risen to the challenge. Akira chewed her lips, partially out of concern and partially put of curiosity.

She wasn't someone who let ranks define a person, especially given the number of times the Knights had overlooked potential. But on an average they were a fairly good representation of one's power. From what she recalled Judina was an apprentice at best. While the hulking man on stage was certainly not from the Kingsguard, it didn't necessarily mean that he was a weak opponent. Akira only had a chance to mutter an assent as Judina acted upon her choice. The woman went as far as to remove her armor just to keep matters fair. The Shimada rolled her eyes and winced, shaking her head at the woman's naive choices.


The Mighty [Open] Empty on Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:45 pm

Tomoe was questioned as to his allegiance, which got a reaction of amusement from the man. He shook his head with a grin and stepped to the side once he noticed the other woman moving in on Galvanor. It didn't seem like a fight that would last long either way, based on their mutual interest to shed their armor.

"More like, I just like seeing a good fight sometimes. And if I need to be the hype-man to be a witness? So be it, I guess.", the Joyan continued with a shrug, scratching out a little cloud of wax from his ear.

His gaze turned towards Galvanor and his challenger, intrigued.

"Miss, I think you underestimate Sir Galvanor's overflowing power! If you doubt his strength then so be it! Fiiiight!"

With that, Galvanor let out a beastly roar and charged with his forearm covering his face, aiming for a tackle of sorts towards the woman who had so confidently approached him for a duel.


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Was it the fact she just seemed so, unimpressed was it because she knew very well this was a sham and a cover. Judina did not move because going to the tackle left this almost human partly unsure like male person going in. But going in for a tackle always left a few things open. That also charging headlong into an enemy you know nothing about so to say even if you could apply this to Judina, Was also stupid.

She seemed to be counting in her mind to judge distance to how much longer before she personally needed to act. She's taken people like this down before mindlessly. However it was interesting and maybe something else she had to think about. Him covering his face, she felt it showed fear towards Judina or this was something she never knew of as a fighting style. Nonetheless Judina had an idea of what she wished to do now."So far I doubt it, But maybe it is a point to prove this Rune Knight wrong." Referencing herself.

She would also walk towards this giant man taking her sweet time, while he seemed to be doing other wise. Why was Judina walking towards and into the path because having one of his forearms covering his face left that part open so to assume it might be in place for a reason.

At some point when the gasp between them both was rather small Judina took one step back it was with her right foot as well as bringing her right hand slowly to wind up a punch.

Now what Judina would do, Would go into action. When it was close enough Judina would swing that right punch towards this person's solar plexus. then stepping into a gap between his legs with her left leg and pulled her left leg back while crashing her right shoulder into him as well to throw him onto the ground.

#9Akira Shimada 

The Mighty [Open] Empty on Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:51 pm

Akira Shimada

The Shimada watched bemused as the man sought to immediately used what he no doubt saw as his biggest advantage. Literally biggest because he loomed over most of the audience and was of a significantly larger frame than that of Judina's. The fellow Joyan, who had taken up the responsibility of hyping the crowd up some more, waived away the thinly veiled concerns of the sorceress.

'Well, looky here Lyria. Our friend is rather determined, now that she's got her heart set on it.' The Shimada muttered playfully, now addressing the equine creature that stood beside her. The horse huffed in a soft gruff of a neigh and stamped its front hooves on the ground, almost as though she was protesting. Akira assumed the gender based on the name.

She was colored impressed by the way Judina managed to hold her ground. The woman did not even flinch, in fact, Akira found herself wincing as the large man charged towards the woman. The usually armored ex-Rune Knight sought not to evade the attack, but use the man's momentum against him. A cumulative gasp escaped the crowd, hers was included as she leaned forward to continue surveying the fight.

She'd continue to watch, till things held her interest, following which she'd kindly had Lyria back and take her leave.



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Judina after what she did, just stared and let out a sigh."That is what i thought."She did not seemed disappointed largely but only just some what. But with that Judina would walk away from the guy she just kind of fought, is it really much of a fight? But none the less Judina would look at the rest of them, Seeing what else would or could happen."Nothing else? I guess I will move on then."Judith would slowly walk over to her horse and Akira. It seemed Judina would have other plans now since this all seemed to be over.

Judina would finally get to Lyria and Akira."Shall we get go do something else then? I have never had a chance to really to meet and talk to you one on one in person at all."Judina mentioned. Getting on Lyria and then would look at Akira."What I am unsure we should find that out later."With that friendly smile Judina would normally she did towards other knights or people she trusted so she would head off somewhere else since Akira wanted go somewhere else or it seemed anyway. Judina did not mind, But she wanted to learn and know more about Akira in some manner eventually so her offered would not shocked anyone.

Heading off to town Judina would go learn and see if their was anything that would fit her fancy. Which she would learn eventually, since learning a new town was always interesting for her but sometimes annoying to her as well, Judina would find out sooner or later, because that is just how she was stubborn and determine in her own way, Until then horse bound but happy in some manner, Judina would learn eventually for what she intended to do.


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